Random thoughts as we end another regular season...

  • and Feel free, especially people who don’t often comment or post, to add random thoughts…

    • I cannot believe yet again we are at the end of another season. It just seems to absolutely fly by now… and the wait for a new season to begin always seems to be five times longer than it has in the past.

    • As often discussed here,being an Adidas school always seems to leave us at an apparent disadvantage over Nike schools as far as recruiting. Yet here we are again, number one in the country, another amazing point guard in a string of amazing point guards, a big man senior who may be the best in college basketball right now, and poised to do very well in the tournament. Something is being done right by our staff.

    • I have a real strong feeling we are going to need Isaiah Moss to get hot in one or two games in the tournament. One for six will not cut it in a close game. We need him to pull a Malik Newman.

    • it seems to me over the years that Bill self is getting better and better at adjusting his coaching acumen to best suit his players now. And he seems more relaxed in letting some players play through bad shots and mistakes rather than yank them immediately like he did in the past. this builds more team chemistry and confidence in my opinion.

    • I haven’t checked the stats, but this team, Besides playing great defense of course, seems like we are rebounding much better than in the recent past. Rebounding and boxing out are HUGE.

  • I think Self has really earned his HOF status this year.

    He’s managed to keep these guys focused on ball while the NCAA dictates nonsense from their thrown.

    Really liked his new twist on offense… to basically run a chop through the paint then live on pick and roll with Doke down the middle which has put him on the map for NPOY and setting the NCAA record for FG%.

    This offense also gets quite a few finishes at the rim by guys like Marcus, who is deadly with his bank shot in the paint… the most efficient shot besides the dunk.

    These guys have bought in to defense winning games, and hopefully championships!

  • My random thought is how much I love the tournament settings and process. When I saw KU plays at 1:30 on Thursday, I began rearranging my schedule and deciding what types of beer I need in the office frig for the people in my building who will certainly drop in to catch a bit of the game. Rock Chalk, baby.

  • @stoptheflop that’s cool u can do that!

  • @Bosthawk I am looking forward to responding to you looking back on this season after it actually ends, so look for my post @ one month from now.

  • @Bosthawk I hear you on always waiting for the new season to begin. I buy atleast two college basketball yearbooks every season (though I could get all of the info online). When they hit the stands I feel good, knowing that some KU bball is about ready to start.

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