Streaks in Jeopardy???

  • Two years ago, the KU’s unprecedented run of consecutive conference titles ended. The Jayhawks are still the leaders in two other consecutive streaks - NCAA tournament appearances and 20 win seasons. Are one or both in jeopardy? What do others think the O/U is on Ws by the end of the year? The Hawks have made 30 consecutive tournament appearances (not counting last year, when there wasn’t a tournament). Absence a complete collapse, that looks likely to continue. The 20 win season streak? That may well go the way of the consecutive conference title streak. Even assuming we sweep KSU and ISU, it’s difficult to realistically see where 5 more wins come from, especially if there isn’t a conference tourney this year.

  • I was thinking Ken Jennings when I read the thread title…

  • @approxinfinity 🙂 Should have thought of that - am a Jeopardy fan. No one can truly replace Alex Trebek, but Jennings is doing a decent job so far…

  • Another nation’s longest KU streak has survived - at least for one more week - being ranked in the AP poll. Voters who clearly aren’t paying attention rewarded us for our one ugly win in the past 5 games by keeping us at #23 in the poll released today. Probably have to not only beat KSU tomorrow, but also win at WVU on Saturday, to stay there.

    20 win season streak definitely at risk after the Tenn debacle. NCAA tourney appearance streak increasingly in question, as well…

  • @DCHawker I haven’t seen it with Jennings; I actually forgot that he was host. I haven’t thought a second about Jeopardy after Trebek died tbh; he was synonymous with Jeopardy. HARD act to follow. I’m curious now that you said he’s doing ok. We’ll check it out!

  • I’ve watched the game show “chase” w/those 3 Jeopardy all time greats. Pretty fun to watch. Some pretty smart guys!

  • Ha - well, this thread was supposed to be about the three streaks where KU has reigned supreme even after the end of the conference champion streak. Didn’t contemplate that it would actually end up about Jeopardy, but that’s okay too. Notwithstanding Trebek’s passing, more enjoyable to talk about than the 20/21 version of the Jayhawks.

    As noted, I watch Jeopardy semi-regularly. Haven’t seen The Chase, so will look for that. Definitely enjoyed the All-Time Champions Tournament with Jennings, Rucker and Holtzhauer. Jennings came out on top, but he and Jeopardy James were actually very evenly matched - luck came into as Jennings had more Daily Doubles pop up for him.

  • @DCHawker it’s on thursdays but not this week. I just found out about the show 2 weeks ago.

  • KU is out of the polls for the first time in 12 years officially.

    We can only hope that sparks them tonight against Ok Lite.

  • @BeddieKU23 said in Streaks in Jeopardy???:

    KU is out of the polls for the first time in 12 years officially.

    We can only hope that sparks them tonight against Ok Lite.

    Record number of consecutive weeks ranked - kaput. Longest streak of consecutive seasons with 20 wins - very much in jeopardy. Longest streak of NCAA tourney appearances - hanging on, but not a slam dunk (given that we apparently don’t know what those are…).

  • Speaking of streaks - I apologize that I haven’t had any extra google time today, but does anyone know what KU’s (basketball) longest LOSING streak is of all time? Thank you ahead of time.

  • Well, let’s see…KU loses again and drops out of the Top 25, Chiefs lose the Super Bowl, pandemic, social unrest…

    That plague of locusts should be due any day now.

  • Well another take on these streaks that KU has lost in the past couple of years. I think and it’s been said by others also and that si - - I don’t think you will ever see these streaks broken by another team - - so even though ours got snapped we will STILL hold those records. - -Your not going to see any other team win 14 straight Conference Championships in a row, having said that though this might be the one closest to getting snapped. Gonzaga playing in that pathetic Conference they play in that could happen for that streak.

    The others like our 231 straight weeks being ranked in the top 25 -no one was even close to that streak - -were talking like 12 straight years of being ranked , that happening now in this era won’t happen. - it’s safe.

    Then our streak for which we hold the record and still going straight NCAA appearances I think we are at 30 right ? - - Duke I believe was the next closest and their streak is going to be broken this year & like I said our streak for this is still going and unless the NCAA bans us likely to continue for some time yet.

    At the end of the day , I think we as fans get a little TO WRAPPED UP in these streaks , when in reality we need to be a little more involved /concerned about our team coming out of our slump and continued improvement. - - The streaks are nice - -great for fans to thump their chest about bragging rights and such - - BUT at the end of the day it’s more or should be more about the state of our guys - -our beloved JayHawks that they continue to improve and play well - -the rest is just Gravy. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Top 25 streak has restarted as KU is #23 this week.

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