I will be watching this from TX. There is always a video up after the event but does anyone know if it will be streamed?

  • @Statmachine do you get espn 3?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yes Sir! I just went there and saw that its on tonight!!! I’m there.

  • @Statmachine if you were in ks, it would be blacked out!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 If I were in KS I would be sitting in AFH watching late night tonight. In fact I would be there now sitting outside waiting for the doors to open.

  • To quote Marvin Gaye:

    “LET’S GET IT ON!”

  • This showed up this morning this morning on twitter.


  • I have been to AFH once and I may never get to go again unless the place is empty due to my head.

    What I would do to be able to go watch one more game pain free there, be it Late Night, a scrimmage or even exhibition game. I would settle for a Big Monday or GameDay too don’t get me wrong.

    “Allen Field House is my Graceland”–Justin Ryman

  • @JRyman

    I really feel for you. AFH is home for every Jayhawk fan.

  • @JRyman I hope to get there too again someday. My best hope is my junior in HS daughter who one day last year while I was watching, no, not just watching, but participating in, a KU game, she stated it’d be kind of cool to go to KU because of those basketball games.

    Well, in my mind now, she is going to KU! Of course, I’d have to visit her oh every weekend the Jayhawks are playing at home, sure, I’d go broke doing it, but it’s what I’m holding on to! Here’s her cell phone number, get your pens and some paper, all of you need to influence her to go to KU. The number is 123-456-7890.

  • The only guy that could commit after this weekend is Dorsey, I think, but I don’t expect it. Doesn’t sound like any of these guys, other than Dorsey, are considering a quick commit.

    Does anyone expect even one commit?

    Also, I saw that the late add … PG Marcus Lovett isn’t coming after all. He was a guy that was off the radar and we learned last week that he was to visit this weekend.

  • @HighEliteMajor Dorsey is definitely the most likely, but I wouldn’t rule out Bragg. Initially there were conflicting reports about whether or not he was going to sign late and even when it came from his mouth, he’s only said that that’s where he’s leaning. I wouldn’t put any money on him committing or anything, but I also wouldn’t be floored by the news.


  • So how come UNC had their late night last Friday and we’re having ours tonight?

    @wissoxfan83 You’d be better off getting a job in Kansas and pay in-state tuition. She’ll more than likely end up across the street at LSU.

  • @Statmachine If the doors are open I guess I best get back out and cut that last acre.

  • @wissoxfan83 My daughter just started her freshman year, just finished her first season with Cross Country and is already looking to see how the women’s XC and track teams are at KU.

    So like you, I already have her booked as a KU student in 4 years.

    Rock Chalk!!!

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I think more top players are going to wait until the late period to commit. Honestly, I think that there should not be an early signing period at all. Too much can happen between now and when a player arrives. Coaching staff changes, players leaving for the NBA (or staying). You really don’t know what the situation will be for next year, and it is unfair to both the current and future student athletes to have to either save a scholarship, or commit to a school, only to have the coach that recruited you leave (or get fired).

    A few years back there was some talk about making it into one signing period in the spring, but I don’t think that ever really went anywhere. Ideally, there would be one signing period beginning two weeks after the Final Four and ending the next Sunday night. Players could give non-binding verbal commitments, but no paperwork could be signed until that period. By then, most high school seniors know where they stand academically as far as qualifying (avoiding the chaos of a non-qualifier), most jucos have their progress reports pretty well ironed out (for guys that are moving up), players have declared for the draft (making roster construction more clear) and most coaching situations are set, because by then most non-playoff NBA teams have started their search. It’s better for everyone around.

  • @justanotherfan

    How about one signing period for shoeco leans…

    And one signing period for guys with no shoeco leans?

    You find out which shoeco leans you get…

    Then you know how many non shoeco leans you have to patch with.


  • @brooksmd Naw, she’s a Yankee, I think she’ll go north!

  • What is the consensus?

    Should we stand pat with “Late Night in the Phog”?

    Or should we sell out for more shoeco money and change the name to “Late Night in the Phog with (fill in the highest bidding shoeco)”?


  • Double D Night in the Phog, brought to you by Natrelle Saline Breast Implants.

  • Looking forward to another great season.

  • I predict Kansas by 3. (beer)

    Royals by 2. (beer)

    @jaybate-1.0 Stand pat.

  • BTWs, anyone like me who lives in the ESPN 3 blackout zone and doesn’t have Time Warner Cable, I can highly recommend OPENVPN. You have to find a US server out of the blackout zone, but it’s not too difficult to set up (just find an ovpn file and drop it in the config, then use the tool in your system tray to connect). That said, sessions are often logged and when you’re running your IP traffic through someone else’s servers, there’s no telling what they’re doing with the data. Suffice it to say, don’t login to anything sensitive while you’re connected to anything like this (email, bank/credit card, etc). Anyway, enjoying Late Night and plan to watch the exhibition games like this too.

  • What bs they wouldn’t show video on stream.

  • Freakin’ great. ESPN in all their genius has decided to cutoff the feed of the men’s scrimmage.

  • The moment of tip-off, ESPN 3 puts up a note that said the event had ended. I waited two hours 30 + minutes to see nothing.

    Ku Sports has a written play by play…

  • 5 thumbs down to ESPN3 and time for the hook on Shields.

    And now ESPN3 comes back. IDIOTS!!!

  • It’s back up now.

  • ESPN3 just cut off the KU scrimage right after it started!!! I am so pissed right now.

  • I caught the tail end - Wayne Selden = SUPERSTAR!!!

  • @KUSTEVE said:

    I caught the tail end - Wayne Selden = SUPERSTAR!!!

  • Posting the Late Night videos in case you haven’t seen them.

  • Bskeet, thanks!

  • my pleasure!

  • Anybody see late night? Hard to tell much. Selden looks really strong, hit outside shots and strong inside. Mason looks confident. Hunter runs the floor well, rebounds, had some nice baskets, pleasantly surprised me. Cliffs baby hook looks good. Oubre makes things happen. Devonte looks comfortable too. With everyone playing, hard to see a clear pic. Conner had some nice looks. Svi was not as good as I was hoping. Sure that will change.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I wish Landen wasn’t hurt - it would be interesting to see him matched up against Cliff. I thought Wayne and Cliff looked amazing. There has been discussion on here about looking for “muas”, and I think you can start with those two. Frank looked very impressive as well. He blew right by Devonte on a drive to the hoop, so I might have to walk back the Devonte love a notch or two. Oubre is such a gamer - love what he brings to the table.

  • @KUSTEVE what did you think about Hunter?

  • @jaybate-1.0

    “Or should we sell out for more shoeco money and change the name to “Late Night in the Phog with (fill in the highest bidding shoeco)”?”

    Let’s call it: “Phoggin’ in Our Adidas!”

    And while we are at it… let’s do the ultimate prostitution and sell the rights to AFH…

    “The Tostitos Allen Fieldhouse” and build the world’s largest 3d tortilla chip, lit and spinning above AFH… visible from outerspace!

    Even our assistant coaches can profit:

    Jerrance “Keebler Snacks” Howard

    And what about our beloved town:

    “Lawrence of Arabia” (our wheat fields before harvest look like dunes of blowing sand) (available on 4k Blu-ray disc!)

    Let’s see if we can buy the original “Dorothy ruby shoes” at auction to place beside the rules… we can even slightly modify them and sneak in an Adidas logo and some royal blue and a Jayhawk logo!

    Ha… sorry… just having fun on my weekend, killing time before the Royals game!

    How about them Royals?!

  • Wayne and Cliff looked like men playing a game with boys. Kelly is close… gonna be a man by March. Have hope for the rest…

    Where did Perry go?

  • @drgnslayr so what did you think of hunter? Anyone?

  • @drgnslayr Unfortunately, I was only able to watch the last five minutes of the scrimmage because I had to be at a concert last night.

    Did he play soft like last year? How was his defense?

  • @drgnslayr

    Thx for the take on Wayne and Cliff. I will rest easier. If those two can play like men now, and Kelly is on the conveyor for February/March; that would meet my heuristic of three nearly every game MUAs by March that can play the X-Axis AND the Y-Axis, and surely out of the numbers Self can come up with four more glue guys that will guard on ball hard, be gorilla glue one pass away, and generally play tough between floor level and 6 feet 6 inches in the realm now newly christened the “Dragonslayr Zone.”

    I had Wayne pegged for the art of manliness this season, but I’ve been worried about Cliff. Didn’t know if he were tall enough to mix it up and stay out of foul trouble, as we will need him to do at the 5 if we are to optimize our guys.

    Before the scrimmage, Self made it sound like Hunter was odd big out, because he was a better 4 than 5, and Cliff and Landen were duking it out for starting at the 5. Well, now that Landen is out two weeks with a stress fx/reaction, which Selfese means probably 4 weeks, then Cliff pretty much has the 5 to himself for awhile. And Hunter has a shot to show he can do more things than he has been doing. Landen’s injury actually makes keeping people happy a lot easier for Self. Landen has to sit, because he hurts. Cliff gets to star like OADs expect. And Hunter gets a shot to show he is better than Self thought. Best case, Hunter shows well backing up at the 5, Bam Bam gets sole back up at the 4 for awhile, and Landen heals and has to wait for a Hunter to falter. Worst case, Hunter doesn’t measure up, Bam Bam fills 4 and 5, Hunter has to admit he got his shot, and step aside for next time down the road.

    Your remark about Perry’s absentia doesn’t worry me too much. Perry will be able to score, as Self said. And Self made clear that he is done dorking with Perry. Perry is starting out with what Self gave Jeff and Andrew, after he learned they were not able to change. And with Self able to bring Bam Bam, or Hunter, against the blue meanies, then Perry’s occasional disappearances can be weathered. And if Perry has a crisis, then Bam Bam and Hunter are an adequate committee to glue for the three nearly every game MUAs.

    Just between you and me: I have a hunch Self was sending a signal about Hunter. He said Hunter is a more of a 4 than a 5. From that moment, I have expected we would see some Hunter at 4, whenever the team needed some stops on defense. Hunter at 4 and Cliff at 5 could make a lot of sense under circumstances when Cliff was guarding a guy he needs a back side double to contain. I think how this may work is that whenever Cliff can handle his guy, Perry, or Bam Bam gets the job at 4. Whenever Cliff needs doubling help, Hunter becomes the guy.

  • Following Late Night, here’s revised power rankings, just for fun. Thanks to a buddy of mine for DVRing:

    (1) Selden - (Last week 2). Self made the comment about 4 starting spots being up for grabs, and that Selden just looked ok. Nicely played. Selden is the man.

    (2) Ellis - (Last week 1). As some have commented, Ellis disappeared a bit. But I bet he disappears at parties, too. It’s his personality. But he’ll get his, and is our top offensive option.

    (3) Alexander - (Last Week 7). Looked like the real deal. His physicality and tenacity, with high level skill, makes him a key to any title run. Ups and downs? Some Tarik Black games? Sure. But a perfect Self system player.

    (4) Mason - (Last Week 3). Appears to have made the leap we have hoped. Small sample, but he passed well, under control. Four assists.

    (5) Graham - (Last Week 4). Not flashy. Self compared to Miles. Maybe. Looks more athletic though. Appears to have a better shot (but Miles didn’t shoot worth a darn 'till his senior year).

    (6) Oubre - (Last Week 5) Could see him having some freshman moments, and could really see him staying two seasons. Looks like a tough player - a Self-ball buy. If he plays D, Greene could be in trouble.

    (7) Traylor - (Last week 6). Nothing has happened to change his apparently rock solid role as first big off the bench.

    (8) CF - (Last Week 8 ) - Looked fine, but doesn’t have the appearance of a point guard to me. Deserves to play. But like many before him, “deserves” got nothin’ to do with it. Competition does, and where he fits. I’m curious. I just can’t see him beating out Mason for a PG spot. Graham is Self’s golden boy. And we can’t play 3 small guards in the rotation … can we?

    (9) Mickelson - (Last Week 11). Opportunity. Lucas has a stress fracture. Mickelson did look pretty good. Seemed to get to the boards well.

    (10) Greene - (Last Week 9). I guess everyone noticed he didn’t start the scrimmage. Svi got a starting spot over Greene. I saw that as major a slap in the face. Transfer watch is on. I was inclined to drop him below Svi, if Svi didn’t look so bad.

    (11) Lucas (Last Week 10) - Injury can decide battles. Mickelson played. Lucas didn’t. The longer Lucas is out, the more “behind” he’ll be, as Self will say.

    (12) Svi (Last Week 12) - Didn’t looks so whippy. Self is saying the right things. Putting out some nice comments. NBA stuff. Mentioned that he can’t leave after this season because of age. I can’t imagine much P.T., but groomed to start in 2015-16.

  • I agree about Brannen in the sense that it is not an encouraging sign to start on the bench. That being said, I still think he is more important to this team. I’d rank he and Lucas both higher on your power rankings.

    I’d put Lucas ahead of Mickelson. Coach talked really highly of Lucas at media day, and Lucas has length that our other bigs don’t. It’s tough to ask him to contribute against Texas and Kentucky if he’s not playing regular minutes. And we will need him in those games. I think if Lucas can rebound as well as Hunter, he beats him out for a rotation spot. In fact, he may also provide more value than Jamari.

    Brannen needs to get it together, because we will need his shooting on the floor. In my mind, four starting spots are full - Frank, Wayne, Perry and Cliff. Late night scrimmage aside, this is not a lineup that will demand a lot respect from the perimeter. I’d prefer to start Brannen and then have Kelly be the first player off the bench.

  • @HighEliteMajor Nicely done! Now you have to do one of these kind of posts every week. And if you can get any info on practices, then 2 per week!

    I haven’t got to watch it yet. Did they run any “stuff” in the scrimmage, or was it more of a pick-up game? When they start running “stuff” then we’ll get a clearer picture of who’s getting pt. If you botch one HCBS’s out-of-bounds plays or out-of-a-timeout plays, that’s a quick way to ride pine for a while. 🙂

    I did see the stat sheet. I wonder how much of Svi’s numbers can be attributed to nerves.

    How about Selden’s explosiveness, is he 100% from the surgery?

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