NBA Free Agency - Walker to the Celtics

  • I think Kemba will be a good fit in Boston. The Kyrie experiment was a complete fiasco, he’s all iso. Look for the Celtics to be a hell of alot better next year. Not a huge NBA fan, in general, but I do follow Golden State and Boston.

  • With him gone hope DG can get more PT.

  • Celtics are also trying to acquire Clint Capela from the Rockets as well to replace Al Horford who they’re going to lose to free agency. They want to be part of a three team deal with Houston and Philly if the Rockets can workout a sign and trade for Jimmy Butler.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I’ve been wondering if Boston can get Capella for a draft pick or two and or pick up a bad contract . Knowing Houston needs to clear cap space for Butler it seems Boston could get Capella for cheap. Capella is a talented big but doesn’t have a trey gun. Wondering if he can develop it or if it matters for Boston.

  • @approxinfinity Capella will probably never have 3 point range. He’s a career 52% FT shooter and peaked at 62% this year. His offensive game is also extremely limited. He’s a solid rebounder, but he’s a complimentary piece and cannot do what Al Horford did for that team.

    As for the trade, Houston is in win now mode and not looking for draft picks or other moveable pieces. They want pieces to build a supporting cast since they’re in win now mode. Personally, think Butler and Harden would be a disaster together as Harden doesn’t get along well with other star players on the court. He drove himself out of OKC, he drove off Dwight Howard, he and Paul don’t like each other. Butler is a very strong personality and he and Harden would be the biggest clash of personalities yet.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Clint Capella would definitely work. I didn’t know they were trying to acquire him. If they do, that would get rid of some the doubt that I had about them, since I knew about their losing Horford. He would not do what Horford did, but if he could D up, rebound, pass back to the outside, and throw in a few garbage baskets that would probably work. What assets would he be worth?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I agree that Butler would be a bad fit, but hope that they don’t realize it until after the Cs acquire Capella. I wonder what’s up with Smart and Rozier?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 the reason I say a draft pick is that the Rockets were aiming at Butler and needed cleared cap space. So they basically need to dump Capela right? But he has value, so future draft picks that don’t affect current cap space are better than a dump. Did you have in mind any particular Boston role players the Rockets could take the contract of and still afford a star?

    If it’s not Butler, I get what you are saying. Im not a fan or Butler or Harden and think they deserve each other in Houston.

  • @Marco Latest rumors are the Capella trade is dead in the water because the financials of that deal weren’t going to work without the Celtics giving up Marcus Smart and Ainge doesn’t want to.

    The current trade rumor involving Boston is a 3 way with Brooklyn and Charlotte with Kyrie to Brooklyn, Rozier to Charlotte, and Kemba to Boston along with other assets as well.

  • @approxinfinity Please don’t put that evil on me. Jimmy Butler is from Houston (I have friends that played HS ball with him) so that’s why there’s interest both ways.

    Capella to Boston is dead because that deal would’ve included Marcus Smart who Boston doesn’t want to give up. Also, Darryl Morey doesn’t like to keep draft picks. Houston also doesn’t have a first round pick for the next several years because of various trades so those types of assets aren’t relevant when dealing with Rockets moving assets.

    Any trade the Rockets make involving Capella will not involve the Rockets trading a draft pick because the Rockets don’t have a guaranteed first round pick until 2024.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I would agree to that trade, but I would not give up Smart - that’s why I asked about Smart and Rozier. And that is not a knock on Rozier, he’s a hell of a point guard. I just value Smart’s D. So, I guess the next question is, who should the Cs now be targeting to try to somehow replace Horford?

  • @Marco There’s not a good free agent option out there unless Boogie Cousins is interested. I don’t know what trade options they’d be looking at right now, but that’s the only way they’re replacing Horford at this point.

  • The brooklyn deal just got hotter. KD and DeAndre with Kyrie.

  • Biggest losers in free agency right now appear to be the Knicks and Rockets. Jimmy Butler to the Miami Heat in a sign and trade and no obvious trade partner for Capela.

  • Kawhi, LeBron, AD and 12 league minimum guys … Will that really be the team to beat?

  • approxinfinity said:

    Kawhi, LeBron, AD and 12 league minimum guys … Will that really be the team to beat?

    And Kuzma…

    Yes that team ends up good enough. It was in Miami.

  • @approxinfinity Did Kawhi go to the Lakers? I’ll tell you, I just don’t see him co-existing with LeBron.

  • The Celtics picked up Enes Kanter. I think it’s a good nab.

  • Marco said:

    @approxinfinity Did Kawhi go to the Lakers? I’ll tell you, I just don’t see him co-existing with LeBron.


  • Marco said:

    The Celtics picked up Enes Kanter. I think it’s a good nab.

    He’s not good on D. He’s not Al Horford.

  • @approxinfinity I know, but better than a gaping hole.

  • @BShark I thought he meant that Kawhi went to the Lakers.

  • @Marco he hasn’t yet but I think he will.

  • @approxinfinity Really? See that Golden State is adding Cauley-Stein.

  • @Marco hmm I didn’t see that yet. Interesting. I was surprised they replaced durant with Russell as far as Max contracts. I figured a stretch forward would be more suitable. And I was surprised they let Iguodala go to do it. I expect Russell is traded by years end. We will see if Kerr figures out how he fits with Curry against the leagues best.

  • @approxinfinity Figure by adding Stein they don’t think they’ll re-sign Cousins. They’re gonna go small-ball apparently.

  • @Marco There’s no market for Boogie right now unless he lowers his price.

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