Post Game Observations

  • Welp guys 1 down, and 1 to go. Got to say pretty interesting game, didn’t get to be there in person, but caught myself getting caught up in the game. I think there is nothing but positives that can come from these exhibitions & WUG’S. as for tonight, got to say, a team is going to have ALOT of opportunity to score the ball. the 24 second shot clock is awesome, I love it, really helps speed the game, could see the scoring really go up. I realize we are going to have the 30 but I like it. I’m ok with the 4 -10 minute quarters, and starting fresh in each quarter for the fouls. these exhibitions are going to help for the WUG giving the players a feel for the rules and play before we head out to Korea. Frank was really good, Wayne was pretty good, Perry was Perry and I think Moore will help us, again I see nothing but positives out of this situation, unlimited practices, conditioning, and experience for the freshman. just my thoughts enjoyed tonight & looking forward to Friday. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Was it televised?

  • U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! That was one of the most fun games I’ve watched in person. The wife won box seats from her job and it was crazy! I’m going to be chanting U-S-A at KU games from now on. As for a break down of the game play, here goes:

    Nic Moore was good. Wayne looked more like the kid we always hoped he’d be. Frank Mason was stellar. If he’s half as good this season as he was tonight we are going to be all smiles. All smiles IF we get more out of our forwards. I know Hudy has been laser focused on preventing injuries the past few years, but the lack of strength in our post players is a real concern. Perry is still Perry, for good and for bad. Bragg’s thin. I knew that going in. He can’t keep from getting backed down, although he does have active hands and got a number of steals and good deflections. He’ll still struggle to defend straight up, though. Lucas and Mickelson… Those two are just so weak. I’ve been saying for years now that the only hope Lucas has to be an effective post player is to get jacked, like Rico Gathers jacked, and just dominate below the rim. It’s not going to happen though, and that leaves us without anyone who can really just straight up defend those Canadian/Michigan St. style bigs. The tournament exit headline this year could very well read “Mondale to Self: Where’s the Beef?” And we’re still struggling to finish around the rim. Bragg also settles for pick and pop too easily. I’ll reserve final judgement until Diallo gets here.

    We played some 3-2 zone to start the game, and it was the biggest reason we struggled in the first half. FIBA rules space the floor a lot more and it made our zone incredibly weak. I’ve never been a fan of 3-2 zones anyway (they leave the best part of the floor wide open), but it’s clearly the wrong defense for this style of play. I hope not to see it again, well, ever really. Our man to man was a ton better and really helped us get back into the game. We did a good job of turning Canada over, but we weren’t great on the boards. Overall, just more struggle than we should have had. Still, we played a very convincing final 4 or so minutes, and we walked away with the W, which is all that really matters. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  • Greene and Devonte were shagging balls for the halftime shooters. Greene looked happy but slow, Devonte looked well, lifting his knees high and laughing. Devonte looked like he would return faster than Brannen.

    Frank is now the best guard I’ve seen since Sherron, maybe better. Perry was doubled and triple teamed. Something that might disappear when Diallo joins the team. Still he dominated on defense like a big dog. First to get to double figures and Self will use the double teaming to his advantage somehow.

    Wayne looks much healthier and smarter with a flair to make steals with a new speed.

    Old Vic will play more than all of us thought he would, same with Bragg. Like all highly rated Freshmen, great one minute then crazy the next.

    Because of 11 games in 11 days, Tyler and Evan will have to play. Evan screwed up one play on an inbounds twice to the point that Frank was trying to avoid passing it in to him when he was open.

    We are a superior team in strength, speed and stamania. Jamari was great on both ends with a double/double. In the WUG, Lucas and Mick will have to do better guarding big men that like to shoot threes. The Canadian lead of ten was when Tyler and Evan were in the game.

    Finally, I realized that Stub Hub and Ticket Master bought up all the good seats in the instance or before they went on sale to the non-William’s Fund middle class Jayhawks.

    The game was very interesting with all the new rules, including Frank being called on the 8 second to get the ball over the half court. In the last 4 minutes, it almost felt like Allen Field House. Win or lose, the WUG will make us much better.

  • Thanks for these game reports, Posters. Nothing at LJW as of 10:57 p.m. Am doubly happy that I quit posting or reading much on that ol’ site.

  • Holy Moly! I just read KC Star stat sheet. Mickelson and Lucas combined for a total of 2 points? YIKES!

  • photo 3.jpg jayspidy.jpg

    LOL, someone let their kid wear a spider man costume.

  • @DanR Hunter still looks weak vs bigger guys-speaking of which Canada had guard so big & old one had grey hair ! They were all Moore & Mason could handle most of the game . Canada guys wore down some towards the end but I think the crowd noise helped make em a bit gun shy too. Wasn’t a defensive gem for sure. Hope they never go to 24 sec in CBB. 30 will be diff but 24 makes it too helter smelter for my liking. JMO guys it was still a fun & close game down to the last couple possessions RCJH ! We got the WWWWWWWWW !!!

  • Went to a basketball game and a hockey game broke out.

    @globaljaybird Lots of fun at the end with the crowd getting into it.

  • @REHawk I sat real close to Keegan & hes so damn huge he could litterally hardly walk outta the place. Ch 5 Michael Coleman had hi lights on his sportscast at 10:20 but his studio is only a short way from Sprint . Kegs may have stopped at DQ on the way back to Lawrence. Coleman & I both played football for old Bill Freeman (LHS) albeit years apart. Got to chat with him a little before the game outside.

  • @REHawk But their def & rebounding were much much better…thank Heavens.

  • @jayballer54 Where da hell is all you night owls…THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS JAYHAWKS played a real (exhibition my ass) fricken’ basketball game tonight…in downtown KC Mo (more final fours than anywhere else in CBB history) & where da hell are ya??? Wake your sorry old asses up & give me some CRAP!!! Its time for some real KUBB !!! Hell, If I can do this, this damn late, I know all you Southern Girls (YA’LL CAN vs Northern girls-Yes You Can ) can too, even much longer & a whole helluva lot better!!! Mills Lane would scream, "Let’s get it on !!! " Marvin Gaye would be a little more sublime and much more to my liking …

  • My observation on the game.

    Self and Manning were Self and Manning enough said.

    Lucas and Mickelson - Pretty much the same as last year, a couple of flashes that make you think progress, nice baby hook by Lucas and decent passing by Mickelson but other than that, pretty much the same.

    Nic Moore will see lots of playing time; he is a solid player that with Mason and Selden form a very solid and dependable back court.

    Selden is solid, make that super solid and if he continues to play like tonight he could be heading to the NBA.

    Perry is still solid, sound and skilled and his defense seemed improved. First Team All-Conference seems likely.

    Mason is the team’s engine and as he goes so will KU. I have not seen a PG control and take over a game like he did since probably Sherron was around. He is a candidate for Conference POY.

    Traylor had a very good game and his engine just will not quit. He had a very well earned double double. The sequence at the end of the game where he blocked the shot and then Perry blocked the follow up was great. He is a solid contributor.

    Bragg has lots of potential but he need to pack some weight and work with Andrea getting strong, he seemed to handle the ball well. Vick seems very skinny and will need to bulk up some; he showed some good moves although his defense is still lacking but I see him getting playing time. De Bose was very active and payed good defense but I just don’t see him getting a lot of playing time.

    No pep band and no cheerleaders made the time outs…oddly boring? The arena was fairly quiet most of the game and the few times towards the end of the game when it got animated, it got a little loud but not even in the same conversation with AFH when it gets loud. The unis were nice but pretty much KU unis and I still feel strongly that KU should consider wearing the traditional USA team uniforms.

  • @globaljaybird well I just got home!

  • Glad they pulled out the W.

    Would have been a big letdown to start this months games out with a L.

    Mason looks like he is continuing to get better which is scary for us.

  • Need more updates…Must get KU Basketball fix… Darn work getting in the way of watching KU play. Looks like I may be able to watch one of the July games. 🙂 If the 10:30pm start time game is televised.

    Keep the good info on how the guys looked coming. Sounds like the team really needs the player we all expect Diallo to be.

  • Players talk after defeating Team Canada

  • I just caught the end of the radio broadcast… hearing us close out the game.

    Thanks to all who went and came here to fill us all in. It sounds like a positive experience for us.

    I have a feeling that Jamari might be one of our guys that gains the most out of this. His hustle will pay off big in International play because there aren’t many athletic players who hustle. If he can put a solid performance in on every game, that may help his confidence and focus on playing scrappy all year.

    Great that Frank could take over, but that is a sign our offense isn’t running well yet, unless Bill is intentionally running more offense for Frank. If he is doing that, then I see a season where we use Devonte more as a PG and Frank as a scoring 2. I don’t think people realize how much of a volume scorer Frank was in HS. Very capable scorer. Start relieving him of some of the PG responsibilities and he could be a 18 or so point guy on a regular basis.

    Usually for us we have to figure out where our offense is coming from. It isn’t just “feed the post”… it takes looking at the stat sheets and seeing where we can get points.

  • Having Perry, Frank, Wayne and Jamari as a core will win us 20 games. Getting the injured healthy will make it 25. Foreign players with OAD Diallo and Svi will make it 29. Old Vick and Bragg getting lots of playing time before the Season begins puts us over 30. Staying healthy with all of this and a Final Four is ours.

  • @Statmachine happy bday Jamari!! Barely sneaked that in.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I caught that too! I stole this pic from Twitter BRAGG.jpg

    Kids got some hustle.

  • @drgnslayr JMO but the shot clock makes it a totally different animal with runs, momentum swings, & lack of solid Self type defense changing the spots of the cat. We did play some great defense at times & this against a team of much older, experienced, & stronger guys-especially the guards. In international ball, all guys look for their shots & this will allow our kids to develop a confidence that Self ball at the D 1 level would never allow. Crazy ass rules-no trapezoid lane. 8 sec to bring the ball up, 5 fouls the bonus but reset at each quarter. The refs consistently called hand checks on the guards but the bigs beat the crap outta each other without much control. Believe it or not @HighEliteMajor , Self started the game with zone defense. PPoorly executed, but the element of unpredictability is there at long last. Lotsa room for much improvement but with not much of a scouting report, our kids did a remarkable job beating a fairly decent opponent at their game.

  • @globaljaybird what did u think of Hunter and LL?

  • @globaljaybird

    Don’t forget that the lane is almost 2 feet wider on each side, the 3 point line farther than the NCAA and the ball different and slightly smaller.

  • bragg2.jpg

    There is some speculation on how tall Bragg is in the Twitterverse? If Lucas is 6’10" then how tall is Bragg? It looks like he is on his toes to me but people at the game said they looked like they were the same height.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Sorry we could not catch up. My daughter’s cell phone was out of batteries (normal for her) and she was using mine and before I knew she had run down the batteries on mine as well. 😞

    At half time we went to the UMB Hospitality Suite (my corporate bank)…free Boulevard beer and soft drinks…

  • @drgnslayr

    Coach Self was substituting constantly giving every player a chance to play…for team USA…the net result was little continuity. Once the starting line up is set we should see a much more consistent offense.

  • @Statmachine when I first saw him last pm, I was, who’s that? I figured out I couldn’t recognize him w/out his headband. Duh! Didn’t Giddeons wear one? Thinking Self is not a fan of them.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 As rehawk said abt their combined 2 PTS-yikes! No kool aide here either. Defensively they have got to stay with their guys even on the perimeter, which they were both slow to adjust. International bigs always shoot lights out from deep. I did think it was cool that Opie got the start & LL has a nice little baby hook that , IMO if Danny were still here would be far advanced over what it presently is. Bragg is the one that I thought showed a huge ceiling as well as Vick the stick. Also the kid from FGC has some real hops & strength to go with it. Feeding Bragg & Vick has to be a big priority now, cause a stiff wind will blow them away, especiall LV.

  • @globaljaybird Bragg has the hustle and desire, love that! His post skills, offensive and defensive need a lot of work. I think he will only get better!! I like Vick as well, he’s very quick and fast. Says a lot that self had him in at the end. I was pretty disappointed w/Ll and Hunter. Ll will have his place w/big strong guys, not so much w/quick bigs. He did seem to jump better, so must be healed up. I just can’t explain Hunter. He does try hard😧

  • @JayHawkFanToo Lotsa diff rules that will take me awhile to learn & adjust to. I think that some of the players did alright with the smaller ball, but the bigger guys with larger hands seemed adversely effected by it. The 24 second clock had Frank looking for the P & R in the 2nd half-give him a lot of credit for making that adjustment.That young man brought his A game for sure. Over all it reminded me a an NBA game with a 2 man offense being the rule & not the exception. Guess I’m just on old fart purist that still prefers the more deliberate slowed down, ball reversal type offense & stop em every time defense. Would be tough for me to embrace this type of pace in CBB, but after playing these WUG’s our guys should have a couple legs up on the forthcoming 30 sec clock this season.

  • @globaljaybird

    I hear that when Keegs interviews Snacks, they have to do it in IMAX.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Good one dude! Keegs looked like he was ready to drop after walking 30 ft-poor guy. Needs to lay off the stogies & the rocky road…like I got some room to talk.

  • @globaljaybird

    FWIW, I am convinced that the key to weight management is managing food and drink consumption subject to one’s level of “insulin resistance.” I now believe many, if not most, obese people are battling an undiagnosed case of “insulin resistance.” But I am a layman. This is just based on my reading over the years. I am tired of fat persons being blamed for their weight problem. I have known three morbidly obese persons over the years and only one of them was out of control in their eating habits. The other two were constant dieters and ate not much more than me. Keegs needs to give up the stogies to save his lungs for sure. But he needs to study up on insulin resistance to address his weight problems and keep from killing himself early.

    (bate steps down from soap box and has an Oreo.)

  • @jaybate-1.0 I’m heatin up spaghetti as we speak…Oreos afterwards.

  • @drgnslayr

    Only concern I have with Mason giving up some of his PG duties is his future. If he’s got a shot at the NBA, he’s going to have to become just at good at running a team as he is scoring. His size is just not going to allow him to be one way or the other. Mason has NBA potential so I’d rather see him become a complete guard because he could be more unstoppable if he’s able to do that.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Suites are a cut above for sure…only time I’ll ever sit that high up. Boy & I were 9 rows off the floor & were pretty decent seats. We were wined & dined in a vendor suite at Kansas Speedway last Oct for the Cup race & that was first flippin class. We were fortunate enough to enjoy suites at Kemper many times back in the day…

  • @Statmachine said:

    There is some speculation on how tall Bragg is in the Twitterverse? If Lucas is 6’10" then how tall is Bragg? It looks like he is on his toes to me but people at the game said they looked like they were the same height.

    Bragg is 6’9". So is Landen. Here’s a picture of him in the team photo from the 2013 season standing next to Zach Peters (#32, also listed at 6’9" ):


    I know it’s not a very big/hi res picture, but I put red lines at the tops of Zach’s and Landen’s heads, shoulders, and feet. They’re standing on the same plane and, basically, they hit the red lines at the same spots. Justin Wesley looks as tall or taller at the top, but he’s on his tip toes. Ellis looks a lot shorter, but he’s significantly further back. Traylor is a little further back but even adjusting for that, he’s still significantly shorter.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Also FWIW, HCBS has definitely “expanded his geography” quite a bit also. His profile reminded me of why I often wear polo shirts tails long & out. Looks like an overindulgence in golf & recruiting food this summer IMO. A dose of boot camp conditioning wouldn’t hurt him at all. But early 50’s (his age) is about when that happened to yours truly too . I do still walk about 20-30 miles a week but to no avail on the midsection, just the feet & low back…

  • @Statmachine

    Here’s one more crack at the picture:


    This time, I moved everyone’s heels up to be on the same line from McLemore on the left to Traylor on the right. Ben is used for scale because he’s the only one in the photo for whom we have exact measurements from the NBA combine. There, he came in at 6’4.75" in shoes. Keegs at the old site is fond of saying that Traylor is really only 6’6" in person, but given his appearance in this photo, even if his head is craned up significantly more than McLemore’s, there’s no way he’s not basically 6’8" in shoes (and this is with his head shaved, not his current flat top look). Ellis appears to be nearly the same height, though with lower shoulders and a longer neck. Now comparing all of this to the WUG team photo, it’s possible that Lucas was further back than Bragg since we can’t see where their heels hit, but I’m still willing to bet that they are the same height at 6’9" or so.

  • @konkeyDong Your analysis assumes that nobody in the pic has grown since 2013. I don’t know if anyone has but then again I also don’t know that they haven’t…

  • @konkeyDong Good post KD. I was quite surprised to see DG & Bg out there at all especially DG. Svi was out for awhile also just think what we could be with those three in the process? But Nic Moore is a good little package with the keyword being little. Listed at 5’9" & that may be a stretch. Those bigger guards took him to the rack early & often & am willing to bet that trend continues. Think that’s likely why we saw more of Vic at the end & with Wayne gone, LV stepped up rather nicely. I agree our skill guys did fairly well & also that Hunter & LL leave a lot to be desired. A Draymond Green would eat those 2 alive.

  • I thought the Hunter and Landon were fine on the boards and swatting away several shots, but international Big Men are allowed to roam the parameter and shoot threes. They have all been doing what Perry just began doing last year and starting from behind the Arc and driving or shooting threes. Let them suck up as many minutes doing this in the WUG, it will only benefit the team when the season starts.

    The USA Conference player of the year looked good, especially with assist, but Frank had an assist to a quick Perry for an easy back door cut using an incredible no look bounce pass. Frank, Wayne, Mari and Frank are much better this year, but Frank looks like Allen Iverson in the pros. When we have a short clock with a few seconds left, Frank will have the ball every time to score or dish. What an incredible asset to have.ku_bkc_canada_611_t960.jpg

  • @wrwlumpy as long as he doesn’t get killed under there!

  • @Statmachine Funny Mari at the end when he is getting up and says “It’s my birthday tomorrow.” 💯

  • @globaljaybird

    This was not one of the fancy suites with a view of the court, just the one on the concourse right across the concessions; my corporate account card got us in.

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