• Did we really win? My stomach is still turning!

    Survive and advance!

    Love CF’s play.

    Safari was HUGE!!! Like a young D Block. I think his ceiling may be higher, though.

    No Brannen today?

  • @VailHawk crazy! Was commenting on game blog. I thought we were through for awhile. Good to get that under our belt. Good to see some guys step up. Thought we were going to pull a Duke.

  • Jamari > Jabari

  • Frankamp???!! I didn’t see that coming.

  • @bskeet everyone know Wiggins broke Ben Mac’s frosh record?

  • diddukewin.com.

    The inter web at its finest

  • @VailHawk Wow. I didn’t even think about Greene not playing. Probably because in the 1st half the lineup with Mason and CF brought us back. Self decided to stay with those 2 only off of the bench…guess it worked out.

  • @VailHawk good one!

  • Really happy to get the “W” the way top seeds have been falling. Luckily I missed all but 2 minutes of the first half since TO 's just kill me. But what do I know because HCBS stated earlier in the year he had bigger pet peaves than turnovers.

    And it was nice to see KU winning running away with the lead building.

    Sorry to see Okie State go early. At least Baylor Advanced and UT barely got by but a W is a W. Pulling for KSU right now and they aren’t doing well late in the 1st.

    On a personal note nice to see VCU go out early as I had an Armada heading for Houston to stay with us when the Final four was here. Now they have a taste of that medicine.

  • @bskeet Yep! Connor has been the solution . . . just waiting for Bill to ease his junior to the bench! Connor does NOT turn the ball over! He had some fine assists to Andrew, as well. He will be a great 3-point shooter with more playing time. Green didn’t play 'cause he’s long and prone to turnovers.

  • Listened to our first half on the radio on my way home from work. Not sure it was something ever worth watching but that may have been the “growing up” part of a game that we have been needing to get to and over.

    We play first game Sunday. Get your shoes on folks.

    Rock Chalk!

    Just saw where Niang is out with a foot fracture. SFA was huge over VCU. KSU couldn’t hang. And then there was 4 from the Big 12.

  • After the wild finishes and upsets, the favorite (seed 1 through 4) plays this weekend in all but one pod. By tomorrow night we could be practically chalk.

    Not a good first round for the Big 12: 3 losses and a key injury (Niang) to Iowa State. I hate that.

    As for KU, the good thing is we won without a single 3 point make. The bad thing is we won without a single 3 point make.

    Other than that, we continue to be consistently inconsistent. Even Tharpe can’t manage to be horrible all the time.

    Still, I loved the fire, the will to win and the stretches of good defense. The Bob Knight quote nailed it: we were more persistent than consistent!

  • @VailHawk


    The inter web at its finest"

    Should be followed by:


    “November 3rd”

  • @bskeet Let’s hear it for intelligence in a point guard.

  • I still cant figure out how to post my own daily thread. anyways, heres this bit.

    Scouting report and thoughts for the Stanford game tomorrow 3/23 at 1115.

    More than 5 minute Scouting report on Stanford. Kenpom is giving KU a 69% chance to beat Stanford 75-70. According to Kenpom, Stanford’s pace ranks right at the D1 average. Right on par with KU’s So we shouldn’t expect a slowed down, grind it out type of game from them. That being said, Kenpom doesn’t have them locked down as a zone or a M2M team, which says to me that KU can expect many different looks on defense from them. They might press full court because they should know we are vulnerable to that type of defense and they will show us different zones and they will play some man to man. They shoot the ball well as their Offense EFG% is 51.7 to KU’s 54.7 and their Defense EFG% is 48.1 to KU’s 47.2 Stanford doesn’t seem to turn the ball over much as their % per 100 possessions is 16.7 to KU’s 19.1 D1 ave is 18.3 but Stanford doesn’t force a lot of turn overs either. Stanford is ranked 254 in offensive rebounding %, Way below KU’s rank of 20. So Stanford doesn’t crash the offensive glass to hard. Stanford’s defensive rebounding is ranked #22 and KU’s is ranked right behind at 62. Their bigs can clean up our misses pretty good. I might be reading the stats more but Stanford appears to foul more on defense than KU. This is good because KU plays up to 9 guys in a game where as Stanford uses 7 most of the time. What concerns me most about Stanford is the matchup problems they pose. Randle, their PG is 6-2 and it seems that his Assist/TO ratio is worse than Naadir’s I expect Randle’s length to bother Naadir. Powell is a 6-10 240lb SF, He can’t shoot the 3 but his height and weight may bother Wiggins especially if he gets into the post. He has a pretty good rank for Defensive Rebounding. Nastic is a 6-11 C. He is their rim protector. His block % per 100 possessions is 5.3%. Embiid’s block rank is much higher but we don’t have him for this game. So far we have 3 match up advantages to Stanford. Randle their PG and Brown their 6-6 SG can both shoot over 40% from trey. Stanford relies more on the 3 ball than KU does. Stanford is more experienced and taller/bigger than KU in effective height. What I don’t know is how we are going to beat Stanford. In Stanford’s losses, they have not shot well which implies tough defense on the part of the winner. KU’s defensive rating is nearly identical to Stanford’s per Kenpom. KU scores about 80 PPG and allows 70ppg. Stanford scores 73.5 PPG and allows 68ppg. IF KU is going to win this game, they need to get Stanford’s bigs in foul trouble early and they need to not turn the ball over. They need Tarik and Jamari to play bigger and stronger than their match ups. I know Coach will start Wiggins at the 3. But Powell has 2 inches and 40 lbs on him. Will Perry be able to help him? I think Traylor is a better choice to bring in. Can Naadir keep Randle in front of him? I think Frankamp and Mason will have to play more minutes as well.

  • @Lulufulu85

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  • @Lulufulu85 or have wishawk fix it for you!! Thx wishawk!

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