2021-2022 Roster

  • Fish and Shwartz cut today. Must have a plan for how to go after the Tackle position. They have Niang who can probably play RT. And then my guess is that they either trade for a LT or go after one in FA.

    Likely to see a manipulation of Pat’s, Hill’s and Matheiu’s salaries as needed.

  • That’s good news for Seahawks fans. Seattle’s looking for O-linemen after Russell Wilson (and especially his agent) raised a stink about a lack of protection.

    (Interesting that Wilson is the agent’s only client, so it behooves him to make a bigger deal out of this than it actually is. The new lower salary caps around the NFL make any move highly unlikely, especially for a QB who just signed a megadeal the season before last. I’d disregard all the media smoke about it, at least for the time being.)

  • That salary cap is just a number. From what I’m reading, as long as your team has a wealthy owner (by billionaire standards) you will be fine.

    Raiders, for instance, are cash poor. They will have to let some guys go they shouldn’t because they don’t’ have the cash to pay bonuses and manipulate cap numbers.

    It also sounds like the NFL TV deal is about to be absurd now that they are going to start having 17 games a season. So there is that…

    I don’t expect Wilson or Watson to get traded. Fastest way to watch your team become irrelevant is to trade away your future HOF QB before the age of 35.

  • Williams backed out after reaching a deal, bummer.

  • I’m very unworried as long as 15 is on the roster

  • Chiefs still need to do work on OL. Without solid OL, #15 can only do so much. He needs to be protected.

  • @AsadZ they only need to figure out LT at this point. I’m confident they’ll get that done

  • What is your take on Chiefs D especially DEs. Personally I am disappointed in their performance especially Clark and to a certain extent Jones. They are getting paid big $$ but did not produce IMO.

  • @AsadZ Jones graded out elite last year.

    But Clark has been a disappointment.

    Overall though tbe defense finished the season as one of the best in the league so I think they’re fine on that side of the ball.

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