Other KU sports , off and running.

  • I agree with ya. I’ve seen them this year looks pretty solid. - they have a player ( Lauren Dooley ) a grad transfer from Florida stands 6’6 pretty decent player pretty imposing - then of course Bien. They just look solid buddy. Was a good test playing another ranked team on their home court this early and coming out the winner

  • Man got to say the first two matches was rough. Our ladies was just flat getting out played , kind of sloppy, and YET Loyola couldn’t close our Ladies out, we ended up winning 1st set 28 /26. - -I could of swore 2nd set was for sure going to even the match Loyola was up like 6 late - - & our Ladies just didn’t give up kept fighting— end up winning 30/ 28 - - I think the 2nd set just broke Loyola’s spirit, KU dominated 3 set 25 /12 -won the Match 3 - 0 Swept them. -still have just lost one sets out of 10

    The Ladies had 52 kills - - - one good thing only 5 Service errors Loyola 10 . - - -another place we got to get better is we had 16 Attack errors

    So we are now 3 -0 & get after it again this coming Friday - Another tourney on the road. - -Lauren Dooley our 6’6 grad transfer had a monster Match – she had a 76 % hitting percentage and haad 13 kills -Great day for Lauren. - Let’s go Ladies

  • Well it’s a good start to the sporting Season for our Lady JayHawks. - - Our Womens Soccer team is now 3 - 1 after beating Drake today & next up is Purdue.

    Then we have our Volleyball team thats 3 - 0 -winning the Utah Tourney and ranked 23rd at the present, probably move up some after beating # 22 Utah on their home floor. GREAT start for our Ladies

  • Well our Ladies keep on rolling. The Womens Soccer improved to 3 - 1 on the yr beating Purdue 1-0 . - -So they have given up 1 goal in 4 games this Season - - pretty good.

    The Womens Volley team our 20th ranked Ladies are now 4-0 on the year sweeping their match with Temple this early afternoon- winning 25 / 15 - - – , — -25 /19 - - & - -25 / 17 - - The Ladies getting ready to play Army at 5:00 O’Clock tonight - -give em hell Ladies

  • The Ladies continue to roll - -swept U Conn today and are now 6-0 ranked 20th which I think they move up. - -Have lost ONE SET - - one ! ! ! on the yr out of a possible 18. - -time they be given some sttention

  • Well - - - - -think the Ladies got a little upset tonight. – They blew a 1st set lead , they where up 24/20 & couldn’t close it out - -lost the set 24/26. only the SECOND set they have lost all Season

    So it woke the Ladies up , our 19th ranked women came back and pretty much dominated the Match winning- -25/13 - - - 25/ 14 - - -& - -25 / 16 – won the Match 3 sets to 1 - Ku now 7 -0 on the Season play again the next two nights playing Wichita State tomorrow night and then UNLV. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer67 Thx for the updates!

  • @mayjay said in Other KU sports , off and running.:

    @jayballer67 Thx for the updates!

    welcome. - -They don’t really get a lot of attention but I enjoy watching. Mercy they have some athletes. - -They pretty good my friend , check them out sometime

  • Ladies Sweep Wichita State 25/18 - - -25/15 - - -& 25/20 . - -Now 8-0 play UNLV tomorrow night

  • Well - — - - - - -The Ladies without their best player tonight - -Rachel Lang - -& they played pretty poorly on top of that. - -The result UNLV handled them pretty easily 3 sets to 1. The Ladies just didn’t have it UNLV in control pretty much the entire night - now 8-1 on the year

  • KU volleyball now underway on ESPN2, live from Horejsi.

  • Great comeback by the Jayhawks to take the first set from top-ranked Texas.

  • WOW. HAWKS UP 2-0

  • Really hoping it ends up a sweep because I may not make it up longer than that of it goes to a 4th or 5th set.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 said in Other KU sports , off and running.:

    Really hoping it ends up a sweep because I may not make it up longer than that of it goes to a 4th or 5th set.

    Get the caffeine ready. UT wins the third set.

  • My son is there.

  • Looks like they’re really crammed in there. SRO crowd.

  • Huge props to selling out the joint on a Wednesday. Our girls are playing well!

  • And it’s on to set number five.

  • Think Texas is just too good

  • And I thought basketball replays took forever…

  • Just couldn’t get over the hump. Horns win in five sets.

    Hell of an effort though. Kudos to the ladies and Coach Bechard.

  • Too many unforced errors with the net violations on points KU would’ve won otherwise.

  • Their net play was so much better! They get some huge girls. Our Vb gals seem to get ahead and can’t finish.

  • The ladies just couldn’t close. w had them where we wanted - play well just not well enough -Texa is # 1 for a reason. looking to rebound Saturday against K/State. Can still have a really good season - -stil make the NCAA’s I have no doubt

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