Where is @Red_Rooster?

  • I miss @HighEliteMajor, but I also miss @Red_Rooster. Where has @Red_Rooster gone? I proposed a write-in campaign with him, and after his inimitably dignified style he volunteered to accept the job if elected, The write-in campaign stalled, when I was side-tracked by other issues, but then I ceased to see his/her typically ubiquitous presence. @Red_Rooster, you are under no obligation to mark every post read as you used to do, but you need to weigh in once a week and let us know your are OK?

    Best regards, jaybate 1.0

  • @jaybate-1.0 I’ve also noticed the absence of J Ryman & Wishawk for some while now… All these guys are great contributors that have seemed to vanish to whereabouts unknown. We certainly hope all is well. Once 🏀 a Jayhawk always a Jayhawk.

  • Well, one of the latest users to sign up seems kind of nice: @mayapathak.

  • I’ve wondered where @wissoxfan83 has gone.

  • @wissox Diff handle ??

  • @globaljaybird

    Aliases sometimes decide they have written/worked through in writing what they sought to. Some naturally gregarious types then fall back into the general kibitzing and enjoy themselves. I have done that. I still am learning and the learning keeps sparking me. But I do not feel like a wild fire, as I once did. Yet every season something in the game or something someone else is posting, makes a new neural net connection and sets me to thinking again.

    Others less gregarious and time constrained refocus elsewhere, in search of another mountain to climb, or decide this was not a sufficiently important activity for their time. It can become time consuming. Familiarity breeds joy for some and contempt for others, or just a need for new stimuli. Some require a lot of conflict to trigger thought and growth, not others. Whatever, I will always have a warm spot in my heart to both these posters --HEM and Red–for what they gave from their generosity.

    We are still inventing this as we go. Others much more than me now. But I still enjoy the ride.

    Maybe it will come to an end from net attrition–departures exceeding arrivals.

    Or maybe it will grow.

    Not for me to know.

    Rock Chalk @HighEliteMajor and @Red_Rooster!

  • Would love the community’s thoughts on how to reach out at the key moments (especially the start) of the season to members… I can imagine that – after a summer and fall without basketball – fans might fall out of the habit of checking the site… In some cases, when they drift away it’s not because they want to, it’s just been lost on them.

    So, could we send reminders? What would that look like? Would that feel awkward or annoying?

    Curious what folks think would be reasonable and effective.

  • @globaljaybird I decided to quit KUBuckets a couple of weeks ago. But as the Indiana game loomed I really wanted to be part of the live chat, so it allowed me to rebrand myself and choose a less clunkier handle without losing my identity from before.

    You don’t realize how much something is part of your life until it’s gone. I found myself lurking and the lurking caused me to reconsider dropping out and well, here I am, same as always. I quit Facebook the other day also after the election, really tired of ‘friends’ on FB bickering over the result. I’ve never seen a country so divided. Of course I wasn’t alive during the Civil War, so I guess there’s that, but in my ever increasing lifetime, we are at an almost 3rd world like mentality of I don’t like the election so I’m going to riot. I’m not against protesting necessarily but protesting the will 50,000,000 people or so seems to be sore loserish. (I didn’t vote for Trump fyi!)

    Speaking of the election, I read where some department of KU was offering ‘serenity dogs’ or some such term for students to play with to help deal with the emotional toll from the election. They weren’t the only ones. Ivy league schools were offering all kinds of ridiculous play do, coloring books, etc to students to ‘help’ them. Ironically it’s not helping these kids one bit because they’ll be working in real jobs in a few years and experience in jobs where bosses will breathe down their necks and these pansies won’t be emotionally prepared to handle.

    So to some up, I need @Red_Rooster to read this and affirm me with a thumbs up because I don’t have a serenity dog to comfort me when no one thumbs up my rambling post!

  • @wissox You are affirmed, but sorry, this is by mayjay…

    Don’t worry about those Ivy kids getting coloring books, etc. Adult coloring books for stress relief were the biggest books sales before the election, so they should be able to find happy places after moving into the big wide real world!

    And I am not stressing over the current divide. The Vietnam era was much worse. Protestors after an election can seem silly, but it gives them a feeling of having a voice, and they certainly keep certain issues from being ignored while the non-majority election winners confoundingly scream “Mandate!” Things like all this bickering over symbolism and language will calm down once policy bickering begins in earnest.

  • Where have all the flowers gone?

  • @wissox said:

    Speaking of the election, I read where some department of KU was offering ‘serenity dogs’ or some such term for students to play with to help deal with the emotional toll from the election.

    Total bullshit.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Bring back Bull Halsey for theWest Virginia game.

  • @DanR Dogs are a scientifically proven strategy for coping with loss of all kinds. Playing with dogs releases chemicals in the body that cause feelings of happiness. You can argue that people shouldn’t be so invested in their candidate but I’d disagree with you there. I’d much rather people care and be passionate about their beliefs and then use things like playing with dogs to feel better when they lose, than people not giving a crap and/or posting hateful comments on facebook or wherever when they don’t get their way.

  • @benshawks08 Interesting take that I didn’t expect from anyone here. I guess it’s always good to learn something, but I also believe as I stated that it doesn’t prepare kids for real life because there’s no bosses out there providing dogs for when things get a little stressful!

  • @benshawks08 Oh, I completely agree. Therapy dogs have been at the Union at KU every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 ALL YEAR. (Dogs make everything better, all the time.)

    I wasn’t there last Wednesday to see if there was a bigger crowd than usual, but I can assure all the people that it offended, it was no more of a special post-election coping event for students than the $13.99 30-pack of Hamms special that’s at the liquor store around the corner every Wednesday as well. Or any other event that happens with regularity.

    There are actual things happening on campus as a result of the election.

  • @jaybate-1.0 @HighEliteMajor @Red_Rooster

    Solid point!

    Where are our peeps at??

  • @jaybate-1.0 @Jesse-Newell @stupidmichael Im looking at you guys too

  • I found my way back. I was held as prisoner of war deep, deep inside Hillary Clinton’s vagina. There are terabytes of data in there, and about 17,000,000 hard copies of documenits going back to the 1970’s. It wasn’t an easy place to get out of, and the last hurdle was a giant bus, and inside that bus was @stupidmichael … he was scared, and inside @stupidmichael was another bus, with @jaybate-1.0 pointing towards Lawrence, KS… kinda like that dead guy on Pet Cemetary… who said that @kuwells was crossing streams with @Jesse-Newell … I exited in Henry T’s,… I quickly found a cold beer and a plate wings, and strong wifi connection, and none other than Andrea Hudy giving me a back rub, whispering, Dynomite… The board rats have missed you almost as much as me.

  • @wissox I find it so amazing that 200 + years ago the Fathers of this country said “WE the People, in order to form a more perfect UNION…” Now it’s no longer “WE the People” - It’s we the angry white males, we the women, we the Latinos, we the African Americans, we the police; not even a whiff of a hint of any union between people whatsoever. It’s just sickening me so that I can hardly turn on the news or fire up the laptop anymore. I know there are tons of wrongs goin down in our country when the US govt can pay for hormone therapy for flipped out sweetie pies in the joint & small children are goin without basic medical necessities & food, while Mom & Dad swap their food stamps for alcohol & tobacco & drugs outside the corner market. if I was younger again, I’d likely have the tolerance & perseverance to say “we can change the world” sox. We once did. But I guess the boomers weren’t so damn smart after all. Now I’ve not only no answers, but damn little patience or interest in the process at all. Oh, I voted too, but kinda like Richard Pryor suggested in Brewster’s Millions - for none of the above. Hang in there sox - take it a day at a time. Hopefully none of us ever get to old & feeble minded to change. 🇺🇸 At least you are young enough & have a career that you can make a difference in the grand scheme of things. But be quick sox, be really quick. Kids & most young adults want it “NOW” & old people have no way to relate to someone telling them they must wait, that good things do truly take time. Oh, & another thing sox, welcome back to buckets, I’m already waitin for spring training, but patiently I must add.

  • @DanR "From the Land of Sky Blue Waters "… The Hamms Bear.

  • @dynomitehawk

    Unquestionable PHOF!!!

  • @wissox It has been reported that rioting stopped immediately when the millennials were awarded participation trophies.

  • The “Red_Rooster” has been diverted somewhat lately. I have NOT forgot about my KUBUCKETS friends but I have been focused on a couple other things lately.

    The number one focus that I have / had is caring for my 79 year old wife. She has been in and out of the hospital / doctors offices several times in the past few months. I am NOT sure that she has been diagnosed very well as to what problem she has. Her symptoms are ones that relates to the “nerve endings” under her skin. She constantly itches and scratches all over her body and ALL the time. I would say she has 300 - 400 open wounds on her body from scratching the skin so much that it openly bleeds. Her feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, back, arms, face, and ears all bleed. Constantly scratching and itching 24-hours per day. She has been to several doctors with NO Solution as of this writing. All we know now, is our primary doctors has “three other patients” with the same problem that my wife has, and they don’t have a solution either. Have any of my Buckets friends heard of this condition … and if so I would like to discuss this with you?

    The other thing that is keeping me diverted is HS School Football. One of my close friends happen to be the father of the Overland Park, KS., Blue Valley Football Team coach. Tonight, Blue Valley beat Shawnee Mission East High School in Class 6A in the KS. State Semi-finals. Next weekend they will play against Derby High School in Class 6A State Championship game to be played in Wichita, KS. Hopefully, and God willing and Wife willing, I will be able to travel to Wichita to watch the game.

    So … yes I’m trying to get back into the KUBuckets routine as Basketball season is here !! And I’m ready to watch KU take that National Championship trophy!

    Bless you all … Your friend … the Red_Rooster !!!

  • @Red.Rooster 🙏 For you and your wife. Keep looking for help. Derby is good! Our school plays b miege.

  • @Red.Rooster

    Sorry to hear about the issues with your wife; hopefully she finds an answer soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • @Red.Rooster Prayers for you and your wife friend

  • @Red.Rooster

    I’m not a doc. Has she any had any fibers appear in any wounds? I vaguely recall reading a year or so ago about some persons developing mysterious, acutely itchy skin conditions distinguished by fibers sticking out of the itching wounds. The blogger was speculating some connection to Chem trail spraying. It seemed far fetched, so I forgot about it. That’s all I can recall of it. I’m sorry. It sounds terribly painful. Keep looking.

    Shingles are what one gets when a chicken pox virus residing in one’s nerve roots for the rest of one’s life after having chicken pox re-awaken, climb up the nerve endings, and sympomize as shingles. It sounds like a variation of shingles.

    I sometimes wonder about CBW R&D as the origin for some of these anomalous possibly viral based conditions that emerge in clusters. This would certainly wreak havoc with an Army, if it were weaponized. Ask if you are near any such facilities.

    Also Uncle Sam is reputedly distributing tons of microwave crowd control transmitters to police departments for field use and testing. This technology works on you without your knowledge of its operation if you are in its range. It can induce itchiness or burning sensations, or make one hear voices. But it effects all persons within its range, not just one, as far as I know.

    Less sinisterly and more mundanely, Itchy skin conditions from dry skin spike in climate conditions of extreme low humidity, like winter, or frequent bathing and long soaking in baths that dry the skin. Body lotion applied over wet skin often clears that up.

    Lastly I have heard certain nano fiber products can trigger strange skin reactions, but don’t know any more.

    Keep searching for skin specialists in the dermatology field.

  • @Red.Rooster prayers for you and your wife. Hope everything gets better soon.

  • @Fightsongwriter said:

    @wissox It has been reported that rioting stopped immediately when the millennials were awarded participation trophies.

    I have always believed that the participation trophies were used only because they were an important tool to shut up the parents of the kids.

  • @Red.Rooster

    That’s tough. Thoughts and prayers.

  • Tell your wife that the Buccaneers are all thinking of her, and she is lucky to have you in her life.

  • Fascinating thing, discoveries of the real life travails of persons behind these Buckets monikers. For a long spell, I had thought of this person red rooster as someone I could tell, “Hey, after every Jayhawk loss I recommend devouring a batch of cow turds on hamburger buns”…and red rooster would give me a thumbs up! After today’s reading I find a human behind that moniker, and am moved to sympathize with his family plight. His THUMBS UP are much more meaningful and dear. Now I wait and hope to hear from High Elite Major and some of the other posters who have disappeared from our beloved site.

  • Ironic that we are knocking participation trophies on a thread dedicated to a guy who makes us feel good by passing out free +1s no matter the quality of our post because he appreciated our contribution?

    @Red.Rooster glad to see you! Sorry to hear that your wife is having troubles. Hope the docs can figure it out. Will be thinking about you.

  • I used to get very itchy skin every winter. Upping the humidifier made all the difference.

    I realize your wife has a far, far worse condition than that. But maybe higher humidity will ease her condition, if only a little.

    But you may have already tried that.

    Sometimes when someone suggests you try something you’ve already tried, or when their suggestion underestimates your wife’s condition by a factor of a google, you just want to scream, “You just don’t understand!” But be comforted in this: they care and mean well.

    May God lead you to someone who knows how to take away, or at least lessen her pain.

  • @bskeet I could email HEM if you guys like. I want to be respectful of what people decide to do. I’m not sure the solution skeet, if a reengagement mass mailing would be intrusive.

  • HEM blew his gasket, was posting nothing but negative crap and finally just went away to hopefully get his head back on straight. I missed the HEM from several years ago, but not the last 18 months. I’m hoping his time away has rejuvenated him and allowed him to see some positives, since he doesn’t have to mercilessly defend his negative position.

    Whatever the case I hope he’s found peace with himself.

  • @approxinfinity Do it! Tell him how much we miss his missives. He is the poster I remember fondly as my first contentious opponent on the old LJW site. I never could best him in regards to hoops knowledge, but often enjoyed stirring his input. He appeared not to give a whit whether fellow posters liked him or not; but the guy injected really fine opinions and factual analysis almost daily during past seasons. This site will not be the same without him. Gotta track him down, resurrect his input. I really really hope he is above ground and well, perhaps just too disgruntled to engage until this current squad settles into steady winning ways.

  • @Red.Rooster Take care our friend. We sometimes forget that life happens to all of us that takes precedence.

  • @approxinfinity I’ve been hitting him up on another platform. Thought he responded he’d be back, but not sure.

  • @DanR

    I can see where this is going… the serenity dogs don’t work so they try to vote in more lax pot laws in Lawrence… essentially decriminalizing small quantities in and around Lawrence.

  • @globaljaybird

    I appreciated your post.

    Let’s add “Kansas Jayhawk fans” as an American “WE the People” group. And we are of all races, genders, religions, and whatever other title people want to throw out there.

    I don’t know what I would do without my Kansas fix… from following our teams to enjoying our fans.

    I like this thread. It is a great thing when us members seek out our lost brothers and sisters. Several from this site came to my rescue early in this calendar year when I was battling an illness. I can’t express how much that helped me fight back to good health again! I can’t express enough thanks to everyone in here for showing concern.

  • @drgnslayr it’s easy to do w/posters like you and red rooster!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Thanks, Crimson! You are FIRST CLASS all the way!

  • @drgnslayr I like this thread too. The big picture shows up unexpected, startling, like a mural on the ceiling when you finally look up.

  • Banned

    For much of my life, I lived and died with the Royals, Chiefs, and Jayhawks. I followed them like a tiger on his last hunt. Intently. I couldn’t get enough content or info on them. Before the internet you would always see me caring the sports section of the KC Star, or a magazine. I remember hoping and praying that my teams would make the cover page.

    Like any person or fanatic with any addiction. I lived my days according to my teams. Their success or lack there of, impacted my day to day reaction to the world. Then I realized what an ass I was being. Now don’t get me wrong. I still have bouts or obsessions with my team. Yet I’ve learned to change the channel. In this as crazy as it seems I learned to appreciate the sports and other teams even more.

    With the great advancements of social media. Average joe’s like you and I can become remembered by those that read the posts and comments that are posted. @HighEliteMajor is one of those rare cats that when he posts everybody stops and reads. @Red_Rooster is one the those one in million persons. rarely posting yet notice when he’s gone.

    These open forums and the plethora of social outlets create Kings, mass followings, and yes even black balling all apply. @highElitemajor and @Red.Rooster are I would assume average people like everybody else in life. Trying to make sense of life, and enjoy what they can. Yet in here they are icons. Everything they post or do is dissected to the point of ridicules.

    Trying to be objective here. Last years conversations produced more hurt feelings, sarcasm, and some cases all out war than years past combined. I’m sure this wasn’t the goal of he makers of this site. I’m pretty sure this site was created for Jayhawk fans a like could sit down behind their monitors and pound out thoughts and feelings, to share in the success of KU Basketball. Not to be mocked and ridiculed if something they posted was out of line of the general thinking.

    @HighEliteMajor once said if all agreed on the substance what is the point of the topic. Something to think about.

  • If you guys already reached out to him on twitter I’ll stay out of it @Bwag @REHawk. I agree with @dylans that things got pretty contentious at times in a bad way, and if HEM has decided to avoid our board thus far because he doesn’t need that stress then good on him. I miss the insightful analysis that his threads often sparked, but also things have been so agreeable recently. And that’s really nice. Hope he’s enjoying this year’s hawks.

  • @Red.Rooster My (hospital worker) wife says she has seen people with undiagnosed liver diseases have uncontrollable itching. I know it can also be a side effect of diabetes, but I assume ordinary blood tests would have shown that.

    I did a couple hours of research today trying to ferret something out that you might not have considered. It is depressingly astounding how many people on the Internet report this ailment and state they have not yet found a solution.

    Some suggestions synthesized from this reading that your doctors might have already suggested, but you never know:

    First, think back to one month to six weeks before it started. Any changes in a) diet; b) soap or laundry detergent (a change to Borax once caused me to erupt like crazy, now we use unscented All, a lifesaver); c) water chemistry, esp water softener if on a well (or any chance of chemical pollution) or home filtration, or bottled beverage intake; d) fabrics worn or bed linens or towels; e) pesticides inside or outside your home; f) vitamins or other medications; g) pets or pet behavior, even fleas or use of a flea collar; or h) a/c or furnace filters or buildup of dust anywhere in the house or car? Finally, any change in the temperature you keep at home?

    Second, I assume you have considered scabies and or bed bugs?

    Third, these things are often related to allergies or auto-immune issues. Sometimes people respond to a mild allergy or itchiness by taking antihistamines such Benadry, but those actually work by suppressing your body’s immune system, and a side effect can be to dry out your tissues including the skin. Steroid/cortison use can sometimes relieve the itching, but it might conversely worsen it.

    Fourth, does your wife’s condition make her feel hot or burning, or cause unexplained sweating? You might see if lowering your house temperature 3 or 4 degrees brings some relief, or even more at night. Several people have reported that this made a difference, and I saw some speculation that people can develop allergies to their own sweating.

    Fifth, check out any local businesses or industrial plants that might be nearby (perhaps a local environmental services agency or group) to see if any have been reported for releasing any chemicals, or if other people have also reported similar unexplained problems. You never know.

    Anyway, these are just some ideas that cropped up. My heart goes out to both of you. It could be something external, but if not, I hope you have a chance to see a good neurologist if a dermatologist cannot find the answer. Liver issues would involved a hepatologist. Make any doctor you consult try to find an answer. Consider a research hospital if necessary.

    Good luck. As you know, I am not a doctor, but I believe sometimes collective knowledge sharing among laymen can help doctors find some answers.

    Edit: my parenthetical (letter bee) in the list above created an unintentional sunglasses emoji. Sorry about that.

  • @mayjay I will turn to u for medical problems, nice of you

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I am still trying to edit out unintended emojis. Turn to me for medical advice? I will probably just give you lists of questions…

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