Buddy Hield

  • This guy deserves his own thread.

    What an unbelievable performance last night. Dare to say that tops Kevin Durant’s performance here years back but after playing 54 of 55 minutes and putting on a clinic all through the OT’s I do say this was the best performance by a non KU player ever in this building.

    And he does it with class… If you saw his post game interview with Scott Van Pelt he was all class even though you could sense he was upset leaving here without a victory.

    And our fans, the one’s that were left gave him a standing ovation. Name another fan-base that will do that for a kid on the other team. Not ISU, Not KSU…KU is all class even its fans, although sometimes we all have our moments.

    I’ve been a fan of his for a while but I gained a whole new appreciation for him. He had moments last night that reminded me of how Steph Curry is playing in the NBA. He’s that good, I do think he’s got a chance to become an NBA all-star the way he carries himself and the hard work he has put in to be where he’s at.

    I’m jealous he’s not in a KU uniform, I’m jealous Self didn’t see what kind of player Hield could become, but who could have?

    Thanks Buddy for putting on a show but respectfully missing that last 3 in triple OT. I will never forget that game.

  • @BeddieKU23 said:

    And our fans, the one’s that were left gave him a standing ovation. Name another fan-base that will do that for a kid on the other team. Not ISU, Not KSU…KU is all class even its fans, although sometimes we all have our moments.

    Cause those fan bases would have been on the floor shoving the OU players or breaking legs of reporters as the celebrated the victory.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I was terrified when I saw the ball going to Hield on that last play. He was the one guy I didn’t want to get anywhere near the ball. Thankfully, he missed.

  • Watching the handshake line after the game as each Jayhawk talked to Buddy. Selden, Ellis, Mason and Graham all chatted and gave him a hug. Ellis was his AAU teammate for many years. So much respect from both teams for each other until the double technical with the jawing at Selden and then when the Same Sooner tried to pick up the Jayhawk off the floor, Selden’s elbow to stop him simply said, “I’ll help my teammate and you can go to hell.” It’s a credit to Lon and Bill to have achieved this purity for this wonderful game. When Devonte was asked how it felt to be #1, he said, “We think they should also stay #1.”

  • Hield had a great game, but he made some huge mistakes too, so I’ll thank him for those:

    Thanks, Buddy, for throwing the ball out of bounds with 48 seconds left, tied at 86, at the end of OT1!

    Thanks, Buddy, for getting your sloppy dribble picked off by Mason with 21 seconds left in OT3, OU up 106-105,

    Thanks for not being able to inbounds the ball over a guy a half foot shorter than you with 12 seconds left in OT3, Buddy!

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  • @BeddieKU23

    “And our fans, the one’s that were left gave him a standing ovation. Name another fan-base that will do that for a kid on the other team.”

    ISU fan base will stand for opposing team players… as they charge ahead to flog them.

  • @wrwlumpy

    I really loved the postgame stuff.

    Showing Buddy get his respect by the KU players and staff was spectacular… and then the interview with him and all the great words he had for everyone at KU and also AFH. Buddy is one heck of a classy guy and he puts a smile on my face to see a guy with that level of talent be so humble and respectful of others. Wish more were like him!

    It starts at the top… Lon is a classy guy, too. Really… the OU team as a whole has great character and represent the B12 very very well.

  • @drgnslayr I also want to point out that Buddy is on record saying he wanted to win at AFH, so he was going to give it 150% and get his team fired up, which they were.

  • One word to describe Buddy performance last night. “Amazing”

  • @BeddieKU23 Why do people have to defend an obviously good player. But let’s not get over hyped about his play. Let’s see how many times or how consistently he plays this type of game, then I’ll jump on the Buddy Hield bandwagon. I’m sure he’s a great kid, but he’s not the player many are making him. It seems many are saying, ie. Dick Vitale that he’s a phenom and it’s said so many times that people start believing it. I want to see consistency before I become a believer. I said in another thread, this will be his best game all year, bar none. Mark it down and if he comes out to be the B12 leading scorer and averages 35-40 ppg, I’ll give him the respect he deserves.

    My evaluation holds true for Selden too. I want to see more consistency from Selden. Right now, they are both ready for the NBA, but if for some odd reason they tank and fail to maintain this play, I won’t be too impressed. Heck at this point, the only one that is impressing me all to hell is JTray. If he keeps this aggressive defensive intensity, KU is going to be a defensive threat for every team they play. Opposing players better watch their back, JTray is going to attack the ball every chance he gets. Once again, his motor is super high as it was when he first arrived at KU. Rock Chalk Go JTray…B12 defensive player of the year.

  • @BeddieKU23 well said!

  • @truehawk93 Have you watched Hield play at all this year? He hasn’t put up 46 on anyone else but he was averaging 24 coming into the game. He was the conference player of the year last year.

  • Everything you need to know about Kansas Basketball:

    1. Kansas Fans do not storm the court after winning a 3OT game pitting #1 vs #1 some call “the best regular-season game in history.”
    2. KU fans applaud the leading scorer of the opposing team, Buddy Hield, who scored 46.

    All that other stuff, like the inventor of the game was the first coach, the Phog Allen pedigree of coaches, etc. etc… is just icing on the cake.

  • @bskeet but, I did yell at the refs!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I yelled at the TV, but it was meant for the refs… That’s obligatory!

    In retrospect, that Mason steal at the end of the first half that led to Self’s Technical foul was probably a sort of offering to the basketball Gods in exchange for a no-call at the end of the 3rd OT when Mason again got a steal on an in-bounds…

  • @truehawk93

    I completely disagree with everything you said.

    But it’s your opinion and I’m not going to even attempt to change it.

    Selden not consistent? I’m laughing.

  • @BeddieKU23 did you know Buddy play on Perry’s AAU Team, and that he wanted to be a Jayhawk? Self, Calipari, and a bunch of other top coaches, watched Perry and Buddy beat one of the top AAU Teams in the Country (Dreamvision), and Busdy had 35 points, yet, here he is, a Sooner! I was hoping Brennan can become ‘our Buddy’, but he is not nearly as quick, or as fast, and he definitely does not have Buddyish (is that a word?-LOL), ball handling skills! Notice the biggest difference, being Buddy can get his shot off when closely guarded, while Brennan really struggles with that, although he is driving the ball better than in the past. For the most part, I really like how Brennan has performed, since coming back from his last suspension, and his attitude seems a lot better! All the people who thought we should get rid of him, don’t have a clue. You don’t let shooters like Brennan go, unless there is no alternative (like Conner and his interfering, dad)! Sorry for such a long message!


    Yes I was aware that Buddy played with Perry and that he wanted to be a Jayhawk. I’m not sure where Buddy fell in the shuffle when he was being recruited but he was one that got away. I really can’t remember how involved we really were with him because obviously we lost out. Kudos to Kruger for finding a gem and helping shape this kids career to where its at now.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I am with you on this 100%. Hield is clearly in the lead for POY…after watching him go to work, how can anyone not be impressed…

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