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    I’d be pissed if KUs season ended with mererly a whimper in the night. Passionate fans show their passion. Unfortunately KU doesn’t always win; you’re gonna get low after a loss if you’re gonna get up after a win.

    I’m more excited for the future than I am sad about the loss. This year was not a championship year once Dok went down. How does Bill mold these boys into men? What pieces will he add? Who’s going to leave? Where do the shooters come from?!?

  • love the thread , but I’m finding the words for the season , I want to try an express myself hard to come by. - -I guess the best ones would be frustration - -disappointment - I guess really just the whole gauntlet.

    This would be the time typically how I would want to say that I feel bad for the Seniors - -BUT seeing as we have none - -kind of takes care of it’self. - -Finding hard to express about Dedric – seeing as how as he is here for only the one year - I just finding it hard to get that feeling with him as the 3-4 yr players that I have made that connection with and KU family. - -I appreciate his play - -play well for us - -So don’t I feel as bad about him moving on? - He was one of our main cogs - -but yet I’m not really mad/sad about him leaving? – Hell I can’t even answer that myself.

    Like it has been said other places today - -somehow - -someway we just need some athletic guys to sign on - maybe like Precious - but I’m not holding my breath - We need a ALPHA DOG - -someone who wants the ball when we need to score in crunch time.

    I think we have the base /the start of a very good team coming back you take : Dotson - - -Obaji – - And Mc Cormack that’s a pretty good start - - - and then possibly Grimes coming back - -like has been said we just really need a couple of really athletic guys to complete the squad.

    I’ve already been through the truck load of emotions with this season - -this tourney - ran through the cycle from being pissed - -to sad - -to depression - -to feeling bad for the players - - still trying to rebound and get my KU spirit back together for next year - - -gonna be a long off season - having to go through this GOD forsaken time of fricken Summer where you have to sweat your ass off - - -takin a shower and then 5 minutes later feel like you need to get right back in and take another. - -putting up with pro baseball - -crazy to hear myself saying that when I had a shot to play pro ball myself - just losing interest in it

    Now having to go through this NCAA - BS - where I think they’re gonna make us their whipping boy - -NCAA has a wood for KU - -want to get this BS behind us. - -Did Coach Self do wrong things? -and if he did - - should he be let go? - -should the staff be let go? - I personally don’t think coach had the knowledge - -maybe wishful thinkin I don’t know. - -Think I’m just reverting back to my depression stage already - - again - -I will take me some time - -I know I get wrapped up in this to much - -I know that – I’m just avid as avid can be.

    I hear people tell me not to take it so seriously - -but that’s just me - -as you all know I get hot and I know I let things get to me about KU far to much sometimes - -problem is I love my School even though I neve attended - -just got to take time and re-group - -get my stuff together - It’s always like this after the NCAA’S -gonna be an interesting off season

    I just feel more likely then not - - Doke is Gone - - -Both Lawson’s are gone - - -of course Vick is gone - - and still think because of more reason then not - because of his inside the camp ( Folks ) - - Grimes is gone - we shall see. - -BUT ONE THING for sure that will never change - I will always be a ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Folks, I’m feeling relieved it’s over for this year. I never enjoy a KU loss and there was something missing this year, something undefinable. Was it lack a defined leadership, lack of “team”, lack of a will to win? The NCAA trial and investigation?

    Maybe it’s as simple as a defense that can’t guard the 3 point line, a seeming common thread over the years.

    At least now, we can discuss recruiting, hope for SDS to get cleared, see who’s returning, talk football and do any number of things. (Sigh) I know in my heart that this reasonably successful year is still a down year for KU fans.

    This year started with such promise! It ended with yet another early round loss. But… hope springs eternal.

    Rock Chalk!

  • With how the season went, I don’t know how you actually do get upset with a 2nd round exit. You win some you lose some, i’m over it.

  • @Eric-san it’s like we all knew it was coming, but it just sucks when it happens and in the fashion it happened

  • We started 5 kids who, before this year, had never played a game for KU. With Vick’s departure, we had 2-3 players that had played before here.

    I don’t see Grimes leaving. Not because it wouldn’t be in his interest, but I see a kid who has been willing to try and bring his game along slowly. No sense of urgency to grow/perform this year that would indicate a mindset that says I need to be in the NBA now.

    Dok? Who knows. Not a good NBA prospect and injuries are not going to help his case. Go overseas? Maybe…

    DLaw- will try and should try NBA waters. My guess he’s 25/75 chance to get a sniff and could perhaps slightly increase those chances with another year but not sure that’s in his mind. May be time to go where his skill and athleticism will take him. Can only work on improvements around the edges. If he leaves, KJ is where? That’s an unknown, but sitting out again somewhere? Can’t be appealing.

    Everyone else should be back for sure unless Self runs a guy like Charlie off with some real talk.

  • First time I ever remember shrugging my shoulders and thought “guess I’ll get the boat ready and go fishing”.

    After Doke got hurt and LV did…whatever he did it was pretty obvious this was going to be a lackluster season at best.

    What was the final record ? (I honestly don’t know, don’t really care, don’t want to look it up) I’ll say it was 25 - 10. It says a lot that we think that’s a suck season. It’s a GREAT season for a lot of teams - maybe the best some schools have ever had.

    I said something on the game thread last night about missing Roy, and I’ll tell you why I said that. All of Roys teams had FIRE. They played their butts off every game, all game long. I miss that. Not all, but many of Selfs teams just seem lazy. Lackadaisical, whatever you want to call it. We play the way I want our opponents to play. Like Pu**ies.

  • Eric-san said:

    With how the season went, I don’t know how you actually do get upset with a 2nd round exit. You win some you lose some, i’m over it.

    It’s like watching an old pet pass; you know it’s coming, but man it still sucks!

  • @nuleafjhawk I think you hit the nail on the head. Roys teams would lose unexpectedly in the tourney, but they never were humiliated. They fought hard and came up short. We have been humiliated 3 years in a row. Terrible trend.

    2013 - epic collapse to MI

    2014 - Flat loss to Stanford

    2015 - Outplayed by Wichita ST

    2016 - Punked by Nova

    2017 - Humiliated by Oregon

    2018 - Humiliated by Nova (albeit at F4)

    2019 - Humiliated by Auburn (had not been to S16 in a long time)

  • @Fightsongwriter Yikes. That Michigan one was epic.

    I played golf today, barely thought about the game. Not really shocking. Self did a great job overall coaching this season with how things went down. We will always have disagreements. But a tough season.

    I’m just more concerned about the fallout, harm to recruiting, and the chance we lose our coach. I’ve seen a lot of nasty storms dissipate. I hope this is one.

    One thing I’ll say is I was really impressed hearing is Dedric’s locker room emotions. This is their heart and soul, and the voices who mock CBB are truly self centered fools.

  • @Fightsongwriter Yes. This trend needs to stop now.

    I’ll quit talking about Roy (probably), but I loved his enthusiasm. I loved his jacket throwing, I loved his semi-frequent technicals, I loved when he cried after a big loss.

    Self mostly seems detached emotionally. You got to have a leader that’s on fire before your players will be on fire. I’m not a complete idiot, I don’t want Self to leave, but I wish He’d go take some motivational leadership classes or something.

  • If Bill stays here another 15 years he probably wins one more NC. If he goes to Duke to replace coach K he likely wins 3. Combination of location, Nike, and re-location igniting a fire.

  • @HighEliteMajor What clubs do you have in your golf bag? I’m getting ready to upgrade my irons in the next couple of months before summer and curious what others have in their bag.

    If any other golfers are on here and have an opinion on their clubs, feel feel to pitch in.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I just got the Callaway Apex 19 forged a few weeks ago. Was looking at the Ping i210 but when I got fitted, the Apex were the best with the right shaft. They are awesome. Traded in Mizuno JPX 850. I’ve got the Epic Driver, 3 and 5. What’s in your bag?

  • @HighEliteMajor Right now I have a 1st generation M2 for my driver, and Taylormade Speedblade’s for my irons which is why I’m upgrading this year. I’m getting ready to trade those in for a set of Callaway Rogue irons most likely. I’m leaning towards the Epic Flash or Titleist TS3 driver. I kept getting a targeted ad on my Facebook for a site called Dollar Driver Club that lets you basically rent a driver for $30/month with a 3 month minimum commitment. I’m usually skeptical of sites like that, but they appear to be legit so I’m going to give them a shot this summer and see. If it works out, that’s going to a great way to basically get a new driver every year for about a third of the price since I really only get to play regularly during the summer when I’m off.

    I love the feel of forged irons, I just don’t get to play frequently enough to take advantage of them, maybe when I retire and can play everyday.

  • Hmm, maybe it is time for a club upgrade. My driver is older, Taylormade R9. Same with 3 wood — older R7. But I rip that sucker. Also have an Adams Insight 3 wood. Love it. Big Bertha irons. Rounder. I like how forgiving they are. Cleveland wedges — really tight spin early on. Odyssey white hot Rossie putter.

  • I’ve got a $120 set of Wilson’s in my garage that have been used all of 4 times I believe. I did get one birdie out of them which is nothing short of a miracle in itself, I believe I’ve played golf about 8 in my life and I stink lol.

  • The more I think about this year, the more believe we just never meshed as a team. We never figured out who was the leader, we didn’t have a BIFM or DG to get on guys like the last few years and it showed. We ended up with a really pieced together unit, some of which may have been self inflicted others not. I was plenty hard on our guys at times this season but I think they need it after some of our games to be honest. I feel like we could be solid next season if the right core of players return or we could be a fairly similar team to this season if not. If Doke and both the Lawson boys go, we will be super young once again. I’m still pretty excited for what this team could be in 2021 heading hopefully back to Wichita for the first 2 rounds. A good core of Dot, Garrett, Ochai and Dave. I’m ok if this is a down season, just wished it would’ve end a little better.

  • A few years back I snagged the Nike VR Pro set. They have been nice but I don’t get to play a ton, maybe a dozen times or so during the summer to fall.

    I was looking at the Callaway Apex’s a few weeks back @HighEliteMajor. Still debating whether to get them or not

  • @BeddieKU23 I was always a “Tin Cup” golfer.

    When I was good - I was really good. When I was bad, I broke a whole bunch of clubs.

    I was bad more than I was good. My revelation that I probably wasn’t going to be a pro golfer was when I was getting ready to tee off (playing by myself one day) and an older man, about 65 (I was 23 or 24) asked if he could join me. Of course I said yes. He asked if I wanted to play for money and I politely refused ( I felt no need to embarrass an old man ) but he insisted. So we played for $20. The first tee, I hit my driver about 350 yards and his might have gone 200. I was already planning how to spend my 20 bucks. On beer, probably.

    Long story short, of course he beat me. I out distanced him by miles on every shot, but of course he hit his straight down the middle and i spent half my time in the rough looking for balls, or watching them go in the ponds. It also didn’t help my cause that he putted like Jordan Spieth and I putted like…me.

    I wonder how the old man spent his $20? On beer, probably

  • …golf. I have a set of ancient Sam Sneeds that I used on 15 holes of golf once before I got too drunk and decided that that white ball was screwing up a perfectly good walk.

  • @nuleafjhawk Ha tin cup, thats a movie I haven’t seen in awhile. Sounds like your driving skills rival mine. I can hit it 300 plus yards but it it may go 30 yards to the right lol

  • @kjayhawks Lol, yeah I finally figured out that it didn’t matter how far I could hit it, it was how far could I hit it straight! I did get better on putting, but finally decided I’d rather fish than golf. There’s a lot more excuses available why I can’t catch fish than why I couldn’t hit the ball straight.

  • @nuleafjhawk Ys, I’d rather go fishing myself not that I have a ton of time these days.

  • On the fiery coach point, Self has ALWAYS looked to his players to be leaders. If you think back to Self’s first year, that team had so much experience but seemed a little lost without their coach leading them. If you look at 2008, that team probably wins with one of us coaching them. I think this is the biggest reason KU has had success in years where players have experience and less success when the team is young. If Devon Dotson had come along 1 year earlier I think this year could have been salvaged and a sweet 16 and maybe even an elite 8 could have been possible. He’s the next leader. If he’d had a year watching Devonte Graham (who had 3 watching Frank) I think he could have developed the leadership skills to carry this team. I’m not sure if he’ll have it next year or not since he hasn’t had any good role models to learn from on this team. I am confident he will get there by his junior year if he hangs around that long.

    On the golf front, I also have the Nike VR forged irons. Got them a couple years ago replacing my Titleist 981s. I played on Friday and had one of the strangest rounds ever. I hit the ball well all day and never made a put inside of 3 ft. Even hitting the ball well I ended up shooting 45 39. Two birdies on the back helped!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 @BeddieKU23 @jayhawkcsg Big thing is to get a real fitting when you get new irons. Get your lie checked (mine is 1 degree flat), determine the best shaft (lots of options, and they can soft or hard step to suit), etc. Well worth the time. And it’s free or nominal usually when you get a set.

    @benshawks08 @BeddieKU23 Those Nike clubs were real good. Have a buddy I play with that still swings them.

    @jayhawkcsg Man, I’d never switch a club that I loved and worked well.

    @dylans Mark Twain said, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” You’re in good company there.

    @kjayhawks And you’re wallet is fatter for ignoring the game …

    @nuleafjhawk The old guys that hit is straight are maddening. They always seem to be good putters, too. That’s where I need the most work.

  • The thing I’ve learned is that the specific club head is almost irrelevant to how well someone plays, as long as it feels comfortable to the user, it’s the right club head.

    Getting the right flexion the shaft and the right length took almost 5 strikes off my game almost overnight a few years back. Regular flex with usually a +1" in shaft length since I’m 6’5". Lie angle is the big thing I need to get fitted for when I get my new irons.

    Shafts definitely make a huge difference in play as far as distance goes.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 On the club heads, the real difference is blades vs. everything else. The sweet spot on blades is about the width of a thumb. While my Apex aren’t “game improvement” irons per se, they’re very forgiving I think (even as forged clubs). It is truly what feels best for the player, as you mentioned. Getting the right shaft, too, will help on left/right dispersion – torque, kick point, all based on one’s swing. It still comes down to the Indian most of the time, not the arrow. But the right arrow really helps.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I tend to keep whatever clubs are easiest to throw after a bad shot.

    I’ve only ever owned two sets and the first wasn’t really a set. It was garage sale stuff when I just started out. I’d buy discount store stuff to add to it/replace/etc.

    Then a friend gave me his ping irons. It was like magic! I couldn’t believe what I’d been missing out on. I’m still using those. I wish I could afford to play more, but it’s not wise to spend money you don’t have, so I’ll get out 10-12 times this summer and have to be satisfied with that.

    Needless to say, I’ve never broken 90 although I was headed towards breaking 90 and my principal called me while I was teeing off on #15 of an easy closing quartet of holes. He told me a girl had gone to the superintendent accusing me of laying hands on her, which was why she punched me. She really did punch me, I didn’t lay hands on her and I knew the superintendent so I wasn’t super worried, but it was enough to rattle me to double bogeying the last hole and settling on a score of 90. Someday I’d like to play enough to be consistent and dream of breaking 80, but age is starting to work against me, so we’ll see!

  • @HighEliteMajor yup, fitting is key. I had my irons fitted. I realized after the first round with them, and they were digging into my forearms (too long), I needed professional help! Driver and 3 wood are off the rack.

  • @wissox So, did you look to the sky and yell “Rat farts!!!”? Channeling a little Caddyshack there.

    @jayhawkcsg My three and five have stock shafts … seem fine. If your hitting something well, don’t mess with it. My putting is the thing that drives me crazy.

  • @HighEliteMajor I thought it was rat f—k in caddy shack… but it’s been awhile…

  • @Fightsongwriter 2020 Humiliated by no one except Covid. 2021, Humiliated USC. 2022 Humiliated for 1 half.

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