The songs the KU Band played at AFH Games...

  • Nothing brings back the memories like a song.

    Tonight I was listening to spotify and “In the Stone” by Earth, Wind and Fire started playing.

    Suddenly, 30 years melted away and I could hear the KU Band playing their distinctive arrangement during an extended TV time-out or a few minutes before tip-off. I could feel the excitement, and could see the newspapers flung into the air.

    If you don’t know the song, find it on a streaming service or youtube and play it. If you are like me, you will be teleported to AFH.

    It reminded me how integral the KU Band is to the AFH tradition and experience.

    Anyone know if they still play that song, or any of the others staples, such as “The Horse” by Cliff Nobles, or “Boogie Down” by Al Jarreau? Would love to be reminded of other songs that will trigger more memories that are in the deep recesses…

  • I’m not sure if they still play those or not.

    I know they play Bon Jovi “living on a prayer” and they play “Tequila” by the champs and “All I do is Win” like every game.

  • Or at least the last I remember…

  • When I was still there, the songs I remember we’re Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4”, Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”, Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”, Fall Out Boy’s “Thanks for the Memories”, sometime in the second half they’d always play Twisted Sister’s “Not Gonna Take It”, and I want to say they played a Hendrix song, but I don’t remember for sure about that one. This was from 2008-2010.

  • Thanks for the goosebumps! I played trumpet in my youth (1980s), and In the Stone was a blast to play. Just lean back and wail. Never for the basketball band, but elsewhere. I’ve lost my chops, but every few years I get out the trumpet (when nobody else is home) and blast away, and that’s one that makes my very short list of parts I remember.

  • I remember them playing hey Jude, when we beat OU at home, think last game of the season. But it took me awhile to figure it out but they were playing it cause Naadir had a great game! Na na na na na na na! They were playing it while Holly was interviewing him after the game. I think it sealed league champs!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 we had a really long stretch of them playing the Super Mario theme song because of Chalmers and Little.

  • @Kcmatt7 I would love to hear that!

  • It’s fun to read about the ku band. As a member of the band for 4 years it’s always good to know how much the band is appreciated. As of last year they still played “in the stone” and many of the other songs listed in this post. Rock chalk!

  • I only remember the jazz band playing “in the Mood” and other aged ditties, but that was the '70s…

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