It Appears We Have A Tentative Deal

  • Has Self made a deal with the devil? Has he met on common ground with the evil that is outside shooting, and the perceived negatives that flow with actually making shots?

    Perhaps. It might just be a tentative deal. One that hinges largely on our continued ability to score in the paint – without the luxury of the conventional post feed and resulting back to the basket hoop. Self, in his post game tonight, said that the second half against OSU was the best we’ve played this season.


    @DoubleDD posted a thread today about Fool’s Gold. Interesting timing. The game today was at the same point in time as the Utah game last season, and both at the Sprint Center. The Utah game was really the Fool’s Gold game, not Texas Tech (which is the more famous one).

    At halftime of the Utah game, we led 39-21. In that game, we were 5-8 from three in the first half, we destroyed Utah with our shooting ability, and were 12-20 from the field. During a half time interview, Self singled out Perry Ellis using the Fool’s Gold phrase. He was clearly disturbed with our inability to score inside. He was ticked off and we were up by 18. Very importantly, he was ticked off even though we had played great defense, and had only given up just 21 points. After half, we were just 1-3 from three point range. It was obvious the three point shooting was scrapped. We continued, possession after possession to try to jam it inside. In the second half we were 6-23 on field goals. Of course, Utah came back, tied up the game, and we nearly lost. Utah outscored 39-24 in the second half. For the game against Utah, we scored just 10 points in the paint.

    The Utah game highlighted Bill Self’s post feed focus. Suffice it say that we weren’t then, and we aren’t now, a team that could/will score reliably on the conventional post feed.

    Ah, but tonight was different. Has Bill Self accepted this style of play?

    Well, what did Kansas do after halftime? We shot the ball more. We shot more three pointers. We played a style of play that matched our talents. We found ways to score in the paint without back to the basket scoring. Self permitted his “best shooting team” to blow the doors off of Oregon St. by doing what it does best – shoot the ball AND play fast.

    All with Self’s apparent blessing.

    The best moves made by Self coming into the season were moving Selden to the three and starting Graham. This has clearly done what Self envisioned. We move the ball well, we create off the dribble, we get the ball up and down the floor, and we play with that ever important pace.

    In our second half run, here’s how we took it to Oregon St: Mickelson got it going with a fall away jumper. Next, Mason hit a two point jumper. Mick hit an 18 footer. Mason scored on a drive, then Graham on drive. The two drives were done quickly when very little shot clock had expired. Then DG hit a 17 footer and Selden scored on a fast break. And what do you know, the game was tied at 48. More to follow – Ellis hit an a 18 footer, and then Mick fed Ellis, inside/out, for an open three pointer. Self tossed in some pressure, and DG got a steal and an easy layup. Kansas is up 55-50.

    That is your 2015-16 Kansas Jayhawks. And Bill Self just said that the second half against Oregon State was the best we played this season.

    Pace, shooting, and playing to our strengths. Some excellent pressure, some terrific and disruptive defense. And nary a back to the basket hoop to be found. We can score in the high/low, post to post, every so often. Ellis can and will get baskets inside as the season progress. But we got our points in the paint – the necessary easy baskets – by attacking and playing the game on the run. Transition points. Good ball movement inside. This time, Kansas was able to get into the paint for 34 points based mainly on an attacking style, and playing the game at a high pace (compare to 10 points in the pace against Utah last season).

    Our defense helped create our offense. This can’t be overlooked. Self has to love that.

    With that, our coach didn’t shut down our outside game tonight. He didn’t look to the post feed to bail us out. He accepted our maturing identity. No, not with a warm hug. But more like a firm handshake. It appears that we have a tentative deal. Could it unravel? Sure. But it’s looking good right now.

    Whatever it is, we see what we’ve been discussing – play to your team’s strengths. That’s what we saw tonight. The “best shooting team” shot the ball, but a team that can drive the ball and attack, did just that. And it disrupted our opponent defensively.

    In the off season, some asked for changes. I was focused on tweaks. Tonight we saw a game nearly opposite in many respects than the Utah game last season. The biggest opposite was the approach of our coach.

    Is the post feed dead? It’s too early to make that call. But we’re trending strongly in the right direction. Regardless, the good old high/low can work. We can score inside/out as we demonstrated tonight. We can of course shoot the ball and shoot it well. And we can attack and create baskets in the paint to get easy baskets, to provide the balance that Self desires (and requires). This team can also play some pretty disruptive defense.

    My friends, does this team have an identity that is beginning to solidify?

  • Excellent post man and an accurate summation of Self exploring options other than pounding the ball inside. This is the way for this team to make a final four and compete at a high level. Really liked the use of the press to speed the game up.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Greene and Svi, our marksmen, did not play the second half. Vick never got a sniff the second half either. And just 2 minutes the whole game…

    Only 16 3ptas in an 82 point game sounds about the same as last season before everyone got hurt.

    Self played Wayne 36, Frank 38, and Devonte 35 in early December against an unranked team.

    Wayne definitely got a green light: 5-8 from 3.

    But it was the screening action and baseline attack initiated in the lane the early in the second half that turned the tide from my POV and got our bigs untracked in half court. And Composite 5 had another double double at 17/13, while Perry chipped in a slightly soft, somewhat inefficient 13/9. So: in the paint we got 30 points and 22 REEBS, which also sounds like last year before everyone got hurt.

    This team seems to be moving toward Selfs offensive norms. And he is Playing his cornerstones big minutes as usual.

    I did like how freely Wayne pulled the trigger though.

    Cheick has to be mentioned in one word: sushi.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Well I’m behind Coach Self 150 % in this game. When the others DID get in during the 1st half they show ABSOLUTELY ZERO. Once again we have players with no idea where players are at one the floor, I mean Gerye Peyton Jr comes driving the baseline and we have 2 yes I said 2 players count them got NO IDEA , One has his back turned to him and the OTHER? I’m not even sure what he was doing. Sooo when you ARE out there if you can’t do any better then that- - -then find a seat. The when we come out the 2nd half like the announcers, said if you got something that’s working- - -why you screwing with it, we got on the rol with those 5 and schooled Oregon State the entire 2nd half No problem with the way it was coached tonight WHAT SOEVER rock chalk all day long baby

  • @HighEliteMajor And I am sold on what you and others have been sayiing…Mick is the man in the middle. Sub in the 2 freshmen, 10-15 mins. each depending on how the flow of the game goes. Svi and Greene maybe 10 mins. each in the backcourt, again depending on how the game flows. For the most part…that’s it. Fouls and (hopefully not) injuries aside.

  • HighEliteMajor, Yes that was extremely refreshing, fun and raises optimism for the future. I’d also mention what Jaybate1.0 has said about excessive minutes played by Mason, Devonte & Graham, 35+ each. This is not sustainable during the Big 12 grind while keeping in mind that PACE is the key this year. Thus Svi & BG have to step up & Self has to put greater trust on them. In addition I also feel that Vick should get more PT so that we have another PG ready for serviceable duty in case of an injury.

  • Boy I couldn’t be more impressed by how this team responded to adversity. Because they took it better than I did at halftime.

    I was in full Meltdown mode.

    With the watch espn app on my phone at a holiday party (not by choice) and the only thing I wanted to do was smash my phone, curse, and crawl up into a ball. I was convinced this game was over, and this board was going to revert back to “grumbling nation.”

    I had zero faith that this team was going to turn it around, I’ve seen the script many times with this group. I know how they lose, I know the trend of poor play and how it spreads throughout the team.

    Ellis was a no-show in the 1st half, minutes from Mari & Lucas was useless, Svi & Greene were not getting it done.

    Other than our BULLDOG Frank, Wayne was the only guy out there with a pulse. Our FT shooting was atrocious, our best FT’s shooters not even coming close.

    The team wasn’t making or shooting 3’s except Wayne but some white big guy freshman makes 5 in a row after starting the season 3-15… I’m asking HOW? can this happen?

    I Started having panic memories of Gerry McNamara in the 02 Championship game where 1 player would shoot them to victory.

    And then halftime came, and one of Self’s best attributes as a coach is the magic of the locker-room at halftime. I really wish I could be that fly on the wall in the locker sometimes to listen to the chewing he must give his guys when they play a half like they did.

    Because what I saw in the 2nd half was the team that can win it all. It was like they all took some adrenaline and whatever Coach Self had said had made them made, made them hungry. What an awesome display of basketball that 2nd half was. I was impressed with everything.

    Wayne Selden - your playing yourself into the NBA, I’m convinced his shooting is here to stay. What a player he’s become, he’s made me do a 360 on him.

    Frank & Devonte- no question this duo is turning into the best combo since Russell & Mario. They still have a lot to prove but Self was right, the 2 guard combo is working.

    Carlton Bragg- deserves a shout-out. His rebounding last night was awesome and he hung around the rim to get some easy points. He had his breakout game last night too me, and by him being the lone sub he’s proving to coach that he’s going to play going forward.

    Hunter- had another solid game, love how he gives us a stretch 5 option on offense.

  • @BeddieKU23 Am curious. Is that ESPN app on your phone a free app? If not, what is the lug?

  • @REHawk Watch ESPN is free. That said, when you’re away from home, you need to log in through you TV provider to watch. It also doesn’t help you with the blackout restrictions if those impact you.

  • Hey, we look a bit like a stereotypical Duke: passing it out of the post or generally just passing it around to find the open shooter. But I’d like to think we have an added wrinkle to just live-&-die-by-the-3: Dribble-drive. This nice little concept has been repeatedly demonstrated to Self by KU’s own past guardplay like Sherron, Tyshawn, and now by Mason, Devonte, and even the NewSelden. As well as by key opposition, like getting beat by KY and MichState. So I’d like to think we are more than 1-dimensional 3shooters (like BG).

    This is the biggest reason for the win. BG shoots an even better 3% than Selden, but still, still, still allows blow-bys defensively (got a foul on Diallo real quick, who tried to come help). Look, it ALL is interrelated: put more fouls on the opponent. Don’t get our own guys on foul trouble. Get more rebounds. Hit your damn FTs.

    I will take a moment to sing praises of the NewSelden a bit here: those clutch 1st half 3s vs OregSt were NOT set plays off a screen for him. He just literally shot over his defender. That’s a gamer. Kind of what Tinkler was doing, but Tinkler ran out of gas, legs, and fouls. Wayne did not run out of gas, legs, hops, fouls, or mojo. Neither did Mason or Graham.

    Hey if our team can find the sort of “heart” and never-say-die that the 2012 Tyshawn/TRob Hawks had, I’m all for it. Notice 2012’s starters all played 30+mpg almost every game. The down side, is if this “deep” roster has to have only a 6 man rotation, that’s a pure slap in the face on our bench. Self just sent a powerful msg to the KU bench by letting the starters + Bragg show what it takes to win. Said as much so postgame.

    You are watching a team trying to forge its identity, some of it is already known, but many details and in-game recognition needing to be worked out. Baylor and OU and IowaSt are watching…

  • @HighEliteMajor Solid! I am currently re watching the game and Im at the 1454 mark, just after the transition trey by Selden assisted by DG. I think you have something here. ALL of KU’s points in the second half have been ball movement and pace and shooting. All of it linked to KU’s solid defense on the other end. NO feed the post grind it out slow pace. I like it.

    I didnt think they played terrible in the first half but they had some defensive lapses and missed shots and no calls from the refs that played into KU going into the half down by 11.

    It was funny when Coach Self was so mad he punched his hand and broke his watch all the while cursing at the refs for a no call. I believe his words were “Hey so&so, blow your effing whistle!”

  • @REHawk

    As @Texas-Hawk-10 said it’s free with your cable provider. Its been key throughout each game not on cable. The quality can vary greatly even having good wifi… yesterday I had to be away from the house so it was great being able to watch it still.

  • I know this is what most of the board wanted. Mickelson and his jump shots have opened up a new place on the floor. He can shoot it or now feed to the newly opened spot on the floor. On behalf of our blog, thank you to Fort Bragg for moving into the # six spot for the second half with Coach Self trusting you more and more. Everyone will get to play if Coach trust you. BG - one step forward, two steps back. WTF. The full court press in the second half was a thing of beauty, Then Self tried Greene on the front of the press which of course failed. Standing next to his man, 2 count, then the weird knockdown? Come on BG, we will need you this season. People around the country are talking about you, and not the super shooting aspects of your game.

  • Great post, Hem. I like the fact you like what you see. I do as well. I have reservations about simply running the Creighton style offense, and what we saw with our guards penetrating, dishing, etc. was a thing of beauty last night. Yes, we still can hit the three, but the whole offense was taking whatever they wanted in the 2nd half. KU fans, meet your core! I was freaking amazed to see Bragg at the 5. Holy Smokes, that kid can flat play.

    UCLA beat Gonzaga last night on the Zags home court. This is a week after they curb stomped Kentucky. After we waxed the UCLANS, Alford said this about us:

    “That’s a very, very good basketball team, definitely a top-five team in the country,” Alford said. “And if we play poorly in a 20-minute stretch against that, it’s gonna be hard on us. And that happened tonight.”

    The star last night for UCLA was bigman Tony Parker, who scored 16 points on 8 of 9 shooting, said this about KU:

    “Going in, we knew that they were a really, really good team defensively and that’s what they hang their hat on,” said UCLA big man Tony Parker, who finished 5-of-8 from the floor for 15 points and eight rebounds. “We had to get great shots to beat a team like that and we didn’t take good enough shots. And we didn’t get enough stops on the defensive end, with the way we were shooting, to even contend.”

    I don’t think we’re anywhere close to being as good as we could be by the end of the year. Play that 2nd half a full game, stop blowing big leads, and we’re national champions. It’s all right there for us.

  • @ralster - Yea, I was kind of wondering how Greene’s demeanor was in the locker room. He does allow blow bys. The thing that seemed noticeable was that Self subbed Greene in before Svi last night. And obviously, as @jaybate-1.0 pointed out, they didn’t even play in the second half.

    You point out exactly what freaks Self out – the blow by that lead to a foul by a teammate. If there’s one thing (other than getting the ball stolen right in front of the bench) that freaks Self out, it’s that. And Greene did that. Self just last week made mention again of Greene’s lack of defense. Greene seems to be moving fine now. Laterally, though, he’s a “putty stepper” – meaning, his ball side foot seems like it’s stuck in putty when the offensive player makes a move around him. I’ve heard it called many things, none good. This was really an issue for Andrew White, too, for example, in a way – he had heavy feet.

    @jaybate-1.0 noted that they shot 16 threes, referencing the rate before “everyone got hurt” last season. That’s right. The delineation I recall is that we were 21-4, and were shooting over 17 per game. Then, our attack changed. I recall this stat like the back of my hand. We shot 11.5 thereafter through the ISU game in the Big 12 tourney.

    But one thing I think is really important is why we were clamoring for more three pointers – because the balance of our attack was stagnant. Remember, we looked really bad trying to feed the ball inside – both in man situations and zone (remember the first Baylor game). This season, not so much. Personally, I’m completely content with our three point rate right now given the way the balance of our offense has looked.

    @BeddieKU23 Yea, I bet Self had that famous energy discussion … sounds like it from the post game. We kid about energy. Whether it’s energy, playing with urgency, taking the floor with a purpose, or giving concentrated effort (my preference in terminology), it’s all the same. And it’s important.

    I’m glad you and @Hawk8086 pointed out Mickelson – and please Mick, don’t shoot threes. Step back 16 footers on the baseline? Sure. Just not three pointers. Anyway, I was very encouraged by Self’s comment after the game that he felt the “core” players that played the second half played great. And Mick was one of those.

    @lulufulu I’m going to rematch after the Chiefs game. I’m kind of interested in the first half, too. Self said after the game that the game was the best and worst of Kansas. First half must have been the worst. Still interesting parallels to the Utah games last season. Kind of in a mirror, where it was best/worst, just reversed by half. I noticed Self did have his watch back on in the second half, though. But that second half run was epic. It just fits our team so perfectly.

    @AsadZ You (and @jaybate-1.0) are right, it’s not sustainable. But did you see Self’s quote last night? He referenced the 2012 season and that they played seven guys at most. Clearly, that group was different, though. And he did play an eighth (Justin Wesley) quite regularly. On that team, we bulls inside. This team is more fluid. And on the perimeter, we have many more options. Greene and Svi will continue to be in the mix, I’m quite sure. Last night was a game situation where that core group – Graham, Mason, Selden, Ellis, Mick, and Bragg – just played great. I’m sorry I say this too much, but we have the best collection of perimeter players in the country. Five of them can all get good minutes. Vick, however, is the odd man out right now (injury or suspension notwithstanding). I understand your point to have another guy ready. I just question 1) is Vick even capable of PG duty, and 2) whether Self would go that route, or would simply use Svi or Selden in that role to spell the healthy PG in your scenario.

    @DinarHawk This is absolutely the way this team can get to the final four. Terrific basketball. Like @KUSTEVE said, not just running a Creighton like offense (really living and dying by the three), but shooting a good rate with other options. And … think about this … we could still have a developing post feed game. Two guys, Bragg and Diallo, provide that potential upside as the season progresses. No, we won’t have a good post feed game. But maybe a number of times a game in the right situation. And the way Bragg can feed from the top, that can give us that option too (Bragg just needs to dial it back just a touch on trying to thread the needle, but a he’s a terrific passer).

    Bragg has a little point forward in him.

    @KUSTEVE said “I don’t think we’re anywhere close to being as good as we could be by the end of the year. Play that 2nd half a full game, stop blowing big leads, and we’re national champions. It’s all right there for us.” Bookmark this page. He’s dead-on right. We’ve got more upside.

    @wrwlumpy Saw your post below, so did a quick edit to add this – do your remember after Fran Fraschilla visited a couple KU practices, he said Bragg was more advanced. @jaybate-1.0 called Diallo “sushi” – maybe seared at least. As you said, we have some upcoming games to continue to mold our final post piece.

  • Texas beats North Carolina, MSU has had many of the same Harvard and OSU moments that we have had. I really think KU saw what UCLA did to Kentucky and didn’t think they would have to break a sweat against Harvard. OSU was way up, like a lot of teams will be when they get to be on National TV against the Jayhawks. Just because they lost to Valpo doesn’t make them a cupcake. They have a top 25 recruiting class and two superstar legacy’s.

    Beat Montana in both halves and get Diallo in the game for lots and lots of minutes! Bragg is way ahead of him right now.

  • HEM, people on this site think you took Self out for a beer and convinced him what he needed to do to make this team be what it could be. I understand that he told you about what he had been seeing in practice and why his trust in some of the players had not been up to his standards and that his “EYE TEST” hadn’t really changed anything until the Harvard game. I understand that you said, “Oh, now I see.” People said they saw you shaking hands as he drove off in his Escalade and you in your Camo Hummer.

  • @HighEliteMajor “Bragg has a little point forward in him.”

    When I watched him during the pregame shoot around at Sprint last June, my first impression was of Danny Manning with his fluid. effortless ball handling & stroke. His ceiling is waaaaaay up there if he stays several years, IMO."

  • @HighEliteMajor Here’s another very simple “on-court” theory to what happened to BGreene with his shove. Maybe he just got plain “punked”: Opposing player(& coach??), knowing Greene is emotional and also THE best 3pt shooter this side of the Mississippi, says something derogatory to BG (you’ll never get the verbal on the replay, and the OregSt player’s back was to the camera)…so you see the “reaction” by BG to shove the kid. That gets a foul on BG, possibly a Flag.1, but luckily it didn’t, eventhough I thought it was excessive force…

    Happens all the time on the hardwood, at most levels of play, although Div1 players are supposed to know better than to retaliate. But we know how quick a trigger Greene has. And, he has no conscience about it. So you get the good + the bad with BG. How quick would any of us be to simply shove a guy once after he just gave you a put-down?..the thought would cross a lot of guys’ minds, at least…

  • I just keep thinking of how unheralded Devonte and Frank were as recruits and what they have become. They are for real.

    We do not really have a 5/Center, or back to the basket post presence, but we can do just about everything else pretty damn well.

    Hunter and Landen are at least tall enough and Diallo and Bragg long enough to get in a 5/Centers way so it will not be that big of a weakness. We can throw bigs at them if we have to…

  • @ralster Kind of how EJ had shoved the guy in the gut against Michigan

  • @AsadZ Yes, and I think Self maybe ordered it in some fashion, simply playing “Big10 ball”. Very similar to Kevin Young knocking Marcus Smart down with the hard screen, clearly on-purpose. Smart spent a lot of time scowling on the bench after that, totally took that head case out of the game. Can’t blame an opposing coach for trying something subtle and similar with our own resident “head case” (BG). Who knows, I’m just speculating, since Greene’s looked like a “reaction” to me, not an initiating type of act?

  • @BeddieKU23 Agree totally about Mason + Graham together being a 2-headed monster. Great comparison to Mario + Russell Robinson. I’d also like to point out 2012’s combination of Tyshawn + EJ. Another great duo, that only proved Self’s concept all the way to the Champ game. I waited 6 years to see dual combo guards together, and it paid off, almost with the ultimate prize.

    The 2008 Champs actually had 3 ball handlers with Sherron off the bench. And on that critical corner steal by Sherron, all 3 were in the lineup at the same time, with Sherron steal deflect to Mario, who drove into the trees (trouble), handed off to RussRob, who finds Sherron all alone in the corner for that pre-Mario critical 3, which he buried, of course.

  • @ralster Ralster, Just don’t be hateful towards the kid, he is one of us, a Jayhawk.

  • @AsadZ Oh, while I’ve been “hard” on BG for detracting from the team’s goals, and also for not fully achieving his potential (yet…), deep down simply have to root for him to turn it around. Honestly, we need his 3cannon out there. But Jayhawks that see the court for Self, simply have to do it on both ends of the floor. There is great hope still for BG, I know he is trying! And he and Self still believe in each other.

  • @KUSTEVE Nope. we most definitely havent reached our peak yet. That peak is at about K2 level. Thats insane.

    I am sooooo unbelievably psyched for Kentucky to come to AFH on the 30th of Jan! Ohh boy are we going to get some pay back!

    I loved that Bragg was our 6th man also for the Oregon st game. He showed up big time. All we need is Diallo to start catching up and Svi / Greene to get consistent.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Damn good post!

    “My friends, does this team have an identity that is beginning to solidify?”

    I certainly hope so. Our PG, 2, 3 and 4 ALL are capable of driving the ball. We have to take advantage of that… drive the ball and score at the rim when it is open, and otherwise, just try to draw in the defense and then feed the open trey shooter, or feed a trey shooter who makes one more pass rotation to the open trey. Gosh… maybe Self being a San Antonio Spurs fan has paid off after all!!!

    One of the biggest potential problems here is if we FAIL to finish our bunnies. If we want defenses to sag in on the drives, we first have to prove we will convert most of those drives.

  • @ralster I think you are right about it being calculated by OSU. Though I am probably the least appreciative of Greene’s often negative body language. Replaying this foul it looked as though Tinkle may have sold it. Brannen pushed him on his elbow. I played basketball and it would take more than that.

  • @ralster

    “Look, it ALL is interrelated: put more fouls on the opponent. Don’t get our own guys on foul trouble. Get more rebounds. Hit your damn FTs.”

    So very true.

    The bad thing about weaknesses is that they create interrelated problems.

    So Greene allows his guy to drive past him and then Diallo comes over to help and draws his 4th foul…

    Why isn’t Diallo getting more minutes already? Clearly, he is raw, but will only make big improvements by earning PT.

    But maybe there is an interrelated reason why he isn’t seeing the floor much. The perception within the team is that he is a shot blocker (sort of true). I remember when we had Withey. He set block records not only because he was an excellent shot blocker (he was)… but also because our perimeter defense SLACKED OFF because they knew Jeff was there to fix their laziness. This created more opportunities for Jeff to get blocks. The team dynamics here fit under “codependency.”

  • @drgnslayr Exactly what I was thinking. The replay of GP2’s dunk shows Mason hedge to the right, which allows GP2 to blow right by, and Diallo wasn’t in position to make the block, arriving late, picked up a foul. Self sits Diallo, Mason and Co. realize no shot blocker behind them, so they amp-up their D pressure. Its all mindset. Codependency is good only if it works positively, like TRob’s brawn-beasting + Withey’s swat-ability. But when the going got tough for 2012 Hawks, Tyshawn, EJ and Releford had to hunker down and play D (especially if Withey or TRob was in foul trouble).
    Definitely interrelated.

  • @ralster I saw more flop than shove. Watched it over several times. It was great acting. Do you think Greene could drop Tinkle with a shove? Something about that question just doesn’t sound right. Can’t think of a better way to ask it though.

  • @KansasComet Oh, he definitely flopped, no different than Mitch McGary. To draw the call, you got to sell the call. I’ve seen Selden try to “sell” charging calls also when he is on D…with only modest success. He’s simply too big (230lbs) to get blasted back like he displays. But oh, well, he thinks he can do it better than Marcus Smart, then have at it. That’s the player’s own instinct and discretion. We fans simply hope our own players are more right than they are wrong, in such discretions…

  • @ralster Do you think a scrappy team like OSU with a veteran point guard like Payton II is capable of making the Sweet 16?

  • @drgnslayr We’re about 5% better at the rim this season than last. That despite Ellis being just over 3% worse at the rim this season than last, around 56% (far below all of the other post players). Ellis really is the main culprit. Selden is improved by about 6%, fyi. Gotta finish near the rim.

  • @KansasComet Oreg State is skilled enough to show us those switching defenses, and they’ve got stretch-4’s. I like GP2’s apparently nightly filling of the stat sheet. They have a chance to surprise in the Dance. We’ll see.

  • @HighEliteMajor I wont post this again, as I feel I’ve posted it too many times, but for a long time it really gnawed on me that Perry Ellis was the direct replacement for Thomas Robinson (“somebody tell Ellis he is manning the TRob position”), yet the comparison is almost apples/oranges. 1 inch and 25lbs difference, and a whole different temperament.

    KU literally rode Thomas Robinson in 2012. Ellis’s disposition and inability to beat other post players, simply makes it a bad comparison.

    I’m not intending to dogg on Perry, but we need more out of the 4…(and 5).

  • Might seem like heresy, to some, but I envision late February situation in which Bragg/Ellis split evenly the 40 minutes at the 4; Diallo and Mickelson split minutes at the 5; Lucas, Traylor, Svi and Greene earn an occasional 10-15 minutes, depending on opponent style and game situation, playing to the concentrated energy factor. If those 4 occasional subs can manage to keep their heads up and positive teammanship alive, this squad can blitz some heady opposition come late March and April.

  • @REHawk One man’s heresy is another man’s logic … you’re just following the trend lines. I do suspect Ellis will be a 25 min guy, though. But what’s nice is that Bragg is so obviously ready that we have great flexibility. Self has put him on the low block a number of times.

    @ralster Right, TRob and Perry are much different players – much like that Sleep Number bed. But I really like the way Perry fits in with what we’re running now, particularly since he can stretch the floor. An alternative way to beat opposing post players. Something TRob couldn’t really do, and didn’t really need to do.

  • @REHawk Late to the party on this but I wanted to try it a bit before posting. I signed up for SlingTV last week as I have been unable to watch any KU games up to now. It allows you to watch ESPN ESPN2 and ESPN3 on the watchespn app with the basic package. You add the sports package and I believe you get all the ESPN channels. It is working great so far and I am thinking it will allow me to watch games as I travel for work.

  • @Kubie I got to look into that.

  • @Kubie Thanks. I will check it out. Also, am hoping to find a better means of fetching clear radio broadcasts, as I am 100 miles and a few tall hills from 610 am signal. I enjoy the Bob Davis broadcast, but receive it with considerable static. Am attempting to receive 610 sports via internet, but no luck, to date. When guys like Fran choose to adopt the Dickie V style of droning on and on about matters other than specific game situations (a la Fran’s Harvard garbage this season; Sooner garbage in previous years) I mute the tv volume and listen to Bob Davis. Man, do I ever hate to see that guy join Max in retirement!

  • @REHawk Right, I like Fran, but how many times did he say that players couldn’t redshirt in the Ivy league?

  • @HighEliteMajor

    “Gotta finish near the rim.”

    I agree, 100%. We have been talking about “interrelationships” in basketball… and if we can’t finish at the rim eventually our opponents will realize that and scout it out and will sag less on post feeds and we will be guarded closer on the trey. Then our trey shot falls off (because we mostly just have spot up shooters, though Wayne is starting to look like he may have realized he can pop his shot on defense). We lose our trey shot and then Self returns to BAD BALL again.

    So… it’s like dominoes. Interrelationships in basketball. At first it would seem that if we can’t finish bunnies we just stop pushing the ball into the low post and take more treys, but it actually works the opposite… if we can’t hit bunnies we force it inside and stress start making bunnies… and then we are back to scoring in the 50s and 60s in grind games.

    For years now I have stressed that our real problem is chip… our lack of a chip. I put the blame on Self for not being able to develop a chip with his players. When I think about what I wrote above… it seems like he is trying to put a chip on his guys to play their best ball, and that includes shooting a bunch of treys… but to maintain high pressure defense while stroking down treys and make bunnies… or else!

    It may be harder than it looks to get 19 year olds on the same page and carry a big chip.

  • @REHawk For radio I’ve been using Tunein Radio App on my iPhone. It has been fairly reliable. Just search for 610 sports radio, couple times I’ve got the wrong feed and had to switch channels but that’s probably user error.

  • @Kubie Thanks. I’ll have my grandkids set it up. Finally bit the bullet and bought a smart phone recently. In terms of electronic savvy, my 196 hours of college credits appear to be net negative!

  • @REHawk Yeah, I feel you there!

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