World games impact on this years recruiting class

  • I just joined this sight…be easy on me if this has been a topic recently discussed.

    I am very excited to have Bragg this coming season and as we know there are still top prospects unsigned. What is everyones opinion on how the added games of the World games this summer will help recruiting?

    If I am a top ranked player with KU on my list and im looking for one school to set itself apart, what better recruiting tool for Self than to be able to say to these kids, you get 10 extra games this summer, against great competition and by the way every game is on espn2!

    What top recruit who has nba hopes wouldnt love the idea of more games on TV when no other college players are getting to play?

    IMO, this is one of the greatest recruiting gifts Self has this year and I expect another top recruit or two to committ.

    What does everyone else think?

  • It sounds great for a KU fan, why wouldn’t it be our beloved school is representing USA. I’m not sure how much it truly will impact our recruiting unless a recruit comes out and says that the extra games were a deciding factor. I doubt it would be the singular thing that sets KU apart because with us recruiting the OAD’s playing time is always a big factor along with who goes to the NBA and who stays.

  • @Jayrawks1 I would think it would help a lot with recruiting. Even more than recruiting, our team will be so far ahead of other teams, it will be ridiculous. We’ll be the ones 25-0 at this time next year, imo. We will be flat loaded for bear next year- national championship loaded…

  • @Jayrawks1 Welcome. You are off to a great start. Just express yourself and have fun. It is okay to vent frustrations as well. We all understand. We don’t always agree, but we all have a common goal. Getting on each others nerves! (just kidding). Seriously, with some it’s National Championship or bust, with others it’s enjoy the ride with the ups and downs that each new season brings. Either way, we are all passionate KU FANATICS and love our Jayhawks.

    As far as recruiting, the World Games further thrust our program into the National Spotlight. I think you hit on something. The chance to play on National Television for 10 extra games has got to be appealing to any young man trying to showcase his talents.

    Anyway, welcome, enjoy, and you are definitely off to a great start! Excellent thread to begin with.


    I agree that next year we will have an advantage like UK got this year.

    We will have a good team next year but we truly don’t know what happens with the roster shakeout yet. Does Cliff stay? Do we sign someone to fill Oubre’s spot? Do we get another big if Cliff leaves? Will Selden stay for his Jr. year. Will Hunter transfer?

    I do like what we will have back in Mason,Graham,Svi,Greene,Ellis,Traylor,Lucas, & Bragg in the fold. We need Selden back, we need Cliff back as well. We return that team and yes we are loaded.

  • The unusual is usual with KU basketball in large part, because Self has reached the stage that he accepts challenges to keep from getting bored.

    The World Games will help us and hurt us.

    It is a marketing investment necessary to keep the program moving forward. It will help recruiting.

    But it will divide focus on our season. It will increase wear and tear and disrupt normal team development and trigger a bigger than normal slump in January/February.

    Uk played 7 games before we played them this season. They looked great and stomped us. But now they are struggling because of the early start. They are so deep they keep barely winning.

    If the World Games load us with 10 OAD/TADs, then we will muddle through the February slump But maybe not if not.

    Welcome aboard!

  • Someone might have access to the rules for World Games participation. Did I read that a team could enter only 12 players? Have also read conjectures from posters that TRob and Tyshawn might rejoin Self’s unit. My concern: If we take only 12 players, who gets left behind? What might that do to team unity, 2015-16? Or a tendency toward transfers?

  • @REHawk

    Good point about alumni. As much as I loved TT and TRob I’d rather get reps for current players like Svi…

  • @Jayrawks1 I completely forgot about it! Yah, I imagine it would be about like Coach K’s benefit with the Olympics squad, but just for this one season for Coach Self.

  • In theory, it should give us an advantage and it may end up that way. But, in today’s OAD or TAD environment, the top players seem so motivated to see who leaves and who stays, I think that will be a bigger factor with the top players that are still considering us.

  • @REHawk


    For any former players to compete they would have to taken 1 3 credit class with the school. I think the only one’s eligible could be: T-Rob, B-Mac. I’m not sure about the Twins. Interesting is that if Oubre & Alexander leave for the pro’s they are still eligible to play. That would then be up to the team that drafts them if they would allow them to play…

  • @VailHawk

    Svi is not eligible if he’s not a USA citizen. Same with Wiggins… If Wiggs were to enroll this summer for a class that would only hype up his eligibility even more

  • No Svi, Wigs, or Jojo! I do remember HCBS saying that they get unlimited practice time to prepare for the games! UNLIMITED guys! That’s going to make a HUGE difference in our non conf schedule and beyond! Hopefully it also helps the recruiting cards fall our direction?

  • If Ben, T-Rob and Ty play, good players will be left at home. Development will suffer for young’uns. But they will be allowed to practice for a long time. Coach should have an idea who the top players on the team are that will be doing the traveling. Bragg will go simply because of the tremendous early development potential to get a Big Man up to speed. One other thing, and Snacks might not have anything to do with this, but there could be some coaching changes. Curtis and Norm are targets every years to take over a D1 school. If they actually win the Medal, then they come back to Lawrence feeling like Rock Stars. Ben, Ty and T-Rob would also have to enroll in Summer school basket weaving classes.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I don’t think its a case that they are struggling at all, they have depth and none of their players have seen the type of minutes like Frank Mason has seen. For example Frank has played 829 minutes, almost 2 full games more than Selden who is second with 758. The leading minutes earner at UK is Aaron Harrison with 647, that is about 1 1/2 less game time action than Perry Ellis who is 3rd on our team. They are much fresher than basically any team in America.

    Teams are giving them all they can handle. The SEC is a very weak conference this year but if we were 25-0 in our conference I’m definitely sure that a TCU or Texas Tech would have played way above their usual level of play to knock off the undefeated team. It’s just so hard no matter how good you are these days to stay on top. Shows you how dominate Indiana was.

  • @Jayrawks1

    Welcome aboard!

    It must help us with recruiting.

    And I think it will help us improve as a team (as long as we have enough depth). Kind of hard to imagine how good these guys are going to be. Frank, Brannen, Devonte, and whoever returns… We should be in solid contention for #12 (if we can hold on to #11).

    Kentucky is playing some bad ball right now, but they have no motivation from playing game after game against creampuffs. I think we’ll see the real Kentucky in March, when the marbles are on the line. That doesn’t mean they win it all… but seriously… they are the heavy favorite.

  • A few thought about the subject…

    First, as I understand McLEmore has been taking classes hoping to eventually graduate, so he might be available. TTBOMK, TRob has not taken classes recently so he is more likely not eligible. Tyshawn graduated form KU, and unless he is taking course towards a graduate degree he is more likely not eligible. Also, if any of these players is under contract with a pro team, chances are slim to none that they get permission to play (remember Paul Geoge?); teams are discouraging players to play even for the National Team so playing at the World University Games seems even less likely.

    Wiggins, Embiid and Svi, if they play at all, they would be playing for Canada, Cameroon and Ukraine and not for the team that represents the USA since you need to be a US citizen to play for the USA; this much is pretty clear.

    The good: KU gets to have an early start on practice and not incur the wrath of the NCAA; however, since only 12 players are allowed, It is not clear if only these players would be allowed to practice or the entire team. A good showing at the Tournament would enhance KU’s reputation plus a trip to China for the selected players is big plus.

    The bad: How about the players that do not get selected? If KU signs a couple of more big time recruits, do they have a place on the team? How about the players (if any) that elect to go to the NBA, say Oubre and Alexander, do they get a place and practice with the team even when they will not be there next season? If this is the case and we also get some current NBA players, how does this really help next season’s team? Let’s keep in mind that KU will be playing against all-star teams with a lot of professional players and a bad showing for KU could hurt more than help. If NBA or NBA bound players are selected it might leave as few as 7 spots for players that will be at KU next season…what effect will this have on team chemistry? I believe it would not difficult to have the AD or donors pay for the entire team to go on the trip even when only 12 will play; however, I am not sure if the NCAA would approve it.

    Maybe some of the items above are not really big issues but it might end up putting the coaching staff in a difficult situation…BTW, there might also be a limit on the number of coaches and support personnel allowed so more choices might need to be made.

  • @JayHawkFanToo we go thru this every couple of months and forget again! Ha I think if TRob signs up for a summer class it’s good enough, maybe even an online class. I also thought if they declare, they are not eligible(?) I thought new guys coming in can play, that’s hopefully an attraction to sign. Walk on guys wouldn’t get to go. Agree on the chemistry, but depending on the upcoming roster, TRob might look good. He never comes back, wonder why? Makes me sad!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Why would they not be eligible if they declare? They are still student only a couple of months removed from KU. If current NBA players that have been gone for while are eligible, the players still at KU that just declared should be eligible, wouldn’t you think? Just signing for a summer class might not be enough, the requirement call for “completion towards a degree.”

    Again, lots of uncertainty until the time when the rubber hits the road and the 12 players have to be selected.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I’m not positive on any of that, but yeah, makes no sense!

  • @JayHawkFanToo Evidently you, too, were under the impression that we could enter only 12 players in this tournament. Pessimist that I am, I can foresee major repercussions for Bill Self if newbies and former players get the call while other current players get left out. Depending on attrition of potential NBA draftees, a logjam might not occur, unless pro teams are willing to free their CATCH for this early opportunity on a world stage. I would imagine that Self will make the most of the whole deal, not suffer substantial backlash if his squad should face a numbers game. Sometimes it appears best to flush the disgruntled…although the only current player who might fit that mold could be Hunter Mickelson. If he should finish his degree he could transfer anywhere and be immediately eligible for his final year (as did T. Black). Unless we recruit a topflight footer, Self would probably like to hang on to Hunter. By 3rd season in the program he should be mighty savvy re the system.

  • Banned


    Welcome aboard. Nice topic.

    I believe it all comes down to who stays and who goes. I do believe in your theory that this could indeed help KU in recruiting. I believe I read some where that Bragg and some other top recruits wanted to play together. Not sure what Bragg committing early does to those plans.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Me neither. Probably we will not know until they are ready to select the 12 players and start practice . Until then it is just speculation.

  • @REHawk

    Something to ponder. Worst case…we get another 2 top recruits and we somehow get the 3 pro players mentioned and Oubre and Alexader declare. If the 3 incoming players are selected along with the 3 pros and the two declared players, that leaves 4 spots for returning players and 7 spots for players that would play next season. Granted, this is a doomsday (or some say best case) and highly unlikely scenario but possible nonetheless. It would be a difficult decision to pass on the pros or to tell the incoming freshmen they will not play…lots of tough decisions.

  • @JayHawkFanToo looks like beddies post say players that declare can play. I’m guessing Self would go w/incoming over them. It will definitely be fun!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    …on the other hand, wouldn’t a player that has declared (he is obviously good) and is familiar with the system give you better option than an “unknown quantity” incoming player not familiar with the system? Just thinking aloud…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Let’s say that our Junkyard Dog, Oubre, posts fantastic numbers in several categories throughout the next 7 weeks. He leaps to Top 10 lottery on all the draft boards, so makes the leap. Would Self prefer not to pursue his services for such a Jayhawk Bounce on a World Stage? (If there should be a numbers crunch involving incoming recruits…)

  • @JayHawkFanToo in that case a former nba player would be best?? If this is to develop our team, and I think it is, we would go w/incoming?

  • @REHawk I agree! I’m sure self has a plan!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I’m not so sure. The publicity and possibility of international disgrace lies HUGE for KU. We can’t afford to come home dragging our fannies.

  • @REHawk so what do you think we should do? Let’s say we get some really good recruits, Newman, 7 footer. Oubre declares.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Interesting. Do you field the best possible team since you represent the entire country? Do you reward players that have been in the system? Do you select players that will help you in the future even when the team will not be nearly as good? How do you balance the national versus KU image? Playing as KU, a loss is not that big of a deal, but when you represent the entire country a loss has much different and greater meaning…at least it would for me…

  • I am buying the argument of wanting to give our current players more reps. Someone like TRob would hurt Cliff and Taylor would hurt Graham. What about bringing someone on board who can instill an attitude and a good mentor? Someone like Black who can mentor the players, bring a winning mentality, and still get some production without being dominating the possessions. Withey? Collins? Young? Selby? (obvious joke on the last one). All they need is to enroll in a 3 hour course towards a master degree.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Well, I’m inclined to postpone such an announcement until I see how the numbers actually pan out. But I do predict a big decision eventually to be made. If I’m not wrong in the count, we now carry 11 scholarship players. Svi can’t play with us in these Games, so that makes 10 remaining (and returning, supposedly). If Oubre leaves, Self has 3 open schollies. He fills those, and already there is a numbers crunch…that is, if Oubre or TRob or Ben Mac should return. We just have to wait to see how things turn out. Hunter might declare for a transfer. Who knows?

  • Although, imagining Robinson in a Kansas jersey again does get me hot and bothered in inappropriate ways…

  • I can see us taking 10 current players and a couple of past players.

  • @REHawk pretty hard decisions! Coach is pretty competitive, but I think he would build for the season, hence the tough preseasons. I can see him wanting to get some past guys out there to help them, like TRob. I’m done guessing.

  • @drgnslayr Maybe that is why we aren’t yet gleaning a footer out there on the recruiting trail?

  • We have really come to touch on something very pertinent and essential. Is Self luring newbies with the promise of playing in these Games? Or not?

  • @JhawkAlum for me they are appropriate!!! Jk I love that guy! Guess you can tell from my avatar. Wish he would come back once-in-awhile.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Not sure I follow you.

    UK has 10 OAD/TADs, maybe the biggest talent advantage in sports since the 1927 Yankees.

    Yet they are eeking out wins against teams some SEC teams?

    They are playing in the weakest power conference in the country and they are eeking out wins in February?

    With 10 OAD/TADs?

    And you think this because everyone is giving them their best shot?

    What difference does it make if weak teams with no OAD/TADS are giving UK their best shot?

    I am not sure it mattered to the 27 Yankees if weak teams gave it their best shot. It didn’t used to dent UCLA when weak teams gave them their best shot.

    It didn’t dent Kentucky early, when KU or other weak teams gave it their best shots. They were blowing KU and others out.

    It seems to me more probable that the season has just worn on too long for these guys to stay on an edge, regardless of their mpgs.

    They not only shouldn’t lose with the talent edge they have, they shouldn’t even have close games, except against Duke.

    UCLA USED TO HAVE A SMALLER EDGE IN TALENT OVER OTHER TEAMS AND went undefeated 4 times and averaged winning by big margins, even with mostly first year starters.

    Indiana didn’t seem to have near the talent edge UK has and they struggled some for awhile.

    It could be Cal instead of length of season. I have always felt he doesn’t get the most out of his talent, just tries to get the most talent.

    But to conclude MY HUNCH REMAINS length of season.

    Still, since I trust you, I will try to keep closer tabs on the blue, rat bastards and see if you are right.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Remember Kentucky has had to reshape some of its lineup with Poythress out for the season. Injuries can make a break a team, but good thing they got 9 more OAD’s.

    You forget that conference teams scout their opponents and get something like 15-20 games of game film to go through to scheme against. It’s just pratically impossible to win out in major conferences. KU doesn’t stand a chance of that when you play a 18 game round robin schedule.

    Winning on the road seems to be even harder with all the parity. How does Kansas drop a game against Temple by 20, lose to Oklahoma St after a 11 pt halftime lead. We are more talented then them but talent doesn’t always win in College ball.

    All I’m saying is the pressure is on that team to win. The media, their rat coach, everywhere they go, every team they play knows they are undefeated and are trying that much harder to win against them. Wichita St got that same feeling last year and lost on a lucky shot. They will never have a team like that again and to think that their talent couldn’t win it alone.

  • These four could be added to the team, leaving 8 spots open for travel.


  • @wrwlumpy kinda cool you have Withey in there too.

  • Banned

    I just don’t see HCBS adding any former players, especially if he ends up with a loin share of top recruits.

    It would be really counter productive to add former players. Unless the agenda is just to win at all cost, or that HCBS wants to show his mad coaching skills to the NBA?

    Think about it? Unlimited practices with a young star studded team? No way you leave current players sitting at home. Just my two cents.

  • I could have sworn #32 was Andrew White…

  • Thank you for the kind welcome everyone, I did not expect such a great response! I have not had the time to research many of the questions we all have about the rules and who can and cant play or who should play, however I would be interested to see what Kentucky chose to do just last year? Did they take any past players? How many players did they take? Etc?

  • @JhawkAlum it does look like him!

  • @DoubleDD Nah, I totally agree. KU is going to have nearly its whole roster returning next season AND they get unlimited practices AND they get to play in that extra tourney? If ever Coach Self has a perfect storm worth of opportunities to get himself another National Title and a ring, next season is it. Bring every player you have right now, get that experience and beat everyone down next March!

  • And the other 8 that get to go to China.


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