NEWS BULLETIN: Cheick Cleared For Maui Cruise...

  • November 20, 2015

    Cheick Diallo has been cleared to play for Chaminade. In what appears to be a very strange ruling, the NCAA has decided Cheick Diallo is better suited (academically) to play for Chaminade, in Hawaii.

    Diallo will face off against his former team (Kansas) on Monday, 8pm CST.

    It was later discovered that the NCAA also gave Diallo and option to transfer and play immediately at Kentucky or Duke.

    A spokesman for the NCAA was questioned about this strange ruling and reluctantly commented. Spokesman Joe Blukowski said, “I know it looks like we have it in for Kansas, but we really don’t show any favoritism to any particular school.” In the same breath, Blukowski also said, “we recently decided to make an example out of schools who don’t emphasize academic excellence before everything else.”

    Many believe Blukowski was making a statement about the judgment recently released by the NCAA to penalize UNC for mass academic fraud by taking away one scholarship for the 2017 season, while others believe his comment was directed at Kansas for being too strict with their African Studies program.

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  • @Statmachine Wow, he must have done something very bad. That is crazy. Imagine having a sweet Hawaii trip less than a week away and having it snatched away from you due to something you did. What a kick to the balls. If this doesn’t hit home with him then I don’t know what will.

  • Someone please suspend Coach Self for 6 games for conduct detrimental to winning!

  • Is this a case of Brannen having some passive aggressiveness because he is seeing the writing on the wall for this year?

  • I hope his parents didn’t already have reservations in Hawaii? If it were my child I would be there! I bet they’re pissed!

  • Banned

    HCBS is feeling the pressure to admit he’s wrong about the Three Ball. He can’t have that so he suspends the best 3 baller shooter KU has.

    Like I said hell or high water KU is pounding the ball inside.

  • Banned

    On the serious side if I were Greene I would transfer if he still has time. Greene’s mastery of the 3 ball is worthless in KU land.

  • @DoubleDD

    I hate to say it… but WSU could sure use another sharp shooter next year…

    (sorry… this is “Bad Joke Friday”)

  • Banned


    As a KU fan I would hate to see Greene go, but man can you blame the kid? HCBS has no love for what he can do best. Shoot the three ball.

  • I see the the gates opening along the prison wall freeing Diallo.

  • @Statmachine No “Maui Wowie” for him…

  • I can see it now. Coach Self says to BG “I need you to pass the ball inside to Lucas”. Brannen says “even if I am wide open”? Coach Self says “You still don’t get it do you”? Brannen says “Why Coach, So he can shoot another air ball from point blank range”? Coach Self suspends him for 6 games. End of story…

  • @Statmachine as Greene is walking off the floor he is over heard “not like he can catch the ball anyway”

    You want another day? Asked by HCBS


    Then you got it! You want to make it 8?

    Yes. Why not make it 9?

    Fine you want 9 you got 9!!

  • Attorney for Chieck Diallo says Felix Balamou is linked to same guardian as Chieck & was reinstated at St Johns yesterday. Good sign for KU.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I have a feeling Cheick will be cleared… and then the news comes about WHY he was delayed. Something trivial.

    But the NCAA operates like the IRS. Suffer the consequences because THEY lost your return!


  • I don’t get it BG goes 5 for 5 and then doesn’t even hoist up a 3 the very next game? Now he is suspended? Cheick’s not cleared then hires an attorney and now Cheick gets a little more freedom but still cant play? Was the national enquirer hired to do PR for KU?

  • This is why Brannen Greene is not allowed to shoot 3’s!

    It must be the free corndogs!

  • Maybe short shorts Bill Self has been running the Offense? That’s got to be it?

  • @Statmachine no the one that doesn’t get it is Brannen, this is his 3rd suspension, his freshman year, the end of this past year and now this. What this kid is, its time to grow up. not only is he hurting himself with this crap, but he is also hurting his team mates. He is lucky that he is STILL on the team, I know a lot of other coaches that would of had his ass kicked off the team period by now. If your gonna be a distraction to the team then like others have said it’s time to cut ties. If he wasn’t a Junior I could see him transferring, you can talk all you want about his shooting ability that’s great see the 3 be the 3, main while back at the ranch ONCE again there we see Brannen getting burnt on the defensive end with his OH-LAY defense. ya ya, almost everyone is playing bad defense but Brannen OMG really. seriously? move your dam feet at least give some kind of effort- - -any effort would be nice. But of course lets blame the coach right? - - - right ya that’s the answer, like other shave said you, we aren’t for one at the practices, I’m sure Self has reason for suspension then your so call train of thought of not wanting to change his offense, I’m just as frustrated as the next guy, but if we let the players run the team, try and take over having their little episodes then hell lets just shut it down. thanks but no thanks. they do that in the N.B.A players run the team, not the coach and if that’s what you want screw that, hell just stop watching college ball and focus on N.B.A you get to see all kinds of players tryr and take over and run the team there. Remain calm it’s gonna be all right, if Brannen can’t get a severe case of grow the f - - - up we be all right, it’s time to show a little maturity your not a freshman anymore

  • @BeddieKU23 that’s good to hear, hopefully this thing might be coming to a conclusion lets hope. Keep my fingers crossed.

  • This post is deleted!


  • Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

  • @tis4tim

    Is that from “Trading Places?”

  • I wonder what the drug policies are at Univ of Colorado?

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