Am I watching the Chief or the Jayhawks?

  • I’m questioning if I’ve had a lucid thought the last 4 days.

    Feels like I’m on some kind of psychedelic woodstock high.

    I could swear that I can’t tell the difference between the Chiefs and the Jayhawks this past 4 days.

    In my extended freak-out dream I witnessed two teams put up a season’s amount of offense in just a few quarters.

    Reinforces my thoughts for the last 60 years. If you do anything… recruit anyone… make sure it’s a quarterback with an arm and some intelligence. I know both teams have more quality players than that but I can think of several Chiefs teams that had half a dozen all-pro players but couldn’t make the playoffs.

    How fun is this ride?

    I’m certain the Chiefs are going to have many games like today ahead. But the Jayhawks? Entering Big 12 play?

    No guarantees here but I think they have potential to win some conference games. If Stanley maintains his self-esteem, he should be able to help lead this team to some effective offense.

    So what Big 12 teams might we target? We always know the purple kittens are at the top of our list. And why can’t we take it to them? The scent of Snyder is gone.

    I’m sure many of you know the Big 12 football conference better than I. Anyone feeling like we could win some games this year? Who will we beat?

  • @drgnslayr KSU has looked pretty good so far this year. Best bets would probably be WVU, Texas Tech, TCU, OSU, ISU, KSU, Baylor, Texas, then OU. That would be my guess from most likely to least likely for KU to win.

    West Virginia and Texas Tech haven’t been very impressive this year. KU tends to play TCU close just about every year for whatever reason so I’ll never rule that game out regardless of how good TCU looks. OSU is similar to TCU in that they’ve played horrible against KU pretty regularly so that potential is always there as well. We always pick ISU and KSU as likely upsets, KU usually no shows those games. Baylor has typically blown out KU so I wouldn’t bet on that one. Texas and OU are far and away superior to everyone else in the league and I’d be shocked if KU stayed within 20 of either team this year.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Does it seem like we are already getting a “Miles effect?”

  • @drgnslayr We’ve seen an F game and an A game from KU within 6 days as far as the offense goes. The defense appears pretty much on par with last year’s defense minus the ability to turn teams over. It isn’t a great defense, but they’ll keep KU in most games this year.

    The offense on the other hand appears like it could be extremely Jekyll and Hyde this year. If Carter Stanley plays well like he did against BC and the passing game is a factor, KU could beat anyone left on the schedule except for probably OU and Texas. If the CC Carter Stanley shows up, KU isn’t beating anyone left on the schedule.

    The current offense is very much a hybrid of a typical Les Miles offense and a typical Les Koenning offense. The Power I is a Miles staple along with that toss dive play that Herbert broke one on to start the second half. The zone read, RPO, spread stuff that opened up the running game was very much a Les Koenning style offense.

    We’ll probably still see some head scratching game management issues because it’s Les Miles and that’s not always a strong suit of his. I also think we’ll still see teams load up against the run and force Carter Stanley to make the defense respect the pass.

    Bottom line is that Les Miles will make KU a better football program. We saw a glimpse of what that can look like on Friday night. We also know this is still a major rebuilding project that will have unexpected hiccups along the way like the CC game. We will continue to see growth over the course of the season and I don’t think 4-5 wins is out of the question this year for KU. I believe we’ll see KU have another 2-3 games where the offense is clicking and gives KU a shot an some upsets. I also believe we’ll see 2-3 more games where the offense lays an egg and makes people question the progress being made. I think we’ll also see 2-3 other games where KU is somewhere in the middle and competitive, but not good enough to finish the job.

  • Still reflecting about Friday’s game. Thinking are we improving at the rate of what we saw Friday OR was it BC isn’t as good as what media and some others making them out to be ?

    I think it MIGHT be some of both BUT I truly have to think that we might be making progress more then them not being better.

    The big thing we have to remember now is Guys as awesome as this game was , couldn’t of been any prouder - - we have to remember and try and keep in check - -it was one game , a BIG win none the less and even bigger win being on the Road , yet we just have to try and keep things in perspective - -what’s that old saying? - - Rome was captured in a day lol. - -I know feels good to be able to enjoy the weekend after the Boys win - -gotta crawl before we walk - -But MAN was that sweet.

    For sure a game to build off of -I know that there is no one here that thinks we have turned the corner – but I see that corner up ahead, - just try to keep things in check , think we have the staff - -now to get some better recruits - which I think he has coming -we got to see Parker and some - -next Step? - - get our Secondary to learn how to hang onto the ball for that INT - -how many we drop? – Mayberry had a couple - - - Overall Great Night - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Carter Stanley is a caretaker. KU still needs an upgrade, but if he can keep teams from completely loading the box to stop the run, this KU team can move the football. QB play just has to keep defenses honest so the backs can do their thing.

  • justanotherfan said:

    Carter Stanley is a caretaker. KU still needs an upgrade, but if he can keep teams from completely loading the box to stop the run, this KU team can move the football. QB play just has to keep defenses honest so the backs can do their thing.

    This is why I was probably the biggest supporter on here of Peyton Bender last year. It wasn’t because he was an elite QB because he wasn’t. It was because he took care of the football and was a good enough passer to keep defenses from stacking the box. Bender allowed the Pooka and Herbert to be Pooka and Herbert.

    The first two games, Carter Stanley was awful and running game suffered because of it. If Peyton Bender was the QB this year, KU would be 3-0 and those first 2 games would’ve been 20+ point blow outs as well. Unfortunately Carter Stanley has never been a consistent passer or good decision maker, so we have what we have this year.

    The defense will be solid enough to keep KU in most games. The defense last year only gave up 30+ points 4 times all season, I think it’ll be similar this year. KU also has one of the best running attacks in the B12 behind Pooka and Herbert. The question mark is the QB play and passing game. If the passing game is average, KU will be able to win some games this year because KU has a better receiving corp this year I believe. KU didn’t have big body receivers last year, this year, Parchment and Lassiter are stepping up along with the TE’s. Andrew Parchment is an all B12 receiver so KU has some weapons. It’s just a matter of whether or not Stanley can find those weapons.

  • The defense has been a pleasant surprise for me. Only letting up a shade over 15 points. I think they’ve given up a few too many big plays and need to start catching INTs (we dropped 4 Friday). A like a bend not break defense in this conference because you know that yards will be given up, that’s just how it works in the B12. My question is which offense show up Saturday? The team that lit up the scoreboard or the team that struggles to score against inferior opponents. The play calling and Stanley finally showing up was the difference. We didnt run a RPO that I can remember the first 2 games and we kept him the pocket too much. Friday we ran the hell outta RPOs and had several rollouts outta play action. I honestly think if we played CC again we’d stomp them by 30. I’m excited for Saturday, just to see what we do. I think WV and Tech at home are probably our best shots at more wins but I think they’ll be dog fights. One at time men let’s go!

  • KU can win games because they can run the ball. In the Big 12, they can keep some of the more explosive offenses off the field with their run game, but in order to do that, the threat of a pass has to exist. Because Herbert and Williams are so talented, the passing attack doesn’t need to be great. As @Texas-Hawk-10 said, average is enough.

    The defense is a bit more athletic (eye test) than last year. That may not translate to a better product right away, but it will give them a higher ceiling.

  • I went back and watched the condensed game. A couple things stood out. The line did a great job at stoning BC at the LoS to get Juice and Pooka to the second level.

    The playcalling was excellent. Liked that we ran more spread and used the I as a changeup. I also really liked how it complemented Carter’s strengths. Short passes, lots of rub routes to get guys loose. He made some dicey throws into tight windows but it worked. They still need to figure out better ways to use Pooka.

    The defense was solid. Up front was iffy at times, but BC is probably the most physical team in the league not named Clemson. The secondary was terrific. Missed a couple picks, but really made life difficult for BC’s receivers. All in all, a different team than played against CC.

  • @FarmerJayhawk I need to go back and re-watch the game and grab some video. There were a several plays where the offensive line just completely wiped out the D line and linebackers. My wife even said, “I’m getting tired of you cheering about the ‘textbook’ blocking.”

    We don’t have the biggest and strongest guys on the line, but they deserve a lot of credit.

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