Does Anybody Really Care......?

  • If you’re still watching the tournament, who are you rooting for?

    Believe it or not, I’ve rekindled my man-crush with Roy, so -


  • @nuleafjhawk Rooting strongly for Texas Tech. Glad for Roy’s success. Rooting against Duke and UK (just because they’re peers with KU). Wouldn’t mind seeing a Cinderella run by Auburn. Kind of like Bruce Pearl, I must admit. Wouldn’t be upset if Izzo won another one.

  • I watch 95% of the games in the tournament. I think it is one of the greatest sporting events there is. This years tournament thus far has been “boring” just because all the favorites have advanced, but I think that is going to make the S16 and E8 awesome to watch. There is going to be some high level basketball in the coming days being played.

    I am not really rooting for anyone except I don’t particularly want Duke or UK to win it all.

  • I’m rooting for whoever wins me the Bucket Championship.

  • I’m rooting for Gonzaga. Fun team to watch.

    10 of 16 games have been won by double digits. It’s been weird with the lack of close games.

  • @Kcmatt7 what are you going to do with all that prize money if you win?

    I’m rooting for Tennessee and Texas Tech and whoever is playing Duke and Kentucky

  • I’ll check my bracket when the tourney is over, basketball ended for me a few days ago. On to recruiting news.

  • How about Gonzaga. Maybe it’s time for Few to get one

  • I’m not sure I will watch a ton going forward but I don’t want UNC to win another. I like ole Roy and always will, hard to not cheer for him a little bit with how long he was here. But I’m hoping either Tech or Gonzaga can pull it off from this point forward, tho I’m thinking UNC and Dook are the best 2 teams right now.

  • @cragarhawk The only perfect bracket left has Gonzaga winning.

  • Teams I’d about die if they won: Duke, Kentucky. Teams I don’t want to win simply because they’re SEC teams. Auburn (although losing to the eventual champ is at least a little satisfying), Tennessee, and LSU. Everyone else I wouldn’t give a hoot if they won, although because of the Nike inflow of cash to Oregon, I’d rather they didn’t win. Since I’m a BIG fan, I wouldn’t mind MSU, MU, or Purdue winning. Gonzaga is cool with me. Houston, meh, why not I guess, but Sampson is a pretty dirty coach, so maybe not. Tech yah, no mo UNoCao tho please. Virginia, yes because of the Bennett Wisconsin thing. Florida St yes I guess, because it’s cool they’ve turned from a basketball school to a football school. VTech, I like their coach and their style, so why not?

    Geographically this sweet 16 heavily tilts southeast. 10 teams if you count Houston as SE. Not a good look for us purists who say that is football country. Not a good look either for the northern tier where only 3 are represented. West has become a vast wasteland of college hoops. Gonzaga, TTech, and Oregon. But at least they have good scenery and weather out there.

  • @wissox Lubbock good scenery? Huh??

    I don’t consider TT west. Have to go southwest I guess.

  • @Fightsongwriter Lubbock’s pretty far out there. Geographically it feels west to me. 3000 feet above sea level, pretty dry, less than 20 inches of precip, feels west to me! It’s 300 miles west of Dallas too! That’s getting out there a ways!

  • @approxinfinity Pearl reminds me of this drunken lush I know who takes himself way too seriously.

  • It was interesting seeing Pearl in the press conference after the KU game. He’s changed his con game a little bit since his days at Tennessee – sounded like a southern baptist, thanking Jesus and all. He knows what people want to hear, but you’d think folks down there would see through it. Kind of gross.

    I wouldn’t buy a used car from him, that’s for sure.

  • @DanR i bet he wears a pinky ring!

  • @Fightsongwriter with a pearl in it!

  • @nuleafjhawk Boom!

  • A TT final four appearance would be good for the B12.

    A NC win would be good for Roy as a KU connection. It’s a bit of our legacy.

    I guess if Auburn advances, it makes our loss look a touch better… I’m not sure I buy into that thinking… but anyway…

    Michigan St is due. They have had a drought similar to KU from 88-08. And Izzo has been there the whole time. I like that loyalty and stability. Good for the Champions Classic too.

    Virginia would be redemption. (but gawd, the ugly games we’d have to endure along the way…)

    Gonzaga would be a victory for the non-power conferences.

    UK and Duke are flush and spoiled.

    Of the remaining four, it’s hard to get excited… (unless you’re from one of those schools).

    VaTech: I could see them upsetting Duke, but would far prefer Mich State to prevail to the FF.

    LSU: I just am burned out on the SEC… so they are tainted by association.

    Purdue? Houston? I guess the boilermakers would be an interesting, kind of surprising FF team. Maybe a Cinderella of sorts.

  • Texas Techs second ever elite eight. Way to prove last season wasn’t a fluke! Beard is a stud!!! I hope he pushes Self to new heights.

  • @dylans Except I don’t know how long Beard is going to be at TT

  • Texas Tech had better lock down Beard for some big money if they want to keep him. Congratulations to him and Tech for their first FF. Tony Bennett finally gets over the hump to go to the FF. I think they can beat Dook if they both make it that far, tho they lost twice to them this season.

  • Hard to see Beard staying at TT now, although it would be great if he did!

  • Average Margin of Victory in the tournament

    Auburn: 9 points

    Virginia: 9.5

    Michigan State: 12.5

    Texas Tech: 15