2 cents about KU '15

  • So during the seemingly infinite time between our last KUSA game and tip off of the '15-16 season, we have to keep ourselves entertained in other ways. We have to spend a lot of time watching what is going on in the recruiting world, which I dont really, and we do a lot of speculating about how this next coming season will go, what will happen.

    I think KU is due for a big year. It’ll be nearly 4 years since the tough and gritty yet short handed '12 team hit the floor. It’ll be nearly 8 years since Mario’s Miracles did the same.
    I think I see a pattern developing here. I hope I am right.

    Im watching the 08 game right now because I need a pick me up today, and because I’m basketball starved.

    Our team this year has the very real chance to be championship good. Our starting 5 this year has a lot of talent and experience, typical of all the great KU teams. They will be solid on defense and deadly on offense. Will they be as tough as the 08 team or the 12 team?
    I surely hope so. The performance they gave in the WUG’s is definitely a great start.

    How does everyone else speculate on how the 08 team and the 15-16 team compare? Provided we get Diallo, I think they have an excellent chance to match what the 08 team did.

    Bragg reminds me a lot of Shady but so does Diallo. Devonte and Wayne and Frank can absolutely match up well with Chalmers,Russ,Collins If Svi makes some huge improvements and gains this year, then he could match well with Rush.

    One last thought, KU should have a KU Legends game again sometime before the season starts. Maybe not this year but soon.

  • @Lulufulu You’re watcing the '08 game huh? If I could find a VHS player, I’d be watching the '88 game!!

    Oh well, every day we’re getting closer to tip-off.

  • @Lulufulu With Diallo eligible, I totally agree. I even made my futures bet in LV on the team a few months ago because I was that confident in them. This was obviously before the Diallo news and before UK started pulling rabbits out of hats with the reclassified recruits. But still, if CD is cleared I like our chances.

  • @Lulufulu

    With Diallo? Good potential for exploiting a strong perimeter game with good rebounding.

    No Diallo? Trouble.

  • I have said it before but will say it again. We are a championship team with or without Diallo. I think he will be cleared to play but I don’t think it should matter. Our perimeter will be the best in the country. Perry Ellis will be on of the best Seniors in the country. Frank Mason will be one of the best PG’s in the country. AFH is the best home court advantage in the country. I have not been this optimistic about a KU team since the 2011 squad.

  • I like lowered expectations, I like to hear we have no chance, I like to hear we will end up 5th in the Big 12 and that winning the conference isnt a birth right…

    There is a lot of season before March and we or any team is one injury away from going down the drain. I love our team (established guys back, not all newbies) and what happen in Korea gives me more hope, but I would say we are about a 7-15 ranking overall and I think that OU and ISU will really push us for the BigXII.

    Until we reach the Final Four I will look at our team’s flaws and say no they cant, I do this because I think that is what this team needs. I think Wayne and Frank our going use it as fuel!

  • @clevelandjayhawk

    I like the way you think, because you consider whether or not the team will build a chip on their shoulders.

    I’ve come to despise sports media because they over-hype us and the result from it is very negative. They tend to over-hype us early and I think it just creates media chaos that the team has to deal with so they focus less on the real prize. And then we don’t get to build a chip… not possible when we are favored.

    And then on individual players… the media over-hypes them to leave school early for “fools gold!”

  • Tate Shumard ‏@10Tate_Shumard · 3h3 hours ago
    Just saw Brannen Greene run across the street. The hip is fine, everyone. Good to go.

  • Casey Jones ‏@CaseyJonesKC · 3h3 hours ago
    Yes, that would be Brannen Greene running around practicing his 3 ball celebration😂😂🔥🔥👌🏼👌🏼

  • I watched some of the 08 game a couple of months ago and then watched the WUG’s. I noticed in the 08 title game there were times our defense was so good the opposing team had no one to throw the ball to because the KU guys were smothering their man to keep them from getting the pass. I noticed this in the WUG’s game as well. I think this team has been together long enough and has the defensive experience to be as good as the 08 team. I do think we need to work on offensive ball handling but if our wing man plays his true position all year like he did in WUG’s we will get to the final four. We did not play well in the title game: missed several bunnies and had some foul trouble but came out on top but it was not a perfect game by any means. Rush played an excellent game as a wing so I say we have about the same experience and talent just need some health and then create some much needed luck. We play a lot of basketball between now and March so anything can happen. This sure looks like the year but the NCAA may have other plans.

  • Without Diallo I don’t believe we are a championship team. We all saw last years post situation, it doesn’t change if he’s not playing. Bragg is an excellent prospect who’s ready to contribute. Can he start at the 5 if Diallo is out… I know he doesn’t prefer that to be his position & he’s definitely going to need the weight room to avoid being beat up.

    Mickelson looks ready to step up but let’s face it Lucas & Mari are not the typical post players we have had in the past that we can rely on. They are both too limited offensively & its hard to find something that either excels at consistently. With Diallo, Lucas & Mari likely get limited minutes & that’s where they belong.

    I do think that our back-court could be absolutely overwhelming to opponents if used correctly. Selden at the 3 just looks like a match. I think Selden is poised to be the lead scoring option.

    Either using Graham or Svi at the other guard spot with Mason is a salivating situation. We really have all the riches to use. And that’s before I even mention the freshman Vick & 3ball sniper Greene.

    The big BUT here is that Self is so stubborn with throwing it in the post but I think the WUG at least opened his eyes to a different style of play. KU thrived on the fast pace freedom offense with basic KU sets. Imagine us running that same fast pace style with Svi, Graham, Greene & Diallo! That would change my mind greatly about our title aspirations. For now we are a top 5 team that desperately needs its top recruit to play. We can’t seriously go through a 3rd straight year without our top post prospect in the lineup.

  • @nuleafjhawk Here you go:

  • @konkeyDong DUDE!!! THANKS!!

    You just skyrocketed to the top of my Awesomenivity chart.

    My only regret is that I didn’t get this earlier, so I could have watched this at work. On break, of course…

  • When will we see this BG in a KU uniform?

  • Getting excited for some Basketball!! And it’s only August!

  • @Lulufulu I just turned on the 08 game based on your post. It is weird that I feel nervous that we are going to lose and angry that we are playing Coach Cal. I certainly know the outcome but it is still stressful.

  • It’s probably wise to watch the 08 game without sound as Billy Packer is annoying beyond belief. I never minded Billy too much, but good grief, they probably didn’t show him on camera because I’m sure he was all decked out in Memphis gear.

  • @konkeyDong very nice way to bring some sunshine into a rough go. Thanks!

  • @Lulufulu Questions to everyone.

    Diallo will be able to practice per Coach in the last article we read from KU Sports and CJOnline.

    When does practice start and who will be able to catch a practice live and dish to us about his progress?

  • Last Saturday I was bored so I found the video of Wisconsins win over Kentucky last season and watched it end to end. My wife walked in and snidely remarked about me watching an old bball game. She just doesn’t understand, even after 25 years of marriage.

  • I use to watch the 08 DVD after every tourney loss, but after doing that ithas now turned into a bad thing to watch it.

    Great moment, but I should use it to start a season off instead of a crutch to get me over depressing times…maybe just more wiskey for those early March exits.

  • If we can play Diallo even for second semester I envision a Final 4 outcome. Without him, Elite 8 and homeward bound.

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