Do we root for Baylor tonight?

  • Do we?

    Do we want to earn the title on our own or with some help?

    Tonight’s game in Ames would gift wrap at least a share if they lose and KU wins at home Saturday & Tuesday. We don’t really want OU to win in Ames Monday because that could set up the game in Norman to mean more for them than us potentially.

    I admit, I was rooting for Texas and Oklahoma St last Saturday but both teams were painfully terrible to watch and rout for playing ISU & WVU. Go Baylor… for one night only.

  • @BeddieKU23 No, but we can ROOT for a Baylor ROUT as we are en ROUTE to another big 12 championship. And then we’ll raise a cup of ROUT beer, uh, alright, I’m confused now.

  • @wissoxfan83 said:

    @BeddieKU23 No, but we can ROOT for a Baylor ROUT as we are en ROUTE to another big 12 championship. And then we’ll raise a cup of ROUT beer, uh, alright, I’m confused now.

    All while listening to The Roots. Is that root beer made from sarsaparilla roots?

  • @BeddieKU23 I don’t think ISU losing means we did not win it “on our own”. Just means that ISU lost.

    At any rate, I will be routing for Baylor. If we can keep the streak alive it is a good thing no matter how it happens.

  • @BeddieKU23 #GO BEARS! 🐻

    or - go bare.

  • @BeddieKU23 Yes I am routing for Baylor- it helps our chances for # 11,

    And this goes on all the time. In every conference.

  • Rico Rico He’s our man. If he can’t do it, Cherry can!

  • @BeddieKU23 how many teams were rooting for ksu mon? Lots of happy teams!

  • Rout Rout Rout for the Bears! Root Beer! The Bears will win in a Root!

  • @BeddieKU23

    Does Jason support Olivia’s right to work?

    Was Steve Martin funnier than Stiller and Meara?

    Is Chris Rock funnier than Ralph Abernathy?

    Should we root for Batman over Joker?

    Should we root for Superman over ISIS?

    Do we want Patton to break out of the hedge rows or be assassinated by a sniper team sent by Reinhard Gehlen?

    Are we for underwire bras for Dolly Parton, or boom cranes?

    Should one support America over a private central bank?

    Was Abraham Lincoln a better leader than Hosne Mubarach?

    Is steak au poivre preferrable to boiled kale?

    Should we call Travis Ford a little person, or a dwarf?

    Should we hope for Kevin Spacey to be assassinated in House of Cards, or become First Emperor of the American Imperium?

    Were the Gabor Sisters classier gold diggers than the Kardashians?

    Should we root for George Clooney or Amal in the rumored divorce and settlement?

    Is Bill Self better at coaching’em up than John Calipari?

    Are KU fans more basketball literate than KSU fans?

    Was Fred Mertz funnier than Ethyl?

    Was Fast and Furious Six better than Fast and Furious?

    Is a dog a better pet than a hungry Grizzly bear?

    Is a Borsalino Fedora better than a Shriner’s Fez?

    Would we rather sleep with Kate Hudson or a angry gorilla that wishes to sodomize us?

    Would you rather see the Hindenburg go down, or be in the Hindenburg as it went down?



    (Note: this is a gag. It is only a gag. If it were a really serious post, you would be asked to turn to 581.33333333 megahertz on your radio dial and await further instructions from your Civilbate Defense Warning System.)

  • The Gorilla never calls or writes.

  • I am of the opinion this game will decide the conference race for us.

  • @Kip_McSmithers said:

    @wissoxfan83 said:

    @BeddieKU23 No, but we can ROOT for a Baylor ROUT as we are en ROUTE to another big 12 championship. And then we’ll raise a cup of ROUT beer, uh, alright, I’m confused now.

    All while listening to The Roots. Is that root beer made from sarsaparilla roots?

    I’d love to guys, but I can’t cause I’ll be watching my old VHS tapes of Roots and comparing it to the original novel, Roots: The Saga of an American Family.

  • All logic says go for the BEARS.

    However… this is an illogical season.

    This year is playing out more like a chess game than a basketball season.

    It’s just hard to say what is best for us moving forward.

    It is possible that a Baylor win helps us seal #11. However… maybe the best scenario is we are up against the wall from here on out.

    I’m starting to think the worst thing that happened to us was this 2 or 3 game cushion we have enjoyed most of conference play. It seems we didn’t get pushed into improving.

    We can all blame Self for statements like “fool’s gold” (and I have been one pointing the finger at him)… but nothing has stopped these guys from winning, regardless if we are running the best concept offense or not.

    We haven’t been blown out by anyone in our conference. A few plays changed in our history and we would still be undefeated in league play.

    No one was thinking the struggle we suffered after TRob lost his mom would help our team. The loss we suffered from the Longhorns in AFH… that felt horrible. It seemed totally illogical that our team could rebound and make it to the championship game that year.

    We just sacrificed our queen to take a rook on Monday night. That doesn’t mean we don’t go on to checkmate our opponents from here on out. The panoramic perspective might show that struggles now help us later.

    We should all get discouraged and we should complain and show our disapproval for situations like Monday in Manhattan. It is part of the overall world of college basketball. Our players and coaches need to know that we are NOT SATISFIED with that outcome! It is part of the process of pushing them to work harder and lift their level of play in the immediate future.

    This team needs to get back on track. We’ve lost 2 of our last 3. That just IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

    Right now is the most important time to be a Kansas Jayhawk fan and show your disapproval. This is the time where our voice matters most. Players and coaches tend to step up after facing the wrath of fans. Perry stepped up after missing his layup bunny in Morgantown and was crucified for it.

    It is good to show a path of possible optimism. But we have to continue to keep our snit-kickers on and kick these guys right through to another B12 title and quality March performances.

  • Sic 'embaylor bear.jpg

    Does everyone like mean angry bear?

    Hung over bear? hungover bear.jpg

    Or Flirty bear? flirty bear.jpg

  • @jaybate-1.0 Go Bears! (And I didn’t think either Fred or Ethel were that funny)

  • For one night, Go Bears! But, I hope we don’t have to do this (cheering for others) again. Main thing is to win our remaining home games. RCJH!

  • @truehawk93


  • Thank you BEARS!

  • @Hawk8086

    Just goes to show how tricky humor is to do, and that trickiness is what I like about it so much. I used to roar at Fred’s droll put downs of Ethel. And think Ethel was not funny. loved Lucy and Desi in the TV show. They made one of the worst movies ever towing that house trailer. My boyhood friend used to roar at Ethel. You found neither funny. My dad used to split a gut at MASH to TV show, which I always thought had been neutered from Robert Altman’s movie of MASH. My father hated Altman’s movie. I used to love Jerry Lewis Nutty Professor and hated Eddie’s version of it. And saw Jerry Lewis interviewed and loved Eddie’s version, which Jerry put up the money for. I love every Chris Rock stand up I’ve ever seen, and find all of his movies not funny. Adam Sandler? People love the guy and I have never laughed once. One of my best friends can’t get one yuck from Woody Allen and I laugh the minute I see him walk across the screen even in a drama. Jack Benny supposedly could not keep from cracking up if George Burns just walked in the room. George was never funny. Only Gracie was funny. George Carlin? Funny before the existential crisis. Funny after. Gallagher? I have set in a room full of people laughing and I want to leave. Sam Kinison was the funniest human I ever saw. Period. Ever. I have a friend that actively hated him. My brother and I loved Ernie Kovacs. I always keep a DVD of his. My mother? She thought Ernie sucked. I loved everyone on the old Mary Tyler Moore show but Ted Baxter. Everyone else I ever met loved Ted Baxter. Mel Brooks movies? Hysterical. Mel Brooks live? I want to flee the room. Ben Stiller in almost any movie? Funny. Ben Stiller interviewed on a talk show? Billy Crystal doing anything but the Oscars? Funny. Seinfeld stand up? OMG, I am laughing so hard I am crying. Seinfeld TV show? I was desperate for it to end, so I would not have to listen to any more people talking about it how funny it was, because it NEVER made me laugh. Billy Crystal doing Sammy Davis Jr.? Wetting my pants funny! Billy Crystals doing the Oscars? I literally gave up watching the Oscars for years afterwards. Oscar Levant is the only guy that ever made me laugh no matter what he did. Books, movies, concerts, TV, it didn’t matter. The guy could not be NOT funny. But I am in this club of 3, or 4, that ever liked him. Victor Borge reading punctuation and doing schticks at the piano? I can’t stop laughing even after I know he’s dead. But Victor didn’t do anything else. I probably would have laughed, if he had though. And so it goes.

  • Thank you Scott Drew

  • Baylor wins 79 to 70 over Iowa State !! Awesome !!!

  • Gotta defend our court!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I am happy with the result but I don’t like the taste. We must take care of our own business!

  • The best Root of the year!

  • We are going to go through Texas like crap through a goose, then we are going to slice Huggie’s man bra and his stinking press like a thousand razor blades, then we are going down to Norman and we going blaze through Lon’s unibrow and his little red defenders like Auric Goldfinger’s industrial laser cutting the steel table between James Bond’s legs and say, when Lon is asking if we expect him concede, “No, Mr. Kruger, we expect you and your team to die!”

    Rock Chalk!!!

    Eleven is our lucky number.

  • @Kip_McSmithers Never thought I would say it either, but thank you Scotty

  • Log jam right behind us. And we got two of those 10-5 teams still on our schedule. Ain’t gonna be easy, boys better pack an extra lunch for these next three games.

  • @Shanghai_RCJH

    Winning is our business. Our only business!!!

  • I decided I do want to win the BigXII, again!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Calling all great posters like you to start a thread on how to beat Texas. I always think the coaching staff maybe reading. Please flex your fingers and energize our TEAM. RCJH!

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    “Let’s pack two!”

    (In blessed memory of Ernie Banks RIP!)

  • @jaybate-1.0 howling bear.jpg

    A Bear after a long night in Ames…rightly proudly howling for the Jayhawks to claim their crown.

  • @truehawk93


  • My cousin’s at VT-Dook game.


  • The Clones have to end their season in Ft Worth. I think we’re in for a fitting end to the season. I have some good vibes coming from cowtown and the Frogs want to end the season on a strong note.

  • @jaybate-1.0 You didn’t think Seinfeld was funny? What about Curb your enthusiasm?

  • Baylor held Iowa State to just four points in the final 6:26, and its hot streak helped the Bears sweep the Cyclones for the first time.


    Iowa State: This was the first loss to Baylor at home in 13 tries for the Cyclones…Dustin Hogue committed three turnovers in the first four minutes of the second half.

    Baylor: The Bears were 7 of 13 on 3s in the first half but just 3 of 7 from the line. They led 40-37 at halftime…Coach Scott Drew used all of his second-half timeouts in less than 12 minutes.


    ##Iowa State travels to Kansas State on Saturday.

    ##Baylor hosts West Virginia on Saturday.

    OU has TCU who beat Tech tonight rather handily.

  • The guys need to focus on UT.

    I know it’s a football speech, but it’s perfect for basketball too.

    Strong speech

    Why do I think of Mari as the guy who’s willing to die?

    That’s a team.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Kate Hudson Kate Hudson Kate Hudson Kate Hudson Kate Hudson Kate Hudson Kate Hudson Kate Hudson Kate Hudson

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I think you or @Shanghai_RCJH should start a UT thread and let’s start some analyses.

  • Suddenly, attitudes toward the conference race seem to have rebounded!

  • Thank you Baylor- we needed some help.

  • @jaybate-1.0: Thank you, Mr. Gerber.

  • Any one still has any doubts about the strength of the conference? No question that on any given day any team can beat any other team. Hopefully the tough schedule and various styles of play will help conference teams in March.

  • The only time I will ever say this. Thank you Baylor and Scott Drew. Okay that’s over I hope that this thread helped the cause and helped some of us heal back to normal. Now we really control our destiny and just need to take care of business at home.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Baylor is a team that can get far in the tournament with its blend of 3 point shooting, odd defense and post players. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it farther than any Big 12 team again depending on matchup. It’s not like we beat the pants out of them this year

  • @ZIG

    Same kind of thing. Love Larry live. Love Larry in interviews and on paper. But Show makes me chuckle, not laugh. Know everyone loves it. Glad everyone loves. . But not in my funny spot. Same deal with Gary Shandling. I saw him live once and I laughed so hard I got as hernia. On TV, not funny. Newhart just the reverse. On TV = funny. Live = not funny. Go figure!!!

    I’m a schmendrick! What zit mattuh? 😄

  • @wrwlumpy

    Maybe the funniest line I ever read!!!

  • @BeddieKU23

    The tournament is all about match-ups…and a whole lot of luck. Most of the time is not as much about how good the other team is but how well it matches up.

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