Shock Collars for Referees

  • At what point in a game is enough enough for foul calls? In the second half of our W Virg game, there was a point where every possession by both teams resulted in a foul call and sometimes more than one. The game became unwatchable. I can’t imagine how bad it must be for the players who just want to play. First, I say BS to anyone who says “well, its up to the players to adjust to the way fouls are being called.” BS. Let the players play the game and let all incidental contact that doesn’t affect the play go. We need referees who understand the game is about basketball, not an individual referee making calls in dramatic ways that directs attention to the referee. I quit watching baseball when the home plate umps decided the best part of baseball was how dramatic they could call balls and strikes. Also, because its too slow.

    Yes, I’m advocating shock collars on all basketball referees and I want the button. But really, do you think there is a post-game critic for Big 12 refs by the league where its mentioned " Gee, 39 fouls called in that game, were they all necessary to be called?"

  • I like it

  • @stoptheflop I feel like they let a lot go in that end game. I’m thinking about jalen bringing the ball up, getting hacked and shoved three times before he blows by the pressure finally and then they call a travel. If we miss any of those free throws it’s a different game. All of those fouls especially late mattered. If one team refuses to let the other move without a push or a shove or a hack and the refs eventually swallow the whistle because they’ve already call “too many fouls” then the team that is not following the rules of the game have effectively won. In my opinion there needs to be something more discouraging teams, coaches, and players from non stop hacks. Like maybe a triple bonus after 12 fouls? Otherwise you let a less talented team decide the game simply by a willingness to be more violent.

  • That was the worst officiating we faced all year.

    How about that foul on Harris where he hacked the guy in the open floor on what would be a layup. The foul was clearly on the floor. The guy wasn’t even close to making a shot move… yet he received two free throws. I had to holler “WTF?”

  • @stoptheflop Welp as a former referee myself of 17 yrs I say BS to your BS , you looking to get someone hurt then you gonna have people bitching as to why they not getting called. -So basically what your wanting is a long as a player after getting clubbed as long as he still has all extremities in tact - - let er go lmao. Your right i reality IF a ref wanted to they COULD call a foul every single fricking time down the floor and it is up to the players to decide how the game is called for the most point…

    You got kids acting like they are auditioning for some Broadway super show with their fake ass flop bullshit. - the refs COULD call that ever single time too .It’s like I our crew always explained to the Captains of the game before the game , we would go over things and the biggest bitch we as referees had and we would tell them play solid defense - - slide your feet and keep your hands off, to many dam kids as wanting to hand check , and a lot of hand checks go un called that COULD be called and it would be the right call but they don’t. -tell the players move your feet and defend don’t grab.

    We always found out that if we called it close in the beginning of the game then it made it a lot easier later in the game because players knew they wasn’t going to get away with all their BS plays - lot easier that way then to let them play grab ass through out and then try to tighten up and clean it up later in the close game. -if you let it go then try to tighten up later then you got Players - - Coach’s - & that sideline bleacher Coach fans saying WELL you haven’t called that the entire game – -why now ?

    Thing is also we as Referee’s know that een that super fan sitting on the 1st ground level seat thinks OH I can see everything why did they call that - -that wasn’t a foul I’m telling you , you may think you can see everything that’s going on so you can make that perfect call BUT unless your actually out on the floor with these players on the floor you would be shocked at exactly just HOW MUCH you missed from that 1st row prime seat. You get those players swinging fore arms and or whatever else and the game is very physical and no way can you see all that’s going on.

    Sure it’s frustrating - it’s frustrating for the fans - it’s frustrating for the players - it’s frustrating for the Coach’s - AND it’s frustrating for the ref’s too. - A referees doesn’t get a penny more for a game rather it’s short and clean or a marathon foul infested ugly choppy ball game - -they all still get paid the same amount

    Eveyone knows that the best scenario is if a Referee could do a complete game and fans and everyone involved didn’t even realize that there were ref’s on the floor but that’s not reality reality is , that if a player thinks he can gain some kind of an advantage and get away with it and or not get caught - -they are gonna do it - And officials do get graded , every game and they do get reported to Commissioners and or whoever else and if it’s deemed they are doing poorly then they have much harder times getting scheduled . I understand the game of Basketball just fine I played it-- - I Coached it AND I have refereed in it too so got just a little bit about knowing about it --ya I hate it to but that’s just the way it is - -believe it or not it COULD be worse

  • I’d put one on the announcers! Jk of course. I thought the worst officials were at the Texas game. I thought dave was getting hammered!

  • Officiating continues to deteriorate. It was bad yesterday. Top 4 bad on the year. Hard to beat the Texas game though with 42 fouls or Kansas St. Remember they gave Och 2 shots on a missed 3 and then put more time back on the clock after a shot. Honestly refs are just really bad at making the simple call. Yesterday freedom of movement was non existent on the perimeter. Ochai is getting fouled every single play and its been happening for several games. Announcer was right, Och has been allowed to be guarded in such a way that isn’t fair. The physicality of the game has reached a bad point.

  • The charge rule in basketball has to change. Something has to be done to deter the effect this call has had on how guys are taught to defend

  • I’d put the collar somewhere that would really get their attention. You can guess where.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I agree, the bigs like Dave get hammered, while the guards are treated like they’re made of porcelain. The amount of contact that draws a foul should be the same for all positions. Zap-that’s me zapping some sense into a ref.

  • The idea would be adopted by unscrupulous coaches. In fact, maybe aleady has been. Grayson Allen became an unredeemable vicious pit bull somehow.

  • Did you all see this recent article by Bilas on the deterioration of refereeing in college b-ball?

  • @Bosthawk yes I read it. He complained about it during the game he did of ours. I think it was the Texas game?

  • I’m going to get a lot of heat for this but Bilas is not a bad dude. He’s actually pretty fair and seems to like KU.

  • @rockchalkwyo

    Really? I think most like Bilas. I’m a fan of most of his stuff

  • @rockchalkwyo Bilas is a Duke homer but no more (and actually less so) than I would be for KU. He takes steps to TRY to be fair but yeah he has respect and love for his Alma mater. I can’t blame him for that. I like him too most of the time.

  • @rockchalkwyo said in Shock Collars for Referees:

    I’m going to get a lot of heat for this but Bilas is not a bad dude. He’s actually pretty fair and seems to like KU.

    ya I don’t have any problems with Jay. true Duke grad but like you say - -he tries to be fair, I’ve heard him get off on Duke sometimes too calling it like it is believe it or not

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