• I see he has not been drafted, kind of felt that coming. It will be a tough road from him from here out. Hope he makes it!

  • Alexander’s family Now has made a potential career ending decision. It was bad for the family, the team, and the fans.

  • Jay Bilas talked about Cliff several times throughout the evening and he thought he would be drafted near the top of the second round which as we all know did not happen. At the end of the broadcast he indicated that Cliff made some derogatory comments about KU that he personally did not like and thought that maybe NBA GMs did not either and it could have had a bearing in not picking him. I cannot think of a KU player expected to be selected that was completely ignored. A sad day for Cliff and a sad day for the KU basketball program as well.

    His only hope now is to try to get into the Summer League and impress someone enough to give him a chance, otherwise it is the D-League or overseas, likely China…Europe is no longer taking American players the way they used to, they have local talent available now.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    If that’s true then he must have raised a lot of character red flags in the process. I think his knee injury hurt his chances with workouts he missed with teams. From all information we know, his family gave him a raw deal and spiraled the chain of events that have now left him fending for himself. But if he was popping off at the mouth about it in a negative sense I don’t sympathize with him for poor judgement.

    The only plus is that this should really humble him from whatever high horse he might have been on about being drafted. Now he can work hard with a chip on his shoulder, and find 1 or multiple summer league teams to play and hope that a team has a low # of posts under contract.

  • He blames his mom and he blames KU. He rubs the schools he didn’t choose when he announces he selects KU. Now, the crash of the mighty ego. Man oh man, you know he is hurt down to the core, and I feel for him, even if I don’t approve of his actions.

    Now, he could take two different paths here :

    1. Continue in the arrogant myopia where you blame everyone else for your problems, and you end up flipping burgers …or:
    2. Grow up.

    I certainly hope he chooses the right path.

  • @Kubie Yep. Well he has a good chance to make a roster during the Summer League games. If Tarik can do it, so can Cliff.

  • @Lulufulu The difference between the two is maturity and attitude. Tarik excelled in both.

  • I think this is a lesson for kids who usually come from nothing and suddenly receive too much attention in their lives. This is a formula for kids to get lost in the chaos and start buying in to all the ego-building chatter mostly from people who are just trying to cut themselves into the kids’ futures.

    Even though Cliff had people around him doing things they shouldn’t have been doing… it was up to HIM to control his destination. It wasn’t his mother or a flaky lender that made strange comments about KU a little while back. That was Cliff. When he grows up he will realize that HE blew it.

    Now he has a couple of years to fight his way into the league. I have huge doubts that he’ll mature enough quickly to play in Europe.

    He didn’t want to pull his weight of responsibility this last year… now the weight of his future lies in the balance and ALL the weight is on him! Maybe that is what he needs to make a new start. He can’t blame anyone else moving forward.

  • Cliff did this to himself. He hasn’t taken ownership of the situation and has shown a lack of maturity during this situation. That’s a turn off to GM’s and Cliff will probably end up in the D-League or overseas.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 most kids aren’t to mature at that age, me for one. The difference is parents. We already know about cliffs.

  • Cliff screwed up when he tried to throw Bill under the bus. I seriously doubt NBA execs all the sudden would believe a 19 yo kid over a man who’s turned out quiet a few NBA bigs. If Cliff had just played along he may have gotten in the second round.

  • @KUSTEVE …Or end up letting taxpayers send you the checks in the mail to permeate your existence in self pity & refusal to admit you’re Effed up & not the rest of the world Unfortunately we now have almost an entire generation that is perfectly content to live off of the diligence & hard work of others…Sorry off the soapbox guys. Cliff better realize that his chances are extremely limited now & take full advantage should he get one.

  • It looks painfully obvious, that Cliff somehow disenfranchised the NBA GM’s, and by doing so, they picked guys (foreign too) less talented and that are 2-3 year projects ahead of him. That says a lot!

  • @brooksmd Also his complete absence of intelligence on whom to trust his best interest to is huge. He trusted some loan shark & his disadvantaged & challenged family members with his life’s future instead of Bill Self & the KU family. If that’s not a no brainer I don’t know what is.

  • @globaljaybird - Unfortunately we now have almost an entire generation that is perfectly content to live off of the diligence & hard work of others.

    An “almost entire generation.” Wow! It didn’t know that. Thanks for informing me of the facts, or is that just your opinion?

    Sorry for the soapbox guys. I just get a chuckle when (for really no good reason other than wanting to inject one’s personal political or religious beliefs into a thread) someone has to bring up a side issue. Hey, it’s a free country with free speech. And this site should accept free speech.

    As for me, I try not to offend others when it can easily be avoided. but that’s me.

  • @globaljaybird Wonder if mama has an alternative method to pay off the debt now that there won’t be any big NBA checks to cash?

  • If Cliff doesn’t get blackballed by execs, he can make it in the NBA. But that’s a big if.

    Cliff isn’t a sure fire NBA star, but his talent indicates he could make a team if given a real chance. Whether he gets that chance or not is anyone’s guess at this point. If he does get blackballed, he wouldn’t be the first (or the last). Every now and then, the NBA likes to show guys who is running things. Hopefully Cliff isn’t the guy they have chosen as the latest example.

  • Let’s not forget that Cliff’s actions hurt not only him but KU as well since it had to play out the season and go to the dance short handed.

  • @hawkmoon2020 like it or lump it read the public records on dispersion of taxpayer funds. PS: always glad to assist with the thought process to those who are interested - to those who aren’t … go ahead & make an issue out of someone else’s opinion but do allow a little free speech…life is full of choices & Cliff made one or more of an idiot. End of story

  • @hawkmoon2020 try harder or go away…we ain’t interested in being liberal to those who think responsibility only belongs to the other guy when you’re blowing your own horn.

  • Apparently you missed my comment on it being Free Speech and this site accepting free speech. I did not dis you, nor did I go off on a liberal tangent. What makes you think “we’re” interested in your diatribes?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Why is it a “bad day for KU?..” KU had NOTHING to do with Cliff’s demise. If he translates not playing all those games as KU’s fault, then he’s a fool and his parents aren’t teaching him much. These kids want the responsibility of an adult, but they have no idea what they’re doing. If there’s a problem, they want to whine and blame a coach, program or a school.

    What was Self and KU supposed to do? Play him, knowing there were illegal issues pending and then get penalized for playing Cliff? STUPID! Cliff needs to grow up, take responsibility, shut his mouth, and address the individual who caused this…NOT KU. Now, he needs to man up and go to work. It’s time to put his big boy pants on in a man’s league. He’s a boy playing with men, mentally. He’s reminding me a bit of Demarcus Head Case Cousins. Even Cousins is growing up and settling into the league. This proves these boys are still way behind in so many ways.

    Man up Cliff, you’re going to play with the big boys now.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Cliff didn’t hurt KU. Cliff hurt Cliff. KU did the smart thing by not playing Cliff. KU actually benefited by not playing Cliff. You’re looking at the situation the wrong way. You’re looking at from a purely KU program and fan situation. This is all Cliff, not KU. I really don’t know if Cliff would’ve made that much difference against WSU or any other team. KU lost as a team, not as individuals. KU could’ve beat WSU without Cliff. KU didn’t show up and doubt Cliff would’ve made much difference.

  • Speaking of KU BASKETBALL, freedom of speech, and riffs with Cliff, I had a very astute observation :

    Lou Diamond Phillips …yes, that guy - the kid from La Bamba, now stars in a wonderful show called " Longmire", and as Lou has aged, his cheeks have went from super - small all the way up to jumbo-sized. His cheeks make the “Big Gulp” look small. I am thinking we might have found that 4th chipmunk for Alvin and the gang.

  • LOL And though I like their acting abilities, how about Val Kilmer and Mickey Rourke? Hard to recognize them these days.

  • @hawkmoon2020 Am I beginning to see a pattern here? If I recall correctly about a month ago you jumped in a conversation I was having with brooks & vail you were pretty quick to inject your own political views as another jerk did & I told him the same thing. Its really fairly obvious through blowing your self up , that youre only interested in those who agree with your opinions. So if you want the last word knock yourself out-or butt the hell out. I won’t sit & waste time exchanging insidious or suggestive remarks with you or anyone else. I know another site where you’ll be quite at home

  • @globaljaybird Relax bud. Please. Let’s move on. If you go political you’re going to catch some heat if people don’t agree… That’s just how it is. Let’s just not escalate and move on OK?

  • Boy, someone is GRUMPY. Wish you would relax.

    You’re probably talking about the one where someone posted a pic of their return drive from CO with snowcapped mountains in the Spring, and brooks had to make the snarky comment about Global Warming (as a hoax.) What the heck did that have to do with the topic or thread? I wasn’t I who was quick to inject my own political views. I simply countered.

    And who was quick to inject their own political view on this thread? Hmm.

    BTW - I left the other site (like most of us) due to the angst and rudeness. I love this sight because of all the insightfulness and broad topics, and the fact that it usually omits personal, political or religious angst and rudeness. Sure hope I’m right moving forward.

    We’re all Jayhawk fans, and I respect you for your KU input and opinions. Let’s just let this one go.

  • @truehawk93

    I did not say KU did anything wrong, but the programs is in many ways like a family and when one of the kids goes through hard times the entire family is affected. No question that having Cliff on the team would have helped, maybe not much but it would have helped some all the same. I did not say that Self should have played him either; KU went by the book and in many ways, it really did not have much of a choice

    Now, don’t you think that other programs will use Cliffs situation against KU when recruiting top prospects? I bet they will and they will mention how a top prospect went from being a OAD to not-drafted…fair or not, it will happen.

    Yes, Cliff is 6’-8" and 200+ pounds but emotionally he is still an 18-19 years old kid and as such, naive and stupid; probably most of us were at that age. As a parent I would not like to see my kid go though something like what Cliff is going, regardless of whose fault it is…it is just not in my DNA to wish ill on anyone. Having some empathy for others is not a bad thing…just my personal view on the subject and I don’t expect you or anyone else to agree with me or to see it my way; if you do, great, if you don’t…that is OK too.

  • A number of people here have indicated that Cliff can make it in the NBA if it is based simply on basketball skills. Why is Cliff better now or show a higher ceiling than does TRob? Many here including myself think that TRob was on the of best players at KU in the past 5 years or more. He has been traded all over the place and appears to be hanging on by his finger nails. If he can’t make a good career, how can Cliff?

  • @approxinfinity Touche. The thing is infinity that sports has become a big part of economy, and economy is a huge part of politics, and as three elements become more interrelated, some of us see KUBB is not mutually exclusive from politics (ie Big12 conference not to mention Nike lobbying, etc). As human beings, it’s a natural progression to apply reason and logic and saunter into the forbidden land of politics. Rather than being “defensive” and “attack” any opposing views, could we learn to dialogue with respect for one another, politely agree to disagree, and exercise simple human kindness one would show to one’s neighbor since we are ONE Jayhawk Nation of civility!? We should promote Freedom of Speech, not rudeness or petulant jerks. Thanks infinity for reading 🙂

  • @HawksWin it’s a good point.

    I agree that saying most young people don’t want to work is a generalization that some may find insulting. I also think that doesn’t need to provoke a hostile response. One can remind in a friendly way that lots of young people work very hard to find their place and that the workforce is very competitive.

    If @hawkmoon2020 is hot about insulting young people, it is probably because he/she is a young buck, and headstrong, and that’s the way young people are. Passionate and loose and gung-ho to battle any perceived injustice. And we need young people here as much as we need our salty worldly regulars.

    So @globaljaybird it’s easier to ask for a ceasefire from you my friend than to ask a young guy I don’t know as well not to act young. Though I know you can be young and headstrong when you want to be!

  • @KUSTEVE Too damn funny Steve !

  • @sfbahawk

    Cliff can have the same type of career that TRob or Tarik has. He won’t be a star, but 95% of the guys that go to the NBA have no chance of being stars. Most guys will just be roster guys.

    Being a college star has no bearing on NBA potential. The level of play is so much higher and most players can’t continue to improve to those levels.

  • @justanotherfan He gets his chance, he better not blow it. He was right, he did get dealt a bad deck at KU, now he has to learn from it and grow as a person, player, teammate. Nothing is holding him back from making a D league team until he gets his game in order and has the time needed to show it to the NBA scouts.

  • @approxinfinity

    Go Cliff!

  • It looks like Cliff has landed in a pretty decent situation with Brooklyn. The Nets don’t have a lot of frontcourt depth, particularly if they are not able to re-sign Brook Lopez. They are pretty thin at PF/C so Cliff has an opportunity to make that team if he plays well and get a chance to really make an impression in the NBA.

    As of right now, Cliff is in at least as good a position as anyone taken in the second round of this year’s draft, maybe better because of Brooklyn’s current lack of depth at his position(s). If he plays to his potential and talent, he will make it. If he doesn’t, he won’t. From here on out, it is about production.

  • About a few of the other hopefuls that didn’t get their name called:

    There were others on Thursday night, too. Robert Upshaw from Washington, Brandon Ashley from Arizona, Aaron Harrison from Kentucky, Chris Walker from Florida, Trevor Lacey from North Carolina State, Michael Qualls from Arkansas — all left college early to declare for the NBA Draft. All went unselected.

    Did anyone else notice Trevor Lacey didn’t get drafted? And Chris Walker.

  • @justanotherfan

    Lots of rumors about Lopez going to LA. He played at Stanford so I am sure that would be preferred destination for him.

  • @approxinfinity

    Remember back… when all the talk was about Chris Walker at Florida? I remember hearing so much hype on his potential. He was supposed to be a surefire star and high draft pick.

    I’m more shocked that Lacey didn’t get drafted.

    If you read what Self said about Cliff… it is to Cliff’s advantage that he didn’t get picked in the second round because he has total freedom to tryout anywhere he wants to. He isn’t locked to a team. Good point.

  • @drgnslayr Cliff better kick some @$$!!

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