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  • Warning: If you do not like conspiracies and/or only want to read posts based off of facts alone then please do not read any further…

    Ok, this Cheick Diallo eligibility issue keeps getting more and more fishy to me and has me wondering if there is something far deeper at work here. They want to see SIXTH grade work now?!? They needed 2,000 pages of his homework turned in for review?!? This sounds ridiculous to me. Why have I never heard of any other case needing this stuff reviewed by the NCAA? I played D1 college sports and nobody ever told me to make sure I save all of my homework in case the NCAA needs to review it.

    Sounds like the lawyers are going to get involved and I suspect the curtains will be drawn by the NCAA. Perhaps this could be the start of an unveiling of something deeper found within the NCAA and their staff. There have been several postings in the past few years on this board alone that have insinuated that there may be some questionable activity going on. Just off the top of my head, I recall seeing postings about Cal and how he has suspiciously recruited so successfully, how he has escaped NCAA punishment while the schools and teams he coached got the hammer instead, also UNC and their soft punishments for academic fraud, favorable calls for Duke during games, purposeful matching of specific teams in the tourney (i.e. KU vs WSU), etc etc.

    We’ve seen corruption throughout history within almost every sport. There has been corruption within FIFA and cases of bribery both for position elections as well as locations of the World Cup. Corruption has been found in Boxing, cheating found in Baseball, Refs bought out in the NBA, etc. If all of these other major sports can have weak links or ways that corruption has infiltrated their ranks, wouldn’t it be reasonable to think that its possible that it could happen with the NCAA too?

    Is it possible that the NCAA has a special interest for certain teams to do well and other to not?
    Is it possible that shoe companies not only steer recruits to certain schools but also seek to find ways to punish those that defy their “options you can’t refuse”??
    Is it possible that UK or a UK booster helped push the Skal case through by means of financial compensation? Is it possible that this same bribe was taken it a step further and has attempted to put the brakes on the Diallo review because they see KU as a top threat to a UK title?

    Furthermore, does anyone know why the NCAA is tax-exempt? They make over a billion dollars in revenue a year and even after deducting their “expenses” they still have tens of millions of dollars that go into their massive endowment. I guess this is a topic for a future post.

  • Just a fact: Calipari recruited Enes Kanter, who was never cleared and never played a minute for UK.

  • In regards to the Kanter comment: Kind of hard to sweep 30 grand under the rug.

  • The NCAA is now in bizarro land with this investigation. They typically only review high school work because that is the work that is required for graduation, etc. To review homework, pre-highschool work, etc. is really an over-reach. I cannot blame Diallo for getting an attorney because this is going too far.

  • @Kip_McSmithers Anthony Davis and Cam Newton disagree with you.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Kanter played for a club in Turkey and had a salary not some random booster giving him cash in a mall parking lot.

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    And they almost accomplished it!

    I followed that case a bit. Kanter and his family promised to return all of that money. The case extended so the NCAA was flexible to make it work if the right path was taken. This should have been a slam dunk case from the getgo and resolved in 10 minutes.

  • Because of the extreme level in which Diallo is being investigated… quite different from their eligibility checks on typical athletes… he should file a federal discrimination case on the NCAA.

  • All that we have read so far is just speculation and may or may not be true. and the people in the know are not talking.

    If you attend the run of the mill state high school chances are you will be cleared with no problem and they cost a lot less than the private schools to boot. If you attend one of the “basketball factory” schools then you better be able to document your academic work. It is really that simple. Given how often students from these school run inot problems, one has to wonder why top prospects continue to go there…coaching?..or maybe concentration in sports and very lax academics?

  • @JayHawkFanToo said:

    If you attend the run of the mill state high school chances are you will be cleared with no problem and they cost a lot less than the private schools to boot.

    What if you don’t live in a state? Recruits from Africa seem to have specific problems. They aren’t eligible to go to state schools with little or no tuition, are they?

    It’s not a racial thing, it’s a continental thing.

  • What relevance is there in knowing his academic scores from 6th grade? Those classes are not part of any admission guidelines to any university on any planet.

    Diallo had to take an SAT as part of proof that he is mentally at a level acceptable for college.

    For this reason, I don’t care if the NCAA thinks they are guarded with their fascist rules for member institutions, this is showing an extra bar that Diallo has to hurdle… 6th grade academic acceptance. I’d like to be the attorney trying this case…

  • Utter, unbelievable, and arbitrary stupidity on the part of the NCAA. Selby, McLemore, Diallo. The only possible positive for KU, is that if Diallo cannot showcase himself this season, he is learning our plays, getting Huditioned, and can explode next season, & truly play the part of a top5 draft pick. Or, he/his family say “F the NCAA” and he leaves right now to go earn $ in Europe–I wouldnt blame him!

    There is that glimmer of hope that he’s bonded with his KU teammates, likes KU atmosphere, as may his family…and he may want to stay & play for 1 yr?

  • @ralster

    Money talks, especially if he is a projected lottery pick.

    But I am also holding on to a glimmer of hope. Also holding on to hope that if the college experience didn’t matter to him, he wouldn’t have retained counsel to fight for Eligibilty…could have just as easily chosen to go through the motions, practice with the team and bolt for workouts with a personalized trainer as soon as the season is over…and not faught the NCAA.

    Guess we’ll see.

  • @ParisHawk

    What if you don’t live in a state?

    I am not sure what you are referring to but I was referring to public HSs in this country; obviously if you live in this country you will live in one of the states. Anyone that reside in this country is eligible to attend public schools…million of illegal…oops, make that “undocumented aliens” seem to have no problem doing it. Diallo could have easily attended the local High School in the town in New York where he lived instead of Our Savior and probably he would not be having these issues.

  • @SoftballDad2011

    Diallo did not retain legal counsel, his guardian did.

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