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    Not much in the way of Alums or Basketball History for that matter. Trent Johnson has been Coach of the Year in the WAC -PAC10 and SEC.


  • They are starting to like Basketball in Fort Worth. Being in the Big 12 and having a great football team makes them want more. Hiring a big time coach was first on their agenda when they joined the league. They are hoping that he will add the Big 12 to his Coach Of the year list soon.

  • I like coach Johnson, he’s a character.

  • Remember this? TCU Beats KU.


  • @wrwlumpy Sherrill Hedrick was one helluva football player in his day-really brutal tackler for the Chiefs in the old AFL. Decided not to attend Baylor though he was born in Wacko.

  • @globaljaybird He had the pain threshold that Self likes.

    In his book “The American Football League - A Year-by-Year History, 1960-1969”, Ed Gruver quotes Texans/Chiefs coach Hank Stram as saying that Headrick, who refused to wear hip pads, had the highest pain threshold [he’d] ever seen in an athlete. Headrick played with a broken neck, infected gums, and a fractured thumb. When an injury left the bone in his finger protruding from the skin, Headrick popped the bones in place without missing a play.

    “He was a fantastic football player,” former Chiefs tight end Fred Arbanas told The Kansas City Star. “Sherrill was so quick, most of the offensive linemen couldn’t get to him. He was such a wild man, people didn’t realize he was such a student of the game. Teams would come out in different formations, and Sherrill knew exactly where the ball was going to go.”

    In the early days of the AFL, most players had jobs during the off season. When training camp began, Headrick would tell the rookies that the quickest way to get in shape was to run until you threw up.

  • Definitely can’t overlook this game. Last year we handled them easy off Wiggins big game. This year they are improved team but blew their golden chance to show it against West Virginia.

    We are coming off the best game of the year and now need to keep the consistency of that great win to stay out in front.

    Starting tonight: Either Texas gets its 3rd loss or Iowa St gets it’s third loss. Right now we’d have to pull for Texas only because of Iowa St having a win over us. If Texas loses it really puts them against the wall.

    Tuesday: West Virginia @ Kansas St, someone will get their 3rd conference loss. I’d like K-St to win only because West Virginia’s game Saturday is the easiest in the Saturday games, would give them 3 losses and KU should spank our rivals at home. Baylor @ Oklahoma St neither is serious threat unless they starting winning 5 or 6 in a row.

    Wednesday: T Tech @ Oklahoma, seems like a easy win for OU but crazy things have happened like Tech beating the Cyclones.

    Saturday: K St @ KU Texas @ Baylor TCU @ Iowa St Texas Tech @ West Virginia Oklahoma @ Oklahoma St

    It’s very possible KU is 7-1 in Conference play by Monday’s game against Iowa St. It’s also possible we have a 2 game lead on everyone with the rematch against the clones. Could be a very good week!!

  • What kind of transportation plans does the KU team employ? Do they fly to Dallas/Fort Worth the evening or day before the game and practice and get acclimated or do they practice here and fly down they day of the game. They have still used buses for ISU, K-State OU and OSU. Travel is fun when you’re a kid but boy does it get to be a drag. Do they watch film during the trip? After the Texas game, Snacks, and the boys were surfing and tweeting all the way back from Austin. When do they eat? Many of them have special diets, IE, Sherron and the Low fat. Hudy travels everywhere with the team for pre-game stretching and possibly a weight lifting session late or early. It must be like moving an army.

  • People may know these famous alumnus:

    Rod Roddy

    Scott Brooks

    Jamie Dixon

    Davey O'Brien

    And these fictional alumnus:

    The Professor Rev Lovejoy

  • @wrwlumpy

    “Remember this? TCU Beats KU.”

    Self better be reminding them of that. Do we have any current Hawks that were there? Anyone to ‘share the joyful memory’ with the rest of the team?

    Talk about storming the court… whoa!

    "They have still used buses for ISU, K-State OU and OSU. "

    That is an experience these guys really need to have. Very important for bonding and communication.

    When I was a kid I met Hank Stram. He shook my hand and pulled out of it shaking his hand in the air, complaining about my hard grip. He knew how to relate to kids well and actually made me think I had a tight squeeze. Great intense coach with tons of personality and showmanship. And I’ll never forget 1969.

  • @drgnslayr Perry and Jamari were there for that loss. Crazy to think it was only 2 years ago and we have 2 guys who were even on the team. I guess that was a very Junior / Senior squad and it is the OAD/TAD culture as well. I highly doubt we have a similar 13 point first half but we certainly could lose. TCU looked pretty good against WVU and really got hosed at the end.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Texas already has 3 loses, if they lose tonight, it pretty much takes them out of contention.

  • @wrwlumpy

    I think Snacks is on the Sherron post-KU diet

  • @BeddieKU23 Normally, when 2 contenders play, I want the home team to win…thinking that if a contender wins on the road, that is a game that the other contenders (in this, case our Jayhawks) have to win. So, I agree that we probably want KSU to beat WVU as WVU is more of a contender, I think, than KSU. However, if KSU wins at home against WVU, at some point, we need to start taking them seriously.

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  • I predict that this will be an ugly road win with many gripes tomorrow. TCU has a much better team than any other year in the Big12. They are 3rd in the country in defense percentage shooting (31%) behind only UK and Virginia. THERE ARE NO EASY OUTS IN THIS CONFERENCES!


  • @wrwlumpy

    Is the media driving the fact that they think it will be a closer game than might actually be? People are still talking about 2 years ago like it happened yesterday. Talent wise they are much better but Big 12 play has already shown that they are still behind from contending with the big boys. I’m sure they will stick with us early and try and bring more energy than us but I think as the game wears on we will find ways to exploit them.

  • Sure, we can lose tonight. The difference between the 2013 team and TCU was greater than the difference between this TCU team and this KU team. Every game in conference can be lost. And really, any game can … we lost to Oral Roberts at home a number of years ago.

    The 2013 team had just come off losing to OSU at home. After the OSU loss, Self had his infamous meltdown where he threw EJ under the bus. The “we don’t have a point guard.” And "we were definitely a better team with (EJ) sitting next to us … " It was really bad stuff. I listened live to it on the radio and was astonished by what I heard. The tone was even worse than the content. I had never, and have never, heard Self like that…

    That tenor continued after the TCU game with the also infamous “Topeka YMCA” comments and “the worst team to ever play at Kansas” stuff. Not Self’s best moments. My opinion is now, and was then, that the TCU loss was the direct result of how the loss to OSU was mishandled.

    KU then lost at OU following TCU, but played much better. EJ said, “Right now we’re trying to figure that out,” Johnson said. "You can’t ask a man who just got knocked out to count to 10. You can’t think straight right away. There’s so much going on in your head. Right now we’re just focused on getting our focus back. That’s what we’re focused on, getting our focus back.”

    The 2013 loss to TCU was simply a rough patch. A loss that never should have happened. An anomaly.

    Here’s what Self said about the league race after the OU loss: “We’ve been behind a game in the league race going into the last seven-eight games of the season before,” Self said. “We were never quite as good as our record, but we are better than what we have played here this past week. Does it surprise me we are in a dogfight? Not at all. This talk people had that the whole deal is who is going to finish second? I never had that feeling at all. We are going to have to play our best ball to have a chance to win it. Every game is lose-able on the road especially when you have Baylor, Oklahoma State and Iowa State left.”

    He got the ship righted pretty quickly. And we know how that turned out.

    We ain’t losin’ to TCU tonight, or KSU Saturday, or ISU Monday. 3-0 in 6 days. Book it.

  • You also told us to book the Temple game. Did we have a point guard? - No. Should Self have said what he said to the public? - No. Sometimes we blame his honesty. I read recently that Frank goes into Self’s office almost everyday to sit and talk about strategies and everything else. Frank is not only a point guard, he is an extension of the coach on the court. Everyone listens to Frank. If you watch him between plays and during free throws, he is talking, talking and serious, serious. We didn’t have a point guard then or an extension of Coach on the court. Now we do and his back up, though all smiles, has 20+ assist and 1 turnover. I felt like coach did during the YMCA, our Coach sometimes just says what’s on his mind.

  • Topeka YMCA never recovered from beating us. They haven’t been heard from since. It must have gone to their heads.

  • @wrwlumpy Im gonna go out on a real skinny limb here and say KU gets beat by 2 tonight. *Im only half serious.

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  • @Lulufulu Which half of you is serious?? We get beat by the two points or are you going out on a skinny limb?

  • @Kip_McSmithers Naaaah, Im totally playing around.

  • I like our chances for two reasons… and I’m not even going to get into how we played at Texas and the development of our players.

    1. In close games we finish well.

    2. In close games TCU finishes poorly. I still don’t know how they blew that game at WVU.

    Those two factors alone give me all the optimism I need without even digging further.

  • Awesome lumpy!

  • OK Jesse I agree with you this time. - Ken Pom says Big 12 the best by far.


    …or click link here…

  • @drgnslayr Personally I didn’t think TCU fouled the guy on that lay up at the end there. Or at least from the camera angles I caught it wasn’t worth sending him to the line for.

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    I also agree…

  • @wrwlumpy

    Interesting analysis by Ken Pomeroy. I found it puzzling that he uses the expression:

    "That matches national perception a little bit better."

    when tweaking his projections; however, he does not use this logic on his team rankings, many of which are way, way off the “national perception.”

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    I agree… but they should have had the game already won.

  • Reminds me of when Hank Stram tackled the Ref after the game. That was the Ben Davidson Cheap shot game.

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  • @JayHawkFanToo Kenpom is bordering on fraud, imo. I started noticing lots of inconsistencies over the past two years in his “rankings” that couldn’t be explained, so i started tracking his team movements. I have concluded he will move any team up after they win, The key word is after they win. I think Kenpom cooks the books, so to speak. His “results” tell us nothing - the way he manipulated moving up UCONN and Kentucky would make a pretzelmaker proud last year. If we keep winning, our defensive ratings will magically improve, even if our defense doesn’t.

  • f.PNG


    I have been posting periodically big inconsistencies in his ratings that are impossible to explain away with numbers. He seem to like OU and Wichita State, among others, and KU cannot catch a break… His number are at odds with the majority of the other computerized ratings as well.

  • @JayHawkFanToo He’s a book cooker. He has as much sway as a dart board to me.


  • @wrwlumpy After we moved down here my wife who is a RN was working as a temp while waiting for something full time. She came home one morning and asked me, “you ever hear of Hank Stram?” I said yeah, he was head coach for Kansas City and New Orleans. She said she took care of him that night and he was a character. He had a very nice place here in Covington, LA, all fenced with an S monogram on the gate. Guess his wife still lives there.

  • @brooksmd cool story!

  • @wrwlumpy said:

    predict that this will be an ugly road win

    Nice prediction! Doesn’t get much uglier than that and still a get a W

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