If Coach Self leaves who should replace him?

  • Who?

  • Been alot of chatter, so thought it was time. Would the UVa coach leave to come? What about Dan Hurley? What about Miller in Indiana?

  • He not leaving

  • @JAYHAWKFAN214 I think that he will, probably after this season - the new Spur’s coach in waiting.

  • I’d go full force on Jay Wright. For KU connection I’d suggest Tad Boyle.

  • I don’t see Bill leaving.

    But if he did, Tony Bennett and it isn’t even close in my book.

    His buyout is only $750,000 I believe. He’s proven he can win a NC and did it at a 2nd tier ACC school. He appears to be able to recruit. He seems charismatic. He seems like a great human. He’s only 50, so it’s likely you’d get him for 10-15 years. Which is all you can really expect. He doesn’t have an Alma-Mater that would be in competition.

    He might not take the job, but he’s easily the number one candidate without question. His wife is from North Carolina (I think), so I could see them not wanting to move.

    I do not see Chris Beard leaving the state of Texas, but he’s 1B and I could understand anyone arguing for him as well.

    After watching what Indiana and UCLA have been through in coaching searches, I just don’t know how anyone could be advocating for Bill to leave. I know we are KU, but I fear a coaching search, especially one that would come while we could be sitting out of the tournament for a year or two. It seems like that would be a very poor decision. We know Bill will get the ship back on course. And we should allow him to do that and pass this program over to someone when it’s in good standing.

  • @Kcmatt7 See also: Alabama football before Saban, Nebraska football for the last 15 years, USC football before and after Pete Carroll. Coaching matters.

  • Good grief, great points about blue bloods Indiana and UCLA, and the football programs. The abyss of above-averageness is closer than one might think. Geez, if we wonder about coaching, see KU FB under Magnino. The abyss of above-averageness is closer than one might think.

    I said last fall that one significant possibility when the dust settles is that Bill Self is not coaching here. Unfortunately, events have careened us down a path where that is still a real possibility. Self’s contract concludes 2021-22. Very easy to buy out a year or two - or to walk away from that for another opportunity.

    Some think that the NCAA really wants Self out, which is certainly not out of the question.


    We just have no idea where this is going.

  • @Kcmatt7 I think I remember that his wife is from Baton Rouge. I’d love him in Lawrence but I’d also love him following his dad’s footsteps in Madison!

  • JAYHAWKFAN214 said:

    He not leaving

    Ding ding. All parties want an extension, and will get one barring a crazy long show cause.

    I’d call up Mike White at Florida in that scenario.

  • That’s one I haven’t heard yet, Mike White. Would he be your first choice @FarmerJayhawk?

  • I have an idea.

    Do we need a head coach? Can’t someone write a program that connects social media with our team so we can use a democratic system where majority rules on decisions?

    Doke = “We’ve decided you will wear wrist protection 24/7 until you graduate!” (says the KUcoachcoop)

    Recruit XYZ = “We really want you to come to Kansas. You will have a rare opportunity to be coached by 800 of the best armchair coaches in America!” (says the KUcoachcoop)

    Media Release = “The NCAA can shove these allegations up their snotty arse! Go ahead and ban us from games. You will never keep an internet connection out of AFH, so we’ll coach our guys regardless of your stupid bans. Jack with us one more time, and we will file a class-action suit on your bogus institution!”

    Laugh… you are supposed to laugh! But don’t be surprised if automatization replaces coaches in the future just like most other jobs. I can see a little device looking like a Roomba, on the court, screaming at players and refs…


  • Marco said:

    That’s one I haven’t heard yet, Mike White. Would he be your first choice @FarmerJayhawk?

    He’s at the top of my list for guys I think we can get. My stance on replacing Self if he’s suspended is we need someone who can really coach, won’t be in it for the long haul, he’s tanned, rested, ready: Larry Brown.

  • @FarmerJayhawk lol, somebody will have the big one!🤣

  • @FarmerJayhawk 😃 Talk about coming full circle…

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