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  • Here’s two quotes from MR Alexander that make me actually want to start a fan club:

    “I wouldn’t mind staying two years,” Alexander told the Tribune. “Stay and get better. I’ve been talking to my parents about it. Some guys leave and they aren’t ready. They rush in and they’re rushed out. I just want to take my time.”

    “I talk to ‘JoJo’ sometimes,” Alexander told the paper. "He said he hasn’t made up his mind. I told him to do what’s best for him. Hopefully, he stays.I think nobody could stop us next year if he does." (bold added for effect)

    In my book, a 5-star guy like Alexander who says he will (ok, might) stay for 2 years - that’s the same as being an Eagle Scout, staying pure until marriage and not having a cell phone!!

  • @nuleafjhawk you are crazy!!! I’m in.

  • I actually believe that Alexander will stay for at least 2 years. He’s an undersized PF at the NBA level. No real benefit in him leaving after just one year. He’s likely to stay for 2 years so he can work on his strength, much like Jared Sullinger (although he’s a better athlete than Sullinger).

    I think he will be dominant in college, though. And he will bring some much needed toughness and tenacity to the KU frontcourt.

  • @justanotherfan

    Why do you think Alexander is undersized at the NBA PF level? At 6’-9", 240 lbs., he seems to be smack in the middle of the range for both weight and height for PF in the NBA. Maybe he does not quite have the strength yet, but height and weight wise he is there.

  • @nuleafjhawk Am I allowed to join if I only meet one of your qualifications?

  • @JayhawkRock78 Lol - yes! If you only meet one, you’re doing better than most of the world!!

  • @nuleafjhawk Well my father told me not to have sex with a woman I wouldn’t marry. Good advice but I thought “why in the h*ll would I limit my options that much”. So - I ended up very un pure.

  • @JayhawkRock78 Well…I don’t have a cell phone…;)

  • I don’t know if I get on now I’m an OM (original member) and if I wait I’m a band wagon guy.

    I don’t like to do things without thinkin…

    Oh crap I’m in I’m a member of a fan club. When wll we have meetings? Will we hold a vote on who gets to be president and secretary and all that too? Oh man a club, I’m in a club that isn’t about hair loss. Oh wait I have all my hair disregard that last bit.

  • A club!!! I’m totally in…but I need to check w/ @drgnslayr to make sure it’s alright…

    @drgnslayr whatta think? Should we join? If so, do we change our signatures?

  • @JRyman

    Love your signature BTW! Deliverance was filmed in Mizzery, right?

  • Oh man can we have a secret club house? Oh oh with a secret knock. Or better yet a tree house!! Yeah yeah that what we need. Maybe even a secret handshake too.

    Ohhhh man I’ve heard so much about cool clubs I can’t wait. This will be awesome.

  • @JRyman


    I admit it. It was a stupid idea. A stupid fan club. For grown men (and women).

    I’ll call Samantha and Olivia immediately and tell them to forget about it.

  • @nuleafjhawk no no no. I need this club.

    It’s my first one ever.

    If there’s no club I’m going to have to start my own detective agency

    And nobody told me girls where in the club. How coooool!!! Girls are cool now that they don’t have coodies.

    Man this club has it going on

  • @nuleafjhawk-Since I bombed out on all 3, can I still get the provisional like in Sprint Cup? Just envision Joel & Cliff together next season…that’s better than a Vidalia (NOT abbreviated VD) dipped in buttermilk, rolled in beer batter, & deep fried at 375…krap, now I’m hungry !!

  • @globaljaybird Everyone who is on kubuckets is automatically in if they want in! That shows a level of " cool " that trumps any of the other qualifications.

    I AM kinda surprised you’re not an Eagle Scout though…

  • @nuleafjhawk Nope, was into rock & roll, bikes, cars & opposite sex too early in my youth. A proverb I shared with my boys at an early age goes like this…“Remember, if it has tires or teets (politically correct description), it’s bound to get you in trouble.” Just last night I let out a horse whistle at a middle aged lady who had forgotten to remove a compressor belt in her cart, just as she was closing the door on her truck. She laughed & said what are you doing whistling at me? "’ My reply was this…“Well, I may be old ma’am, but I ain’t blind.” Trust me, that line get’s a blush or a smile every time.

  • @VailHawk

    Hmmmm… what do you think?!

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    The reports that I have seen have him listed at 6-8 in shoes. That’s concerning from a pro perspective, especially since he’s a true post player. If he were more of a stretch post player, I would think differently, but he’s a true banger, so his lack of elite size could keep him in college for two years instead of one. That doesn’t change his projection as a college player, where I am fairly certain that he will be a very good, if not dominant, player on both ends of the floor.

  • @globaljaybird “My reply was this…“Well, I may be old ma’am, but I ain’t blind.” Trust me, that line get’s a blush or a smile every time.”

    I’m going to have to steal that line down the road, well played sir.

  • With all the effort Cliff is putting in even before arriving on campus… he seems to already be working on his status of becoming a legendary Jayhawk!

    Rock Chalk, Cliff!

  • @HawkInMizery Only time it can be in error is when the hubby or BF is present, or a woman of the cloth. I’ve learned to be scrutinous, so tread lightly my man. When one of my son’s came home with his prom date about 20 years ago, it first popped into my head. HS just girls didn’t look/dress like that when I was a kid. She was so good looking I felt like laying on the rug & kickin’ like a dog.

  • @justanotherfan

    Even at 6’8" he still is in the range of NBA Power Forwards. Most references I have seen list him at 6’-9", 240#.

    Draft Express…



    Don’t forget that one of the more dominant PF of all times, Charles Barkley, is only 6’-6".

  • Don’t forget that one of the more dominant PF of all times, Charles Barkley, is only 6’-6".

    @JayHawkFanToo He is my all time favorite player from the NBA, yes over Jordan. I have Dr J. Magic, Bird, Wilt, Russell all right up at the top of my list.

    But Barkley was one of a kind, he had the drive to be a big man, the determination not the get beat by someone else. “The meek shall inherit the earth, but they won’t get the ball” I had that poster in my gym locker and tapped it before every game I played my senior year.

  • @globaljaybird thanks for the laugh and the sage advice!! I will make sure I employ it the right way. I’ve still got a ways to go before I can start saying it though. If I said it to younger girls now it would just be awkward for all parties involved.

  • @HawkInMizery Timing is everything.

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