Greg Marshall to Iowa State?

  • Here is his chance to play KU 2 times each season!

  • Oh gosh. I don’t need anymore reason to despise ISU.

  • Marsha : “Forget the money…I need Brylcreem” !!!



    I think its something else!

  • @JhawkAlum Have to agree, but this would put it over the top for me-even with Shaka now on the schedule twice a year. I can’t wait for the AFH beatdowns to begin…😃 😡 😛 !!!

  • @KUSTEVE I remember it well…“A little dab ll’ do ya’…”

  • @globaljaybird Never minded Shaka like most hawk fans. I was always under the impression that we came in cocky, and Shaka’s team simply gave us the business.

    Up until his comment went he took the UT job and arrogantly mentioned how his style worked well against KU. Like one game means he will be able to push around the Big 12. Now I can’t wait for his rec league ball to come into AFH and wax his shiny cocky head against the big Jawhawk on the floor.

  • 259lnap.jpg

    Gosh… so Marsha goes to ISU.

    Shaka Khan at Texas.

    Maybe Greg McDermott finds his way into the B12?

    Just how “mid-majorish” does the Big 12 need to be?

  • @JhawkAlum I’ll gladly pay to see that…

  • @globaljaybird me too!😞

  • @Statmachine Gottlieb’s an idiot.

  • The only thing good about the name “Gottlieb” -





  • @drgnslayr kinda creepy! Like him😁

  • @drgnslayr Oh wow! Neat stuff. Are all of these pinball machines? Either way, I really love this style of art. Vintage 60s/70s comic style. Jack Kirby-esque. Where did you find this stuff?

    Anyway, I have serious doubts that Marshall would go to ISU after passing up Texas. Hoiberg did a great job bringing ISU back to relevancy, but Ames vs Austin isn’t much of a fight. Texas has more money, better facilities, and some of the most fertile recruiting grounds right in their backyard. If Marshall is talking to ISU, I gotta imagine it’s just to squeeze the Billionaire Wonder Twins for a little more cash.

  • @drgnslayr Great graphic, but get Barbara Eden’s okay to use her face-she was at AFH the last time I was there-2014 I think.

  • Banned


    You don’t think Marshall would at least entertain the thought? I get the whole Texas thing. Yet I would raise the argument why would a HC of basketball want that job? Yea I know it’s Texas but lets be real they don’t care about basketball. If they did KU wouldn’t have the conference streak they have. Personally I think Marshall was smart to pass on the Texas job if that is what he indeed did.

    Why be a Texas monkey when you can be a God at Wichita ST? The Iowa St would be an interesting one if I was Marshall. Though the Clones want to be a football school they are indeed a basketball school. Just my two cents.

  • @konkeyDong Texas didn’t ask Marsha to visit.

  • Good lord, yahoo is a cesspool of trolls and morons.

  • Can somebody use the pic of hcbs’s stalker in Lames and overlay Marsha next to him?

  • isuonhismind.jpg

    Me Marsha. I ❤ Ames.

  • @jaybate-1.0 perfect!

  • @konkeyDong

    I just put in “gottlieb pinball” in a google image search.


    A lot of arcade is creepy… I think it goes back to the old days of freak shows at State fairs. I remember those days, and the images they used on the freak show displays closely resembled much of the artwork used in game arcade stuff, like pinball. I’m not sure which came first… but I bet someone in here knows.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Is it really true that you can buy both popcorn and corn on the cob at a Cyclone game? I couldn’t tell if someone was pulling my leg…

  • @drgnslayr

    I hear they even glue the pop corn to the cobs. :neckbeard:



  • @drgnslayr

    Maybe Greg McDermott finds his way into the B12?

    McDermott was in the Big 12. Look up who was head coach at ISU before Hoiberg came back.

  • @drgnslayr Here’s an episode of 99% invisible, my favorite podcast, about the history of pinball…

  • In the episode they visit a pinball museum in CA, where all the machines are available to play… I added a visit to to my bucket list. Also, has anyone gone to the city museum in St. Louis? A coworker made me aware of it a few weeks ago. Gigantic adult sized playground. Sounds incredible. Also bucket listed.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Come on man, that pic is obviously photoshopped.

    There’s not NEARLY enough forehead to be real.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    found original.

    dan-aykroyd-birthday-6 copy.jpg

  • @approxinfinity

    Wow… thanks for the links!

    I had no idea that pinball was illegal.

    Now I understand why kids want to smoke pot and play pinball… because it is (was) illegal!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 said:


    Maybe Greg McDermott finds his way into the B12?

    McDermott was in the Big 12. Look up who was head coach at ISU before Hoiberg came back.

  • @jaybate-1.0 said:



    No dude, no, its GM Corn now. Monsanto has monopoly on all US food sources now. They are the Petro Shoe co of the seed supplies in the states. SO, it’ll be Monsanto financing the way for Marsha into the Big 12.

  • @konkeyDong I thought UT wanted Shaka over Marshall.

  • @Lulufulu

    I stand corrected. But surely ADM figures in their somewhere, too, doesn’t it?

    Who would have thought that Rollerball would ever be as accurate in its portrayal of the future of sport as it was?

  • @jaybate-1.0 You totally lost me there. ADM? And, what does Rollerball have to do with ISU? I dont follow ❔

  • @Lulufulu Archer Daniels Midland. They and Cargill control most of American agriculture.

  • @JhawkAlum You’re right. I had that backwards. Smart was their first choice. So yeah, I guess we may be playing Gregg Marshall twice a year.

  • So is it true?

    Is Marshall trading wheat for corn?

  • @sfbahawk Ah, ok then. Archer Daniels Midland. Good to know.

  • @drgnslayr I’ll believe that when monkeys fly out of my butt.

  • Banned


    When I was a kid I used to play pinball in this diner down by the old Kemper. Can’t remember the name of the place (something café), but it was where all the junkers hung out. The pinball machine cost a nickel to play and for some reason if you got certain scores the waitresses would give you money. I’m not sure why? 😉

  • @VailHawk that may have been Melvin Weatherwax - a real savage if ever was one !!

  • @Lulufulu Hey we’ll be glad to take your word for that one…

  • Marsha not even mentioned.

    From Sunday: According to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman, a familiar and surprise name interviewed for the Iowa State head coaching job this weekend in Atlanta.

    LeVelle Moton, N.C. Central head coach, is reportedly that man.

    Iowa State defeated N.C. Central in the second round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament by a 93-75 final. It’s often remembered as the game when Georges Niang broke his foot.

    Moton has been the head coach at N.C. Central for the last five seasons where he compiled a 107-53 record. Over the last three seasons, N.C. Central has gone 46-2 in MEAC play.

    Before taking over as N.C. Central’s head coach in 2009, Moton was an assistant at the school from 2007 until then.

    From Sat. By this time next week, I fully expect that Iowa State will have named the 21st head basketball coach in school history.

    Interviews are reportedly taking place this weekend. In honor of that, let’s take one last look at the pool of known (an important word to include when dealing with Jamie Pollard) candidates to replace Fred Hoiberg in Ames.


    Upside: Otzelberger possesses two qualities that none of the other candidates can claim. He has a broad knowledge of all things Iowa State and the 37-year old Wisconsin native has proven that he can recruit to Ames.

    While his experience in Iowa State is a nice characteristic, Otzelberger’s national connections on the recruiting trail are what make him stand out. This is the guy responsible for bringing the following names to Iowa State over the last decade: Craig Brackins, Diante Garrett, Wesley Johnson, Mike Taylor, Justin Hamilton, Melvin Ejim, Scott Christopherson, Chris Babb, Chris Allen, Will Clyburn, Naz Long, Georges Niang (in partnership with Fred Hoiberg) and Matt Thomas. He also recruited Jameel McKay and Deonte Burton out of high school.

    Otzelberger’s previous gig was the recruiting coordinator at Washington. The Huskies currently have the seventh-rated recruiting class nationally according to

    Otzelberger’s track record on the ever-so-important recruiting trail combined with his Iowa State connections and the fact that Hoiberg has all but endorsed him make “Otz” the front-runner at this time.

    Downside: He has never been a head coach. That is really the only dig that you can take at the guy.


    Upside: Murray State’s 40-year old head coach has four years of experience running the show for a Racer program that Billy Kennedy left Texas A&M for in May or 2010.

    By all means, Prohm has recruited very well at his time in Murray, Kent. Point guard Cameron Payne could very well be a lottery pick this year. Isaiah Cannon was the fourth pick in the second round in 2013.

    Prohm, who once quit his Division III team halfway through his freshman season to pursue a dream of coaching, is a basketball junkie who preaches an up-tempo style of ball. I also love how fiery Prohm was when his 16-0 (Ohio Valley regular season) team got snubbed from last year’s NCAA Tournament.

    Downside: The only NCAA Tournament team he’s coached was in his first year after taking over for Kennedy (2011-12).

    He doesn’t have any ties to Iowa State, the Big 12 or even the Midwest really, and there is the obvious question: How would he recruit at the high-major level?


    Upside: To me, this is the guy who stands out compared to the other candidates. While Otzelberger, Prohm and Bryce Drew are youngsters in the field, Underwood is 51-years old and led Stephen F. Austin to an impressive 61-8 record during his first two seasons as head coach.

    Underwood, a Frank Martin protégé, coached at Kansas State from 2006 to 2012 so he’s proven that he can bring players to the Big 12. He’s from Kansas and knows the landscape of the Big 12. That’s a major plus.

    This is a guy who has paid his dues and is ready for an opportunity at the next level of the game. If he doesn’t get this job, don’t be surprised to see him in the mix to replace Bruce Weber when he gets fired next season (hot take) at Kansas State.

    Downside: This is the most intense coach on Iowa State’s known list. Again, Underwood coached under Frank Martin (!!!) for six years. How would Iowa State’s current roster transition from the cool, calm and collected Hoiberg to a much more brash style of coach in Underwood?


    Upside: I love the fact that Valparaiso’s 40-year old head coach played six seasons in the NBA. He’s had a nice four-year coaching run at Valpo, leading the Crusaders to two NCAA Tournaments.

    His brother, Scott, is the polarizing head coach who turned the Baylor program around over the last decade. If he’s anything like his brother, recruiting should be a strength.

    Downside: Drew’s record in the Horizon League is only 49-17 over four years. Drew’s style of play isn’t exactly “Hoiball.”

    This is nothing against him, but I’ve heard considerably less behind-the-scenes noise about Drew than the other three combined.

    I feel like Drew is the perfect fit at Valpo. He played there. His father was a legendary coach there. It’s a very comfortable place for him. How would he fare outside of that comfort zone?


    If this truly is the candidate pool, like 60 percent of the voters on our forums, I’d also lean Otzelberger if I’m making the decision.

    For me, it all comes down to this analogy: Scott Drew (Baylor) isn’t known as an X’s and O’s guy. Bruce Weber (Kansas State) is. Scott Drew can recruit. Bruce Weber can’t.

    Which coach would you want leading your program?

    Hell, Wayne Morgan once led Iowa State to an NCAA Tournament.

    It isn’t the perfect comparison but hopefully you understand the point.

    All day, every day, give me the guy who can get players.

    There’s an element of risk with every one of these candidates. With the three low-major guys, you’re essentially rolling the dice on Greg McDermott, Todd Lickliter or Fran McCaffrey. Sometimes these guys work, sometimes they do not.

    Based off of Otzelberger’s history of bringing talent to Ames, I feel like his known strength out-weighs his largest weakness. Should he get the job, I also fully expect Otzelberger’s staff to be top-notch.

    Stay tuned. Hopefully for the sake over everybody, this wait is almost over.

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  • @RockChalkinTexas “Marsha not even mentioned.”… 😁Too funny !! 😈

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    "For me, it all comes down to this analogy: Scott Drew (Baylor) isn’t known as an X’s and O’s guy. Bruce Weber (Kansas State) is. Scott Drew can recruit. Bruce Weber can’t.

    Which coach would you want leading your program?"

    Love the analogy… basically admitting they can only find half a coach… plus the examples in the analogy are spot on.

  • If Gary Parrish is correct, Murray State’s Steve Prohm is going to be the new head coach at Iowa State.

  • goodman reporting as well…

    Prohm will keep them relevant for this year with his hi tempo style. will he able to recruit if they dont keep Oztleberger is a big question in the future. He is basically responsible for every big recruit Iowa St has landed in recent memory.

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