Starting 5 for next season

  • I am really starting to like the make-up of our team for next season. Starting lineup opinions anyone?l First four off the bench?

  • At this point, I would go with either Harris or Yesufu at the PG spot. Thompson at the 2, Agbaji at the 3, Wilson at the 4, and McCormack at the 5 spot.

    My bench would be whoever doesn’t start between Harris/Yesufu, Braun, Clemence, and Martin/Lightfoot depending on the match up.

    I would redshirt Adams, Curry, and Pettiford since they likely won’t factor into the rotation next season and none are early entry candidates.

  • With who we have picked up, I’m starting to feel Braun coming off the bench myself.

  • Braun coming off the bench would be a very good sign for next season…

  • I am not seeing Braun coming off the bench. He got a lot of minutes last year and if his shots start falling the way we know they can he could have a great season. My guess at the moment is Harris, Braun, Ochai, Wilson, and Dave as the starters with Yesufu, Thompson, and Christin Bishop as our key reserves.

  • Yesufu, Thompson, Agbaji, Wilson, McCormack.

    Harris & Braun first guards off the bench. Pettiford sprinkles in for experience.

    Clemence & Martin as first bigs. Sprinkle in Adams & Lightfoot behind.

    If Self lands another big- ala Bishop this is a Top 3 team that could go 10 deep

  • @Jhawk69 so much of a players performance on the court is there comfort level. I think Braun and Harris will come off the bench and embrace that role. Just can’t see Bill shaking things up like he is to go with a starting five that could possibly be worse than the one we had this year. With the current roster I think Dave and Ochia are the only safe bets to start. Jalen may be as well but I think we are still going to add one or two more guys

  • @BeddieKU23 Couldn’t agree more. Playmakers is the backcourt is a must

  • @Oldmanhawk

    Good point about comfort level. It certainly looked like Harris was gaining comfort towards the end of the season while Braun never really settled into a rhythm. I think it was simple, Braun was playing out of position- no fault to him. There’s a chance if Bryce doesn’t get hurt twice that he may have transitioned into that spot. With Self’s confidence in Bryce I see him getting the spot he was recruited for- plus big picture view- looks good for a former 5 star to be starting.

  • Tempting to get juiced for all these new toys in the toybox… but don’t forget that history shows many fail to pick up the system quickly. It’s not uncommon to have a shiny new toy sitting on the bench for extended periods in Nov, Dec and even Jan.

    Sometimes, it takes a full year and the production only comes in the second year.

    Not trying to be a downer… But trying to stay realistic.

    With that in mind, don’t sleep on the incumbents who know the system and have grown another year.

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