Garrett still hurt

  • Doesn’t seem like he will play Saturday. With a nice week break after that game I think they are focused on having him ready early next week for the big road game at Texas Tech. Been a tough break for the kid. High ankle sprains are no joke

  • I agree. They *shouldnt need him Saturday, but are definitely going to need him for the stretch run.


  • The question is, what is Garrett’s role when he returns?

    Self would be making a mistake changing the dynamic right now – we need to stick with McCormack and Mitch playing, and going with the 3/2 look, with a little KJ mixed in there.

    It seems pretty easy then to have a four guard rotation for three spots – Dotson, Agbaji, Grimes, Garrett – with Garrett off the bench as Self is committed to Grimes as the starter.

    And Vick staying in Memphis.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    also add Moore to the deep deep bench. As in he only plays if the 4 guards you mentioned foul out

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Good question. I hope this doesn’t impact Dave/Mitch’s minutes. They have both played well recently.

    I’m really hoping Self sticks with the 3/2 as well. We know Garrett is going to play 20+ minutes a night once he’s fully healthy. His PER (16.6) in conference play is higher then McCormack, Grimes & Moore combined (14.5).

    Since the Vick thing, Agbaji, Dotson, Lightfoot, KJ Lawson have raised their PER. I saw a lot of national media asking how KU would survive Vick’s absence, well the answer is right there. 4 guys have seen at least a 1-2 point upswing in their PER with Vick’s absence. That was just 1 week and Self has about 4 more weeks to keep fine-tuning. McCormack’s is on the upswing as well but comes with the caveat that it was already very low and had no place to go but up with more minutes.

    If the staff pays attention to advanced stats Charlie Moore would not play again unless it was an emergency. 2.8 in conference play. About as bad as humanly possible.

  • @BeddieKU23 Chemistry is that amazing, non-quantifiable thing that drives team success.

    I think we are all very safe in assuming that Vick is a net negative. Did he flat win us some games early? Absolutely. But the TEAM is better moving forward as a TEAM without it.

    The fact is, from our team early in the season, guard-wise, Agbaji has replaced Vick – and he’s better than Vick.

    Agbaji is easily my favorite player. Just love the kid. Not yet in Mason territory, need some time for that. But moving in that direction.

    I just love both he and Dotson, and their humble approach to success on the Court. Very Mason-like.

  • @HighEliteMajor Totally agree as an all around player Och>Vick.

    He quickly became my fav as well and I am actively searching for an Agbaji jersey. In all my years have never bought a jersey but I want a #30. Going to support my hometown guy.

  • @BeddieKU23 @HighEliteMajor I am all in on returning to two bigs as well. The shooting just isn’t there with 4 guards anyway so you don’t get the benefits (because teams will dare Garrett to shoot) and get whipped on the glass etc…

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Agbaji and Dotson are my favorites as well. Hopefully we have another year with these two to fully appreciate them. Its unlikely we get 4 from either so I’m going to enjoy them while we get them.

  • Garrett baby !! Mr team do-anything.

    And Ochai second fav for me… it certainly appears we have scored another surprise stud player with him. if the guys could work with Garrett on his shooting form, then could he show them how to move their feet, work hard, stay focused and don’t go for the fake on D. ??

    Plus good to see Mitch fighting hard and making good stuff happen. And yes biggus Davus needs game time to learn refine his game (total bull in a china shop right now)

  • While we are thinking about the current team I had a thought.

    I wonder where Doke would be sitting right now on the scoring list if he didn’t have all his injury issues…

  • BeddieKU23 said:


    Agbaji and Dotson are my favorites as well. Hopefully we have another year with these two to fully appreciate them. Its unlikely we get 4 from either so I’m going to enjoy them while we get them.

    I agree here - -I think we will have both next year - - anything after that would be Gravy. - -If Agbaji continues to improve like he has blasted onto the scene - -actually I think he quite possibly leaves BEFORE Devon and you know how much I like Devon - and it’s not a knock against him - -just think Agbaji goes 1st - -probably 2 & 3 year players - man these two are really good – ALREADY. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DA Y LONG BABY

  • Devon is my current favorite.

    Frank will always be the first player whose game I really loved. And this is probably why Devon is my favorite. Devon’s last game was 100% vintage Frank Mason. He did all the things, capped by getting to the line repeatedly down the stretch and calmly eviscerating TCU. It was captivating and unstoppable.

    After the Dark Ages at point guard (Naadir, preceded by Tyshawn and EJ), plus having to start 4 Freshman his first year, Frank’s evolution was the Renaissance. The light came back on. The head was restored. Coherent play returned. Lobs, drives and kicks, 40% trey balling. Frank touched our withered playbook and made it green again. The 4-1 became possible. And when Frank left us, the continuity was not broken when Devonte took the reins.

    And when that ended without an understudy, I feared the worst. But Devon came. And saw. And conquered. What a freshman PG! WHAT A FRESHMAN PG! Without the tutelage of Frank and Devonte, he has managed to achieve everything I would hope he’d achieve with them still here.

    And the chain remains unbroken, miraculously. When Vick left, it seems to me that this was the moment that @drgnslayr mentioned. Devon’s coronation. The King has returned. Long live our young PG King! He did not disappoint! On Monday, Devon wielding his vorpal blade as it went snicker-snack, the Frogs fell before him, and could do nothing to stop him except perish underfoot.

    But Agbaji, Agbaji is not of this lineage. His lineage seems lost in time now, a distant epoch, maybe harking all the way back to BRush, or maybe further, maybe he is something we have never seen at Kansas. I haven’t quite figured out where he falls among the stars. A 6’5 wing with a 40% trey gun, tough defender, excellent hops and athleticism, intelligence, and perhaps what might separate him is his maximum effort and competitiveness. This separates him from the Xaviers and Oubres and Wiggins. If there is not greatness in this kid then count me in as one of the fooled. I believe we have a better Brandon Rush on our hands. And that is tremendously exciting as a floor. But, this is a tale that has yet to unfold.

    Whereas with Devon I see what he is, I know what he is, and it comforts me that we have a ball dominant lead guard that can control a game like he controlled the game Monday.

    The future is now! I want to see what these kids can do the rest of this reason. Must see TV!

  • @approxinfinity nice write! Makes me 😁

  • @approxinfinity channeling @jaybate-1-0 !! PHOF!

  • @approxinfinity Great work, my man. This team was challenging me for a while. I had such high hopes on Vick, that this could be the moment that turned the corner for him. And Doke, DeSousa, and our inside game.

    All seemed lost. Then came Agbaji, and Dotson channeling his two predecessors. This pair has truly made this season a new beginning, I think. A passing of the torch.

    The NCAA tourney is a weird animal. If it’s the roulette wheel that many suggest, I’ll bet 30 and 11. Spin the wheel, baby!

    Again, great post.

    Proud to say I really did see this coming with this pair. Could we get two more seasons from both here?

  • Thanks guys. @jaybate-1-0 is often in my thoughts @Fightsongwriter.

  • @HighEliteMajor I’d give it about a 50% chance we have both for 2. We really needed SDS next year. These guards are on a trajectory to be good enough to go league without a title run.

  • @approxinfinity

    Excellent post!

    I’m not going to come on here and blast Vick. I have the feeling he’s been dealt some bad cards and he’s trying to figure out a way forward. But I will say what looks like the obvious, this is now a better team without him!

    It may have just been a team identity issue. I’m sure this was a huge part of it. This was supposed to be Vick’s team. He was reformed and the senior that came out hot early on. When he fizzled and when he showed signs of trouble, we were suddenly without leadership. There was chaos on this team.

    This is like a completely different team now! Devon is seating himself in a higher leadership role, but also… the entire team feels an obligation to contribute to leadership. That’s creates a deadly problem for our opponents. If they focus on stopping Dedric, someone else will rise up for a big game.

    We severely need Marcus back and at full speed! I’m guessing he is still 2 to 3 weeks away from being about 95%. He’s going to have to learn how to play through pain now.

    I don’t know what it is going to take to get Q to play better. He hasn’t adjusted to the speed of D1. He remains well-spirited and he’s a great kid. It doesn’t appear that it is a situation where he is just over-thinking the game. I just don’t think he has made the leap to D1 smoothly and he may need another year or two. Meanwhile… it is crucial that he find enough improvement to reduce many of his TOs. He also needs considerable defensive work. Most of the teams in the B12 know he’s the man to attack on defense and I’m seeing them run iso’s at him.

    I did mention early on that KJ would be a guy that will win us some games this year and he has proven me correct. He’s not done winning us games either!

    Agbaji… his poise and energy are just what the doctor ordered for this young team! He is definitely another leader and not afraid to do it. What a find he was!

    We can definitely expect a lot more production from Lightfoot. He now sees his role on this team (crystal clear) and he will be there for us, 100%!

    Everyone is onboard! The energy has never been this positive this year and all we should see now is constant improvement, almost daily.

    The maturity of this team is happening before our eyes. We are coming on big, and lucky for that because we really need to win out to guarantee #15!

  • @drgnslayr love it. Marcus needs his footwork to do what he does best! Him and Ochai need to guard culver.

  • @drgnslayr said:

    This is like a completely different team now! Devon is seating himself in a higher leadership role, but also… the entire team feels an obligation to contribute to leadership. That’s creates a deadly problem for our opponents. If they focus on stopping Dedric, someone else will rise up for a big game.

    great point. Like the Vegas Knights expansion team going to the finals in their first year in the NHL, when there is no designated leader, it can create a situation where everyone steps up.

    We thought we had LeCobra, we ended up with poison ivy. But you can’t mow poison ivy.

  • Garrett will suit up on Saturday but is a game-time decision on whether he’ll actually play. Looks like they could hold him out until Monday

  • Self hopes he is 90% by the NCAA tournament. Says still not playing on one leg. You can notice it in games. I wish he was fully healthy.

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