Has Andy Reid Lost This Team?

  • Couldn’t resist. Sorry.

  • Lol

  • Lmao he never found the defense to start with.

  • Ot rules suck!

  • @kjayhawks Was this the defense’s fault? Other than a couple stupid penalties and BS calls, didn’t the D get enough stops to win? Berry was a step slow and weak, but they contained James White 2nd half. The D put this team in position to win, I thought.

  • They made big plays, both good and bad (Ford!). But secondary couldn’t stop any 3rd and 10 in last 3 drives. Safeties always set up beyond the 1st down line. Coverages should at least occasionally have been designed to deny the ball, rather than post-catch tackle. Berry was in great position, once, but allowed the big Gronk catch by paying no attention to the ball.

    And don’t get me started on KC’s inability to actually tackle a running back. Finger tackling is not actually a successful football skill.

  • @approxinfinity its debatable for sure but it would be pretty tough with zero turnovers and 31 points to put it on the offense. The 2 big plays that standout to me are Mahomes missed wide open TD and Fords offsides.

  • Our D played well especially in first half. I think the problem is with our DC, Sutton does not have ability to make D adjustments during the game. We saw that in second half and overtime.

  • Did anyone thing that Hogan catch was actually a catch?

    Ford’s offsides was obviously the straw that broke the camel’s back. Pat probably makes that throw to Williams 90 out of 100 times.

    But to me, the biggest thing was the opening drive. 8 minutes of clock and Pat and the offense sitting in the cold. The worst part was that it didn’t even look like Bob Sutton watched any film from the Chargers game last week. Press man, stack the box, and shut down James White. That is how you beat the Pats. Instead we played soft, let them run the ball and did not cover White.

    The second biggest thing to me was that Andy made nearly no first half adjustments to combat the aggressive pass rush. No screens, no quick passes, no draw plays, nothing. Andy did no set up the offense for success. He should have scrapped his script the second he saw the Pats doing nothing but press man with 8 in the box. Should have immediately been screens and the Travis Kelce show until the D backed off.

    I mean, seriously, we beat the pants off of them in the 2nd half once we made these basic adjustments. We had the more talented players. BB is just simply the best coach in the NFL by miles. I mean this is probably the worst Patriots team to make the Superbowl in his tenure. But they did it…

    We will get one with Pat though. No doubt in my mind.

  • @Kcmatt7 It wasn’t a catch, the replay guy was like “Ball hits the ground and moves, but idk if its enough to overturn”. I was laughing, if you and I can see it so can the refs, I honestly have no idea what the hell a catch is in the nfl anymore. Especially after there was no way to tell if Edelman touched the punt but they looked at it for 10 minutes, thats not conclusive and replay needs a time limit before the play just stands. Every time Brady and co needs a call in a tight game they get it, even dating back to the tuck rule. Which was pretty much we made the wrong call and knew it so we will make a new rule to justify it. Then you have the laughable blow to the head call, Brady gets multiple bogus roughing calls every year. The Chiefs had their chances still and to me it even looked like a false start happened on the game winning TD run. The Saints got hosed aswell and right now there are a ton of people in the same boat as me thinking its rigged. I could see the super bowl losing some viewership after that. People point out that they missed a face mask in the Rams game but to me thats easy to missed compared to a guy getting smoked 2 seconds before the ball is there with the ref 5 yards away looking right at it. People also complain about Gronk being held and I agree he was but Hill was held multiple times too. The ref let the DBs play pretty rough on both sides all game but they also let both teams get a few push offs aswell. That’s consistent and I’m fine with.

  • First AFC championship game in 25 years…I’ll try not to complain too much about the fix. Next year the Chiefs will just have to blow their doors off so a few plays don’t matter.

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