Zim makes it official.

  • Zim’s off the table. UNLV was no surprise. Diallo remains the focus. There may be skulduggery ahead…

  • @konkeyDong

    I’m surprised he didn’t want to win games. They are still a few quality guards short. And I would assume that their best player (Wood) might leave now that a 5 star player is coming that plays same position. He was already on the fence about declaring.


  • @konkeyDong


    An apt word.

    Denmark was fresh as a daisy compared to basketball recruiting.

  • Good, really didn’t want this guy. Not interested in the players that think they are above the program.

  • @RockkChalkk Agree completely.

    Here’s the thing that I struggle with – Landen Lucas plays the same spot. Terrific kid. Hard working. All the good stuff.

    Then you have a Zimmerman, who may be a good kid, but just doesn’t prioritize college. KU would be the proverbial pit stop.

    But, is the talent gap so significant that we could overlook Zimmerman’s baggage, if the alternative is Landen Lucas starting at center?

    I can’t stand OADs. But I also can’t stand having low level talent in key spots.

    And while I think Lucas could make some progress, I don’t expect anything significant. Much like Traylor. Could have some good games, but the normal level of play is not good enough for a post-focused offense.

    It makes me feel a little dirty to say that I’d probably rather have Zimmerman.

    Now, if it is a comparison to a 15-80 ranked guy, easy choice there.

  • It will be interesting to see what this kid does in college. Will he go on “cruise control” at UNLV? “Path of least resistance?” “Just wants to get to the league?”

    I really wonder if those comments were taken out of context, or he is just a kid who didn’t know how to parse his words? If he goes on cruise control he’ll hurt his draft stock, and if he is trying to see how fast he can get to the league, those two factors contradict each other.

    I never envisioned him being a Jayhawk. Guess my gut feeling was correct.

    I’m hoping we have some good news between today and Monday.

  • You make a kid go to college, but you can’t make him care about it. This is a textbook example of that…


    You know… anything can happen. Zim’s comments about basically taking it easy in college to protect his move to the league can come back to haunt him. Look what it did to us when we heard him say that and he isn’t even a Jayhawk.

    It may haunt him, or it may fuel him. He may have just built his own chip for playing in D1. He might come out this fall and fans expect more and start dissing him. I can easily see that happening to him… I can almost guarantee it would have happened had he come to Lawrence after some of his comments.

    So he’ll either drown in those comments or verbally “backstroke” out of what he said, or he may just end up being a freestyle sprinter and pass the field!

    I know we want to bag on the guy now that he turned us down… but I’m not losing any sleep over this guy. We’ll just see what he does.

  • @drgnslayr

    What I thought was interesting about Zim going to UNLV is that I don’t think he made them any better. They had a plethora of bigs to begin with. Wood is still 50/50 on going but if I’m him and I have a chance at somewhere in the 1st round you take it now that a player of similar size has signed. If he does leave then they traded a potential Mountain West player of the year for a 1 year stop and go OAD. Can’t say that’s an upgrade.

    Zim’s going to play, you could bet Dave Rice’s salary that he’ll get 25-30 minutes a game easy regardless of who’s there. They signed 2 highly rated bigs last year, Carter from Oregon transferred in and sat out and they got Jones who’s a high flyer signed with Zim. What that team clearly needs is a backcourt after their pg graduated and Vaughn left for the pro’s…

  • @BeddieKU23

    Zim doesn’t seem to have the ambition to come to a Kansas… where the spotlights are bright and we are in real need of a 5. He is still in “cruise control mode” thinking UNLV will give him an easy transformation to the league.

  • @drgnslayr

    At least we don’t have to listen to his mother. She just sounds annoying by the amount of involvement she has in his every move. Twitter me this, Twitter me that comments. We could have benefited from his basketball skills, but not everything else or his own comments on College.

  • @drgnslayr I honestly don’t blame him for the attitude he has. The system completely devalues college basketball as a “necessary evil”, a one year sentence to be served before you become “rich and famous”. Who knows…maybe the competitive fires start to kindle, and he wows all of us. I highly doubt it, but stranger things have happened. More likely, the hype and the pressure end up costing Rice his job when his team has no backcourt to go with his overloaded front court.

  • No surprise. After that “take the least amount of risk possible” comment, it’s clear he doesn’t about the institutions at all and only wants to be positive that he goes to a place that lets him put up numbers and rise his stock. Glad we didn’t get him.

  • @drgnslayr

    A lot less top competition on the Mountain West…

  • Banned


    So I’m completely bored, and going to pick a debate with you. 🙂 I think you under estimate Landen Lucas, and what he can do. No he’s no top talent, No he won’t get drafted in the first round of the NBA draft. However there is something about this kid.

    I believe he is perfect for HCBS’s High/Low. He seems to have the ability to take the pass or lob from the top of the key. He also seems when open to put the ball in the hoop quickly. I thought he filled in quite nicely when Big Cliff was benched for the season.

    I guess what I’m saying is don’t sleep on the kid. Especially if KU doesn’t sign another big.

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