3 4 star signings

  • I don’t follow this too closely, but reading about a 3rd new recruit who is highly regarded sounds like a good sign for the future whatever the future looks like. Elmarko Jackson is the guy we really wanted according to one tweet. Several other 4 stars coming in. None are big however so hopefully we’re set there with Udeh and others.

  • @wissox 2023 is a very weak recruiting class overall. Zuby who is 46th in the 247 rankings would be a top 25, possibly top 20, recruit in the 2023 class. There’s only 16 total 5 star players in the 2023 class which is a very small number since most classes have around 25 players that are considered 5 star players. Elmarko is a good player, but most years, he’s much closer to 50th than top 25 in a recruiting class. The players in this class are core, rotational type players, not necessarily immediate impact players.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I like core rotational players! We just won a NC with them. I’m glad we’ll have a chance to get to ‘know’ these three guys because they’ll be around for a while. Thanks for your take on them.

  • @wissox said in 3 4 star signings:

    @Texas-Hawk-10 I like core rotational players! We just won a NC with them. I’m glad we’ll have a chance to get to ‘know’ these three guys because they’ll be around for a while. Thanks for your take on them.

    There is a danger with these types of players though in that if they don’t get the minutes they think they deserve early on, they may look elsewhere to get those minutes.

  • @wissox

    Yes staff really pushed for Elmarko in the class & it paid off. Bill Self closing time came through once again.

    I think he ends up a 5 star at the end of the cycle. This was the staff’s top target and they landed him. He’s ascended to be one of the elite guards in his class & his hard work has paid off.

    Think they are done with HS recruiting for 23 unless an ideal 4 man became available. They will likely hit the portal for needs after the season

  • I think Elmarko is genuinely a gem in this class and should be a 5*. The class is very weak as Texas Hawk said but I don’t think he is barely top 50 in a normal class.

    Not saying they are similar players but in asking around about Elmarko the praise is effusive and it reminds me of when we got Graham. People that know/follow aau/hs ball think he will be a star. Obviously there are no guarantees but I am high on him.

    @BeddieKU23 Yeah there are only guards ahead of him right now on 247. Two are headed to Duke and Kentucky. The third might go straight pro and is the #1 overall recruit. USC might be able to get him in for 1 year.

    Definitely the top target. The entire final 5 wanted him bad. Beard is not happy about this according to Texas people. I know that at least twice since Elmarko’s visit that Bill went up to Connecticut to see him and stopped off in Philly to see his mom. One of these trips was reported, idk if the other was.

    Don’t believe there is a guy remaining in the HS ranks that we could get that would move the needle at all for us at the 4.

  • Some of you guys be thinking wayyyyy to hard about these kids future 😂 I thought Dajuan wasn’t a KU Point Guard we got Chip with him. I see Elamrko and And Chris being 2 and dones that’s fine they aren’t staying 4 years or 3. Talent is there just a lil tough Self coaching then they ina league. Jamari probably 3 years but he tough also. But still 3 very skilled guards

  • @NormRoberts I’m not sold on McDowell at all but I’ve been wrong before and will be wrong again.

  • @BShark Don’t gotta be sold Och and Cb didn’t look like Kansas guards from High school tape. They were rotational pieces that worked to finally be starters who had a chip on they shoulder from being smacked by USC. Frank Mason definitely didn’t have good high school tape either. Coach Self really would turn nobody into something so don’t sleep on anyone who come here

  • @NormRoberts Disagree on Frank I was excited when we signed him. You could see there was a lot to work with.

  • @BShark There is a lot to work with idk how to save and put videos here but just go to his twitter page and see the video from July 17 the tools is there ESPECIALLY the last play

  • @NormRoberts Just really curious as you’re new here. Your name. Are you the former Mizzou coach we used to chant at? :).

  • @wissox Nah I ain’t a former coach 😂 I been here I just don’t reply to everything I’m not a Kansas either I’m a New Yorker I’m sorry if I’m trespassing and about our mayor comments I just love Kansas basketball I hate Duke and Kentucky right with you guys.

  • @wissox That was Norm Stewart. Norm Roberts is currently a KU assistant. Don’t ever get Jayhawks and Tigers mixed up again or you’ll be in big trouble!

  • @mayjay Wow, nice catch, can’t believe I made that mistake. Sorry @NormRoberts always glad for the support from Big Appleites

  • @NormRoberts any reason to pick norm’s name? He was around there for awhile, huh?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Norm used to coach at St John I live 15 minutes from there so why not. I went to every Champion Classic at MSG since Wiggins year I knew I had to come every year energy different then you watch 2 games it’s sad it’s not here this year it’s in trash Indiana.When we played St Johns this year at they new Arena for they debut game in Long Island I was there that’s when Cb and Och both had 30 piece McNuggets

  • @NormRoberts that’s really a cool story!

  • Watching Chris Johnson play tonight in a game between 2 prep schools. He is an NBA guard athletically.

  • @BShark He went crazy yesterday for like 23

  • 21 tonight keep performing on TV he could get the fifth star

  • @NormRoberts Trash Indiana? That’s where I live!!

  • Staff is very high on McDowell. Interesting stuff in 247 premium from Swain and EBoss.

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