Little update on 2016 recruit Jackson

  • well hey this posted on Zagsblog at like 1:11 central time. now I’m sure a lot of you have probably already read but, anyways Josh said that KU & Arizona were recruiting him the hardest, now I’ve heard we have been in the lead by quite a bit before. 247 sports has us at 75% and Arizona the other 25% , anyways he stated in this article on KU : KU has a great program, they have great programs year in, year out. loves BILL SELF, great coach, likes how we play, likes how athletic we are, and loves how we run in transition, and says feels that’s the best part of his game. Fran Fraschilla states special player, great motor, major athleticism. says Jackson has been a demon on defense, at the U.S.A.trials. now I realize that is a quote unquote HI-LIGHT tape I get that, BUT this kid can flat out ball. great hops, pretty nice ball handling ability, pretty good moves, sweet shot, and pretty good passing ability. really nice hops, got some shot blocking ability. but as a 6ft 8 guard looks nice. we that’s just me, but feel we are in pretty decent shape with him. he reiterated, he has NO intentions of playing oversea’s and says not waiting to decide not waiting on anything to decide, which makes me think he is ONE who will not drag his out. we shall see. KU, ARIZ main p;ayers has offers from Louisvile, Fla State, Michigan, North Carolina, and a little bit of interest from Duke rated nu 2 in the land by 247, have seen nu 1 off other sites. we shall see.

  • Does he prefer Nike or Adidas?

  • @VailHawk

    Maybe Under Armour… the sponsor of his AAU team, which is run by his mother! Better keep him away from Maryland!

    Top 2016 recruit Josh Jackson: ‘I’m definitely going to college’

  • @jayballer54

    It is hard to believe Kansas is 75% and Arizona is 25%. Josh has been practicing for Sean Miller this summer in the U19 World Championships…

    “Although Miller says USA Basketball isn’t about recruiting, even though he’s the U19 head coach, it can’t hurt. After all, the Wildcats secured a commitment from five-star guard Allonzo Trier just two months after Trier played under Miller, who was an assistant coach on last summer’s U18 team.”

    Arizona basketball: 5-star recruit Josh Jackson enjoys Tucson visit

    He has even visited the UA campus already…

  • Here is the tape that has everyone foaming at the mouth…

    Said to have the athleticism of Wiggins but with a much higher skill set when compared at the same age!

  • This guy is ridiculous.

    There were at least 10 jaw drop moments in that three minute clip.

    Athleticism is off the charts. He’s a bit skinny, but the frame can definitely handle more muscle in time. For now he’s just long arms and legs stuffed with fast twitch muscles ready to explode at any moment.

    His handles and passing ability are very good. His shot mechanics are spot on. His timing is good. He can take contact in the air and finish. He punishes the rim when he is in close. He’s both a skilled and a willing passer. He has a ton of different moves to go to off the dribble. He elevates easily.

    About the only criticism I have is that I didn’t see any lefty finishes. Other than that, wow. Just wow.

    I like his game better than Jayson Tatum. Harry Giles is just on another level, although the knee injury scares me. But Josh Jackson is the type of player that could vault any team into the title conversation.

  • @drgnslayr maybe just playing for miller is enough to sway him to KU!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Imagine being a top 10 recruit… talking to Miller then Self. I think you are right… Miller will sway him to Self!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Is president of the Stumpy Miller fan club

  • @drgnslayr

    oh my! I don’t get too worked up about highlight vids but this kid looks like he has a future. I’m in favor of him coming to KU for 3 years like Paul Pierce

  • I think the one criticism with Jackson is that he can have monster games and then drift in others. So I’ve heard that getting him engaged all the time is something he needs to work on. That’s something a lot of super talented kids go through where they are just bored with the competition at this point. He would be a fantastic kid to sign but we have our work cut out for us with Arizona… Maybe the recent success with Wiggins & Oubre to the NBA will help us.

  • I think the 1 thing that might hurt us with him is that Miller is coaching the 19 Team which gives him an advantage, cuase he sees how Miller operates and is as a coach. We have been a heavy with him from a ,long ways back. Again he says he loves Coach Self and how we get out in the transition. I think really its going to take a huge push by Miller to lure him away from here, agree, its still some time for the early signing but tis is 1 kid I feel good chance he will sign in the early period. I think if he is as interested as what he acts , if we can get him for his official visit say for late night will be very good for us. taking into account ya, he has taken a visit to Arizona, and Miller is the coach for the 19 team is ya good for Miller but like the report says & they (247) updates on kids fairly often to see where the kids are at in the recruiting and then rate pct and still at this point we are still the only 2 that even has any pct with us at 75% and Arizona 25%. Not saying that won’t change at some point but that’s a pretty sizeable difference, but 17-18 yr old kids can change their minds as fast as you can change your underwear but just saying, I feel unless we just turn around and for some reason so NO interest then I feel pretty good. we shall see. having said that, does anyone know for sure when is the early signing period again? wasn’t it towards the last of Nov or like Nov 11th probably way off, but does anyone know when that is again?

  • According to ESPN these teams have offered him a scholarship:

    Arizona Duke Kansas Kentucky Louisville Maryland Michigan State North Carolina North Carolina State UCLA UNLV

    That’s a pretty good list of suitors.

  • @dylans Nice to see UK on that list since we have a string of head-to-head recruiting wins over the squid of late. No doubt Jackson will be the newest addition to Self’s streak. 😀

  • @dylans True, these are teams that have offered, BUT only little bit according to Jackson at this point anyways KU and Ariz are really the only 2 that he is having really strong interest he said in article that Duke just a little still think these are the 2 its going to come down to.

  • Unfortunately, I detected a Kentucky smirk, so I would have to put coach Squid and the evil ones in the lead for this guy. You know - that smirk that Julius Randle and the Bobsey twins always played with? We haven’t done very well landing smirkers the last several years.

    No Malice, or Bad Karma intended to mess up landing this man-beast.

  • @jayballer54

    That’s why Arizona is the favorite among non-jayhawk fans to land him. The U-19 is a huge opportunity for Miller to solidify his position with him. Has Jackson even been to KU?? Obviously its far from over with him, I think if he signs early its with Arizona and if drags to the spring we will have to fight off everyone else that may get involved with him.

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