Fall Camp Thread

  • A few items:

    All newcomers are on campus. McCaskill was the last one, because he only graduated last week.

    Jalon will start, but Bean has really improved. I’ve heard he’s actually outplayed Jalon the first few days.

    There won’t be that many position battles thankfully. Tight End, LB, and Corner are the ones I’m watching. There’s a ton of talent in the TE and LB rooms, it’s about finding the right dude for what they do. If I had to guess, Noa wins the TE1 gig, and the starting LBs will be Young, McCaskill, and Rich Miller. I’m nervous about corner. There’s a lot of bodies, just need a few to be consistent. If we see a lot of safeties (Dye, Paul, McGary) move to corner that’s not ideal.

    Others with some competition are DT and SDE. Hopefully someone displaces Malcolm Lee.

  • @FarmerJayhawk One thing is , were gaining depth. - -Bodies, but not just any body for a body - -we are starting to get athletic bodies. guys that can compete. Coach really went heavy on defense this year through portal and such - -

    I didn’t realize that our Ol did as well as it did last year, read something about we actually gave up the least sacks in the Big 12 last year. - I think if our D-Line improves , if we can get more pressure from our edge we gonna be fine. - -We have added a lot in our line bakers/ safety spot, like how this is starting to shape up.

    Think Coach knows what he wants and how he is going about it - -building that foundation a brick at a time --I Really like this Coach, this Coach knows what it’s going to take to get this program turned around and he is following his plan and I think it will work

  • My hope and expectation for this year is to see a major improvement on defense and steady ball control with the offense. Like Jayballer says, it sure appears that Coach L has greatly improved our depth, especially on defense. KU should have more talent amongst the defensive starters and much better backups. On offense, run the ball over and over with the numerous quality running backs we have and the offensive line with more experience and better backups. My expectations are higher, like every year; but, I really feel better about the future of the program under Coach L than I did with Coaches Miles and Beaty. RC

  • @stoptheflop I’m excited! I hope to go to a few if it’s not 100 degrees.

  • Please everyone close to Lawrence, come to this game: KU v. Tennessee Tech Friday, Sept. 2 at 7 pm. Tennessee Tech, formerly University of Dixie is located in Cookeville TN, which is halfway between Nashville and Knoxville. With an enrollment of less than 10,000, Tenn Tech is in the Ohio Valley Conference. The Golden Eagles offense really struggled last year against the likes of Furman, E. Illinois and UT Martin. They lost to Tenn last year 56-0. I worry this won’t be enough of a test for our defense to get them ready to travel to W. Virg. on Sept. 10, but this game will allow Coach Leipold to insert a lot of players and get everyone some playing time. Great game time for the students, but I don’t like the late start. At least it will help with the temperature. I hope to see many of you at the game to show our support for our rebuilding program and Leipold’s coaching staff that has worked its tail off. RC

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