Kansas commit LaGerald Vick is quickly becoming one of the top SG's in the nation!

  • This is one of his better more recent videos. Kid looks like the real deal…

  • Bring it to Kansas! Can’t wait to see him play and develop!

  • According to the scouts in attendance this weekend in NY at the UAA tournament if he were to stay in the 2016 class he would be a borderline 5 star. He was one of 4 guys mentioned that played well above their ranking. I have been sifting through twitter on my ghost accounts sniffing around. He apparently has everything he needs to make the switch to the 2015 class but wants the exposure he is getting atm. I cant blame him for wanting to try to move up on the big boards.

  • it sounds more likely he’ll be in the class of 2015

  • @Statmachine I’m as fired up about him as you are. I appreciate all the info you share on Vick - can’t wait to see him on the court!

  • Love the video and love the hype he is getting. Sounds like he really is an amazing pickup this late in the process.

    All that said we all know that these videos are to be taken cum grano salis. I still remember watching Selden’s videos and all the hype that came with those!

    Really excited to see what this kid can do at the college level!

  • He just has that “energy look”… doesn’t he?

    If he does bring energy, then he’ll have something to help us this year (if he becomes 2015) because there are always times when we have a drop in energy.

    I think I’d go ahead and mail him out a DVD with Kevin Young’s clips on it. Let him get a taste of what kind of effort we want from him this year even before he arrives on campus.

    I would kill for another guy who could bring the energy like Kevin Young!

  • “LaGerald Vick is a legit talent. The 6’5” SG is ranked at least 100 spots too low" - Eric Bossi (lead ‘Rivals’ hoops analyst) #RockChalk

  • He is ranked 137 on Rivals board so 100 spots higher sounds good to me!

  • Something needs to be happening soon if he is going to be on the WUG roster. Less than two weeks before practice starts and no news about declaring for 2015, no news about summer enrollment or any mention of him playing in the WUG By Coach. We need some news quickly.

  • KUsports.com ‏@KUsports · 1h1 hour ago
    More glowing reports on KU hoops commitment LaGerald Vick | From @GaryBedore http://ljw.bz/1HIAHI6 #kubball

  • JayhawkSlant ‏@JayhawkSlant · 13h13 hours ago Olathe, KS
    .@Vicklovekicks (LaGerald Vick) will likely decide whether to remain in the 2016 class or reclassify to 2015 class this week. #kubball

  • Three things stand out to me in the new video above.

    1. His jump shot mechanics look better. He has really cleaned up his shooting stroke, and that has had the desired results. He goes from being a very streaky shooter to a guy with the potential to be a consistent 38% 3pt shooter.

    2. He is bouncier than he was before. The rise on his dunks is at least 3 inches higher. I would have rated him as a slightly above average athlete before. Now he is legitimately above average.

    3. He is stronger than I originally gave him credit for. He’s still thin and could use some muscle, but he takes contact well and it doesn’t keep him from getting where he needs to go.

    I can see why scouts are raving that he is rated too low. His athleticism has shot up and his jumper has improved. He’s no longer a year away from being able to contribute at the college level. He can contribute immediately, either as a starter, or a player off the bench.

  • @justanotherfan Where would he start? Or maybe it is better said, who would he start in front of? Not questioning you. Just curious what you think.

  • He’ll take Selden’s spot! jk Can’t really see that happening if Greene and Svi couldn’t displace him last year.

    God forbid that Wayne has another season-long slump…if something that awful happened, Vick could get big minutes. But after last season. doesn’t look like anyone will take Selden’s place as a starter, would violate the prenup he signed with Self.

  • @joeloveshawks I could definitely see Vick starting alongside Selden and Mason, along with Ellis and Diallo up front. The more likely scenario is for Vick to come off the bench and be a perimeter back up since he can handle the ball and play in any lineup.

    I’d say the most likely starting lineup is this:

    Mason, Selden, Greene, Ellis, Diallo. This lineup assumes that Greene is 100% healthy at the start of conditioning so that he is in game shape when the exhibitions roll around. If Greene isn’t quite ready for starter minutes, it’s between Svi and Vick for that other spot until Greene is ready to go.

    With this group, you have three guys (Graham, Bragg, Vick) that can come off the bench and literally replace anyone in that previous lineup. You can bring in Bragg and go big (Mason, Greene, Bragg, Ellis, Diallo) or small (Mason, Selden, Greene, Bragg, Ellis). You can bring in Vick and get bigger (Vick, Selden, Greene, Ellis, Diallo), smaller (Mason, Selden, Vick, Greene, Ellis) or stay the same size (Mason, Vick, Greene, Ellis, Diallo). You can bring in Graham and go small.

    You can bring in some combination and have a bunch of different hybrid lineups, like a super small speed and ballhandling lineup (Mason, Graham, Vick, Selden, Bragg), or an enormous power lineup (Vick, Greene, Bragg, Ellis, Diallo), or a switch everything because everyone is about the same size lineup (Vick, Selden, Greene, Svi, Bragg - I want to see this lineup at least once just to see if it works).

    Just a ton of versatility here, and most of that versatility comes from the fact that both Bragg and Vick can handle the ball, shoot from the perimeter and play multiple positions on both ends of the floor. Perry can step away from the basket on offense, but he can’t defend perimeter players on the other end. Selden isn’t a good enough ball handler to be on the floor without either Mason or Graham.

    The versatility of Vick and Bragg gives us an automatic MUA somewhere because we can change our lineup to something that the other team cannot match up with.

    If ISU wants to go small, we can go with Mason, Graham, Vick, Bragg and Diallo. We have the speed to match their small guys, but we can still go inside to our big guys.

    If Texas wants to go big we can throw Vick, Selden, Svi, Perry and Diallo at them, and still space the floor with shooting on the offensive end. We can literally switch to any look without losing anything because we have the versatility to do it.

  • I am curious HEM do you still think if he stays in the 2016 class he will not come to KU? I think he would be stupid to come to the 2015 class personally. IF he stays in the 2016 class he comes out of HS with a borderline 5 star ranking and we COULD lose either selden, or Svi? He probably wouldn’t have to be a back up next year but more of a role player. I want him this year as do we all BUT I think he would do him self a favor by sticking with the 2016 class and playing the hs basketball circuit and possibly a few all star games next spring if he works hard this summer? I don’t think the WUG would increase his draft stock like a 5 star ESPN ranking due to more exposure over the summer?

  • @drgnslayr said:

    . I would kill for another guy who could bring the energy like Kevin Young!

    All indications are that Diallo is that guy. I hope you don’t end up in jail…

  • Vick may not play big minutes until year 3. His athleticism is better in his most recent highlights, but I still don’t see enough quickness to be able to get his own shot at the D1 level yet. I just don’t see him coming in and being instant impact like some are predicting and he may never get there. I see him ending up being a multi year starter, 2-3 years depending in if he redshirts, and becoming a very to great on ball defender with his length, and a consistent 40% 3 point shooter. I just don’t see superstar with Vick, but there’s nothing wrong with that because you need role players to do the dirty work. Brady Morningstar and Travis Releford weren’t stars, but their contributions helped make the best program in the country from 2010-12 and if we get that out of Vick, it’ll be a great signing for Self.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Vick almost certainly won’t be able to do what he does as a D-1 frosh, but I don’t think a lack of quickness will be a problem. Getting free isn’t always about being the fastest guy on the floor (although that helps). You don’t have to blow by your guy, you just have to get him to go right when you’re going left. Vick has good handles and is very patient breaking down defenders off the dribble, and if he’s a successful scorer at the college level, that will be why. He does need to get a lot stronger, though. He’ll almost certainly have the same problem defending through screens that Svi had his first year because he’s neither strong enough to fight through, nor quick/agile enough to consistently avoid them. But, depending on how things play out, he could be a 3 year starter beginning as early as 2016-17 (if we lose Selden and Svi and he’s a better starter than Graham or Greene). Anyway, glad to see him coming into his own.

  • @RockkChalkk

    “All indications are that Diallo is that guy. I hope you don’t end up in jail…”

    Maybe for double murder! If Diallo and Vick both bring the energy! I said that in another post. Imagine if we have TWO guys that bring the super, intense energy?!


    I agree with your assessment. If Vick has an issue at the D1 level it is strength. It does take strength to penetrate the ball in D1. HS is a breeze. Very little contact, Very little defensive intensity. Very little anything. Guys just going out playing offense. But in D1. Vick will have athletic guys trying to defend him. And even though the NCAA has tried to reduce the contact, it is still there. So he’ll have guys stiff-arming him on his drives, and holding his jersey away from the ball to prevent him from popping open. Stuff like that. He’ll have to use strength to bust free.

    You can’t really look at body type and totally determine effectiveness from just that. There has always been skinny guys around that play much “thicker” in real life. I hope he is one of those guys!

    I think he’ll make some contributions for us this year. What is great is he isn’t counted on like a Wiggins was. He just goes in for his minutes and tries to produce while he is on the floor. He’s in a great opportunity and I hope he makes the most of it!

  • What I like about Vick will no doubt be coached away. We have lost some games because some guard made a forty footer that caught us completely off guard and it looks like Vick has that ability. He may be a little light but he can drain a 37 footer when he wants.

  • Things I like about this kid.

    1. His crossover.
    2. His quick release.
    3. That rangy fast-twitch movement that gives him the ability to create his own shot…we haven’t had a whole lot of that at KU in recent years. Guys that can shake loose and fire away are a lot of fun to watch.

  • @konkeyDong

    Speed and quickness are two different things. Guys that can get their own shot whenever they want are guys who are quick off the dribble. Even in the new video, Vick’s quickness doesn’t jump off the screen at me. Could it improve with a couple of years under Hudy to add some muscle? Sure, but I just don’t see it with Vick. The two biggest things Vick has going for him is a great looking jump shot with NBA range, and length. His length will allow him to guard 1-3 on defense and be the primary on ball defender for KU in a couple of years.

  • JayhawkSlant ‏@JayhawkSlant · 1h1 hour ago Olathe, KS
    .@Vicklovekicks (LaGerald Vick) is now the No. 33 ranked player in the 2016 class. From 137 to No. 33. http://sports.yahoo.com/kansas/basketball/recruiting/player-LaGerald-Vick-158430 … #kubball

  • Memphis (Tenn.) Douglass SG LaGerald Vick spoke with Rivals.com about his desire to begin college ball as soon as possible

  • JayhawkSlant ‏@JayhawkSlant · 3h3 hours ago
    VIDEO: LaGerald Vick talks in detail about choosing #KU, reclassifying & much more https://kansas.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1769360 … #kubball

  • Krysten ‏@KP_Rivals · 5h5 hours ago
    #Kansas commit LaGerald Vick says he wants to play college ball as soon as possible. Looking to reclassify to 2015 http://rvls.co/1esRlle

  • @Statmachine Good get Vick on campus. If he’s as good as we all hope he won’t be a four year guy so he just as well play a year of college ball over HS. If he’s not the guy we hope for he’ll need a year of practice in the system before he can be a usable player anyway.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    1. I don’t think I said anywhere that speed and quickness are the same thing.
    2. Yes, if you’re quick, you can beat guys off the bounce, but no, it’s not the only way to get the job done. Look at guys like Paul Pierce or Joe Jackson since either of them started playing for the Nets (and subsequently the Wizards in Pierce’s case). Neither of those guys qualifies as being quick by NBA standards at this point, but both of them are capable of getting free to score. Or, if you want some playing at the D-1 level, here’s an embarrassing clip of Will Spradling crossing over Joel Embiid:

    Spradling isn’t a quick player, certainly not as quick as Vick, let alone Embiid, but he still manages to get to the rim. It’s called the old man game and it’s a vanishing art among the young, elite preps. Never the less, it’s a valuable skill set and one that tends to translate quite well, especially when the athletic advantage elite players have in HS evaporates at the next level. And, most importantly, it allows Pierce to continue to collect a pay check.

  • Phog Fanatics ‏@Phog_Fanatics · 1h1 hour ago
    Bill Self says that LaGerald Vick has completed all necessary work and will likely be reclassifying to join this year’s recruiting class.

  • @Statmachine Boy I hope Self didn’t say that … that’s a recruiting violation!

  • Kansas Jayhawk Fans ‏@FansOfKU · 56m56 minutes ago
    LaGerald Vick is expected to reclassify to the 2015 class this week #kubball

  • Vick reclassifying sets up a perfect situation for Vick and Kansas. To get playing time this season, he has to beat out either Svi or Greene. I don’t see him beating out Svi. Greene is vulnerable, but it is still unlikely that Vick overtakes him this season (but for a redshirt if Greene doesn’t heal). As the 6th guy, he an be in a perfect spot to contribute in 2016-17, and he provides excellent insurance for our rotation this season.

  • LaGerald Vick ‏@Vicklovekicks · 4m4 minutes ago
    Thank God for Another day! Blessed to be a JayHawk! 💯🏀💪

  • @HighEliteMajor I know that Vick will probably not take a huge chunk of minutes from our current rotation BUT do you still believe that he is not a quality player? You had posted this somewhere else “(Mack, Vick, Eubanks) None of these guys are that quality.” I am not trying to be condescending BUT I am wondering if you were down on Vick because of his low ranking initially? I see you are stoked to have him for depth but is that all? I have to admit that I was concerned that he could be another Anrio Adams or Milton Doyle. Last minute signing like every year when we have scholarships left. Now that his ranking has exploded there is a lot more excitement revolving around his reclassification me included. I mean I was excited before BUT not as much as I have been since this weekend where he dominated the class of 2016!

  • @Statmachine

    I think there is a great chance Vick can contribute to our team THIS year! I’m not going out on a limb and jumping on the hype bandwagon until I see him dribble a ball in D1. But if you look at last year, we ran into major problems producing enough points. And often one big area where we missed scoring was from the 2. Wayne slumped for most of the year.

    Whether or not Vick can EFFICIENTLY translate his offense to D1 in a few months is yet to be seen. But the bar isn’t really set too high if we have another year where we have problems generating offense from the 2. Greene and Svi may present a high obstacle for Vick… but they haven’t proven themselves yet either. Greene has proven he can hit spot up 3s… but he has to show more than that. I’ve still got to see Svi properly fight through high ball screens to even consider him as a guy who might earn PT.

    What I really hope is that Self shortens Wayne’s leash this year. We just can’t afford another year of slump from the 2. Wayne seems to play much better when stimulated. He played great when his dad sat behind the bench. That isn’t going to happen every game, but surely we can find a way to motivate him to play inspired basketball.

  • Graham and Mason’s rankings shot up when HCBS was on their tail to sign with KU. Both turned out to be really nice Freshmen. Both averaged 5pts and 2 assists. Does anyone think Vick will average those kind of numbers playing 16-17 minutes as a Freshman?

  • @Statmachine Yes, I was more skeptical of his ability to contribute based on his low ranking. In seeing the videos, I was perhaps more impressed with Eubanks – for whatever the videos were worth.

    Now that Vick is top 50, that’s better evidence to me that his long term impact will be greater, and that it is more likely that he will have a higher ceiling. So that certainly adjusts my overall opinion for the better. From a marginal kid to a the perfect ranking range.

    Until I really see a guy play, it’s hard to make an independent judgment. A guy like Embiid was an exception to that as the videos showed his high, high skill level.

    However, I do think it very unlikely that he can displace anyone of the five guys in our perimeter rotation this season. And given that Self isn’t going to go with six perimeter guys after the first month or so, I think this is a learning season for Vick.

    If we accept that Self will play no more that five perimeter guys regularly, as history has shown, who does he displace? I think Greene is the only possibility.

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    However, I do think it very unlikely that he can displace anyone of the five guys in our perimeter rotation this season. And given that Self isn’t going to go with six perimeter guys after the first month or so, I think this is a learning season for Vick.

    If we accept that Self will play no more that five perimeter guys regularly, as history has shown, who does he displace? I think Greene is the only possibility.

    Even if he averages a double double this summer in the WUG? Hypothetically of course?

  • @Statmachine Well, that might be more evidence … right? It would be a nice dilemma. He’s likely going to be the 5th guy at the WUGs, don’t you suppose? New guy. Lots to learn. And don’t forget, the system is oh so complicated.

    You seem giddy.

  • We could actually put 5 guards on the floor.

  • @drgnslayr I hope Wayne’s leash is shortened. I think it will be. I think we did see that a bit last season. Self didn’t have the guts to pull the trigger many times, but I don’t fault that a lot because he was showing faith in the guy that he thinks is the better player.

    But I think Wayne is staged for an excellent season. The leash will be irrelevant. Of course, feel free to remind me of the error of my ways when he disappears for 3/4 of the game and can’t make a layup. I have great faith in Wayne and a lot of optimism that this will be his season.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I agree… the stage is set for Wayne showing up this year. My biggest concern is that the spotlight is going to hit him too bright. I’m thinking if he shows some game early the media is going to feast on that and I hope Wayne can handle the spotlight. I get the feeling he is a guy that likes to hang below the radar.

    Really, our hopes should be that Vick does have a year for learning and watching. If that is the case, then others before him should be stepping up. We all have hopes in guys like Greene and Svi.

    I’m just glad we have another option at the 2, especially in the scoring department and a guy with drive potential. I felt like that was an area we sorely missed last year. At times Graham stepped in and penetrated, and he isn’t the most athletic guy for the job, but we need guys willing to mix it up and create something more than the pass around the key and hope the defense doesn’t flex properly.

    I’m always excited when a guy comes to Kansas with a reputation for driving the ball. And even more so when he shows the basketball wisdom of knowing how to pull up for easy mid range jumpers.

    I know we can be tricked a bit from watching videos. But I do see a big lift in Vick’s game on the recent release. Starting to look less like a boy and more like a man.

    I hope he stays healthy enough to expose what he can really develop into.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 He looks like a cheetah compared to Selden, Greene, or Svi. I don’t know where you’re getting the guy isn’t quick. The guys I listed ( Wayne, Greene, Svi) look like tortoises compared to him.

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    You seem giddy.

    I AM! We got a borderline 5 star recruit in the bottom of the 9th (or the 4th quarter)! Its like Christmas here in Statmachine land!

  • @Statmachine and he is not an OAD so we got him for a few years!

  • @KUSTEVE Ha, well said. I was thinking along the same lines. “Cheetah,” or maybe to avoid accidental implications, “Jack Rabbit” Vick.

  • Michael Lickteig ‏@mhlickteig · 39m39 minutes ago
    #kubball LaGerald Vick seems to be a real find this late in the game. If he reclassifies, he could add some zip to the KU offense at times.

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