Cowpoke Game

  • Agbaji is lucky as hell right now!

  • Finally they ran out of luck!

  • How do you leave Waters? Dear lord

  • A win in Stillwater is still a win, thanks Waters.

  • Road win & over came Self’s almamateritis

  • So we won. One question…What was Ochai doing??

  • Hawk8086 said:

    So we won. One question…What was Ochai doing??


  • We’ll take it!

  • We suck on the road this season and we usually suck at GIA so I’ll take it.

  • Seth, hard to say something nice!

  • Outside of a few stretches, wasn’t thrilled with our offense sets

  • Go Baylor!!

  • Ochai lost his mind I can’t believe Waters missed.

  • I’ve called “game” the last 3 wins lol hopefully it keeps working

  • … and the win.

  • Grimes looked like a Div 1 player today. So did Dave. There IS hope.

  • Ochai pulled a Josh Jackson vs KSU, forgot to switch and gave a guy a wide open look. They should’ve missed tho with all the trash they hit today. OSU played their best 2 games this season, this week.

  • Also, Go TCU!

  • Last road game of the season at Oklahoma on Tuesday. We are undefeated playing neutral-site games or games in Lawrence.

  • We are all Purple lil frogs tonite.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich Maybe we could move the game to OKC…

  • BShark said:

    This team might’ve missed the tournament without Bill.

    KU? 😂

  • 20-23 from the line. Best performance at the stripe all yr

  • Grimes deserves a ton of credit, he has been solid the last 2 and I’m proud of him.

  • LJWorld says OSU didn’t score in last 4:02. Couldn’t watch the game, so was KU’s defense the answer? Or?

  • Whew! I’ll be honest, I didn’t see that win coming. Don’t care how we did it, I’ll take it.

    — Dotson got a coulple raw calls today

    — Mitch was clumsy today. Missed some lobs.

    — unbelievable (or not) how teams just pile on us from the 3 pt line. Does Self need to re-evaluate his defensive philosophy next year?

    — that being said, OSU was just draining shots out their asses today. The majority of their makes were tough shots.

    — Grimes came through with a few 3s (but still a wimp near the goal).

    — Lawson made some iffy fastball passes.

    — Dotson really can get into the lane.

  • @Gorilla72 I would have to watch the last 4 again. I would say probably the law of averages as they made some really tough shots throughout the game.

  • @Gorilla72 the defense was solid most of the game IMO. We rebounded well, as I said earlier in this thread, OSU hit some tough tough shots and not 1 or 2 like 15.

  • The 2 most shocking stats of the game to me are: Mitch had 1 rebound (7 points) and Chuck didnt take a shot in 8 minutes.

  • Hawk8086 said:

    @Gorilla72 I would have to watch the last 4 again. I would say probably the law of averages as they made some really tough shots throughout the game.

    It was a mix to be sure. KU defended pretty well but of course Waters missed a wide open look.

    In general KU’s defense was pretty okay today. OSU hit a lot of guarded shots, step back midrange etc…

  • @BShark I have to admit…when Jones hit that fadeaway in the lane as time expired I was thinking that it just wasn’t our day and we were doomed. Things turned around right after that though…fortunately.

  • My grades for the game

    Dedric: A solid A. Sure he got blocked a couple times but that is to be expected and overall a really good game for him. 20/15 on 45% shooting and lived at the line with a 9-9 performance there.

    Dave: C. Good energy but 1-4 from the floor.

    Agbaji: B-. 3-8 from 3 with 5 boards, 2 assists a block and no turnovers. Solid play overall but 0-2 from 2 and almost blew the game.

    Grimes: A. His best game of the year perhaps? 50% from 2 and 4-7 from 3. Engaged on both ends. Grabbed rebounds, had some really nice passes and tried defensively.

    Dotson: D. Thought about an F here. 2-10 from the floor, more turnovers than assists. Saddled with foul trouble as well but still played tough D.

    Mitch: B. Hard to ask for more out of Mitch.

    Chuck: C. Didn’t take a shot!

    KJ: C. Didn’t do much either way.

    Garrett: B. Good effort out of him, though no doubt he hurt the offense.

  • @BShark Dotson’s individual stats weren’t great, but his +/- was +16, high for the team. I just don’t think the team runs well without him.

  • KUSTEVE said:

    We are all Purple lil frogs tonite.

    And Green and gold Bears as well

  • @BShark Grimes looked better than he ever has today.

  • I’m in 4 feet of snow in northern wisconsin so I wasn’t able to watch or even follow the game. I got back to the house, and didn’t look at the score and came right to the game thread. Kind of interesting to try to figure out who won the game. I honestly thought we’d lost the game, but I didn’t read through evertything! Nice to pull one out on the road. This one kind of worried me.

  • @wissox why are u there?❄️ We r in a winter storm watch, not 4 ft?🙏 bad enough though

  • Every damn year the Pokes=KU kryptonite…but great game and glad KU came out with the W. I don’t care how nasty ugly, a WIN.

  • @truehawk93 hey pokes took tech to ot.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Visiting my sister way up north. Tons of snow. It was way too cool to be out in than to sit inside and watch a basketball game, although I would have loved to watch the game.

    Looks like we had to make a nice little 2nd half comeback to win this one. Now if we can complete the state of Oklahoma sweep, I just think someone’s gonna help us sneak into a tie for the league championship.

  • @wissox I think the wind chill is suppose to be below zero tmrw! Blowing snowing snow later tonight thru early tmrw. Lows like 2 or 3, sun and mon pm. I’m staying in! I don’t think KSU is going to lose?😞

  • @BShark After the game Grimes admitted he blew the defensive assignment, not Ochai. Grimes called switch and then stayed with his man. Och did the right thing actually. And when you look at the tape, it was really quite remarkable how much he closed back out. By no means did he alter the shot, but he was closer to putting a hand in there than you would think from the live game angle we got. Grimes was a man and took full responsibility. This may be proof that God really is a Jayhawk that that shot did not drop and we are still alive in the race :-).

  • @wissox Florida is still open. We got more than 4 foot of sunshine today.

  • -19 tonight here or something like that, but tomorrow we head home to balmy Chicago.

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