If I Were In Charge At Misery

  • I’d try to avoid scheduling MEAC schools.


  • Ouch, that’s not even a last second loss. That’s a blowout! It’s a reason why we all were thankful on thanksgiving we didn’t attend that school!

  • 25% from the floor. For added perspective, KU shot 29.5% in the 2013 TCU loss.

  • @BShark “If I were in charge at Mizery…”—

    —oh, hell, I would just kill myself.

    Statistical anomaly of the day: only 6 turnovers. 16 offensive rebounds. And still only 52 pts.

  • MU is in falling apart at the seams. What they thought would be a masterful move to the SEC has not turned out well at all. While they started being competitive in football, the program is now in a free fall with no end in sight. The basketball program they proudly announced would be the main competition to UK is now the punching bag.

    The University as a whole is in full disarray after the demonstrations and demands lead the president to resign and it showed the inmates were in charge of the asylum. A drop of 3,000 new students that decided to go elsewhere resulted in a $40 million shortfall and the closing of 3 dorms, something unheard at similar institutions.

    As Clint Eastwood would say…a cluster f**k.😄

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    The publicity from the tensions really hurt MU. If you’re a minority student and you have options besides Missouri, why would you go there? I know several kids from the Kansas City area that basically tossed their Missouri offers and information after that happened. That’s huge.

    On the sports side it’s even more problematic, because you aren’t just competing locally. If you’re an African American recruit from anywhere other than Missouri and you have the option of going to Mizzou or somewhere else, those tensions are the thumb on the scale.

    I know many on this board were critical about how the KU campus responded to things after the recent election, but for most schools, Missouri’s situation served as a warning of what could happen to your school if you are not responsive to those types of complaints and concerns. It happened at Missouri, but I am here to tell you that it could have happened anywhere, including KU.

  • @justanotherfan

    I agree. Most college towns are usually very liberal, a result of natural youthful rebelliousness and liberal teachings that seem to have taken over academia; the political reaction was not necessarily unexpected but in the end pretty harmless.

    The racial issues, on the other hand, are considerably more serious and with much direr consequences as it involved considerable physical damage and huge financial loses. What happened at MU was an extension of Ferguson, a situation that was escalated by professional agitators with no ties to the town itself. I know someone that is in the Missouri National Guard and the stories he tells about Ferguson makes you cringe and the worst was not even covered by the press. It really left the state with a bad image that it will take a long time to overcome. The extremely poor handling of the extension of that situation at MU made things that much worse and it will also take a long time to recover. There is no question that Pinkel’s departure was due to a large extent to his handling of the football team position, something that the big donors saw as unacceptable; I understand that this health situation was publicly used as the reason for his departure but people close to the program tell a different story. I am glad it left for the SEC, the conference has its hands full with Baylor.

  • @justanotherfan Why would a white kid want to go there now? That tension is felt on both sides. They are going to be hurting for a decade from this.

    @JayHawkFanToo That early success was just proof to me the Big XII can compete against the SEC in all sports. Once Mizzou got there and lost their recruiting areas though, I knew it would be over. Hard to recruit out of Texas if you don’t play anywhere near where the kid’s family is at. Hard to recruit basketball to the SEC and play for a DII coach. I’m glad to watch them fail so miserably.

  • If I was in charge of Fizzou lol…

  • @Kcmatt7

    There is certainly tension on both sides. For a white kid, you may feel like the admin caved to pressure unfairly. For a minority, you feel like the admin may not take your concerns seriously. That’s a recipe for disaster if you are Mizzou, something that could have been dealt with had they addressed all concerns promptly. By putting it off, they made it worse.


    I have some extended family in the St. Louis area and that Ferguson situation (not unlike the MU situation) had been brewing for some time. As the DOJ report pointed out, there were systematic issues within Ferguson that were brewing. The same thing existed at MU. Some student concerns were being addressed. Many were ignored.

    It’s actually pretty accurate to compare this to the Baylor situation because Baylor has/had a very similar problem. Complaints were made about the behavior of their football players. Some were addressed. Many were ignored. That allowed the problem to balloon out of control.

    The donors of MU were upset because Pinkel did what he had to do to save the program (i.e., listen to and address the concerns of his players). Good luck being a D1 football coach if black kids won’t come play for you. Many donors were offended that these kids wouldn’t just “shut up and play football”, and their airing of those feelings has hurt Mizzou recruiting efforts enormously. You think other coaches aren’t mentioning some of those things that alums said? Again, if you’re on the fence between MU and some random other school, isn’t this situation the thumb on the scale, regardless of whether you’re white or black, just to avoid the drama?

  • Their enrollment numbers have taken a huge beating. Could be really brutal for them if they can’t turn it around. Not that I’d mind that…

  • @JayHawkFanToo said:

    liberal teachings that seem to have taken over academia

    zombie lie

  • You might get mumps!

    The Mumps outbreak at the University of Missouri is getting serious. On @KCTV5 at 10, the growing number of cases on campus.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Children of the anti-vaccine crowd?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I thought you had to get an MMR shot before enrolling in a state university. Just Kansas???

  • Why would a white, red, yellow, brown, or black kid want to go to Mizzou? Mental illiness I tell ya!

  • @dylans

    I don’t think it’s required that you show any proof of vaccination. There are outbreaks of various things on college campuses every year. Mono, measles, mumps, pneumonia, you name it, it has probably been a college campus outbreak. The combination of dorms, kids not eating and sleeping healthy, poor hygiene, not cleaning up well, and older buildings (remember, many college campus buildings were built prior to 1980, meaning those buildings are 30-40 years old at least, with some buildings even older than that). That means poor ventilation, dust and dirt buildup, mildew, mold, etc. It’s a wonder anyone survives college anywhere without contracting some random hybrid infection.

  • @justanotherfan Yeah, I stayed in McCullum Hall. It was ancient, but better than the carnival cruise you are describing. Demolished recently for obvious reasons. Sounds more like Jayhawk Towers where they have kitchens. That place was (probably still is) a dump.

    Mono and Pneumonia sure, Mumps and Measles - that’s on you for not vaccinating. Enjoy polio non-vaccinators.

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