Coach k to have surgery

  • The team is struggling, time for a breather, wouldn’t want some more Ls to pile up on his record.

    On a serious note I wish him a quick recovery.

  • Coach K might hang on long enough to have every part of his body replaced and become the first cyborg HC and never retire.

    Seriously though, I do think we’re in the final 2-3 years of both Coach K and Roy as college head coaches. At this point, I think would put Coach K ahead of Wooden for greatest men’s college basketball coach of all time. His 5 titles in the 64+ team era of the NCAA tournament (having to win 6 games) to me is more impressive than Wooden’s 10 in the era where only conference champs made the NCAA tournament and only had to win 4 games for a title in UCLA’s case.

  • And he thought Grayson Allen was the pain in his backside…

  • @ParisHawk it might be part of the urgency!

  • They are saying 4 weeks he’ll be back. Probably puts him in line to coach against UNC at home Feb 9th.

    Duke could have 3 more losses before he returns. @FSU, @Louisville, @Notre Dame. Hard to see any of their next 5 home foe’s beating them as they are all bottom half ACC teams. @ Wake could be intriguing but obviously they would need a career game to beat them.

  • Wonder if Grayson tripped him in practice causing this issue?

    But seriously, didn’t Duke tailspin the last time K was out with medical issues?

  • @Bwag and they don’t put the loses on his record and he doesn’t have to deal w/Allen issues?

  • @Bwag You talking about 20 years ago when Coach K missed about 40% of the season?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Was it that long ago? I know I’m getting old but that seems like much further back than I recall…

    Didn’t research too much but does look like it was '95…was that 20 years ago?

  • @Bwag you referring to K laying down during a timeout when he was dizzy in feb 2005? They lost 4 out of 7 during that stretch, two before the event, two after, and lost to Michigan state in the sweet 16 that year.

    He was fine that time though, that was just the spirit of Lucifer leaving his body to temporarily possess the clock keeper.

  • So, suspending Allen – so very reluctantly – used up all the backbone he had and he needs a new one?

  • @mayjay great one!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Had UNC won the Championship last season, I think Coach Williams would have retired. The NCAA academic investigation of UNC has taken a big toll on him.

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