2021-2022 Roster

  • Fish and Shwartz cut today. Must have a plan for how to go after the Tackle position. They have Niang who can probably play RT. And then my guess is that they either trade for a LT or go after one in FA.

    Likely to see a manipulation of Pat’s, Hill’s and Matheiu’s salaries as needed.

  • That’s good news for Seahawks fans. Seattle’s looking for O-linemen after Russell Wilson (and especially his agent) raised a stink about a lack of protection.

    (Interesting that Wilson is the agent’s only client, so it behooves him to make a bigger deal out of this than it actually is. The new lower salary caps around the NFL make any move highly unlikely, especially for a QB who just signed a megadeal the season before last. I’d disregard all the media smoke about it, at least for the time being.)

  • That salary cap is just a number. From what I’m reading, as long as your team has a wealthy owner (by billionaire standards) you will be fine.

    Raiders, for instance, are cash poor. They will have to let some guys go they shouldn’t because they don’t’ have the cash to pay bonuses and manipulate cap numbers.

    It also sounds like the NFL TV deal is about to be absurd now that they are going to start having 17 games a season. So there is that…

    I don’t expect Wilson or Watson to get traded. Fastest way to watch your team become irrelevant is to trade away your future HOF QB before the age of 35.

  • Williams backed out after reaching a deal, bummer.

  • I’m very unworried as long as 15 is on the roster

  • Chiefs still need to do work on OL. Without solid OL, #15 can only do so much. He needs to be protected.

  • @AsadZ they only need to figure out LT at this point. I’m confident they’ll get that done

  • What is your take on Chiefs D especially DEs. Personally I am disappointed in their performance especially Clark and to a certain extent Jones. They are getting paid big $$ but did not produce IMO.

  • @AsadZ Jones graded out elite last year.

    But Clark has been a disappointment.

    Overall though tbe defense finished the season as one of the best in the league so I think they’re fine on that side of the ball.

  • Massive trade between Chiefs and Ravens.

    Chiefs get much needed help at RT in Pro-bowl player.

    Ravens stock up on draft picks.

    I think that Chiefs gave too much although this was their greatest need. Now they will have to find a creative way to sign Brown to a long term contract.

  • @AsadZ likely to be the LT

  • Yes, sorry I put RT my mistake. The OL is looking very good now, hope that these players can remain healthy.

  • Bolton seems to be a legit LB. I am looking forward to Gay and Bolton line up together.

  • Creed! Creed! Creed!

  • Time will tell as to how this draft plays out, however, so far, all analysts are calling this to be a solid draft for Chiefs, A- range.

  • @AsadZ said in 2021-2022 Roster:

    Time will tell as to how this draft plays out, however, so far, all analysts are calling this to be a solid draft for Chiefs, A- range.

    Without having a high pick, this draft was great for the Chiefs. They addressed their biggest needs with the picks they had, and got some potential future starters (Humphrey, Bolton, maybe Trey Smith and Cornell Powell down the line). If they get 2 starters out of this group without having a top 50 pick, that’s a great draft. Three would be amazing.

    And that doesn’t account for the fact that they essentially spent their first pick on a surefire Pro Bowl caliber starter in Orlando Brown, Jr., not a guy with the potential to be an NFL starter.

  • Obviously this draft could prove to be a bust. But their offseason as a whole was fantastic, imo.

    OL has been addressed even if Humphrey sucks. They are two deep across the line, and have a fantastic swing Tackle option/potential starter in Niang. Brown, if he performs this year, will be the LT for the next 7+ years for Pat. HUGE to get that out of a 1st round pick.

    WR - they drafted a guy who put up solid production at a good school and then resigned everyone but Sammy. More protection gives Pat more time. More time means open guys. (I still believe they address the position in a big way June 1, but that is just my hunch).

    TE - they brought back the Belldozer a proven TE2, and then went and got a guy who can potentially cause matchup problems in the later rounds. A tweener TE/H-Back guy. But I like it. Guy supposedly runs a 4.55 40 and is 6’4. His production is questionable, but that is why he was a 5th rounder. Obviously with Kelce, you don’t have to do much, but if you can find a guy who can outrun LBs and block a little, Andy can have a little bit of fun.

    DL - I love the signing of Jarran Reed. They brought back Taco. They drafted a guy who fits the scheme and has the size/athleticism profile they look for. I still think they should have looked harder at another pass rusher, but maybe Clark can actually live up to his contract this season.

    LB - Obviously addressed this position in a big way with Bolton. Hitchens, Gay and Bolton are a good core. I love the Bolton pick because if he plays well this year you can let Hitchens walk after this season.

    DB - I would have liked another CB. But the reality is they have a solid group. Ward, Fenton, Baker, and Sneed is a quality top 4 guys. I think they may go get a FA on a prove it deal still. But for now, I understand why it wasn’t a priority. Safety they have the guys they like in Thornton, Matheiu and Sorenson. Watts is honestly even a decent DB to still have.

    You have to remember that not every team is going to be strong at every position. It is impossible. You just don’t want to have any glaring holes. I think that the Chiefs have accomplished this.

    The reality is, if the line lives up to the hype even a little bit and stays healthy, the defense is only going to need a stop or two a game. And this defense is more than capable of providing that. I don’t know how you don’t put the Chiefs as SB favorites at this point. I know I’m bias, but they made the right moves all offseason long.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I agree with you 100%. The Chiefs addressed each area of need, and did so in a very deliberate and organized way. I think they eliminated their weaknesses and are at least league average at every position.

    OL was the clear weakness, so they dedicated the most resources to it in free agency and with trades and draft capital. Coming away with Brown, Thuney, Long and Blythe, and having Niang and LDT back essentially remakes six of the top seven spots along the line. Adding in Humphrey was a nice long term move. The O-line went from a definite weakness to at least solid, maybe a strength.

    WR is a bit thin behind Hill, but you can do worse than Hardman and Robinson as your 2 and 3 guys. Adding a WR through the draft, even a project guy, helps here, too.

    I liked what they did getting Bell back. I would have liked to see them add another blocking TE, but a pass catching weapon when you have Mahomes is always going to be a plus.

    I think they were right to not do anything at RB. That’s probably the area that can most easily be addressed on the FA market, especially since you don’t need a star, or even a starter.

    D-line, I am really wondering if Frank Clark has ever been fully healthy. He’s only looked explosive for about three games in two seasons. That makes me question his health. He may have to be rotated and platooned more to get more out of him.

    LB was a good investment. We need athleticism underneath. Would like to see about maybe adding to this group in FA as well for a role player/special teams piece.

    I actually feel really good about DB. Young group. Athletic. Deep. Versatile. Between Fenton, Thornhill, Mathieu and Watts, all of them can play corner or safety. That’s rare from a group of DBs. It also allows Sorenson to play a more natural rover/monster role rather than deep end coverage.

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