Herard Announces on Nov 4.

  • Between KU and Mississippi St. Lots of MSSU buzz, but I still think the pick will be KU.

    Amended 10-31-2015: I now think the pick will be MSSU.

  • @konkeyDong said:

    Between KU and Mississippi St. Lots of MSSU buzz, but I still think the pick will be KU. it will be Mississippi st

  • @blackmild33 Says the guy who said Lightfoot was Arizona bound. I’ve lost track at this point at how many times you’ve been wrong on these statements over the past few months.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I too agree with you. I fully believe Herard will end up here at Ku. nothing to really back other then I saw some time ago and been in the hunt pretty well for the long haul, but was a heavy lean for KU in the beginning, true lost some ground, but believe he will end up a Jayhawk. ROCK CHA;LK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Honestly, my KU pick is more a vote of confidence in Roberts as a closer. Howland was a fantastic recruiter at UCLA, but head to head, I’m gonna pick Norm every time.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 said:

    @blackmild33 Says the guy who said Lightfoot was Arizona bound. I’ve lost track at this point at how many times you’ve been wrong on these statements over the past few months.

    It’s because he only reports the crystal ball. Then if it changes he changes with it. The only way he’s ever wrong in his mind is if it’s a total random pick.

  • ***“Schnider had, I think, 34 scholarship offers and narrowing that down from 10 to five, he was looking for where he might play right away and which programs are going to use their big guys,” Derrick Shelby, Herard’s guardian, told goldandblack.com.

    “The most important thing in his decision is going to be the ability to play right away,” Shelby added. “That’s No. 1. So many kids go to these schools and sit there for a year or two. He’d like to be able to play right away. There’s no question about that. That’s the No. 1 criteria.”***

    If playing right away is his #1 criteria he will go to Miss St where their starting forwards are seniors.

  • “The most important thing in his decision is going to be the ability to play right away,” Shelby added. “That’s No. 1."

    There are different ways to take that. I am guessing his guardian is like most of the guardians with these kids today… someone who doesn’t know how to communicate to the public.

    I hope he means that he wants to go to a school where there is an opening so there is at least a chance to play immediately.

    Another translation: He doesn’t want to have to step up to earn his minutes by going to a school where he will have to compete against other players on his own team.

  • I haven’t followed this one close enough to post a prediction. His supposed #1 reason for choosing a school is interesting though, he wants to go where he has the ability to play right away. If he is looking for a school that will guarantee him a starting spot and 30+ minutes then I highly doubt he will be coming to KU. I just don’t see the coaches giving him that guarantee. However, if he is looking for a school that has a great opportunity for a young big man to EARN significant minutes then KU would be a great option due to the departures of 3 seniors and most likely Diallo which leaves a big man void.

    If he wants to work hard and earn his minutes then I hope he comes to KU. If he wants entitlement to the minutes and guaranteed a starting spot then no thanks.

  • @drgnslayr

    You may be right that about his comments. If Playing Time is truly his #1 goal, then it doesn’t look good. And if you project the kind of player Herard is right now and expect him to beat out Lucas, Coleby etc it doesn’t look likely.

    Now KU has been recruiting him a long time, Schnider knows KU is known for its big men. Also Embiid & Diallo going to KU helps us with the Foreign connection.

    The issue I have with Schnider is the amount of scouts that have said he’s unmotivated, lazy & may not take to a coach as rigorous as Self. There’s no denying he’s got talent & you can’t teach size. But his skill set is raw. Rivals #34, ESPN #67, 247 #43. ESPN seems to be way off on his projection, which could have been due to his inconsistent play that has been mentioned as his major weakness. The flipside is that Self can motivate him to give consistent effort & develop his game. Scouts are wrong all the time, no reason that they couldn’t be way off on this guy.

    A few reasons signing him could be important is that other than Lucas nobody is projected to be a Center next year. Bragg is a stretch 4, Coleby is an athletic 4, Lightfoot is a small 4 who may turn into a stretch player. Herard is 6’10 240, with zero outside game, he’s a 5 true and true. He’s not a OAD, I think more than likely will take 4 years to develop him. Your not worried about losing him to the NBA for the immediate future. Does this impact Bolden, Azubuike, Allen? Likely it does because of the #'s game. So do we take another developmental big before knowing the fates of those 3 is probably my biggest question regarding him.

  • @BeddieKU23 Good insight. I am honestly not very familiar with Herard at all and it sounds like a guy who could be good in the future.

    I really can’t stomach the idea of Lucas being our 5 next year. Unless he drastically improves he has no business as a starting center at a premier program like KU.

  • There is some reporting today that UK is still very much involved with Giles, and that Giles will decide mid-November.

    Understanding that none of our info is foolproof, what if Herard chooses Kansas?

    We then have Lightfoot and Herard.

    While we’d like to think that those two wouldn’t dissuade Bolden, the timing of events here does not appear in our favor. Further, if Giles does go to UK, that certainly makes Duke a more likely spot for Bolden.

    Ideally, it would be nice to get a commitment from Bolden before Herard decides.

    Hmmm. Just don’t know.

  • A Bolden, Herard , Lightfoot class would not only meet but exceed my current expectations.

  • Funny how just a few days ago we were harping about not having any early commits.

    Now we are thinking it might be good to put Herard on hold until we find out the fate of others.

    We know we still want a higher elite post player to commit.

    Does signing Mitch and Herard turn top elite bigs off from Kansas? I think they help us recruit top elite bigs, because they know Kansas won’t sign another top elite big over them. If we sign one of these top guys, our post recruiting should be complete.

  • I still don’t see a Herard decision impacting Bolden or Allen, but it would likely ensure Azubuike goes to Florida St. They’re two different levels of players who would fill two different holes on the team. Bolden or Allen are each good enough to come in and atart immediately next to Bragg while Herard or Azubuike are guys that would come off the bench behind Lucas mist likely. I think some people are making too big a deal of the position distinction. KU won the title in 2008 with a true 4 and stretch 4 starting and reached the 2012 title game with a true 4 and true 5 starting so Self can get the job done with whatever combination in the front court.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I Agree with you. I think if Herard were to commit to Ku it would not have any affect on Bolden at all, not even talking about Giles, because I just feel he is a done deal for Duke. But as was mentioned, Herard is a true 5 & 5 only where Bolden can play the 4 so I feel he will not shy away if Herard does commit to Ku. Once again I feel the whole Bolden situation totally depends on Giles. Giles goes to Duke which I feel he will- - -Reasons why? close to home, Jason his buddy committed there, and its Duke. So if Giles goes to Duke, I feel in the end run Bolden comes to KU. But if for some reason Giles should end up in Kentucky - - - then that’s a different story, Bolden would probably end up at Duke, but again as far as Herard steering Bolden away, don’t think that happens, now agree again it more then like scares of Azubuike off, but we shall have to wait and see.

  • @BeddieKU23 when I read that quote I immediately felt that wasn’t good for us. Where is there a greater opportunity to play right away? I would think MSU. It seems I have heard similar statements before and they end up going to the team that is not as good…of course they expect to be part of the improvement of that team. After reading that comment, I will be surprised if he announces for KU.

  • Just posted on another thread – Jerry Meyer (24/7) just changed his prediction on Marques Bolden to KU.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    He was asked about his pick on twitter. He said he switched back to KU because it was the “best bet” at the moment. He had zero inside information.

  • Sooo … anyone know why Herard didn’t announce yesterday as planned?

  • @HighEliteMajor Isn’t he planeed to announce on November 4th? Which is today.

  • @joeloveshawks Ah, there would be the answer … thanks. You’d think that I would have processed that since our opener has been Nov. 4 for quite a while.

  • I noticed nothing on KUSports about Herard.

    They get tipped off probably more than most sources. Not even a mention. Bad journalism? Maybe…

    I know he hasn’t announced yet, but they print all kinds of recruiting rubbish all the time on guys we aren’t even recruiting.

    There was a lot more talk about Lightfoot right before he declared.

  • @drgnslayr Mississippi State.

  • yep its official. No surprise for the guy who needed a guarantee in playing time

  • The Big Board is officially down to 3 who KU has a legitimate chance of getting.

    Bolden Allen Azubuike

    It goes without saying that it’s absolutely important that 1 of these 3 ends up in a KU uniform.

    KU has shown recent interest in Curtis Jones #35 6’4 guard from Texas. Surprised we are so late to the party. Arizona, Texas, Louisville have been after him. If he waits til spring we may get in deeper if we have some guards leave.

  • @BeddieKU23 “It goes without saying that it’s absolutely important that 1 of these 3 ends up in a KU uniform.”

    Keep saying it, because it is true.

  • I’m a huge Bolden fan because he is very skilled and has a ton of potential.

    But more than anything I want POWER.

    If I had to pick one… I pick Udoka.

    If we land him… I feel like we will have a great recruiting class in the post. But I would also like the offensive potential of Bolden. We will need to replace Perry’s points.

  • @drgnslayr

    I think Perry’s points are easily replaced by Bragg if he turns out to be the talent we are all expecting. Experience and all that would be lacking but we know Bragg has a bright future. But when you look at what’s going to be back between Coleby & Lucas, we need post scoring. Bolden is easily the best scoring option immediately. Aduka provides the power, although raw post moves. Allen is a skilled big but will need some strength. I think Self could easily mold any of the 3 for significant minutes as a freshman.

  • FWIW KU has gained a lot of ground in the Bolden Crystal Ball in the last 6 hours…went from 29% to 41%.

    Duke had been at 80% forever…down to 53% now.

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