2018 Recruiting

  • Well, 2017 is far from over, but it is also very slow at the moment. We gots nothing going on and 2-3 scholarships left depending on who leaves and stays. More likely than not that we won’t hear any news until Spring. We probably won’t fill our final scholarship or two until even later Spring or early summer when transferring and reclassifying starts. With that, its time to really start paying attention to the 2018 class. Especially because we have quite a bit of turnover this season and next. We know that we lose Devonte, Svi, Coleby and more likely than not, Newman. That leaves us with our 2018 projected lineup:

    • PG - Garrett - (Transfer or 2017 recruit)
    • SG - Vick
    • SF - ???
    • PF - Lightfoot, (Transfer or 2017 Recruit)
    • C - Bragg, Maxwell

    With that being said, here are our open offers currently.


    • Immanual Quickly 5 :star:,
    • Brandon Williams 5 :star: ,
    • Jahvon Quinerly 4 :star:,
    • Devon Dotson 4 :star:,
    • Jamie Lewis 4 :star:,


    • Quentin Grimes 4 :star:,
    • Romeo Langford 5 :star:


    • Jaedon LeDee 4 :star:,
    • Cameron Reddish 5 :star:,
    • Gerald Liddell 5 :star:,
    • Zion Williamson 5 :star:,
    • Louis King 4 :star:,
    • Chris Smith 4 :star:


    • Bol Bol 5 :star:,
    • Taeshon Cherry 4 :star:,
    • Daniel Oturu 4 :star:
    • Jordon Brown 5 :star:,
    • Nazreon Reid 5 :star:


    • Moses Brown 5 :star:,
    • David McCormack 4 :star:

    I did the bare minimum research, but it looks like we aren’t in on a whole lot of this class’ top recruits either. Besides Grimes, I really haven’t heard us doing very well. Gordon was a huge miss. Bol Bol is not looking great. Really going to have to work to get some of these guys.

    Any input from guys that follow this a whole lot more than me? Who are our most likely signings? Are we actually in on any top 25 guys?

  • Also, Vick could easily be gone after this year guys… Starting to pop up on mock drafts. Seen him on two today. Apparently the length and his stroke are worth taking a look at. Devonte falling off of draft boards btw…

  • @Kcmatt7 DG sharing the ball

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yea playing a team game hurts you for some reason… Good news is that Frank is starting to work his way into the 2nd round it looks like. If he can have a couple more games where he shows out and has 30 pts I think he very well might work his way all the way into the early 2nd.

  • @Kcmatt7 The One possibility that we may hear on, and that’s Trae Young as he is saying he is going to probably decide sometime in Jan right? - - I really think the chances of him going to Kentucky now are slimmer, and slimmer. - - and the more Oklahoma loses I think enhances our chances, plus Billy been on him from what I hear so we shall see, keeping my fingers crossed. - -Still wondering what happened to Wooten? - -sure went quiet, I was hearing he was going to transfer in somewhere at semester anybody heard anything on him? - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Kcmatt7

    As of now, most likely signings are Grimes, Dotson and Oturu imo but things change. Chris Smith will play his way into or out of being a legit KU target this year.

    KU seemed to cool way off on Kezo Brown.

  • @Kcmatt7 I’ve said all along that DG comes back for his senior year. He wants to have a Frank senior year, and he’ll have it. I also would think that Vick comes back, although if he takes the money and runs, I wouldn’t fault him a bit.

  • @jayballer54 Wooten committed to ASU

  • @Kcmatt7

    Nice work!

    I think we have a lot more going on than we all know about. There are lots of holes in recruiting information when going forward more than the current upcoming class.

    Some of these recruits Bill and staff have been following for several years now.

  • @Ralph wow. that’s crazy he had said that KU was the ONE school he wanted to visit - -what the heck happened? I really can’t understand sometimes these guys, he just kept say in repeatedly KU was the one school he wanted to visit - -said multiple that we were the one school he wanted to visit FOR SURE. - - -DAMM ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LON GBABY

  • @jayballer54 the big thing that happened was Billy committed.

    The next guy to look at in this class is MJ Walker, while waiting for Young and Duvall to decide.

    Eric Bossi

    #Kansas assistant Norm Roberts watching MJ Walker for second day in a row. Jayhawks have turned up interest level in 5-star SG. (https://twitter.com/ebosshoops/status/811301031233671170?s=09)

  • @Ralph said:

    @jayballer54 Wooten committed to ASU

    Jmo, but I feel that KU cooled way off when Self felt Bragg would be changing his plans and coming back. No fact to this, just the vibe I get.

    @Ralph said:

    @jayballer54 the big thing that happened was Billy committed.

    The next guy to look at in this class is MJ Walker, while waiting for Young and Duvall to decide.

    Eric Bossi

    #Kansas assistant Norm Roberts watching MJ Walker for second day in a row. Jayhawks have turned up interest level in 5-star SG. (https://twitter.com/ebosshoops/status/811301031233671170?s=09)

    Also Preston committing definitely could be a factor.

    KU really wants Walker. I think we should all get acquainted with his game. :relaxed:

  • @BShark So MJ Walker, sorry haven’t heard much. – pretty talented? where is he from who ever it is I know coach is on top of things. - Ya I wondered if we may have backed odd big time from him when it got so quiet. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Walker is a five star talent, but also multi-year player. Not completely different from Selden honestly.

  • @BShark I like his game. He is multi dimensional.

  • @KUSTEVE Yea I never thought DG would work his way to be a guaranteed money guy. But if he did I knew we would be in for a crazy awesome season.

    Vick, well if he can go in the first round he has to go. Can’t turn down millions.

  • @Kcmatt7

    From all I’ve seen scouts are high on Devonte Graham in the NBA. The mock drafts might not say as much but its hard to read into those this early. Graham will be a solid 2nd round pick, maybe even the last few slots in the 1st round type.

    It’s nice that Vick is getting looks, playing on KU he will with his athleticism and improved shot. I don’t think there’s any chance he leaves after this season because scouts are going to want to see him in a feature role. I’m still waiting for Vick to be consistent in games. He got some points late in the Stanford game but was largely absent for most of it. Svi took his spot because of his consistency. Next year I think Vick will end up somewhere in the 1st round. He’ll see his opportunity for a feature role after this seasons roster attrition.

  • In the other Recruiting Thread I posted about a new name on the radar, Jarius Hamilton a 6’9 SF 4 star prospect out of North Carolina. His coach is a huge KU fan and we have 2 assistants recruiting him right now. Will be interesting to see how involved we get with him going forward.

    By 2018 I have no idea what this roster may look like and that is scary to think about.

    Doke should be here Junior year but those were not his intentions when he signed here. The NBA is getting away from guys like him. Honestly the best thing for his game would be to spend 2 more years at KU or he’ll be in the D-League. Just my honest assessment of him right now.

    I think Newman will leave after next year, he’ll have a featured role and if the reports are true about his game from this year he’s poised to step in and have a major impact on next years squad. Whether he starts at PG or is the 2nd lead guard is the only question at this point.

    Bragg is a tough one to predict right now. Self said he wouldn’t be here 4 years, with this years off-the court trouble and his reserve role its hard to see him leaving this year. Bragg might be a guy that ends up here 4 years and has monster Jr/Sr’s years. We’ll see.

    I’m going to take a stab and say we get Trae Young in 2017. What else we may get is a wild card based on draft decisions. MJ Walker could be in play at Wing, and we should definitely get another big to develop.

    PG - Young (Soph)

    SG - Garrett (Soph)

    SF - ? (Walker (Soph) guessing, Transfer?, unknown recruit?

    PF - Bragg? (Sr), Lightfoot (Jr), ?

    C - Doke (Jr), Maxwell (Sr), ?

    Devon Dotson seems like our best bet at a high quality PG at the moment. Things could change with him because of the recruiting area he’s from and reports that his parents desire to see him stay in-state will make him a tough pull.

    Grimes should be a KU signee sometime in 2017, can’t see us losing out on him. I do think we will be in it for Langford until the end- get a visit- maybe he says some good stuff that keeps us fans thinking we have a chance. Big time player.

    At this point I don’t have much to say about anyone else, 2018 is a down class and a down year for early targets

  • @BeddieKU23 Was looking at the mock drafts. – The N.B.A. draft net - -has Josh as the # 2 pick going to Philly- - - and LaGerald as the # 26 pick of the 1st round going to Houston - - - and then SVI as the # 31 pick going to Dallas

    the N.B.A draft express has Josh as the # 3 pick- - - -Devonte as the # 32 pick - - -and Svi as the # 33 pick - -kind of strange one has LaGerald so high in one mock draft and the other doesn’t have him listed and only visa versa for Devonte.- - - Interesting this was as of 12-13 2016 - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Interesting. I like seeing Jackson in the Top 3. He should be a top pick candidate the way he’s playing. Will be interesting to see how the mock’s change after the new year when people’s attention shift from Football to B-Ball.

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