Champion Classic Predictions

  • Thoughts y’all?

    First game I’ll take Duke, it should be a close game. Duke has more experience to fall back on. If Allen & Ingram are scoring they will be tough to beat. I’m predicting a 78-72 win.

    As far as our matchup with Michigan St, its a battle of the coaches. It’s a pivotal game for both but I really want to see if KU has improved or not. Even though its early it would be nice to know the summer games & all these guys returning that we would be prepared for this moment.

    If we take advantage of the posts and keep them in foul trouble it should set up well. I’m also going to be watching the FG%'s. We have to make shots obviously but if we have another good shooting game we can mask what probably will be an average defensive game for us. Valentine is a big match-up problem. I’m assuming Selden will start on him which will be interesting. I’m predicting he will get over 20, he’s just one of those guys you know is going to play well against us. We could see Perry on him or Svi at times as well if Wayne struggles. Greene, eh not likely unless Self likes giving up free points. I’m predicting Graham to be our guy with the high scoring game although Perry could have a great matchup with the thin frontcourt. I’m thinking this will be a 1 possession game for most of the night, but KU will make FT’s late to pull out a 5 pt win. Predicting 71-66.

  • @BeddieKU23 MSU can not match our bench or our starters. Any time we sub we take an advantage. After the first 10 minutes it will be close but as soon as we rest our starters our bench is going to wear them out! We have this by 10 or more all day long! We beat them last year and we will beat them this year. They lost 2 of their top 3 scorers from last year. I don’t think they are going to be as good as advertised?

  • Where in the world is all of this negativity and skepticism coming from? 4-6 point win? Don’t get me wrong I’m not expecting a blowout, but I firmly expect KU to win this game. KU by no means dominated MSU last year, but we still handled them. And given KU’s ability to get to the line, KU’s depth, and MSU’s lack thereof, I’m expecting a good 10+ point win. The only reason we weren’t able to pull away from MSU last year was because we couldn’t throw it in the ocean. I expect a different outcome. And don’t think redemption after last year’s bloodbath in the CC isn’t going to provide some motivation…

    This team is better than last year’s. I firmly believe KU can win it all this year. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. We got this!

  • Like @MoonwalkMafia, I expect a rather decisive win. I think our talent level is superior to MSU. Our perimeter talent is the best in the country. Lots of elements to a game like this. But to me, we have a clearly superior team. I’m really interested to see how Perry Ellis plays.

  • @HighEliteMajor I sure hope the two of you are right. I have been in the camp expecting a tight game. I guess it is out of respect for Izzo. Also Valentine and Forbes. Granted, his teams (usually) play better at tournament time then in the early season.

  • Yeah, I predict a ten point win. I am interested in two things, esp.: Will Bill Self limit Bragg’s minutes purposefully, as jaybate posed, so as not to risk early season injury to a slender learner? And will Mickelson rise to the occasion as a primary contributor?

  • I cannot predict the game. It will be interesting to see which players can handle the bright lights.?

  • @BeddieKU23 Good thoughts. Agreed about the Duke game, I think they win as well.

    Our Coach vs Coach game should favor Self and KU. I think it will be a game of attrition…who fouls the most. Selden has a monster game and carries us to a big W. Score? Ku by 8

    This KU game wont start until nearly 10pm my time. I slept this afternoon and I’ll probly take another cat nap before game time cuz aint no way Im not watching this one! Its too huge of a match up so early in the season to put on my DVR and watch after the fact.

  • I think KU by 10 - 15 if Self lets them run and gun. KU in a nailbiter if he doesnt.

  • @Lulufulu

    The 10pm start for me hurts as I’ll have to be up in approx 4hrs after it ends… Will be a rough morning but it will be worth it if we get the W.

    Surprised so many are picking us to run away with this. Michigan St has the team to beat us and Izzo is usually always got a leg up in these games. I would love a runaway win but I’m expecting a close battle of 2 good teams.

  • Self is 5-6 all time against Izzo including a 2-3 mark against him while at KU. KU should win on paper, but Izzo is a coach that seems to have Self’s number.

  • If BG is on like he was against Northern Colorado, Selden resurrects his WUG game as well as the Mick, it’s a no brainer.

  • @BeddieKU23 and it might be hard to go to sleep.

  • 1st game not over, but I hope the predictions aren’t both off…Looks like UK has the first in pretty good position.

  • Feel good about our chances. 86-78

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