Tonight 6:30 DDot and Doke

  • NBA channel has a Get to Know draft prospects series and Doke and Dot make the cut tonight at 6:30.

  • Draft night , So where does Dotson Land # wise ?- -Where does Doke go # wise? - -Who goes 1st Doke or Dot?

    I think Devon goes before Doke - -really doesn’t matter either way they both go. - -I look for both to go in 2nd round and I think they both go in the upper end of the 2nd round - - we will see. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Watched a pre-draft feature on Devon today. Although everybody puts on a good look for the draft, it seems like his whole family has their heads on straight, parents and siblings…a good example being set for him. Hoping for the best for Devon and Doke.

  • After Philly drafting Tyrese Maxey, they asked Doc Rivers about his talented roster. He said “you know what, they are talented. Starting with Joel Embiid”. Then later “we need players that play hard like Ben. And Tyrese is like Ben”. You think Doc got the memo?

  • Doke picked 27th by the Utah Jazz!

  • Hell Ya Doke goes 1st round, seriously I didn’t think that would really happen. He got to be really happy. - Way to go big boy # 27 in 1st round - -GREAT JOB DOKE - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The one team I didn’t want to see Doke go to. I f’ing hate the Jazz more than any other team in the league.

  • Go Doke. So happy for him. Get first round money and it’s a perfect fit in Utah.

  • Dokes worked so hard! Very happy for him, hope his mom and maybe his brother saw this. I know he wants to give back. 🙏 for great health!

  • Jay isn’t exactly blowing up the picks!

  • Waiting too long for Dotson.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Tonight 6:30 DDot and Doke:

    Dokes worked so hard! Very happy for him, hope his mom and maybe his brother saw this. I know he wants to give back. 🙏 for great health!

    Good for Doke. He gets to follow in the (large) footsteps of another Jazz shot blocker from KU, Greg Ostertag.

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if Dot’s agent after a certain point called teams and said we’d rather go undrafted and pick the destination.

  • @FarmerJayhawk true. Still surprised he slipped this far.

  • What a change in tone for the draft. Last year it was the usual zoo-like atmosphere with screaming fans and tons of bling.

    This year was really low-key, with lots of Zoom shots of players getting emotional with their families. Haven’t seen this many tears since the last season of “This Is Us.”

  • Dot to the Bulls, per Woj. Couldn’t ask for a better fit for him given his roots.

  • I hope it works out for Devon. Just very surprised he wasn’t drafted but I guess the shortcomings with his shooting must have played a big part.

  • Dot will get every opportunity on that team I think. Bulls PGs are not great…

  • You may see them be able to play Dot with Coby White and that end up helping White a bit…

  • Well I learned/surprised with 2 things last night from the Draft.- -# 1 just really surprised me Doke end up in the 1st round. I just didn’t think that was going to happen, more like top end of the 2nd to middle. Couldn’t be happier for him.

    Then 2nd Devon not being drafted AT ALL. - From everything I had heard/kept hearing was how good he had done in some trials - the shuttle and things like that interviews he had had with teams. I actually thought he would go before Doke , just kind of shocked me when he went un-drafted I think he got over looked by some teams, thought he should of went before some others towards the end for sure - -but tha’ts why they are who they are and I am who I am and they are at where they are at and I’m where I’m at. - -On top of that I’m just a little Biased I reckon.

    Again just threw me after what I had been hearing. Coach had said everything he had been hearing was that him and Doke both had really good NBA trials and talks. Super quick - -can distribute the ball pretty well but understand his shot needs some work. - I think too it’s just a matter of how the draft played out.

    Hope he can hook on with the bulls maybe

  • Ddot gets signed by the team with the owner who hired a 76 year old drunk to manage his other big league team in Chicago which happens to be muly team. The Bulls are a hot mess. They also drafted #4 an 19 year old who didn’t start in college.

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