Carlton Bragg to announce January 8th

  • As far as I believe KU was the only school he officially visited, has to be a good chance that we land him as we’ve been at all his recent games. Illinois and UK his other finalists.

    What do ya think, the first domino to fall for our 15 recruiting class?

  • @BeddieKU23 Man, personally, it would be a relief to see KU land a top recruit. I really hope he picks KU. On the other hand it was my impression that any big that KU was in the market for may pick KU based on Cliff’s decision to declare for the draft. Right now, that doesnt seem likely to me. He isnt playing like a lottery pick. So, he may very well be back next season. I suppose we could use another good lottery type player in the post. That would mean one of our bench guys will be pushed out. Mickelson, Lucas, Traylor.

  • @Lulufulu

    We need more size Bragg is a good start, he’s also good friends with other recruits and that could bring many more riches to KU. He’s a great offensive talent more like a Arthur type who just has to learn how to play hard every play. Its a big big announcement we cannot afford to lose this one, Self has heavily recruited him

  • @BeddieKU23 That would be HUGE. HUGE. Did I mention it was HUGE?

  • @BeddieKU23 He actually visited UK a week after he visited us. Sure hope he picks us…

  • Banned

    I find it interesting that he’s choosing now, as conference play is about to start? Maybe I’m wrong but isn’t this a bit unusually?

    These kids usually sign in the early period or in the spring, or at least that’s what I thought.

  • Is he for sure supposed to be an OAD? I see him ranked 10-15 spots behind where Cliff was last year.

  • Sounds like he’s headed to calipari. I wish it and hope its not true

  • @BeddieKU23 What are you basing that on?

  • Need input from @konkeyDong . Bragg has been mentioning UK a lot. Most services have UK the favorite.

    But I ask this … why commit now? Three reasons I can think of: 1) he’s dead sure, 2) to get it over with, or 3) because a coach says the spot might go to someone else.

    My first thought was this was better for KU as there is not telling whether any UK big guys leave other than Cauley-Stein. Here, he’d play over everyone except Ellis and Alexander.

    But I have no idea. I’m always a pessimist when it come to recruiting. A non-presumed OAD like Bragg is the perfect recruit. Would fit Self’s system perfectly. Would be a nice foundation piece.

  • @HighEliteMajor All my non-KU bb buds are saying 90% chance he signs with the Mildcats.

  • @Hawk8086

    Jerry Meyer of 247 sports who currently has Bragg picking Kansas says that he could switch his pick to UK in the coming days before his announcement. I’m not sure there is any concrete inside information we will find out before Thursday but if all rumors and trends point that way then its probably true. When’s the last time we won a major recruiting battle against them? Henry? We lose more than we win against UK and the hype around the platoon is real, not a fad

  • @KUSTEVE Thank you for the good news, my friend. Tyler Davis to Texas A&M was the other one that got away. Davis and Bragg would have been a mean combo down low in Self’s system.

  • @BeddieKU23 last time, wiggins

  • @BeddieKU23 Ah, better news. By the way, Oubre chose KU over UK.

  • @KUSTEVE you have non-KU friends!😡😤

  • @HighEliteMajor Oh, what the hell do they know anyway <smirk>? I hope we get him, but not getting my hopes up.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I might be the most myopic KU fan anywhere. I have to have non-KU friends to tell me when I’m full of it…lol.

  • @BeddieKU23 OK. Thanks for the info.

  • Well doesn’t do any good to speculate…although that never stops us 🙂 Wherever he is going, he clearly prefers that place regardless of what the roster makeup will be. If he has been favoring us all along (???)…maybe that is good news that he is announcing.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Wiggins wasn’t a UK lean or anything. I think most predicted either Florida St where his parents went or UK just cause it was UK. I didn’t realize Oubre considered Kentucky. I just firmly remember him always favoring KU in the process.

    Bragg has been squarely in the mix for both KU, UK. He’s said our system fits him better but also liked what Calipari does because basically what teenager doesn’t. It’s basically Julius Randle situation all over. We lose this one and it puts even more pressure to land Diallo, Zimmerman or whatever else. We don’t want this guy going to Cal.

  • FYI 3 recruiting people on 247 sports predicted Bragg to KU since his announcement today. 2 of them just happen to be Kentucky recruiting insiders. good news??

  • I would like to take a moment here to thank the creator of this wonderful site and the posting culture that collectively fostered by the posters here. Just visited the other site on this same subject. OMG, all the bitter bickerings just turned me off. Cheers to Kubuckets!

  • @HighEliteMajor I don’t have any new info that would change me from where I stood a month or so ago. Jerry Meyer having us over UK gives me some hope, but I won’t be surprised if he changes his prediction between now and then. The one thing I will say is don’t count out Illinois. He has been tweeting about them a bit lately, and the timing of this commitment is so odd. I could reasonably see that he’s looking at KU and UK and thinking, I’m not going to play as much as I’d like given who they’ll have back. Karl Towns and WCS are the only two guaranteed to leave for the NBA this year. Big Cliff might make that leap on KU’s side, but that’s about it. The weird part of the Illinois theory is that as far as I know, Bragg has never set foot in Champaign, but then again, we got Julian Wright site unseen, so it’s hardly unheard of. The thing that really kills my optimism, though, is that KU’s staff really hasn’t had the kind of significant contact lately that UK and UI have.

    The downsides of missing on Bragg are obvious. He’s a 2-3 year player in all likelihood, and a very talented scorer. On the other hand, missing on Bragg could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Although I’ve compared Bragg to Darrell Arthur, he could turn out to be another Perry Ellis. That’s not to impugn Ellis, but what we need in our rotation for next season isn’t another finesse tweener, and you run that risk with Bragg. But Bragg to UK would all but guarantee that they’re out of spots for post players and that would strongly bolster our positions with Zimmerman and Diallo.

    So long and short, I don’t think we’ll win this battle, but it could spell us winning the war. Always look on the bright side of life.

  • @konkeyDong

    Interesting take and you could very well be right.

  • Has he mentioned a hat ceremony?

  • It seems a lock. He goes to the school where he can be happiest from being platooned the most.

    That would be UK, Duke, or UA.

    They give the best platooning, right?

  • Something for Mr Bragg: “What is more than Playing Time?”

    Before today’s game and a few games before that, KO’s playing time was under the microscope of the media. I think, today best illustrated what HCBS does here at KU. He develops players according to his system. And, when the two similar 5 Stars Mickey Ds met, the better prepared prevailed.

    Yes. I think some can also say something about the UK game. But, in all fairness to HCBS, he hasn’t got enough time to work his magic with the team yet. And, UK has the benefits of overseas games prior.

    My point here is Playing Times is important. But, Development Times is also important.

    It would be fun to revisit the following numbers when the season is over.

    If I am a KU recruit, I will look at how a Talent is developed at KU to affect the W-L inclusive of the performance at the Big Dance.

    Rashad Vaughn Height 6-6, Weight 210 #8 Rivals Ranking

    Season: 31.2 min, FG% 43.7%, 3P% 34.8%, FT% 60.3%, REB 4.3, AST 1.3, BLK 0.3, STL 0.4, PF 2.1, TO 2.3, PTS 17.3 (inclusive of today’s game)

    Kelly Oubre Height 6-7, Weight 200 #6 Rivals Ranking

    Season: 15.8 min, FG% 47.1%, 3P% 48.1%, FT% 69.2%, REB 4.2, AST 0.6, BLK 0.0, STL 0.7, PF 1.5, TO 1.1, PTS 7.3 (inclusive of today’s game)

    Today’s Head to Head

    KU 76: UNLV 61

    KO: 35 MIN, 30% FG, 10 REB, 3 AST, 0 BLK, 1 STL, 2 PF, 12 PTS

    RV: 27 MIN, 40% FG, 4 REB, 0 AST, 0 BLK, 0 STL, 1 PF, 10 PTS

    I can’t help to asking who among the 2 is better prepared in today’s game. In HCBS I trust! RCJH

  • @Shanghai_RCJH I read that Vaughn was recovering from flu. If his bout was anything like mine, he was bound not to bounce back well until more than 10 days after onset. Of course, I am like 50+ years his elder…

  • @REHawk Thanks. Agreed with the flu thing. I will make a point to check those numbers again prior to the Big Dance. I suspect the conclusion will either make Mr. Bragg regrets or happy. Happy if he chooses KU!

  • @konkeyDong

    I don’t think Bragg is a 2-3 year player. Just watching his video, he’s such a good athlete that I can see him absolutely rocketing up the prospect charts from an NBA perspective. He is more explosive than everybody in the class except Jaylen Brown (best athlete in the group) and Malik Newman. Bragg isn’t as polished as Ben Simmons, but he’s every bit the athlete that Simmons is.

    The interesting thing is how any of these guys fits into the roster.

    Ivan Rabb is the highest rated PF prospect considering KU. He’s the tallest and most refined on the offensive end. He’s a true PF. He matches well with anyone on the current roster because he could comfortably play center with his size (6-10) and skills around the basket. That would allow Ellis to step away from the basket and be a stretch 4. He could also pair with Cliff or Jamari because he can step away and hit from 15.

    Diallo would be nice to pair with Ellis because he’s a true rim protector, but the spacing with him and Alexander would be a mess because neither is a primary jump shooter. That pairing would be nice defensively because Diallo is probably the best shot blocker of the group. Watching his highlights it’s pretty clear that the rim is a no fly zone with him in there.

    Bragg though can play either forward spot. He could spot some minutes at the 3 because of his athleticism and ball handling ability. He can step out and shoot. He’s not the shot blocker that either Diallo or Rabb is, but he’s athletic enough to be a plus defender in college at the 3, 4 or 5. That also allows him to pair with any grouping on the current roster or any other potential recruits.

    Bragg may be the best fit on the roster to start the class out because he can be one of several pieces. A class of Bragg, Rabb and Newman would be incredible, and it actually works from a hoops perspective. I think that’s why UK is still hot on Bragg as well. They’ve already signed Skal Labissiere, but they could play Bragg with him and any of the current bigs on their roster without a problem. In that respect, he’s a bit like Poythress

    If I knew we were only getting one of these guys, I would want Rabb because he’s easily the most talented and he makes the team better next year than any of these others can on their own. However, if I knew that this was just a piece of a 3 man class, I would absolutely want Bragg as a part of that because of his athleticism and potential versatility.

  • Capture.PNG

    Two of the scouts that had him at Kentucky now have him going to KU.

  • Ok, more positivity - Evan Daniels has Kansas the 2-1 favorite to land Bragg; UK 7-1 and Illinois 10-1.

    I continue to maintain my general recruiting pessimism because it just feels right.

    But I do like this guy just a little bit …

    Recruiting Perfection: Bragg or Bust

    Screw the Apocalypse.

  • @justanotherfan I’m not usually the one to temper expectations (that’s HEM’s job), but I just don’t see what you’re seeing. Bragg might be more explosive than Ben Simmons, but Cheick Diallo is clearly the best PF in terms of pure athleticism (first step/vertical/no step vertical/2nd jump/etc), and I’d rate Rabb, Zimmerman, and Labissiere over him too. Likewise, as good a scorer as Bragg is, he’s undersized (both a bit short and very light) and really not much of a defender at this point. Being the best athlete isn’t everything, but unless he can bulk up quickly, which I think is questionable with his frame, I think it’s going to take time for him to impose himself at the college level the way he does in HS. I always reserve the right to be wrong and would be very pleasantly surprised if he picks KU and turns out to be NBA ready from day 1. I’m just not holding my breath on either account.

    @HighEliteMajor Pessimism feels like the right mode to me, too. This just has the feel of the Randle commitment. Experts were mostly in the dark, but figured KU just made the most sense, and as those rumors started swirling, I drank the koolaid. I worked hard on a mantra to convince myself that it just had to be KU because it just seemed so obvious. But reality kicked in and I was rudely reminded that recruiting, just like 18 year olds, seldom makes sense.

  • @konkeyDong Thanks for jarring that memory. I remember being at Johnny’s Tavern across the river the night before he announced, and (drunkenly) saying (loudly) “It just makes sense! There’s no reason NOT to come to KU.” I was very upset the next morning… Same applies to 23 year olds by the way 😞

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