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  • I watched the Final a few days ago for the first time since April and came away with one thing for certain…KU got 20 unbelievable minutes from their point guards in the 2nd half. Harris was square in the middle of everything during the comeback and Remy hit huge shots and had the big block in the final minute on Love. As I remember it, I will spend almost no time thinking of Harris’s brain fart with four seconds left as much as I’ll think of how great those two were late…and KU needed both

  • @wissox Be glad I went to bed at halftime. You would not have wanted to see my halftime speech. Wait - it would have been deleted anyway.

    I still claim responsibility for the win. Had I not gone to bed, we would have lost. End of story.

  • @nuleafjhawk Good night.

  • @stoptheflop That’s a great insight that I really hadn’t picked up on. The refs stayed out of the limelight for the most part. There was some griping on the game thread as pointed out above, but nothing egregious.

  • It was a pleasure participating in the game chat with you all. NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!

  • @Eric-san Yes indeed! Pretty cool season I’d say!

  • Watched the final four games again yesterday, quarantine is good for something, and got just about as worked up as the live version. I am glad this thread resurfaced.

  • @Kubie Hope you’re well. Doctor ordered watch the four games?

  • Daily Bball Augmentin’

  • Yet one more reason I’m glad I don’t participate in game threads live. I am a buffoon during games and will comment buffoonery! lol

    The other reasons:

    First… I abhor commercials. So the game is taped and I wait long enough to create a buffer so I can cut out commercials. I usually time it about right so I’m about running live by the end of the game.

    Second… All my focus is on the game. I usually watch the game with one of my cousins. She rarely peeps a word during the game except maybe piling on with foul language when I bark out an expletive. I’m so “in the zone” if I didn’t have some favorite KU gear to wear for voodoo purposes I would watch games naked.

    Everyone around me has learned about my tape delay. Not only do they know not to call during games, especially not to call and leave clues on the results. That will earn them a visit by a guy named “Vito” who collects knee caps!

    My garden is amuck with grasshoppers… and those jerks have been eating my tomatoes! What is the date of our first open practice? lol

    Stay cool, my friends!

  • @drgnslayr I’ve wondered why you don’t participate in the chats! Sometimes the chat distracts me from what’s happening on the court.

    Yes, watching on tape is difficult. Just the other day, came home from church, had taped the British Open, recorded the Sox game and decided to watch the BO first and was working through it when I was on facebook and I see something about Cameron Smith winning. Blessing in disguise was I didn’t waste any more time watching, got right to the Sox game which was only an hour old, caught up with real time and then was able to chat with friends at the Sox page I go to.

    It’s interesting how sports have become a social event for many of us. I really have no one to watch KU games with so the chats help me to figure out who my virtual friends are and who my virtual enemies are as well! So if you commented during games, by your own admittance, I’d probably hate you! So don’t comment during games!!

  • the chats help me to figure out who my virtual friends are and who my virtual enemies are as well!

    Genuine lol

  • @wissox You should go back to watch the last 30 to 45 mins of the Open. Some really amazing golf shots that make you want to either go out golfing because it looks so fun…or quit playing entirely because mere mortals can’t do that stuff! Well worth it for the last three hours, really, but the end is classic.

  • Those major sporting events in Europe are almost impossible to avoid hearing about because of the time difference. Wimbledon, the Open Championship, Tour de France, Grand Prix races…they’re all 8 or 9 hours early here. And as someone who regularly follows English Premier League soccer, I end up screwing up my sleep schedule just to watch the occasional game live instead of catching the streamed replay later. (It was a lot worse when I was still working !)

  • I’m a Formula 1 freak for the last 30 years or so. It’s great to record and watch at my convenience!

  • @drgnslayr man you got a lot of energy recently. You been working out or something?

  • @approxinfinity

    haha… I’m in my 60s raising two small kids on my own… my secret… energy is REQUIRED! Guess I’ll sleep in my next life, unless the Jayhawks are playing!

  • @drgnslayr oh no, not on your own!

  • @wissox Yep! I got a great doc!! I am doing fine headache was my worst symptom.

  • @Kubie did you take paxlovid? Hope it’s about over for you! I know this latest variant is highly contagious but not to serious especially if you’ve been vaxxed. I’ve been lucky, so far.

  • @mayjay Too late unfortunately, deleted! Maybe on line I can find it somewhere.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 no they decided I was too many days in and without any symptoms of concern. I am fine now and actually off quarantine today.

  • elly, Getty) “Yeah, it might be No. 1," Larrañaga said on the College Hoops Today podcast with Jon Rothstein. "The way Kansas came out with such a vengeance. Their defensive identity made it very tough to score. Their ability to run the floor at the highest level. We’ve coached against Duke and North Carolina, those are great running teams. Michigan State is a great running team. But I thought Kansas ran the floor better than any team I’ve coached against in my 51-year coaching career.”

  • Watched the game again last night. Have not seen it for probably 3 months.

    After the first half it made me think of when we thrashed UNC in the first half in 2008. I recall one of the tv guys was criticized for calling the game over early.

    Sure was a fun team!

    Eager for this year… it’s time for the nation to experience a REPEAT!

  • @drgnslayr Billy Packer called that game. Jim Nance responded with some shock and if memory serves correctly UNC did make a game of it. After going up by 19 UNC went on a 17-2 run but a huge offensive rebound by Rush led to a building lead of around 7-10 points the rest of the way until we blasted them at the end.

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