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    A few interesting tidbits here, but our panel of experts can do better than Dakich, Fran, and Seth.

    Why do you think, oh panel of experts?

    Me first:

    Get rid of the hook and hold rule unless the official sees it occur, then it’s a common foul. The replays are happening with greater frequency and so is the length of the games.

    Related: If the ref doesn’t see it it can’t be a foul. No more letting players act as if they got hit in the face when someones elbow swung nearby. Happened last night in a terribly impactful way in the UW game. Happ gets whistled for a flagrant that the ref 5 feet away didn’t see. They go to the monitor, 5 point swing in a game that went double OT. No going to the monitor just to try to find something that happened would be the new rule change.

    Start calling carries. Watch a mixtape of crossovers. Pause it and watch it in slomo. Watch the ankle breakers hand come underneath the ball in almost every occasion. Watch the refs swallow their whistles. Players do that because it neutralizes the D for a millisecond giving them ample time to then get past the defense. Horrible officiating.

    Stop double checking the monitor to put .3 seconds back on the clock. Wastes time, the clock operators are human and can only press that button until after they know they’re supposed to.

    What else panel of experts? What rule changes would you enjoy seeing in college hoops?

  • I guess everyone is happy with the officiating!!

  • If they start calling carries, neither team will ever get the ball across half court.

  • I hate the hook and hold being flagrant. I can agree with that. When you’re battling and get tangled up, it’s just something that happens. Common foul only.

    I’d get rid of all replays. Officials miss calls all game long. If you think about it, replay actually alters the game the same amount as missed calls. Theoretically, calls will get missed all game long. Over time they should pretty much even out. Well, instead of evening out, the replay could turn what would have been a 'Make up" call into an advantage for the replay benefiting team.

    I’m ok with carrying. They already have a rule that says they have to dribble the ball every certain number of steps. If you’re able to have the ball on a string, more props to you.

    The ONLY thing I might be ok with a replay for is the time.

    And, I had money on that UW game. And they lost because they missed 4 free throws in a row at the end of that game!!! It was the last of a 6 game parlay I needed.

    I’d also make the restricted arc about a foot smaller. We’ve seen several times this season that a charge call was reversed for having a heel on the line. It should have been a charge. I thought it was a charge live. I like the spirit of the rule, but I think they overestimated the athleticism of college players. It is just barely too far out.

  • Forget the arc. Put a big foam tube under the cylinder all the way to the floor. All charges and blocking fouls would be eliminated. Let everyone crash away with only the foam to protect them.

  • I think they need to speed up the review process. I’m glad we have some level of reviews because it often takes away the focus on ref calls.

  • They need to decide if the freedom of movement rules are gonna be a consistent thing, it seems those foul calls are on and off several times during a game. The reviews need a time limit and less of them would be nice.

  • I’d give the coaches 2 review challenges per game. For anything they want and like the nfl if it’s overturned they lose a timeout.

    I’d really like for the ncaa to add another ref to each game as well. A replay ref who is constantly monitoring the game via video who has the ability to make calls during live action as well thru the sr ref on the court. I think this would both speed up any replays needed as well as increase in game accuracy.

  • @dylans hmmm?

  • Get rid of all replays in Duke games. Especially if KU follows. If you’re going to insist on showing the entire game no matter how much of a blowout it is, let’s get the damn thing over with already.

  • Hey, I forgot about this thread. Some good suggestions here.

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