Raptors hold off gimpy Warriors for first NBA title.

  • The Toronto Raptors closed Oracle Arena doors for good with a 114-110 win in game 6 of the NBA finals to the title. The injury plagued Warriors seemed to be taking control late in the third quarter before a white hot Klay Thompson (30 points) went down with an apparent knee injury. The Warriors got a good look from Curry in the final seconds to take the lead but it clanked off of the front of the rim and Draymond Green channeled his inner Chris Weber by calling a timeout they didn’t have in a scramble for the rebound to seal their fate.

    Kawhi Leonard becomes the first player in NBA history to win finals MVP in both conferences. Thompson’s injury was the straw that broke the camels back in series that the Warriors played with some of the best players on the bench in street clothes. Thompson missed virtually 2 games with his injuries, KD played one quarter in the series, Cousins and Looney were limping at times thru out. But it made for a highly contest series (4 games settled by 9 points or less).

    One has to wonder where the Warriors will go from here with Thompson and Cousins both becoming a Free Agents, KD having his players option to stay or go. Kawhi Leonard has his own decision to make in where he goes next season. A lotta questions loom on shortening the regular season or star players being given more breaks to help prevent such injuries from occurring. Leonard has said all year not returning to the spurs a year ago to make sure he was both fully healthy and rested played a big role in his resurgence this season.

  • Also Fred VanVeet was one of the main contributors not only tonight(12 points in 4th quarter) but all series. I’m honestly surprised he’s hung around in the league but good for him.

  • Kind of fitting that the trophy goes to Ontario, Doc Naismith’s home province.

    Been watching the coverage on CBC Television. Pretty much a nationwide celebration. Lately even the Stanley Cup playoffs took a back seat to the Raptors, no small feat in a hockey-mad country. .

    Good for them. (Could do without Drake though.)

  • It tickled me when a random man in a bar was asked who he was rooting for. He replied, I don’t like he NBA, but America, go Warriors. 😆

  • Holy cow, a torn achilles and an acl is one way to end a dynasty. I’d hoped someone would actually beat them.

  • dylans said:

    Holy cow, a torn achilles and an acl is one way to end a dynasty. I’d hoped someone would actually beat them.

    Yea really doesn’t feel like the ending the story deserved.

  • Unfortunately, most dynasties end because of injuries and age.

    The great Celtics of the 1980’s had McHale’s broken foot and Bird’s bad back.

    The Lakers had Worthy aging and Magic getting HIV.

    More recently, the Heat lost Chris Bosh to health problems that ended his career.

    The Warriors have played in the Finals five straight years. That’s 100+ games every year for the last half decade. It catches up to everyone. We saw it with Lebron this year (8 straight Finals appearances). At some point, age gets the best of you. Klay Thompson had never missed a playoff game before this year. It catches up to you.

  • @justanotherfan Unless your name is Tom Brady

  • @justanotherfan father of time is undefeated on us all.

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