ISU Wrap: The Four Out/One In Magic

  • Kansas came out as expected, as they always do. Coach Self proclaimed after the KSU game that Kansas is “not an inside-out team.” But we knew better. It was standard Kansas basketball. Look inside. Rotate the ball. Inside-out.

    For 9 minutes, our offense was stagnant. We couldn’t generate any flow. Most of all, we couldn’t score.

    Kansas was down 15-9 at the 10:55 mark of the first half. And it was concerning.

    Then it happened. Self made the switch. The game changed. Four out, one in.

    Go to your DVR and enjoy.

    Ellis moved to the perimeter – Mason, Graham, Greene, Ellis and Cliff. With that switch, Self moved Greene onto the court for the first time. Kansas was off to the races.

    Eleven possessions, 22 points, and a 31-24 lead. Lucas found the floor during this stretch, and because spacing, Ellis drove and dished to Lucas for a hoop. Everyone looks good.

    The last six possessions first half, Kansas reverted back to a more traditional hi-lo set. Thus I was expecting Kansas to start the second half with it’s normal set.

    But Self didn’t fall for that. Self stuck with the four out, one in attack. A little wrinkle, though. Self put Ellis in and had Traylor on the perimeter. Traylor is lost on the perimeter, but because of spacing, Traylor was able to drive nearly unmolested for a clumsy hoop. Traylor isn’t suited for this attack. Defenses don’t have to guard him outside of 15 feet like the do Ellis. But it didn’t matter.

    Eight possessions into the second half, Kansas had scored 14 points and stretched the lead to 15 points and that was the ball game. Self continued to run the 4/1 attack, even with Traylor and Lucas in together.

    ISU, of course, made a run. But our offensive attack was too much. With the floor spread, Kansas was able to drive and kick, especially to a hot Wayne Selden (good for him – great to see).

    As Fran Fraschilla said, Kansas gave ISU “some of it’s own medicine.” And that was the ball game. With eight minutes left, Oubre hit a two point jumper pushing the lead back to 15 points. At this point in the game, Kansas had made 9 three pointers, on a refreshingly wonderful 20 three point attempts.

    Four out, one in. 20+ three point attempts on the night. Focusing on our tremendous shooters. Spreading the floor for our slashers. Putting Ellis in a position that better suits his skills. This is all I have asked for – begged for. This was out best game of the season. Half-time lead? There was no coughing this one up. We kept the pedal to the metal.

    This was not about limiting possessions. This was not about pounding it inside. This win was a beautiful demonstration of the “best shooting team in the Big 12”, as Fraschilla put it. We played to our strengths. And when we play to our strengths, we are strong. Real strong.

    And when you play like this, do you even notice the double digit turnovers? Does it really matter?

    Just look at the box score. That wonderful boxscore. That is Kansas basketball, at least in 2014-15. We should all feel extremely content right now. Content about the direction of this team. Your coach – old fool’s gold himself – played four out, one in for nearly 3/4 of a basketball game. We have never, ever seen that during Self’s tenure at Kansas. Now we have. And that move won this game.

    That team in Lexington, Kentucky – we’re sick of hearing about them – but they better lace ‘em up. A different Kansas team is rollin’ their way.

  • @HighEliteMajor Very convincing win. The light bulb is finally on !! Almost made it to 90. ISU is just not the defensive team to beat us with their lack of depth. They were dead tired at the half. We beat ourselves in Ames. It may be called magic there, but in AFH its called FATE !!

  • Banned

    A team has to play to their strengths and this KU has to many weapons on the outside to play outside in. 😉 Just glad HCBS sees the writing on the wall.

    However we can’t forget about the inside game. Live by the three die by it. However DoubleDD is happy. ') Just saying.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    SO GOOD TO HEAR!!! I was unavoidably detained at a vail christian frosh game and tried to follow on phone…but we weren’t scoring ANY points…now it all makes sense!

    Hitting play on dvr right now…well after I get a bowl of ice cream…

    Rock Chalk 4 out 1 in Jayhawk!!!

  • Fran quoted Self as saying he was working on this game after KSU till midnight in his office and back again early Sunday for this game plan. Tough, well fought, sometimes dirty win.

    Tough and well fought.


  • Dirty.


  • Alexander 4 pts in 15 min?

  • Pundits at half calling Brannen, Vinnie, “the Microwave”, Greene.

  • @VailHawk Nice thing about not being able to see the game, but knowing the outcome, watching it is much more fun. And a lot easier on the ticker. What flavor ice cream?

  • @VailHawk He got 2 PF’s early, plus like HEM said, the bombers were hitting from the outside.

  • @brooksmd

    Agreed! Vanilla w chocolate syrup classic. Not much Alexander tonite? Still sick…or not his style game? Oops…you just replied above thx!

  • @VailHawk You teach at Vail Christian?

  • @brooksmd

    Nah, but good buddy is boys coach and know some faculty. Doug Bruce is the girls coach who coached somewhere in KC, MO for years.

  • @VailHawk Okay. Was gonna give you a big “atta boy” if you were. Our youngest attended Christian schools from day one and is a much better product than his older brothers who went to government indoctrination centers. Plus they have to run on a tight budget so they always accepted help from parents. My days off were always during the week so I donated one day to helping the IT person. And teachers kept me well informed on how son was doing.

  • @brooksmd

    Alexander looked to be under the weather, low energy was apparent.

  • @JayHawkFanToo He might have had a touch of what KO had. But there were several players huffing and puffing from the pace of the game. I’ll give the boys credit though, they didn’t get beat on the transition like they did at ISU.

  • @brooksmd both teams were dying. I know some were wondering about cliffs back. Tv guys say anything about our nba picks?

  • @brooksmd . No transition points by ISU in the first half and 12 in the second, most of those at desperation time at the end of the game. KU chose not to crash the boards for offensive rebounds and get back on defense; it worked.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I checked stats first half and we were up maybe 12-0 on fast break pts?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yep. Coach Self had a good game plan…that is why he makes the big bucks. 🙂

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I had two visions tonight.

    Vision 1: HEM infarcting 5 minutes into the first half.

    Vision 2: HEM having a post basketball orgasm e-cigarette with 5 minutes to go in the game, and Mrs. HEM saying, “Hey, tiger, what about me?” 🙂


    The committee meeting is called to order: here ye, here ye, hear ye…

    For we founding members of the University of Kansas Outside In Illuminati Conspiracy (there, I’m in such a good mood that I used the C-word tongue in cheek for all the conspiracy smear artists), THIS WAS A GAME FOR THE AGES!!!

    There was, after an early dark phase, unrepentant outside in that pleased the governing council no end and cast all of the KU basketball conspiracy, er, legacy in light, and left the all seeing eye at the top of our collective pyramid weeping for joy!

    Threes were missed but three ball shooting continued unabated.

    There were at times even pronounced MICRO-BURSTS of trifectation resulting in a sparkling 10-21 with 47.6% accuracy.

    And the overall FG% of 50.8% was so good that members of Outside In Illuminati Conspiracy feel uncompelled to break down that actual 2pt FG percentage. It had to be good enough to please KU Head Coach H.P. LoveSelf, the Outside In Illuminati Conspiracy’s agent in the coach’s seat this season.

    To mix literary metaphors unmercifully, The Conspiracy’s diabolically clever H.P. LoveSelf cast a black magic spell over the Thomas Hardy-esque Mayor of Casterbridge–Fred “the Mayor Michael Henchard” Hoiberg, played out the subtitle to Hardy’s novel of deterministic pessimism subtitled “The Life and Death of a Man of Character” to a tea. He entered the season impoverished of rings, his Mayoralty fortunes sky rocketed to #14 in the nation, and then after a game in Casterbridge’s own Allen Field House, the Mayor returned to poverty.

    After out rebounding ISU in Ames, but giving up many high school cherry picks, H.P. Loveself decided to spend fully half the game releasing 3-4 to get back on defense to eliminate the cherry picks, then spent the other half the game rebounding furiously back to a -3 deficit on the glass.

    Members of the Outside In Conspiracy duly note that Wayne Selden, after breaking from his slump vs. KSU, erupted out of it with 5-7 from three ball land, while Brannen Greene continued his occultishly high percentage of trey shooting with 2-3.

    Members also duly note that our H.P. LoveSelf cunningly long benched the Mayor of Casterbridge, with fully 9 Jaybirds registering 14 minutes or more. And what is more, 5 of the 9 ended up scoring in double digits.

    Members gleefully note that of 89 total points, over half were scored outside the paint!!!

    The Conspiracy’s hypnosis of H.P. LoveSelf did not, however, completely alter his predilections, as fully 16 points came on turnovers.

    About the only less than stellar metric The Conspiracy was not able to blunt was the 16 total turnovers by the Jayhawks, but at least it was -1 TOs relative to Michael Henchard’s men, many of the unsightly TOs came as a product of ISU desperately pressing down the stretch.

    To pick nits, FT percentage was a lackluster 65.2%.

    All in all, though, members of the Conspiracy concur that H.P. LoveSelf has been incorporated into the Conspiracy and that members of the Conspiracy should look benignly, perhaps even positively, upon H.P. LoveSelf’s ingenious, but likely passive aggressive, elaboration of his 3 man weave into a 4 man weave utterly reminicient of Henry Iba’s. Members of the Conspiracy also concur that there is significant likelihood that if H.P. LoveSelf elects to play an entire game Outside In under our influence, that LoveSelf will probably elaborate the 4 man weave to a full 5 man weave. We do not have a problem with this so long as the lead is >15 and in the second half.

    The meeting is now adjourned.

    As usual, members are warned to say they know nothing of our organization, if asked by non members.

    Rock Chalk!!!

    (Note: there is no conspiracy and there was no black magic involved. Coach Self just coached one heckuva great game and his players played superbly and it was an honor and a privilege to watch’em play!)

  • Great game. A few of my own musings:

    • Just a couple of games ago we were debating the merits of cutting Selden’s minutes, perhaps even removing him from the starting line-up. After back-to-back good performances against the kitties and the 'clones, maybe he’s OK where he’s at. I will say this - his offensive success is heavily reliant on him knocking down treys, so in that respect we can still entertain the idea of Greene cutting into his playing time. I think what I would like to see is for Self to stick with Selden, but then to quickly switch plans if he’s struggling, rather than letting Wayne labor and the team suffer. Go with the hot hand or whatever the situation calls for. This team has too many talented options. For the past couple of games though, it’s been nice to see Wayne lighting it up.

    • Speaking of the redistribution of minutes, it might be time to start easing up on Mason’s. He’s had some pretty paltry shooting performances over our last 5 wins (the exception being an 8-12 night against TCU), hasn’t hit a 3 in the last 4 games, and he needed a flurry of points at the end of the last 2 games to extend his double-digit scoring streak. Given his shooting woes, I wonder if his legs might be tiring a bit. I just don’t see any reason to play him 37 minutes when we have a capable back-up, unless Self is concerned with Graham’s turf toe and has decided to prioritize managing Graham’s minutes instead.

    • I know Lucas gets a lot of flak on these boards, but he’s a nice 4th big to have around. I think a lot of our angst regarding Lucas is that he has often been thrust into a position where more is expected or needed from him than should be. Either because of foul trouble or Cliff’s faulty motor or Jamari being ineffective…it has often fallen all the way down to 4th-big-Landon to play major minutes. He lacks on skill, but he’s always ready and always comes with effort. Good game from him tonight.

    As HEM predicted, we swept the 3 games in 6 days. Now for the next mini-campaign: a 4 games in 10 days stretch that goes @Okie St., @Tech, home against Baylor, @WVU. The game in Morgantown on the 16th is the one I have highlighted, which is not to say we can’t lose any of the other 3, but the match against Huggins’ bunch will be tough. I have it penciled in for a loss right now. Even so…we’re definitely in the driver’s seat.

  • Wayne Selden Jr. is a starter.

  • Great game and the crowd definitely fed the fury last night. It was the loudest I have heard Allen this year and I’m glad our fans came to party just as much. Huge win, huge implications towards the league. Now we must root for Oklahoma tonight to hold serve against West Virginia at home.

    Some game thoughts:

    All Selden needed was some home loving from his momma to get him off his scoring schnide. 14 points Saturday, 20 last night and we needed all 5 of his triples to keep the lead at a safe distance. When he’s making outside shots its great and he does enough of the little things to be a key part of this team. Just wish his 2 point game especially his drives would fall. Great game Wayne anyway.

    Greene, what can you say about this kid. The light has come on and its great to see how quickly he can ignite our offense and energy with his shooting. His defense has been much better and its hard to not see him getting more minutes the way he is playing. Him and Oubre on the court at the same time was great to see.

    Ellis has hit his mid-season stride. No longer forcing things, proud of how he’s responded and he’s rebounded the ball so well lately.

    Lucas banged inside well last night, his energy when inserted has been good to see. Definitely has made strides since December. Good to know we can get quality minutes from our 4th big.

    Mason & Graham are a great tandem. We do need to find a way to give Mason a break sometime. He does look like he needs to good ol R&R.

    Now the troops need to regroup for Saturday. It’s a big win to get and hopefully we can pull it out

  • @wrwlumpy I mentioned that hip check during our chat. Right in front of a ref to boot. Pretty sure that’s a foul.

    From Self during Big12 Media days:

    You go from 7-foot (Embiid) and long to 6-61⁄2 (???) and not long guarding you…

    Who is Self referencing as the 6’61/2"er???

  • @brooksmd I spent a career teaching every level of biology from remedial to AP at “indoctrination” centers. I coached academic teams and spent countless hours before and after school helping students who were struggling. Our indoctrination center did not get to pick and choose our students, but we did the best we could for everyone who came. Yes, some of us didn’t do a good job, but most of us worked our tails off for low pay and precious little respect from the public. I kept the parents of my students informed. We welcomed volunteer help when we could get it. Sorry, I know this is a basketball site, but I found that remark deeply offensive.

  • 3 Things:

    PASSION: Give the whole team credit for really wanting this game and putting in the hard work after the quick turn-around from the kitties. 🙂

    EFFORT: All the players gave everything they had and got to it on both ends. Held ISU far below its Big 12-leading 49.1 field goal % on the season. 🙂

    SHOTS: 5 players in double-figures for the 5th time this season. 4th game of the year over 50% shooting. 🙂

    Now they will get some well-deserved rest and have plenty of time to get ready for Okie State.

    Great Game Jayhawks!

    Also loved some of the signs in the crowd – Hilton Magic Show with CANCELLED written across it was a classic.

  • Bill Self’s Game Plan was of World Series caliber. What a string of change-ups! Man O Man, posters on this board have lived like terriers churning at a mole hill, dead certain of rewards for such sustained attack. Yee-haw!

  • @jaybate-1.0 …Superb jb. major FOS as usual, bust just superb !!

  • @KansasComet He sure earned it tonight!!

  • @BeddieKU23 I’m beginning to wonder if Wayne is a little far sighted they way his bunnies & floaters seem to always be short? Hope SHE doesnt say that !!

  • @wrwlumpy Saw. That dirty play and was mad the refs missed—or ignored it.

  • Audio of Bob Davis & Greg Gurley–fun to hear them call the highlights!

  • Today on Katz Korner at 1 pm on @ESPNU: @KUAthletics Self, @UCLAAthletics Alford, @PCAthletics Cooley, @TexasMBB Barnes, @UKCoachCalipari.

    So what does Andy Katz ask Rick Barnes and why waste the time with him?

    Katz: Rick, tell us how it feels to be Bill Self’s *#TCH.

    Barnes. Andy, let me tell you. I’ve gotten used to it these last eight years. Maybe that is a better question for Bruce Weber.

    All Fun – No Malice.

  • This feels just as good the morning after, as it did the evening of. After reading all the posts here are a couple other things:

    -We should all feel great for Selden. Big half of basketball. But we’ve been there before. He carried us to the win against Florida with a similar second half display. We still see that he just can’t finish at the rim, as @globaljaybird noted… Last night was no exception. Sometimes slumps end with explosions. Sometimes they end gradually. Let’s just hope it ends. Starter, 6th man, whatever – we need the guy.

    -The Press: Why is this important? See West Virginia. And see how we didn’t handle it too well in the last four minutes last night. Our lineup composition will be interesting, and as I mentioned yesterday, can we get by without both Mason and Graham in the game? Selden was exposed against the press against last night – similar to last season. The “he just isn’t a point guard” thing. He allows himself to get trapped, is prone to hold the ball a touch too long, and most of all, doesn’t look comfortable attacking the press with the dribble. Graham and Mason might get some major minutes in that game together, which could cut into Greene and Oubre. That could be dangerous.

    -As @icthawkfan316 mentioned, Lucas did play some good minutes last night. Perhaps I’d call them “competent” minutes. He plays when there is foul trouble, nothing more. " … he’s always ready and always comes with effort. Good game from him tonight." Exactly.

    -@JayHawkFanToo noted Self’s adjustment on stopping transition. I"ll admit, when I saw the video early of Ellis, Oubre and Selden retreating on our shot, taking them out of offensive rebounding position, I was skeptical. Actually, I thought it was pretty risky. But it worked like a charm. The transition points ISU got in the second half were basically meaningless. We shut it down the entire first half and early second half. Of course, shots going in are also a way to limit transition points, and we had some of that, too. But the strategy was clear and successful. A coaching adjustment that helped change the dynamic from the first encounter, to be sure.

    -I love to talk about how adjustments by coaches win (or lose)games. They really do. Look at last night. Offensive scheme, transition, shifting Graham in with Mason when ISU started to press – big decisions. And heck, we saw how coaching can directly impact a game in the Super Bowl. We’ll never know for sure, but one simple play call could have changed the destinies of scores of players, families, and franchises. Coaches earn big money for a reason. It is their choices, preparation, game planning, and decisions that impact the game more than any other element.

    -@VailHawk - Hardly missed Cliff. But he did draw some attention inside. Kind of a tough match up for him, with the athleticism ISU has. Cliff ain’t the best guarding on the perimeter. I do think that when Cliff came in, ISU usually countered with McKay.

    -@Kip_McSmithers - Self was referring to Jamari Traylor. I think Self in the same comment also referred to Ellis as being 6’7".

    -@jaybate-1.0 - Any chance I get to be chairman of the University of Kansas Outside In Illuminati Conspiracy? I mean, I’ll work hard. I’ll be at every meeting. I can keep secrets. Ooh, sorry … I know nothing of the organization. And yes, Mrs. HEM is curious. She asked me what all this outside-in, inside-out stuff was all about. I said, “well, let me show you.” She responded with, “uh, no thanks.” Which is why I write post game summaries.

    Oh, and I noticed I got through a full post without saying “three pointer” or “Brannen Greene.”

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    Oh, and I noticed I got through a full post without saying “three pointer” or “Brannen Greene.”

    Soooooooooooooooooooooo close.

  • @HighEliteMajor More good stuff. Regarding coaching being important and particularly in reference to the Superbowl, something that I find hilarious was how at the beginning of the telecast either Michaels or Collinsworth were talking about how Belichik had said “the players were going to decide the game”, and Collinsworth remarked “that’s how it should be.” Um…

    You say that Mason and Graham could play a lot together against WVU, potentially leading to less minutes for Greene and Oubre, then say that could be dangerous. Do you mean that you don’t have a lot of confidence if we aren’t playing one or the other, or both, at their current clip? If so, interesting. I’ve already stated my confidence in Graham. However, if Mason continues to be ineffective shooting the ball it does potentially mean we have only one reliable outside shooter in the game at any given time (Graham’s 3-pt % is good, but his attempts are pretty low, making me wonder if he can be relied upon for such offense or if his 3s are simply a nice bonus at this point). That could spell trouble, but maybe not. Regardless, I’m very excited for that game to see how it plays out. But again, I have it penciled in for a loss, and I’m hoping that if that’s the case there isn’t too much of an overreaction on these boards.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I had to laugh at the huffing and puffing comment. Last night I attended my daughters’ HS soccer match. She played midfielder, which involves the most running generally, all 80 minutes of the match, then coach asked her to play the JV match afterwards which was shortened to 40 minutes because it was very cold. 120 minutes of running around a soccer field, and our boys, with their TV timeouts every four minutes were huffing and puffing!

    She scored a goal and had to assists by the way in an easy match!

  • @icthawkfan316 I guess Oubre and Greene have been very important to us offensively. I think you know that I really like Graham. I have a lot of confidence in him. But Oubre and Greene are scorers. Giving up scorers for ball handling (and less scoring) is what I see as a bit dangerous. But it may be more dangerous to have our “big wings” – any of them – at the 2 spot, and involved as primary ball handlers breaking the press. I also see Self favoring Selden – thus we could see Mason, Graham, and Selden more – to the expense of Oubre and Greene. It is a dilemma against the press.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    A motion on the floor to be Supreme High Commisioner Plenipotentiary (SHCP) is recorded and seconded by the chair.

    All in favor say aye, all opposed neigh.

    The ayes have it unanimously.

    The gavel is yours!


  • @HighEliteMajor

    Excellent post, and look how many Jayhawk fans liked it! You are right on the button.

    “Then it happened. Self made the switch. The game changed. Four out, one in.”

    In my opinion, Self never expected success at the inside-out. This was his way of getting the game off slow for us. This was his way of “amping down” the troops. This was vintage Self. He did actually have a strategy, and it was exactly opposite of what I had predicted in my prediction thread. Self didn’t want us to get out quick (for a change). He knew this would be a game of endurance. He knew ISU wouldn’t go away, even if we built a 20-pt lead. He didn’t want to experience another game like OU, especially against this team because if we gave away the second half momentum to ISU we were dead meat, regardless of the lead.

    Self amped down the first quarter. He did what I thought ISU would do, and played “rope a dope.” He reserved as much energy in our guys as he could. He kept rotating his guys, and he let out plenty of carrot for ISU to run run run (without scoring open court freebies). He wanted ISU to run themselves out, very similar to the strategy against OSU. It has stuck in my head all year… what we were able to do to Phil Forte, Mr. Conditioning. Self played this for a strong finish. He won the coin toss and elected to start the game kicking off. He knew this would be a game of attrition. Look at all the reversal strategies in this game. Not only did we end up spreading the floor and gave them a taste of ISU basketball back to them, we also pushed the ball up the court, another one of their strategies. He wanted to prove we could outlast them. He wanted to break their will.

    I have to hand it to ISU… those guys play to win. They didn’t break. But they bent. And that is all we need to win in AFH.

    Brannen Greene is my hero. Wayne… WELCOME BACK!

    But we need to make our pat on the backs really short because Saturday is coming, and a trip to Stillwater, in a place where we don’t play well. And it two weeks we get our first taste of WVU, and I think we need two weeks to prepare to play them. We panicked on the pressure of a tired ISU team’s press and trap and that was nothing compared to what we will face in Morgantown. What we did learn from this game was we need Devonte and Frank on the floor at the same time. Maybe we just agree to give away that game. We will be playing on two days rest only. That will be the ultimate test for this team. If we can win that game we will show a lot of potential for March.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I would think Mrs. HEM would know better than to call him “Tiger” 🙂

  • A few more comments for discussion.

    I thought State’s defense early was more effective because they were playing some kind of matchup zone up top. It seemed they were just rotating with the ball. We missed a bunch of shots early which at that point Self was like heck lets go back to what worked in the first meeting. Iowa St couldn’t defend the dribble weave with its constant action and we more or less wore them down to exhaustion because of it. Iowa St didn’t have the horses to sub in like KU does, Thomas and Nader were ineffective. Mckay is just a hackfest waiting to happen.

    Self outcoached Hoiberg last night and it showed in so many area’s. The transition D you know was addressed and all the kids bough into the effort to get back. The switch in offense just totally left Iowa St unable to stop us. Our Defense for the most part was stellar in not allowing them to just get where they wanted. I thought it was one of the best jobs we’ve done in defending the spread offense to date.

    Lastly the press Iowa St showed at the end was troublesome for us. I know they put predator aka McKay with his length on the front end but I was more than concerned that in 2 weeks that we don’t have 20+ turnovers written all over our forehead. That’s how they have won games with this lethal press. It’s just like VCU, you break the havoc and its swiss cheese at the backend. But the problem is, WVU does a great job forcing you to be play sped up and they capitalize on it. I really hope Self and co work on this leading up to that game because without improvement I can see us struggling mightily against it.

  • @icthawkfan316 said:

    @jaybate-1.0 I would think Mrs. HEM would know better than to call him “Tiger” 🙂

    Maybe he shot an 82 his last round.

    Let’s make that a catchword: 10 over par is a “Tiger”. 20 over is a “double Tiger”, and so on…

  • This is the team we have been waiting on.

    This is the team that @HighEliteMajor, @jaybate-1.0, @drgnslayr and others have been talking about.

    This is the team I envisioned at the beginning of the season.

    And we finally capitalized on it. The only downer was that Svi was not involved. Other than that, I don’t have a single complaint.

    @HighEliteMajor is absolutely right - spacing the floor opens it up for everyone. Most teams don’t have a 4 or 5 man that can move out to the perimeter and guard Perry. Just by shifting Perry to the perimeter and having him face up you can probably add 5 points to his FG% because the help defenders don’t dare leave Brannen Greene right now.

    Speaking of which, if you are a Big 12 coach right now, Brannen Greene is on a get off the bus alert. He must be guarded from the time he shows up at the arena until the time he leaves the building. He is insanely hot right now. There was a play in the first half where Devonte was pushing the ball up the floor and Brannen was trailing out on the wing. Devonte barreled into the lane and just kind of scooped it back out to Brannen, who had about 7 feet of open space. The result was a foregone conclusion. Right now, Brannen is the hottest shooter in America. He’s on a Kyle Korver level right now.

    The only minor concern from this game is that Frank is really starting to look and play worn down. We have to get him some rest because his legs are starting to wear out and we still have two months of basketball left.

  • @ParisHawk My point was in reference to HEM’s classic anti-Fizzou rants over the years. Not sure what would be worse for Mrs. HEM to call him: a Tiger, or an Antler. Regardless of how many over par a fellow Jayhawk fan may shoot, not sure anything justifies being called Tiger!

  • @justanotherfan

    “The only minor concern from this game is that Frank is really starting to look and play worn down. We have to get him some rest because his legs are starting to wear out and we still have two months of basketball left.”

    I’m with you on that.

    Imagine what would happen now if we lost him to injury? Or if a secret nagging injury (which we have experienced before with several players) starts pushing his numbers down for the rest of the year?

    Frank is our leader and he is also the guy that can take over a game when everyone else is playing bad. He’s the guy that never quits.

    I hope Devontes’ toe is okay. I’d like to see him get more minutes not only to save Frank, but give him more experience as March approaches. Both of these guys will be vital in March. Devonte is very skilled and poised… but we still are experiencing plenty of “freshman” in his game.

    I would also like to see Svi get a few minutes here and there, just to fight off the rust. He has now been put in the deep freeze. Kind of makes me wonder if he is coming back next year. It really doesn’t help a guy’s development to get no minutes for long stretches. I kind of can’t believe he will return next year unless Self convinces him he will get minutes. He’s on a different life schedule than the rest of our guys. I hope he stays and I hope he spends every breathing second with Hudy after the season is over. Lets see him apply that tough Ukrainian spirit to the weight room. His potential is oozing out the seams. Just strengthen him and give him a bit more knowledge on American ball, and this kid is a future super star.

  • @icthawkfan316 said:

    Lucas gets a lot of flak

    I for one have cringed all year when he walks into a game. That started to change the last two games, but after this game… my cringes are gone. No, he’s still not a star, or a scorer, but he was solid and made few if any mistakes… and for that I was really really happy.

    He’s become another weapon that has been sharpened to a dangerous edge this year. What I particularly liked was how frustrated McKay looked being guarded by him. McKay was used to dominating and hacking and scoring underneath against anybody earlier in the game, and then Landen came in, held his own, even drew a foul from him and really threw him off his game (and that guy can game too). You could see the “how dare he” look he gave Lucas a few times.

    While Greene and Selden’s game made me ecstatic, Landen’s “I Refuse to Look Like I Don’t Belong Any More” party last night, made me smile evilly with the quality extra minutes he should bring going forward.

    And yes, Frank is looking a bit tired lately. We will need him badly for the WV game, but then he needs to start getting a bit less work so he’s ready to lead us in the Dance.

    Dang, this team is why I like college ball so much better than pro - the change and growth we’ve seen in just a few months has been remarkable.


  • @drgnslayr @justanotherfan Yeah I referenced Frank’s legs late last night. His shooting is down, which is usually a good indicator that he doesn’t have the same legs under him.

    The problem is two-fold: Self has supreme confidence in Mason, and Graham is a freshman. I think Self would like to get Mason some rest. On some level he has to know he should. But come game-time he reverts back to what he’s most comfortable with, and he looks down the bench at baby-face Devonte and says to himself “eh…maybe not.”

    Regarding Svi, HEM and I speculated awhile back that Self may know he’s not coming back, or at least not likely to come back, and therefore Self has stopped letting him develop with playing time. Which is too bad, but you kind of have to wonder where he would fit in next year too. I’d say we’re likely to lose Oubre, and that’s it (on the perimeter). We’re already clamoring for more minutes for Graham and Greene. I just think he’s likely to only move into the spot of 5th perimeter player next year, which could mean steady minutes, but we’ve also seen in years past where it only means scraps.

    Of course, the way the schedule set up this year and the top-to-bottom toughness of the Big 12 has not lent itself to either having the luxury of resting your top guys nor developing the end of the bench.

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