Pet Peeves Please

  • It’s early and I’m bored, so I started thinking of pet peeves. Please let me know some of yours!

    Mine - people who text and drive.

    When someone says “I love you to death” - that’s awful!! Love me to life.

    Coffee carafes. I have owned $12 Coffee makers and $150 Coffee makers. Every single one drips Coffee when I pour. Regular Coffee carafes - not single serving units that drip directly into your cup.

    People who don’t use turn signals. Temporary pass to those who are low on blinker fluid.

    Tv commercials. You know what I mean.

  • @nuleafjhawk If you have room, I’d suggest getting a commercial Bunn coffee maker. They work great, but are a bit more than $150. Best thing I got my wife last Christmas. (I don’t drink coffee often).

    Pet peeve - stupid people making the same mistakes over and over again without comprehending how ridiculous it is. Applies to all areas of life.

  • People cutting in line. People that drive in the passing lane at a slower rate than the rest of traffic. (And will not get in the slower lane when they have a chance) I guess it rounds out to be people that are inconsiderate of other people. Having to deal with answering services when calling somewhere and play phone bingo to speak to a live person.
    Having to deal with insurance companies that tell me what tests I can order and in what order and what medicines are on the formulary which can be a guessing game.
    The exorbitant price of brand name medicine in the U.S.

  • I’m disheartened that pedestrians dont ever look at me as they cross the road. I like waving at people. I see you! You see me! We are here on this planet together, lets acknowledge each other. I know that not everyone feels this way, but little interactions matter more when people telecommute

  • I hate medical office portals, especially when they are the same portal system as other offices but still make you create a new log-in.

    I hate it when people write “loose” when they mean “lose”…my wife and I refer to those typists as real “loosers.”

  • @patoh3 Yes to all of yours!!

  • @mayjay I hate log-ins of any kind, but kinda get why they have them. Loose & lose - oh yeah. Also, I have a bro-in-law that says “curve” instead of “curb”. Like, I drove up on the curve and messed up my tire. Also uses “ideal” for “idea”. “Whose ideal was that?”

  • @approxinfinity Yes. And it’s getting worse. People are so disconnected. I’m not sure what part of the country you’re in, but it doesn’t seem as bad here in the midwest (?). One place i’ve noticed that people seem generally friendly is on a cruise. Everyone’s on vacation - why wouldn’t they be in a good mood?

  • @nuleafjhawk said in Pet Peeves Please:

    Every single one drips Coffee when I pour.

    I hate that, too. Haven’t had a problem since I started touching the inside of the coffee cup rim with the tip of the carafe lip, which knocks the last drip off.

    And sharing that type of stuff is why the internet was invented!

  • @mayjay I feel like we’re solving some huge problems today. This has been a good day. And tomorrow morning, the carafe will be touching the cup.

  • @nuleafjhawk Solving some problems, but these were just pet peeves, small annoyances. The huge crisis issues, such as journalists who have no clue when to use “whom” rather than “who” or (shudder) “that,” remain unaddressed.

    Of course, we just have to accept that the biggest freakin’ emergency of all – people who say “Johnny nor I were [blah blah blah]” instead of “neither Johnny nor I [blah blah blah” should be shot. But it still, regretfully, ain’t legal to do so.

    Neither Man nor God can forgive the onslaughts of improper syntax by those who strive to offend those of us to whom these language transgressions are directed.

  • @mayjay You must have a nervous breakdown when I type - cuz I ain’t got no good English.

  • People who talk loudly into their cell phone on speaker mode. In a hospital waiting room for example.

  • People who bring their homemade sushi to eat in a public place, like a hospital waiting room

  • People who laugh continuously watching their favorite tv show (Pepe pig, for example) on their phone with the volume full blast.

  • @nuleafjhawk You don’t give me TOO many fits… My own fat fingers, however, make me nuts!

  • @DanR OMG Yes

  • I’d say two of my biggest pet peeves are, people wanting others to work for free and people that are always offended.

    I’ve been in the automotive field for just all of my adult life. People want you to do all sorts of stuff for free and most of it is completely ridiculous. This is how we feed our families, if we spent hours doing stuff for free the more challenging that becomes.

    Then there is the offended thing. If it doesn’t prevent you from living your life, why does it matter? I’ve literally never been offended by anything in my entire life because no one has ever said or worn t-shirt or seen a label that has prevented me for doing a gosh darn thing. You want to wear a Mizzou, go ahead. Poor choice of team but I can still go get a Big Mac. Put a political sticker of an idiot on your car, doesn’t prevent me from driving to work.

  • @kjayhawks Good stuff. That’s a great attitude. 👍

    As far as people wanting you to do free automotive repair…maybe they just aren’t thinking? Would they expect doctor friends to keep them healthy for no charge? By and large, we don’t have a barter system anymore. Missouri is the exception - you can still exchange moonshine for a foot rub (or you fill in something else).

  • Can I add to my own list?

    I don’t listen to the radio much anymore, but when I do and they cut the last few seconds off of a song…😡😡😡

  • Uploading a resumé and then having to enter it all manually when you click next

  • People is my #1 pet peeve.

  • @nuleafjhawk lol I read that as not happy with the coffee maker dripping. The carafe’s all drip depending on how you handle them.

    Another pet peeve - the smell of cold coffee, and coffee breath. Stuff stinks (I’m not much of a coffee drinker). Fresh brewing coffee smells great though.

    @kjayhawks People ask me for free services all the time, some reciprocate. My neighbors asked me for advice for years, in turn lately I’ve been asking her for advice when needed. - I’m a crop consultant and he farms, his wife is a doctor. Others give back in different ways - continued business is one. Keep the wife happy and the husband has a much harder time finding fault in my work. lol. But mostly I agree with you that people don’t think about the fact that is how we earn our living.

  • No doubt about that. I used to be in politics full time and never charged people when they asked what I thought about an issue or candidate or whatever. Much more to life that trying to scrape up every penny you can from the sidewalk. Gotta look up and see the world too.

  • @dylans asking for advice or something of that nature I’m down with. Just asking someone use thousands of dollars worth of tools to do manual labor for free is the issue I have. Which happens literally daily in the automotive world.

  • @kjayhawks Dont fall into the same trap as your mooching customers of undervaluing the others service. That advice took 100s of thousands of dollars of education and 10s of thousands of hours of putting it into practice to come to by.

    I have a friend who’s cousins expect him to provide them with a half of beef every year because he has the family farm. Farmers are expected to let people pick all the produce they want for free (some want it delivered!).

    My uncle had a construction business, no one wants to pay for what’s even on the estimate let alone any issues you run into.

    It’s crazy. Some people only use half their brain at best it seems. Back to my only real pet peeve - stupid people.

  • Everyone who’s not as smart as I am is my pet peeve. Kind of arrogant some of you might say? I was educated at the University of Kansas, of course I’m smarter than almost anyone, except all of you of course.

    Those people who get to the fourway stop first. Watch you stop and then wave you to go first. Dude, I’m not offended if you take your rightful turn at the four way stop, but now you’re pissing me off because I don’t know if you’re going to go and hit me and then say I didn’t wait for you.

    Reviewing what time on the game clock it should be near the end when the human clock operator shuts it off as soon as he sees the referees hand go up. Good grief stop wasting our time.

    Duke is my pet peeve.

    Stub hub ‘convenience’ fees that are more for higher priced tickets, when it literally costs them not any more to process that ticket. They’re getting 50 bucks from me tomorrow for the two 50 dollar tickets I purchased, and I’m pissed for the seller too because they’re not all of that 50 bucks per ticket back from stubhub.


    “your so dumb”

    “are great team”

    “he must of”

    I procrastinate.

  • @dylans oh man you’re so right on the beef deal. We didn’t mind selling it more or less at cost to close family and friends because we all help each other out over the years and that’s the way it’s done way out in the boonies. But other than that get in line at the butcher mofos

  • @wissox The driver of a car who waves you through an intersection when there is another car with the right of way who will hit you as you go…

    In SC, by the way, a 4 way stop is not a traffic control system. It is the best intelligence test our state has.

  • Lol this thread is gold, I’m not over-exaggerating. The hyphen in that word was apple’s addition, they’re complicit .

  • Ads for adult shit during sporting events (they can have fighting events, spare us the rest).

    Drugs that are named idiotic things like Skyrizi and the barrage of unfunny, uninteresting, horribly jingled ads we get for them.

    I started watching Jeopardy with Alex channel with the kids and I was amazed at the quality of ads: they were catchy, they were funny, and they were diverse.

    AI in general is my biggest pet peeve. I want humans, in all their imperfect glory. i want a healthy dose of face-to-faces packed into a typical day. As much as I can, I want to be a charming, attentive conversationalist and feel you reciprocate. I want to see reflections of myself in people I dont know. I want to let them know that they are not alone.

  • @approxinfinity said in Pet Peeves Please:

    I want to let them know that they are not alone.

    That’s funny, since my wife says the world is safer because I am unique…

  • My number one pet peeve :

    Being ranked #2 in the country and getting the living ship stomped out of us by a flippin nothing team.

  • @nuleafjhawk said in Pet Peeves Please:

    My number one pet peeve :

    Being ranked #2 in the country and getting the living ship stomped out of us by a flippin nothing team.

    lmao well were making them look like something today- --that’s something to be really proud of

  • You were wrong!

  • Glass half full - this team keeps me humble.

  • @nuleafjhawk I was at the Mizzou game when we were down 19. Also the WV comeback game when people were leaving. Gotta have faith! Most of the time. 🫶

  • I’ll add to this after my trip to Walmart after our game. People lazily going in the exit and stopping the door traffic by not walking an extra 4 feet. Add in people not returning carts. If it’s a blizzard I get it but it was 50 and sunny in central Kansas today.

  • There is an intersection near my house where the right turn lane has its own lane on the subsequent major street. However, Target is across said major street. So instead of continuing to roll down dedicated lane and merging, people come to a dead stop waiting to cross 4 lanes of traffic to get to Target. Clueless and inconsiderate. If they wanted that, they could have just gone straight. I honk and wave vigorously every time.

  • Tired of a lot of things today.

    Remote work during the holidays where you just crank far past burnout with no contextual clues that tis the season, and no spirit of comradre save that you are all grinding yourselves down in your isolated domiciles.

    Neighbors that incessantly blow leaves because they have nothing better to do with their time.

  • @approxinfinity The leaf blowing thing tells me you must not live in Kansas. Or at least my part of Kansas. Flippin 40+ mph winds are the only leaf blowers here today.

  • Someone who tells a grieving mother their child is in a better place. Gee thanks. Someone who tells a groom “keep her barefoot and pregnant.” I wish you would have told me sooner so I could’ve put that in the wedding vows. The governor of Arkansas. OMFG. People who list a pet peeve and include a snappy comeback.

  • @Zabudda If you’re the grieving mother, my heart goes out to you. It’s so hard to speak to someone under those circumstances. You want to express love and concern, but probably nothing you say is going to help.

  • @Zabudda I hate the “everything happens for a reason” logic as well.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    That’s true.

  • Parents that tell you they can’t leave their house for more than a day trip because of their “ailing” cat, who has been “ailing” for over 2 years.

  • People not wearing masks in crowded spaces despite flu and covid going crazy while I have a chemo patient and an immunocompromised 2 week old in my house. Guess we will just stay in the house for the next 6 months. Oh wait, there’s that work thing…

  • @benshawks08 I’m not normally a big stickler on the mask thing. Wear em. Don’t wear em. I don’t care. But for the circumstances you’re describing - wear em.

    Having said that, there have been several people at my workplace who have had covid and don’t wear the masks for the required 5 days when they come back to work.

    I’d like to punch them, but I don’t want to get close enough to do it.

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