• Who’s #11 in green? He looked pretty good/aggressive too.

  • dylans said:

    Who’s #11 in green? He looked pretty good/aggressive too.

    Jaylon McDaniel. He’s not really interested in being a Jayhawk though, wants to be a Tarhole.

  • Boo

  • Bossi with a nice write up of Braun. Looks like he’s getting better. Can’t hurt that’s for sure.

    When four-star small forward Christian Braun earned an offer from and committed to Kansas after a big summer with MoKan Elite, there were some skeptics. It’s only natural. Braun wasn’t a big-name recruit and had just really started to take off so some Kansas fans, locals and observers nationally wondered if he would be able to be a legitimate contributor for the Jayhawks.

    Personally, I didn’t much question if Braun would be a contributor and I’m more sure than ever he will end up playing valuable minutes in Lawrence. I watched Braun on Saturday night at the 810 Varsity Shootout in Kansas City and the senior at Overland Park (Kans.) Blue Valley Northwest put on one of the best all-around displays I’ve seen during this high school season, going for 37 points, 11 rebounds and four assists.

    Braun actually served as his team’s point guard and while he won’t be asked to do that in college, his ability to make plays for others with the pass and create shots off the dribble will serve him well. He shoots a pretty jump shot with range, he’s been hitting the weights and he’s plenty athletic. Defense at Kansas’ level will be an adjustment and he’ll have to fight for his time. But, I think Braun is going to find it and it wouldn’t surprise me if he turned into a guy that starts for a few years.

  • Such a steal.

    Can shoot. Those handles for his size… Great passer. And he has some sneaky athleticism.

  • @Kcmatt7

    He’s starting to grow on me. Him and McBride are flat out shooters. Excited to see what happens when they get here.

  • @BeddieKU23 I like how they both project long term.

    I am mostly worried that both of them may need to be immediate contributors, though. If Dotson and Grimes end up leaving (still a possibility if they carry this team to a B12 Championship) than I think both of those guys will be immediately thrown into the fire next season. Which is terrifying. Next season’s group is either going to look awesome with Sophomore Dotson and Grimes or crazy young and rough around the edges.

  • Braun was absolutely great in that game. Bossi is right in that Braun has a lot of tools. His biggest issue will be getting strong enough to play big time D1 ball. Hudy should help there. He could easily start his JR/SR years depending on how things shake out. I never rule that out now, Lucas started and Braun certainly has more tools than Lucas.

    @Kcmatt7 We need Dotson back period. That could easily be the biggest “recruitment” that Self wins.

    @BeddieKU23 I wish McBride was close enough for me to catch a game but I can’t help but be impressed by him as a person as well as basketball ability. HS basketball is doofy, but you have to be pretty good at something to get 58 points in a game. I love that the staff is adding a lot of shooting with Agbaji, Braun and McBride. Braun and McBride will need to really work to be able to defend at the P5 level but both have the attitude and desire.

  • @BShark @Kcmatt7

    Good stuff you both. I like both of these kids and I’m glad they didn’t jump ship when times got tough.

  • McBride is kind of a cross between Frank Mason and Devonte Graham. He’s a better shooter coming out of HS than Frank was, though not as good as Devonte, but he’s a better slasher than Devonte was coming out of HS, though not as good as Frank. Even his size and build are sort of in between those two.


    Could have really got a steal here if he can grow into a point forward type of player.

  • What we had been saying was a possibility. His brother got to 6’9 so it was never a ridiculous statement. Would love to have him and Ochai both turn into studs. Homegrown guys tearing it up. Would be nice.

    Love how butt hurt everyone over there still is about JRE lol.

  • I like that he can shoot 3’s.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich I like that he looks like he is playing way above the rim this season. Like throwing it down. Better athlete than advertised.

  • That would be crazy if he keeps growing. Even if he doesn’t he’s good size besides muscle and strength training and seems to be improving his athleticism before he steps on KU’s campus. A lot to like here. I especially like his shooting ability and “making others better” comments that I’ve seen thrown around about him

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