• Georgia reminds me of Siena with most of their scoring coming from a 6’8" forward and a small point guard. Georgia’s #1 Maten scores 21 PPG, while their Mason-esque guard, #30 Frazier scores 19 PPG. So far, coach Self has seemed content to let the guards shoot mostly uncontested threes as long as we have a bit of a lead. Siena’s Wright was able to launch threes all night. Let’s get those dogs tonight. RCJH

  • @stoptheflop

    These early season games help set the tone for our season. Self just commented about us needing to find our identity.

    We know the focus is on becoming a great defensive team. A huge chunk of that has to be about shutting down the trey ball. And if we can’t become one of the best teams in the country at shutting down the trey, what are our chances in March? Sounds like we could develop into being another broken record team. A team with all the potential in the world, but gets upset in March from a team that gets hot from the perimeter. Sound familiar?

  • Game prediction KU 79 Da Bulldogz 70. A little closer game as the toll of 10,000+ miles in a short period of time continues to affect us. Still, a wire to wire victory is in store.

  • Ill take an easy 20 point win. Watching Georgia last night, they just really have no mismatch on us. And so our talent should dominate theirs.

    I expect a big game from Bragg tonight.

  • If our bigs show up its an easy win. I say KU 78 Dogs 67

  • I’ll say KU wins by 10-15 points tonight.

  • Hoping for another solid shooting night. I also want our big guys to focus on rebounding. Those two things = blowout.

  • The UAB box score shows our four bigs only took 10 shots, with Bragg accounting for 6. So, a decent part of the inside scoring problem is the bigs just aren’t taking enough shots, particularly Lucas. When Coach Self wants to fix that, we will see more effort to get them the ball in scoring position and more shots by the big guys. I think Coach is watching our guys play for now and letting the players figure some things out. Josh is getting a few things figured out. WOW. RCJH

  • @stoptheflop Bragg needs to shoot it much more often, same with Dok down on the block

  • @stoptheflop when the bigs did get the ball they passed back out. Uab wasn’t thinking we could shoot outside.

  • @HawkChamp It would be nice to blow out a SEC team. I don’t see our defense improving tonight because everyone must be tired from playing so many games and traveling. I expect a game like last night: close until the last 8 minutes.

  • Another really late tip-off makes me sad. After this though, a nice stretch of set tip times of 7pm or earlier. 👴

  • @BShark Late tips in the central time zone make for much better times to watch in the pacific zone. It’s all a matter of perspective. Imagine being a fan in the east where the game tonight starts at 10 pm and you have to go to work tomorrow.

  • @sfbahawk

    I’m biased because I am in cst. I know there are lots of Hawk grads out in Cali as well though.

  • KU has a big mismatch withe bigs…if they show up. Their tallest players is 6’-9" so we should have a decent advantage inside. Maybe this is the game when the bigs have “big” games?

  • @JayHawkFanToo I sure as crap hope so because Lando and Carl need to put their big boy pants on and rebound the heck out of the ball. Its becoming an achilles for us. That and free throws.

  • We will see if Coach emphasizes feeding the post. We certainly have the experience at guard to do this. It was pretty funny watching the freshman pass to the post. He just about took someone’s head off.

  • @sfbahawk Yeah, I live on the east coast. Thanks for the reminder. I gotta be up at 630 too so Im gonna have to watch the game tmoro on replay.

    Rock Chalk Go KU!

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